You Won’t Believe These Stunning DIY Woodworking Projects Were Made by Amateurs

Shannon Quinn - March 25, 2023

Years ago, high schools around the United States had “shop class”, where kids would learn how to work with wood and other materials. However, because of accidents and liability issues, shop class has nearly disappeared from the American landscape. Woodworking has become sort of a lost art that is mostly only done by professional carpenters. On top of that, you usually need a workspace in a garage or a barn to be able to make these projects in the first place. So it’s rare that we get to see these kinds of projects coming out of someone’s house. Here are some amazing DIY projects we found on the Woodworking subReddit that were made by amateur makers who are just having fun with their woodworking skills.

Credit: Reddit

Handmade Deer Antler Drawers

At first glance, this set of wood drawers looks pretty normal. And the deer antler handles might not be everybody’s taste. But they’re great for anyone who loves hunting. The man who made this set of drawers uploaded a video on Reddit showing how it opens and closes. The track is actually interlocked, and makes a great sound when you open the drawers. There are also compartments inside of the top drawers. So it’s actually a really unique piece, despite how plain it looks on the outside. The man who made this is clearly very creative with woodworking, and this must have taken a long time to make.

Credit: Reddit

There is More Than Meets the Eye With This TV Tray

At first glance, this looks like a pretty basic side table. It looks like a good place for you to put down food or a drink while you’re watching tv. But if you look at the full video on Reddit, you’ll see that there is more than meets the eye hiding inside of the table. The top of the table actually swings forward so that you can have a tray attached to an arm sitting in front of you while you are eating your food. This is like a really advanced version of those vintage TV trays that they made back in the 1950s. In the video, he shows the interior of the table, and it’s actually filled with the mechanism that makes the arm work. So the drawers are just an Illusion, since you can’t actually store anything in it.

Credit: Reddit

Homer’s Rack From the Simpsons

Anyone who is a fan of The Simpsons cartoon might recognize this silly looking wood spice rack that was made by Homer. It’s very funny, especially for anyone who has woodworking as a hobby. Someone in the comments pointed out how accurate this piece actually is. They say, “The more I look at this the more I’m impressed. Like the knot matching on the back, the shape of the middle brace, the notches on the left side…This is a work of art.” The original poster replied that it was sort of a fluke that the knot happened to match. But it really does look intentional.

Credit: Reddit

This Guy Accidently Spent Way Too Much Time and Money On Making This Desk

On the woodworking subreddit, it seems to be a common trend that men who are into the hobby will underestimate the cost of doing a project on their own. The caption of this photo said, “Wifey saw a desk she wanted for $150. I said I could make that for half the price and twice as good, $300 later here is the result”. Ouch. This is funny, and a lot of people on the subReddit thought that this was relatable. The desk looks nice, but it doesn’t look any better than something you could buy from a store. So this guy really did pay double for a desk that isn’t even necessarily worth his time or money. But it’s the thought that counts. I’m sure a lot of love went into making this desk.

Credit: Reddit

Amazing Disney Artwork Made Out of Wood

Wow. This piece of art is incredible, and it’s almost hard to believe that it is made out of wood. In the caption of this photo, the original poster said, “Scrollsawn project with all natural woods (no stains or dyes). Prince John and Hiss from Robin Hood. Oodalally!!” The fact that he didn’t need to paint or die any of the wood is also incredible. Later on this list, we’ll see that this man made a series of characters from Disney’s Robin Hood. These works of art are so well done, I bet that he could sell them for a lot of money on Etsy.

Credit: Reddit

Epic Custom Staircase

Many of the photos on this list were done by amateur woodworkers who made DIY projects at home. But this next one was made by a professional carpenter. The caption of the photo says, “Imagine the look on my face when my boss said, ‘You’ll be lead carpenter on this stair job’ when I had never made a single tread before. Lots of work by lots of people, I can’t take all the credit, but damn if I didn’t pour my blood and sweat into this staircase.” When we scroll through Zillow listings of luxury houses, we don’t always stop to think about how long it took for craftspeople to make something like this.

Credit: Reddit

Gorgeous Custom Made Wooden Ceiling

Here is yet another job that was most likely made by a professional carpenter. It is a custom gorgeous wood ceiling that must have cost a fortune to put together. In the comment section, the original poster explained that this actually took several months to make. I’m not sure if he did this in his own house, or if this was for a client. But either way, whoever owns this house is incredibly lucky. If this was my house, I would be staring at the ceiling all the time. In fact, I might save this picture in my brain for what I want in my dream house once I become rich and famous. (A girl can dream, right?)

Credit: Reddit

Custom Bookshelf With Sliding Dividers

Most people use bookends to hold up books on their shelves when they don’t have enough to stack on top of one another. But in this case, the client wanted a customized bookshelf with sliding dividers on each of the shelves. On Reddit, the original poster provided a video showing what it looks like in action. This would be great if you’re trying to organize your book collection, and you wanted the dividers in between genres. I’m sure that the client is probably thrilled with the end result. And it is probably a gem in their home that they show off to friends all the time.

Credit: Reddit

Spinning Chore Wheel

Almost every married couple has had at least one argument about chores. So this guy decided to make a cheeky spinning chore wheel. The options are, do yard work, clean the garage, honey-do list, or drink a beer. Someone in the comment section said, “This has to be the utter epitome of dad humor.” I bet if this guy tried to sell this idea to a manufacturing company, this would sell like hotcakes around Father’s Day. Even though this is really clever, I bet he doesn’t actually use this for its intended purpose. It probably hangs on the wall of his garage as a work of art.

Credit: Reddit

This Kid Won A Prize (And Impressive Income) For His Podiums

In the introduction of this list, I mentioned how woodshop class is no longer a thing in most high schools. But in this case, the kid who posted this image made a podium in shop class, and won first place! After doing a quick search on Google, I discovered that these types of podiums sell for around $1,000 each. Now that I think about it, a few of my teachers had podiums like this in my life. But most of them were in college. They are so expensive, that they are often reserved for larger lecture halls that are “worthy” of a podium like this.

Credit: Reddit

Beautiful Handmade Laundry Room Countertops

Here is yet another example of a woodworker who underestimated the cost of making something. In the caption of this photo, he said, “My wife wanted new cabinets for the laundry room. Instead of going to Ikea, I spent 6 months and double the money building these.” Yikes. That must hurt him right in the wallet. But at least he did a really good job. I’m sure his wife loves these countertops, and that she is grateful for all the work he put into this. And the fact that he made real wood countertops could mean that they last longer than something he might have bought from Ikea.

Credit: Reddit

This Incredibly Library is Like Something Out of a Dream

If you grew up watching Beauty and the Beast as a kid who loved to read, you probably dreamed of being in that gigantic library just like Belle. It seems like someone was inspired by that idea when they made this built-in library system. This looks even bigger than the libraries I have seen in actual castles in Europe. (I just hope it’s not in a McMansion.) However, I can think of a few downsides to this. They’re going to have to spend a fortune to fill these shelves with books because if they stay empty, it looks a bit awkward. They also have to dust these shelves as well. Maybe they have a maid.

Credit: Reddit

A Crib Made For His Nephew

This man made a beautiful wood crib out of Ambrosia Maple for his baby nephew. It’s so beautiful, it should be passed down as an heirloom from generation to generation. After doing a search online, similar maple cribs like this cost over $1,000. Aside from the monetary value, this crib is priceless since it was made by hand with love. Clearly, he’s really proud of his accomplishment. I wonder if the crib is getting painted, or if they are keeping the natural wood. On Reddit, he said that this was a huge learning experience for him, since it was his first crib.

Credit: Reddit

Wooden Baskets That Are Easy To Put Away

The caption of the photo said, “Niece asked me for shelving/basketing that could be stowed away easily off season. I wound up making 22 of these things for her and her friends.” First of all, this guy is an amazing uncle! I hope he was paid well for his labor. On Reddit, you can watch the video of this man demonstrating how to adjust the baskets flat when you’re ready to put it away. Anybody would love to have this for themselves. It would be perfect if I actually had a big pantry to put produce away, too. It would also be perfect for anyone with a vegetable garden.

This Amazing Inscription Was Founded on the Bottom of This Wood Table

The owner of this wood table found an incredible message written on the bottom of the furniture. It says, “This table came from Germany, just before the beginning of the Great European War, in the fall of 1914. The table was made at odd times during the winter following at the physics building of the State University of Nebraska. By T.R. Boone.” The caption for this photo on Reddit said, “Remember to sign your work. I used to really like this table I rescued from a dump pile two years ago. Just found the inscription… Now I love this table. Its maker, T.R. Boone, was a janitor at the University of Nebraska in 1914. Thanks for the good work, Mr. Boone. You were an artist.”

Credit: Reddit

A 20-Year-Old Makes a Cherry Wood Desk

It takes years of experience to become a master carpenter. But this 20 year old had enough skills to make this incredibly stylish desk. He had only been woodworking for about a year, but he was already able to make something like this! In the comment section, someone said, “If it was in some high end Scandinavian furniture store I wouldn’t even have the courage to check the price tag.” I tried to search for a desk that was even remotely close to this one. But I couldn’t find one. This would cost at least $1,000, but probably much more than that in reality.

Credit: Reddit

Gorgeous Hand Made Wood Violin

The official term for a violin maker is a “Luthier”. In the comment section, this person explains that he makes musical instruments for a living. But he doesn’t know how to actually play them. After making guitars for years, they finally finished their first violin. This is so beautiful, and I bet it’s really expensive. One of the comments he wrote that stood out to me was, “The nicest guitar I ever finished was bought as a wall piece. And it pains me years later. SoI hope they are all played and loved.” You never really think about the emotional attachment the maker has to an object they created when you buy it in the store. This makes me value and want to use my own things more.

Credit: Reddit

He Saved a Tree and Made a Bench at the Same Time

On the caption of this photo, it says, “Owner wanted to cut down the tree for the deck. But I talked him into building a bench around it instead. I think it turned out nice and saved the tree.” How sweet! One of the top comments said, “The owner will really appreciate that over time. Plenty of space for the tree to grow as long as it can find enough water.” He agreed, saying that the tree provides much-needed shade to the deck in the summertime. The only downside I can see to doing this is the fact that the leaves will fall all over it in the autumn. But that is a small price to pay for saving a tree’s life!

Credit: Reddit

A Romantic Bento Box Proposal

We love creative proposal stories! In the caption of this Reddit post, he wrote, “On our first date I promised her a bento box. I finally delivered.” Took you long enough! He posted a video showing the different compartments of the wooden bento box, and how the ring is hiding inside. If I were her, I would be really happy with this surprise. And I would treasure the bento box for the rest of my life. Wood bento boxes are common in Japan, but there aren’t many that are as nice as this one. I really hope she said “yes”!

Credit: Reddit

He Paid Double Just to Prove a Point

This is the third time so far on this list where a woodmaker overpaid for making something themselves, compared to just buying it from the store. The caption of this photo says, “Told my wife there was no way she was going to pay $150 for a shelf I can build myself for $300. Showed her.” Someone else chimed in the comments, “Yes exactly. And when she points out it’s an additional 2k in labor cost I say no way, not when my time is worthless!” That’s so funny. I’m repeating myself at this point, but at least we know this was made with love. Hopefully they will pass this shelf down from generation to generation.

Credit: Reddit

Hilariously Skinny Coffee Table

The man who made this coffee table (if you can even call it that) said, “Made a coffee table. I think the proportions are perfect.” People in the comments immediately called him out for not using a coaster. Respect the wood! I think this is really funny. Not many people would want this for themselves. The upside is that it would easily fit on the side of the couch, even if there isn’t much space between the couch and the wall. It’s a good table for the singular purpose. But I would grow tired of the gimmick eventually and want a full sized coffee table for all of the things I need to put on it.

Credit: Reddit

Custom Made Corner Crib

This is a brilliant crib design, especially for people who are short on space in their baby’s nursery. I bet they could sell this design to a furniture manufacturing company, and people would actually want to buy it. In the caption of the photo, the original poster said, “Materials are all recycled. The cedar is from a Jobsite, foam and dowels from a busted hand me down.” I love a good upcycle DIY! Someone joked in the comments, “Now off to the quarter-circle mattress store.” Clearly, this person probably had to make a custom mattress out of foam to fit inside the bed. But they make a really good point. If you can’t easily buy a replacement mattress, the design is pretty flawed.

Credit: Reddit

Disney’s Sheriff of Nottingham Made Out of Wood

Earlier on this list, we showed another work of art made by the same person. This is the Sheriff of Nottingham from Disney’s Robinhood cartoon movie. It’s worth mentioning again that he didn’t stain or paint the wood, and it’s all natural coloring. This time, he shared his Instagram, where he features photos of all of his projects. There are so many amazing works of art on there, it could be its own list. He also has a YouTube channel called Woodland Porpoise Workshop. As far as I can tell, he doesn’t sell these things. But rather, he just makes them as a hobby. But I bet a lot of people would love to buy his creations. Be sure to check him out once you’re done reading this list.

Credit: Reddit

Melting Wood Effect

I have never seen a wood effect like this before. He carved the end of a table to make it look like the wood is dripping like liquid. Someone in the comments predicted that now that it was posted on reddit, it was going to become the new woodworking trend on TikTok. I’m so far removed from that, I have no idea if it’s true. Whether he started a trend or not, this was still a cool idea. I can imagine him painting this blue, and make it like a pop art piece. An art collector out there might want this in their home next to their Andy Warhol paintings.

Credit: Reddit

His Side Project in Retirement Turned Into a Full Fledged Business

In the caption of this photo, it says, “So the idea was to have a little woodworking business to supplement my retirement income and keep me out of mischief. 4 months later? 1,200 square foot shop already maxed out, orders to 2024! What have I done?” After some Internet stalking, I figured out that this guy owns a company called Odyssey Teardrops. They are campers that are small enough to fit in your garage. These cost between $20,000 to $25,000 each, depending on the features they add to the camper. If you enjoy camping, it’s worth checking out the full image gallery, if only to lust after the pretty pictures of the campers.

Credit: Reddit

This Man in Occupied Ukraine Carved a “Machete” Pipe

In case you don’t know, the character Machete is played by Danny Trejo, and he’s appeared in the Spy Kid films. Later, he even got his own movie, simply called Machete. On Reddit, the guy who posted this said that he was living in Ukraine, and that his city was occupied by Russian troops. He hopes that one day, he can mail it to Danny Trejo himself. This is such an interesting way to alleviate anxiety and fear about the situation outside by focusing on woodworking. I hope this guy is okay, and that he gets to send his gift to Danny Trejo very soon.

Credit: Reddit

End Grain Cutting Board

In the caption of this photo, the original poster said, “End grain cutting board made from 157 pieces of black walnut, birds eye maple, and padauk.” Wow! This must have taken forever for him to make. He explains his process in more detail in the comments of the Reddit post, in case any of you are woodworkers who are interested in making something like this. This is beautiful and anybody would be proud to have it in my own kitchen. However, it’s so pretty, I would almost be afraid to use it. I tried searching for a similar cutting board online, and they are all in the ballpark of $100. That is more than I have ever spent on a cutting board in my entire life.

Credit: Reddit

This Incredible Custom Desk Has a Computer Inside

For this DIY woodworking project, someone came up with the brilliant idea of building a desk with a computer inside of it. Technically, computer towers are just metal containers for the hardware of what makes a computer run. But I would have never dreamed of doing something like this. It’s a stroke of pure genius. The coolest feature of this desk is the fact that it glows in rainbow colors with LEDs at night. After they received a lot of interest on Reddit, this person decided to start selling the desks. Here is their website in case you’re also interested in ordering one.

Credit: Reddit

The Terminator Pipe

Earlier on this list, one of the woodworkers made a pipe based on a Danny Trejo character Machete, and they planned to send it to him one day. Well, this guy made a Terminator pipe and sent it to Arnold Schwarzinegger. And he got a photo back, with a signature written digitally on the picture! This is so incredibly cool. It’s really nice to know that your work is appreciated, especially when it’s sent to a celebrity like that. We have never personally sent any gifts or fan letters to celebrities before. But this is the kind of response that I’m sure anyone would dream of.

Credit: Reddit

A Shed and Outdoor Bar Combo

The original poster said, “I needed a shed and wanted an outdoor bar. So I combined the two ideas. Still more to do but I’m really liking how it’s turning out.” In the comment section, a lot of people were concerned with the TV possibly getting wet and ruined during a bad storm. But apparently they make TV covers for outdoor bars like this. Either way, this guy made a really amazing shed and bar combo building honest property. I’m sure his friends were very impressed with this when they came to visit. It’s totally unique, and very usable. And I imagine that if they ever saw the property one day, it would be a big selling point to a new buyer.

Credit: Reddit

Geometric Art Based on the James Webb Telescope

When I first saw this, I thought that it was supposed to represent sacred geometry. But no. It’s actually a replica of the James Webb telescope. That is even cooler to me. I’m not sure how they thought of this concept in the first place, but it really does make a great piece of art. Over the left, it looks like they have a cabinet filled with rocks and maybe even an asteroid. Clearly this person really loves space. I love the aesthetic, and I love it even more that this person made the art by themselves. Check out the original Reddit post to get more details on how they made this.

He Made a Fire Shaped Rack to Hold His Hot Spice Collection

This is such a clever idea. An avid hot sauce collector decided to make a wood spice rack in the shape of flames. It is perfect for this singular purpose. What’s even more impressive is the fact that this was their very first woodworking project ever! I’m seriously impressed. They own so many hot sauces, that it has already filled all of the shelf space. Now they just have to use up a bottle before they buy a new one. But it is much better to have them on display like this instead of hiding away in a cabinet where no one can see them.

This Set of Drawers is an Incredible Art Piece

The person who posted this on Reddit was not the one who made the piece. They say, “‘Splitting From The Norm’. A 16-year old from a local school has made an insanely awesome piece.” This is so cool, it belongs in a museum. And honestly, I don’t know where else it would go. I would not want this in my own home, because it would take up so much space. And I don’t think you can actually use it as an actual set of drawers. But this young man has a very bright future ahead of him in carpentry. I bet that he got a job right away after this appeared in the local newspaper.

A Funny Wood Sign With Solid Advice

This guy made a sign of the age old saying, “Measure twice, cut once.” But the joke is that it was cut off at the wrong point. Everyone in the comments could totally relate to this. A lot of people started sharing their own personal stories and jokes about mistakes they made with measurements. I bet that this is hanging in his garage or woodworking workshop. And if this was sold on Etsy, I bet that it would sell like hotcakes. Since this phrase is used in a lot of different DIY fields, I feel like there are a lot of people out there who would appreciate it and want it in their own workspace.

Credit: Reddit

He Spent 1,600 Hours Making This Staircase

The caption of this photo said, “After 8 months of hard work I can finally call it DONE! Over 1,600 hrs of work into one staircase.” That is truly incredible. I’m assuming that this guy was making the stairs in his own house, because I can only imagine that there would be an entire team working on a staircase for a professional job. Someone in the comment section said that they love the staircase and think it’s very pretty. But they really hope he doesn’t drink, because this looks like a terrible staircase to fall down. I also think it looks kind of dangerous for anyone who has kids. But it really is beautiful, and it probably adds a lot of value to their home.

This Couple Built a Table Together

On reddit, someone posted this picture explaining that they built this table together with their boyfriend. I think that’s really sweet, and it’s an amazing symbol of their relationship together. The wooden beams are asymmetrical, and it has a really rustic and industrial vibe. It looks like they live in a really nice apartment somewhere in the city. So I can imagine that this is a really stylish apartment in general. She posted more photos on her Imgur account of the table build, as well as a different perspective of how the coffee table looks in the context of the entire living room.

Credit: Reddit

Hilarious Seinfeld Inspired Art

Anyone who is a fan of Seinfeld will immediately recognize the silhouette of George Costanza. This is a hilarious piece of artwork that somebody made out of wood. What’s funny is that this person seems really self-conscious on their Reddit post. They are afraid that a lot of people won’t catch the reference, and we’ll think that they are weird. But Seinfeld is a classic. So if a guest has never seen the TV show before, that is a tragedy. Maybe the artist can use this as an opportunity to introduce their friends to one of the greatest comedy series of all time.

Credit: Reddit

DIY Whiskey Smoker

There is a trend among fancy drink connoisseurs where they like to smoke their whiskey. This adds a lot of flavor to the liquid, and gives it a woody smoky taste. I have never tried it myself, but it apparently changes flavor depending on the type of wood you burn. So this person decided to make a DIY whiskey smoker on their own instead of buying one. After a quick Google search, I found that whiskey smokers go for anywhere from $40 all the way up to $300, depending on the type you’re buying. In this case, he made one that would be in the ballpark of $40. I hope that he saved some money by making it himself.

Credit: Reddit

A 14-Year Old Made This Amazing Coffee Table

We have featured a few different high school students so far on this list. But this one is the youngest by far. The caption of the photo said, “My 14-year old son built this coffee table for his sister and her boyfriend as a Christmas gift. It measures 28″ x 42″ and is made of red oak with red oak stain and polyurethane finish.” This kid did an incredible job. And if he wanted to have a career as a carpenter, he’s already well on the way to achieving that at a very young age. Even if he just did this as a hobby for the rest of his life, he is probably going to make some amazing furniture for his own home someday.

Credit: Reddit

The Wood Brick Bowl

Last but not least is this very interesting wood brick bowl. You can probably tell that these pieces of oak were cast in resin. The effect is very artistic, and unique. This is something that I would expect to see in a museum. I’m not sure if you can actually eat out of it, or if it’s simply meant to be a work of art. But either way, this person made a really incredible piece that they are probably going to keep for the rest of their life. If they decided to sell this, they would probably make a lot of money.