This side table on wheels is easy and portable, making it the perfect item to transform any room into an office space. Credit: GreenForest

GreenForest C Shaped Side Table

If you don’t want to replace your beloved antique coffee table, perhaps it’s time to change your side tables? This side table on wheels is perfect to adapt any room into an office quickly. You could use these tables in your lounge or bedroom, and they would still function as excellent side tables. You could even work from your bed with this option. All you need to do is pull the table portion over your bed, and you’re sorted for work from bed day.

The design of this side table makes it so easy to move around. Even if you don’t want to use it as a side table, you can place it in your lounge with a ceramic planter to make a display and wheel it over to the couch when you need to work. Simple solutions like this make it easy to have a dual purpose room in our homes without compromising the design aesthetic. 

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