18 Decorating Items That Will Transform Space into a Dual-Purpose Room

Trista - August 10, 2020

Most people don’t have the luxury of having a five-bedroom house where whole rooms are easily converted to more functional spaces like offices, playrooms, game areas, or gyms. So, what are we meant to do? Some incredible products can help you to turn a room into a dual-purpose space. The best part is that you don’t have to miss out on making this room look trendy. This list of amazing, affordable products will help you transform any room into a multi-functional area.

Get ready to convert that spare room into an all-in-one play area or that guest space into a home office and gym. You can even discover bonus spots like under your stairs that will convert to something extra stylish.

Transform your living room to the home office you’ve always wanted with this dual-purpose coffee table design. Credit: Yaheetech

Yaheetech Rustic Lift Top Coffee Table with Hidden Compartment & Storage Shelf

If you’re currently working from home or have been doing it for a while, you’re probably wondering where in your home you are meant to make space for a desk. Sometimes buying a desk is not an option because of space limitations. With this product, you don’t need to make any space as it is built into an item that you most likely already have in your lounge. Your coffee table can easily be swapped out and replaced with this incredible dual piece of furniture.

Combining the comfort of your couch and the ease of this pullout work station – it’s a real win-win situation. The top of this coffee table effortlessly lifts and forms the perfect desk. Not only that, but it also provides a great storage solution underneath the top of the table. You can store work items, such as documents, laptops, and anything else you might need, but don’t want to lie around and create clutter.

Buy the Yaheetech Rustic Coffee Table, Lift Up Coffee Table with Hidden Storage, Living Room Center Tables... $82.99

This side table on wheels is easy and portable, making it the perfect item to transform any room into an office space. Credit: GreenForest

GreenForest C Shaped Side Table

If you don’t want to replace your beloved antique coffee table, perhaps it’s time to change your side tables? This side table on wheels is perfect to adapt any room into an office quickly. You could use these tables in your lounge or bedroom, and they would still function as excellent side tables. You could even work from your bed with this option. All you need to do is pull the table portion over your bed, and you’re sorted for work from bed day.

The design of this side table makes it so easy to move around. Even if you don’t want to use it as a side table, you can place it in your lounge with a ceramic planter to make a display and wheel it over to the couch when you need to work. Simple solutions like this make it easy to have a dual purpose room in our homes without compromising the design aesthetic.

Order the GreenForest C Shaped Side Table, Mobile Sofa End Table Laptop Holder with 360-degree Swivel Casters,...

This beautiful dark brown side table provides a great work station that you can enjoy from the comfort of your couch. Credit: Homfa

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This affordable decor is another option when it comes to side table desks. It is compact and lightweight in design so that you can move it around without a hassle. Its dark wood finish is very stylish and would look good in multiple decor situations. It doesn’t have wheels like the previous option but has a design that may be easier to work from since it can be hooked underneath your couch to provide a sturdy work station. It is made from bamboo, so it is a very durable material withstand years of working from home.

Lioness08332 says, “I was using a tray table but couldn’t get it close enough, it was difficult to move and was too high. This table slides easily, moves right up to the couch, and is the perfect height for me. I am extremely pleased with this table! It’s pretty sturdy and very easy to assemble!”

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Use a vanity table like this beautiful three-piece set as a desk in a guest room so that you are using a space that is often forgotten about. Credit: Frenchi Home Furnishing

Frenchi Home Furnishing 3 Piece Wood Vanity Set

If you want to create a dual-purpose room in a space such as a guest room, this is the desk you should be looking at. For most of us, our guest rooms are underutilized. This notion then makes them the perfect place in the house to be transformed into something more than that. Here is just one of the ways to do that. A guest room would be a great spot to set up an office space or even a gym area. How can you do this? You do this by using dual-purpose furniture.

This beautiful white vanity set would work well for guests when they do come to stay, and it would work well as a desk for an office. This piece of furniture does not take away from the intended purpose of the room but instead adds an additional one. With the vanity desk having a drawer, this provides a small amount of storage where you can keep paperwork or store your laptop when you aren’t working. It comes with a chair that you can use, or you can replace it with an office chair.

Purchase the Frenchi Home Furnishing Vanity Set with Stool and Mirror $116.25

This office chair from Rimiking will help to make the dual office, and guest room space comes to life without the need for a standard office chair. Credit: Rimiking

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Speaking of chairs, you don’t have to go for the standard office chair if you’re using a room as an office. Many chair options will blend in a lot better with your decor and won’t be such an eye-sore. You want the comfort and support of a typical office chair, but just without that ideal office look. This ergonomic modern gray chair would look stunning in your guest room with your vanity table. It also is adjustable in terms of height so you can make sure it is the perfect fit. It also comes on wheels like a typical office chair but is so much more on-trend. It would work well in a modern decor home so that you aren’t disturbing the aesthetic in a room that you’ve worked so hard to create.

Sarah Wilson says, “I searched on Amazon for hours looking for the perfect home-office chair that wouldn’t break the bank. Working from home now, I sit for almost 8 hours a day, so I needed something with lumbar support and comfort. This chair is exactly what I needed! Very comfortable, super easy to put together, lower back support, and at the end of the day, my body doesn’t hurt. 100% recommend!”

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Make a statement with the pieces that you add to a room when creating a dual-purpose space instead of hiding them away. Credit: Linon

Linon Cora Faux Flokati Armless Office Chair

Now, here is an office chair that knows how to make a statement. Instead of trying to hide the items in a room that are making it into a dual-purpose space – celebrate them. This faux fur white office chair could be an accent piece in any room. If you’re tired of the wooden stool acting as a chair for your vanity set in a bedroom or guest room, this lovely chair is what you should order right now. It is functional and fashionable – what more could you ask for?

Cherty_Girl says, “I love this chair! It was super easy to assemble. It looks exactly as pictured, and I am happy with my purchase. The seat cushion is comfortable enough even sitting on the dang thing for ~8hrs a day since currently, I work from home.”

Buy the Linon Cora Faux Flokati Armless Office Chair, White $58.25

Stop taking up space in a spare room with a large bed and instead use a day bed that can serve as a seating option. Credit: DHP

DHP Metal Trundle for Daybed Frame, Fits Twin Size

Consider the items that you want to put in a spare bedroom as a dual space. If you’re going to have guests use this room, you will need to allow for a sleeping option, but it doesn’t have to be a bed. By utilizing a daybed or pull out couch, you can make this room multi-functional. It could become a gym area, home office, or even a playroom because there is now space that would have been taken up by a bed.

This metal daybed is genius in its function. It acts as a couch and as a bed. But, it offers a pullout option as well so that it can comfortably sleep two people. It has a contemporary design that can look stunning in a room as well. Momski says, “This trundle is the PERFECT addition to the DHP daybed also available on Amazon. Easy to assemble (65-year old by myself), super sturdy, takes a 10-inch mattress, and still slides under the daybed. Both have gotten great reviews from my guests! Super deal for the price!”

Enjoy the DHP Metal Trundle for Daybed Frame, Fits Twin Size, Black

This neutral daybed could be converted to a couch in any room with just some stunning scatter cushions and a throw blanket. Credit: Homy Casa Inc

Homy Casa Inc Daybed Twin Size Frame with Headboard

If the black steel look of a daybed doesn’t suit your style, try this white daybed from Homy Casa Inc. This option is a lot more neutral and will blend in easily into any room you choose. It has a sturdy frame that is reinforced to make this a comfortable seating option in your dual-purpose room. By adding some scatter cushions and a beautiful comforter, this daybed will immediately become a very inviting couch or seating option. You could also take a nap on it after your workout or if your workday has been long, and you need a break!

You will need to purchase the mattress as well, but from then, you are sorted to develop your dual-purpose room. If you have the space, you could buy two of these daybeds to accommodate more guests and create more seating options for this occasional lounge.

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Creating storage solutions in a dual-purpose room is essential and can make or break a place as this one does. Credit: UUJOLY

UUJOLY Storage Bins, Foldable Storage Box Cube with Lids and Handles

Storage is one of the most important things when it comes to the success of a dual-purpose room. When your guests come to visit, you don’t want all your work notes scattered around. Or when you’re working in your home office, you don’t want your gym equipment to take up unnecessary space. You need to create the opportunity for these items to be put away when they aren’t being used. This foldable storage bin is an excellent solution for this. It comes with a flap over the lid, which helps hide any of the insides.

They are also stackable so that you could have a few of these as storage options. Their lovely fabric and finish also makes them a bit of a feature in a room and don’t necessarily have to be stored in a cupboard, and this makes them easily accessible to you. You could keep anything you want to in here, such as extra linen for guests, gym equipment, children’s toys, or work stationery.

Denise says, “I bought a few of these bins to inject a bit of organization into the hot mess that is my life right now. I can attest to the sturdiness of these bins as I’ve stuffed every one with as many tchotchkes as I can, and my cat ritually uses them as scratching posts… they have held up beautifully and still look good!”

Buy the UUJOLY Storage Bins, Foldable Storage Box Cube with Lids and Handles Fabric Storage Basket Bin... $13.99

This cubicle storage bench adds an extra spot to sit in a dual-purpose room and gives you wonderful storage space. Credit: ClosetMaid

ClosetMaid 1309 Cubeicals 3-Cube Storage Bench

Make a feature of your storage unit with this bench. This bench adds an extra seating option while mainly adding to your storage options. You can openly use the storage compartments, or you can put storage boxes into the openings depending on your preference. This item of furniture can work in any room of the house that needs more storage. You could place it in a guest bedroom to add additional space if this is your home office too, it could be put into a home office that is also a gym to store equipment and can even serve to create a place for your children’s toys if the room is also a playroom.

You won’t have to hunt for a pillow to fit on top as the bench comes with it. It also comes in a variety of colors to match your decor. Brad says, “These are great. We got 4 of them in a row to line a whole wall in our sitting room. They’ve held up well. The storage space is a good size. We use ours for linens and towels. We did buy bins to put inside, but you can use it either way.”

Use the ClosetMaid 1309 3-Cube Storage Bench, Dark Cherry $68.86

Soft baskets like this add beautifully to the style of a room while adding useful storage options for items such as toys and workout equipment. Credit: HAN-MM

HAN-MM XXXL Cotton Rope Basket Extra Large Storage Baskets

This type of storage solution would be an excellent option to use if the room is going to be used as both a gym and a children’s playroom. These cotton rope baskets can be filled with anything. You could order a number of them and use them each to store different items. There can be some for toys and some for gym equipment. Instead of just using one basket to store everything, you are keeping the space organized so that it is a space you enjoy being in, and the clutter doesn’t stress you out or the struggle to find a skipping rope in among Lego and dolls.

These baskets are made out of a material that holds itself up, so you won’t find them drooping on the sides and not looking good. You could also mix this basket with other types of baskets that have some sort of color-coding system. Thanks to its neutral tones, it will work with just about anything you want. A basket like this can also be moved to another room so the toys could be transferred to the children’s bedroom or lounge area if needed.

Purchase the 5PCS Storage Baskets Woven Basket Cotton Rope Bin,Organizer for Baby Nursery Laundry Kid's Toy Beige

This heavy-duty jute storage basket is a beautiful addition for an office or playroom room. Giving yourself storage options will help keep the peace in a joint space. Credit: OrganizerLogic

OrganizerLogic Burlap Storage Organizer Basket

This jute toy storage basket is adorable but also very trendy. You no longer need to ruin your home’s classic aesthetic with bright plastic colored containers – you have options like this. An opportunity like this is also essential if you are combining a child’s playroom with another room like an office. You can provide storage options for your children’s toys without ruining the modern style in the room. You could purchase a couple of these storage bins and have them all around the room. They also come with handles that are great when moving them around or putting them away in a cupboard. This storage option is also a good way to teach your children to put away after themselves so that you can share a space in peace.

Michael says, “When I ordered these baskets, I was expecting your standard burlap type material with a couple of handles, and that’s about it. However, when I opened the package and pulled the baskets out, I was pleasantly delighted to see these baskets are made from very high-quality material. The handles are solid and well-assembled leather. They also contain an inner metal frame to support the sides, which I was not expecting and very nice to see. The bags are very stable and aesthetically nice.”

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Sort out your dual spaces with this very affordable and stylish storage ottoman. Credit: Seville Classics

Seville Classics 31.5

You won’t believe the price for the next storage option on our list – how can something this excellent cost so little? A storage ottoman is a perfect addition for a dual-purpose room because of it’s storage potential. Whether you are using it in a lounge, office, bedroom, or gym, you can’t go wrong by ordering this. This piece comes in a few different colors, and they are all neutral tones.

Kort says, “I’ve been working hard to simplify my life while optimizing my space. Finding storage that doubles as a furnishing is the ideal solution and makes for a more organized life. The Seville Classics Foldable Storage Bench Ottoman is a good quality sturdy piece that is just the right size for my home. Before getting the bench, I had stored my yoga stuff in a basket. It looked clutter and was hard to manage.”

Reserve the Seville Classics Large 30" Foldable Bench Ottoman Footrest Storage Chest Coffee Table Stool, for... $44.99

This hinged ottoman is incredibly stylish with its script design. Storage has never looked this good! Credit: Linon

Linon Stephanie Script Linen Ottoman

This storage ottoman is beautiful with its script print and has a sturdiness to it as well. It would make a good footrest too after a long day of hard work! One of the best things about this item is that it has a hinged lid, which makes it easy to open and close. This piece shows that you can make a statement out of storage. This item isn’t easy to move around, so it is best suited in a room where it can stay where it is. If you need storage that can move around, instead use baskets or collapsable boxes.

You could store numerous things here so that your dual-purpose room is clear of clutter and ready to use. Rebecca C. says, “Love this ottoman! Color is perfect for a slate gray club chair I purchased from Amazon a few weeks ago. Love the length… plenty of room for my legs, serving tray and small dog. The inside storage holds three throws and a small pillow. So nice is the hinged lid, and the way it stays open, there’s no wrestling with the lid while hands are full.”

Enjoy the Linon Stephanie Script Linen Ottoman, 32"W x 16"D x 18"H, Gray/Black

You can use this partition to create a divide in a room without completely obstructing the view or making a space feel much smaller thanks to its open design. Credit: Casamaru

Casamaru Magic Partition Medium (Steel) 4-in-1 Home Furniture Offering Storage/Organizer/Room Divider/Photo Display

If you have a large enough room that you want to split into two different purposes but don’t want to build a wall, you could use a room divider instead. There are all sorts of options when it comes to room dividers, and there are some new replacements. A room divider doesn’t have to be trestle-like panels; instead, it could be like a shelf. If you want to divide up your lounge into a lounge and a home office, this is a great idea for you.

Something like this won’t cramp up the room and will allow it to flow while creating a partition. This genius design can adapt to different room sizes by changing its height to create the divide. It also adds storage options. You could buy a few of these to create a lovely divide in a room and transform your space. If you decide you no longer want the place to be dual purpose, it can easily be reused in another area in your home.

M.J. says, “love this! This is what I have been looking for years. I needed some sort of divider to create an entrance way. I didn’t want to see the door but didn’t want to block the view completely either. It’s just perfect. I’m so glad I found this on Amazon. It comes with a shelf and hooks. I put a few plants on the shelf and hang my purse and keys on the hooks. They look cute and organized. I’m ordering one more for my computer desk corner.”

Buy the Casamaru Magic Partition Medium (Steel) 4-in-1 Home Furniture Offering Storage/Organizer/Room...

Create more privacy and more storage options with this cubicle organizer or bookshelf. Divide up your room and create more space at the same time. Credit: ClosetMaid

ClosetMaid 1022 Cubeicals Organizer, 12-Cube

If you want something that provides a little more privacy, why not try out a shelving unit like this? It will give you plenty of storage space and a separate area too. It has some open sections that will allow light flow and the room to feel more spacious. They also don’t go too high up, so the room won’t seem smaller either. This 12 cube stack is a great alternative to the usual room divider. It also comes in other smaller stacks that you can use instead to shape your room within a room.

The purpose of this room divider is to eliminate the clutter and make the most out of your space. You can order it many different colors so that it blends with the room you are placing it inside of. If you end changing your room division, you can also just use this as a bookshelf instead of inside the room, so you just can’t go wrong by ordering one or two of these.

Buy the ClosetMaid Cubeicals 12 Cube Storage Shelf Organizer Bookshelf, Stackable, Vertical or Horizontal,... $103.50

For a more traditional division between rooms, this 4-panel folding divider will create a beautiful separate area within a room. Credit: Coaster Home Furnishings

4-Panel Folding Screen Black and White

This four-panel folding screen is a stunning piece if you want to go for the more traditional version of a room divider. It is black and white, which makes it very contemporary. A divider like this will provide you with proper privacy between the two spaces. It is made from pine and fabric, so it is lightweight and easy to move if you need to change its position. It, therefore, can be used to transform any room into two different spaces. You could even use this in a children’s bedroom to create space between the two kids who share a place. It will give them a sense of their own space if they are getting older and want some time on their own. It’s another option in your lounge if you’re going to use this space as an office.

Cy K. says, “These things are very cool. I bought two of them to separate my living room into two when guests stay with me. There are tiny gaps between the frames, but they work well enough to provide a sense of privacy. Quality is good, they look very nice and fold up very easily. I would recommend it.”

Use the 4-Panel Folding Screen Black and White 4624 $85.00

This room divider comes with a unique addition of shelving to add some storage or just to make a divided space feel more personal with plants and photo frames. Credit: FDW

FDW Room Divider 4 Panel Room Screen Divider Wooden Screen

This next divider is still more on the traditional side, but it comes with a beneficial modern twist: shelves. These shelves can easily be inserted if you want additional shelving space for your separated area, or they can be removed – depending on what you need from the space you are trying to create. You can also just use it to decorate the space by adding photo frames or even some small pot plants. There are quite a few lovely room dividers with a variation of this design, but this is undoubtedly the best price!

Creating a new room doesn’t have to cost a lot, and you’ve now definitely seen you don’t need to get in the construction crew to build on or add a wall that will just take away space from another room. A room divider makes this new dual space flexible, and it can be changed simply by removing the divider or folding it up. Madonna says, “Really impressed by the beauty and quality of this room divider for the price. Easy to set up. Just open the box and unfold panels. Shelf slides in. Can use with or without or just one of the two provided.”

Ger the Room Divider 4 Panel Room Screen Divider Wooden Screen Folding Portable Partition Screen Wood with... $36.99

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