2020 Paint Shades: A New Decade Of Home Paint Color 

By Trista
2020 Paint Shades: A New Decade Of Home Paint Color 

It’s a new decade, and although it may have gotten off to a rocky start, there is a way to freshen up your life and also to freshen up your home. If you’re looking for a new DIY project, then maybe home interior paint is where you should start. 

2020 is the perfect year to change up the color scheme in your home. Some gorgeous tones have followed us into this new year. Perhaps one of them may be the solution to sprucing up your walls and giving you renewed inspiration. 

Looking at various color trends can give you some interesting ideas for rooms. Shutterstock.

Trendy Paint Shades

Paint manufacturers and color experts are the ones who have shared what they think will be on-trend in colors this year. What have they got in store for us? Well, there certainly is something for everyone in their predictions. 

Some of their favorites for the year are earthy tones, pastels, and blues. Let’s learn some more about these amazing colors that have been created and could be going up on your living room walls very soon. First up is rich earthy tones that are inspired by nature.