A beautiful woman wearing a satin-lined beanie. Credit: Grace Eleya

24. Grace Eleyae

Grace Eleyae is a brand that sells hair protection products like silk pillowcases, headbands, turbans, and more. Back in 2014, Grace was visiting Kenya. Her hair was bleached blonde, and tied up in the back of her head. Unfortunately, the cab ride was so bumpy, all of her hair broke off of her head. This was terrible, of course, but it sparked the idea that she could make a business out of creating hair protection products. 

The product I’ve chosen for this gift guide is the beanie, since we’re getting into the winter months. If you have ever bleached your hair blonde, you already know how easily it can break or get knotted. That’s why this satin-lined beanie is genius. It’s going to totally prevent you from getting hat hair. As someone who avoided hats like the plague, this seems like something I’d love to buy myself. It would also make an amazing gift for anyone who dreads hat head.