25 Enchanting Gift Ideas From BIPOC Businesses

By Shannon Quinn
25 Enchanting Gift Ideas From BIPOC Businesses

Here at Home Addict, we’ve put together some amazing gift options that you can buy for holidays, birthdays, and beyond. Every single product on this list is made by a small business run by people who just so happen to be BIPOC- Black Indigenous, or People of Color. Obviously, you don’t need to be a part of the BIPOC community to enjoy these products. No matter who you are, there is something on this list for everyone.

Sparking brut, riesling and rose Black Girl Magic. Credit: The McBride Sisters

25. Black Girl Magic Wine

Who doesn’t love to celebrate with a nice glass of wine? Obviously, we can’t have big holiday parties this year. But no one is stopping us from drinking a glass or two while we watch movies near a cozy fire. The McBride Sisters winery has a line of wines called Black Girl Magic. Just like the name suggests, the brand was created by two African American sisters who were raised in California and New Zealand. The crazy twist to this story is that the sisters never met one another until they were in their 20’s. Coincidentally, they both grew up in fabulous wine regions, and decided that it would be the perfect business to start together.

The McBride Sisters has a few lines of wines that they make from their winery, but obviously, Black Girl Magic is a great name, right? Fans absolutely love this wine, and it often gets sold out. Each bottle is in the ballpark of $20 to $30 per bottle, but check your local liquor store for pricing. If you’re allowed to ship alcohol in your state, check out the McBride Sisters website and order directly from them.