25 Enchanting Gift Ideas From BIPOC Businesses

Shannon Quinn - December 16, 2020
The Serene Ultra Comfortable Pants. Credit: Pashko

3. Pashko

Recently, pretty much everyone has shifted their wardrobe to focus on comfort rather than style. The only issue is that sweatpants and yoga pants don’t look very professional, and yet they’re some of the only comfortable trousers on the market. Pashko makes ultra-comfortable clothes that look good enough to wear to a business meeting. (Where do I sign up?) The Serene Ultra Comfortable Pants were featured among Oprah’s Favorite Things in 2020, and retail for $168.

Pashko was founded by a black designer named Patrick Robinson. Before 2020, all of the clothing was made in Asia. Now, due to overseas shipping being so difficult, Pashko has decided to move production to create new jobs in low-income communities in the United States. The company also strives to have a lower carbon footprint by making their clothes out of upcycled and sustainable materials. While the clothing might be pricey, you know that you’re supporting an American made product that should last for years.

The full line of men’s scalp products. Credit: MANTL


Almost everyone knows and loves a man in their life who is going bald. Unfortunately, most products on the market for bald men are subtly shaming them. They try to figure out a way to hide thinning hair, or pretend it’s possible to regain thickness with regrowth serums. Until now, there was never really any product on the market that celebrated the fact that sometimes, men choose to shave their heads so that they are completely bald. 


MANTL was founded by Karamo Brown, who you may recognize as the life coach from Queer Eye. When he first started going bald, he would draw on his hair line every morning with an eyebrow pencil. One day, he realized that confidence in who you are as a person is far more sexy and empowering than trying to hide it away. So, he shaved his head, and fully embraced his natural self. MANTL products include moisturizers, sunscreens, and a scalp cleanser. This might be a great gift for your partner, or anyone else in their life who shaves their head.

Luxury swimwear from Tan France’s brand, Kingdom and State. Credit: Kingdom & State

1. Kingdom & State

Many of you might recognize the name Tan France, because he is the fashion guru on Queer Eye. Tan’s family is originally from Pakistan, and he grew up in England. Now, he lives with his husband in Salt Lake City, Utah. The name of his swimwear brand, Kingdom & State comes from the fact that Tan is in-between two worlds of the United States and United Kingdom.

Since Kingdom & State is a luxury brand, keep in mind that these pieces are in the $100 range. However, they are much better than most luxury brands, because they come in extended sizes, from XS to 3XL. This is amazing for plus size women who struggle to find high quality swimwear. If you know someone who plans to go on a vacation and needs a new swimsuit, this is a great option for them.