Watching a fireworks display online is not as fun as your football stadium or a big party in the backyard, but it’s better than not seeing any. Shutterstock.

Stream a Virtual Fireworks Show

We know what you are thinking, but don’t knock it until you try it! After all, have you opted for the fake Christmas tree after all of these years? Don’t feel that it’s impossible to view fireworks this year, even if your state doesn’t allow some of them. Instead of hiding in your home and wishing you could watch fireworks, find a virtual fireworks show. It might not be like having one in your backyard or community, but you can still make it fun. 

You can have a backyard BBQ and then set up a big screen to view the fireworks once they start. You can also decide to have s’ mores on the grill or through a fire pit. If you live in a state that allows a few visitors, pick some of your friends and family to come over and watch with you.