30 Iconic Frank Lloyd Wright Designs in America

Trista - July 28, 2019
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30. William and Mary Palmer House

Frank Lloyd Wright designed the William and Mary Palmer House in 1952 for a University of Michigan economics professor and his wife. It is located on three lots positioned at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac. Conveniently, it’s less than a mile from the University of Michigan. The Palmers purchased the property in 1949 and hired Wright to design the home after being impressed by his Affleck house.

Another Usonian home, this structure is 2,000 square feet and situated on a hillside. The primary construction materials are brick and red cypress. Like many of Wright’s Usonian designs, the house has no right angles. Its shape is triangular, with three wings extending off of a central entryway. The property also includes a garden house in the back that’s home to a collection of furniture designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.