30 Pool Pavilions and Pergolas for the Perfect Summer at Home

By Trista
30 Pool Pavilions and Pergolas for the Perfect Summer at Home

Pool pavilions are the ultimate construction to add both function and beauty to your the outdoor landscaping around your pool. They are ideal for providing some protection to both you and your outdoor furniture from the elements. Pavilions also create an elegant space to enjoy a poolside view. They embody the design goal of bringing the indoors outside.

Whether large, elaborate constructions of metal and stone or simple canvases of wood constructions, a pool pavilion of any style will add value and utility to your home. Read on for 30 different styles of pool pavilions and how best to incorporate each style into your landscape. It will be your favorite place to lounge!

Amish Mike

1. Airy, Lattice Pavilion

If you have a vast, minimalist yard, an airy latticework pavilion might be the perfect pairing for your pool. The open feel and airflow of the latticework are ideal for hotter climates, as it allows the breeze to give adequate cooling. They also provide an excellent complement to square or rectangular pools, since the shape is mimicked throughout the latticework.

For decor and landscape, pair a lattice pavilion with delicate vining plants like clematis or slim-leafed varieties of ivy. Tall prairie or tropical grasses also beautifully complement the structure of the lattice. The modern and minimalist decor both enhances the latticework, and some elements of rustic and farmhouse would pair nicely as well.