30 Pool Pavilions and Pergolas for the Perfect Summer at Home

Trista - July 31, 2019
Curtis & Windham

24. Lush, Draped Pavilion

If you are the type of person who loves a luxurious bed canopy and the softest fabrics possible, consider a richly draped pavilion to make a sumptuous outdoor get-away for your pool. Waterproof and water-resistant materials keep evolving and becoming more and more beautiful and luxurious, so there are countless options available beyond the traditional canvas for outdoor fabrics.

For the inside, think fainting couches, divans, and other furnishings that evoke the languid, relaxed vibe of a hot, humid summer day. Rich jewel tones will add to this opulence of this style and would be perfect for furniture upholstery. Don’t forget to include a fan to tempt in the breeze, since a draped pavilion will block the wind!


25. Recessed “Hobbit” Pavilion

If you’ve ever wished to live in a Hobbit home in a hill under the ground, you can make your dream a reality with a recessed pool pavilion built back into a slope or embankment. These energy efficient pavilions use the fresh soil to keep your pavilion cooler than a traditional structure. These do have the limitation of requiring a hill on your property, but if you’ve got one, this could be a genuinely whimsical, enchanting addition to your landscape.

For decor, nothing is really off limits as a recessed pavilion can be built in virtually any style. A cottage style pavilion could easily be made into a truly charming “Hobbit” space, as could rustic farmhouse or even log cabin. The additional cooling factor from the surrounding earth means you can get away with slightly denser and warmer fabrics in your furnishings.

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26. Resort Style Pavilion

If you frequently travel and absolutely love tropical resorts, why not bring a bit of that style back with you to your pool pavilion? Bright colored canvas awnings, ample bar-style seating, and gorgeous brick exteriors are all hallmarks of tropical resort pavilions that can take your pool area to the next level.

Comfortable chaise lounges with dark wood finishes and light-colored upholstery are a must to recreate the luxurious resort feel. Solid-piece curved and arched chaise lounges are an even more elegant and modern option. Container planted tropical plants can perfectly complete the island resort vibe for those in northern climates.

Jake and Dannie

27. Chinese Pavilion

If you love the style of Chinese pagodas, why not bring an element of that design to your pool pavilion? Even a few multi-eaved tiers will bring a bit of the elegance of traditional pagodas to your pavilion. There are many styles of pagodas throughout Asia, but the most widely recognized and iconic style that comes from China.

While a Chinese style pagoda is a very distinct style, it can be interpreted and incorporated into many design styles, including modern and minimalist. To avoid cultural appropriation and making a theme park out of your pavilion, try using simple elements of colors or patterns instead of doing wholesale traditional Chinese design.

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28. Farmhouse Pavilion

If you have a literal farmhouse or have decorated your home in a strong farmhouse aesthetic, a farmhouse pavilion will be the perfect complement for your pool area. Sliding barn house doors are a natural fit, as are beautiful white shutters and lacy or sheer draperies.

A traditional English garden or an old fashioned vegetable garden is both welcoming sights to have paired with a farmhouse pavilion. A functional outdoor cooking area, especially with an apron sink, will make the space as useful as it is beautiful. Traditional rustic farmhouse decor will pull the entire look together and make your property genuinely harmonious.

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29. Rustic Pavilion

If barn wood or other types of reclaimed timber steal your heart whenever you see them, consider a rustic pool pavilion. Paired with brick or stone, a salvaged wood pavilion (provided the wood is weatherproofed) can offer a gorgeous rural get-away that will match beautifully with any country style or old fashioned garden.

For the interior, rustic farmhouse is the ideal decor style to match the rugged and reclaimed outside. Galvanized steel accents, white antiqued paint, lace, jute, burlap, and more rustic touches are all beautiful ways to bring a bit of the farmhouse outside to your pool.


30. Simple, Cheap Pavilion

While this list has already addressed the dream pavilion of no money limitations in the large, multi-use building, that is sadly not the reality for most of us; here’s a look at options for simple, cheap, and even do-it-yourself pavilions. At their most basic, a pavilion just needs to have vertical supports and some sort of roof to keep the sun off.

For a truly simple pavilion, a handy DIY-er could simply sink some posts into the ground, secure with cement, and attach a simple single piece roof of plastic or resin. While it may not be the most exciting to look at, function is just as important as form when it comes to a pool pavilion. If it keeps the rain off and the bugs out, what more do you need?