35 Design Tips to Create a Phenomenal Home Library

By Trista
35 Design Tips to Create a Phenomenal Home Library

Imagine having a grand library of your own! Okay, it doesn’t have to be as enormous as the Beauty and the Beast home library, but it can be just as amazing. Not only will you have a place to put your favorite books on display, but a private reading nook to escape for a few hours. Your family and friends will ooh and aah over your library space. Nobody will adore your library as much as you though!

However, creating a home library does require some planning to get right. Home libraries tend to have a very personal touch, so you should plan around your home design as well as your style. Check out these design tips so you can create a home library!



1. Find a Quiet Area

Before you can start planning anything, it’s essential that you find the area of your home where there will be the least amount of foot traffic. You don’t want to create a library that everyone’s going to be passing through, where you can’t find the peace to read your favorite book.