35 Design Tips to Create a Phenomenal Home Library

Trista - April 17, 2019

30. Think about Wraparound Shelves

Don’t pick just one wall, pick all of them! Wraparound shelving works wonders to encompassing an entire room with your books. Real book lovers would treasure spending their whole day being surrounded by endless pages of stories.


31. Curtain a Dramatic Flair

If you want to add a bit of mystery, you can always add a thick curtain to your room to hide your books. Then voila! Pull the curtain away to reveal shelf-upon-shelf of books! It’s also an excellent way to add a splash of color without resorting to the use of paint.


32. Try Diagonal Bookshelves

These are definitely different from bookshelves you’re used to seeing. It has a “honeycomb” effect that adds character and pattern to a room without having to do too much. Now you don’t have to worry about your books leaning over and falling into your shelves ever again.


33. Have Fun with It

Go outside the conventional and choose surprising shelving options. It may not fit into the aesthetic of what you might consider for an ordinary library, but you want yours to be extraordinary, right? Make your home library stand out from the rest of the usual libraries with boring wood shelves and dull carpet.


34. Go Neutral

Pure neutral tones can be less distracting than pops of color. Pair greys and blues together to create a harmonious mood in your library. Wooden furniture is simple and won’t clash with these tones. If you need to add a rug, choose one with an intricate but light design that’s not too busy.


35. Be Bold

There’s honestly no right or wrong way to create a library so go for it! Don’t feel ashamed if your library only has one bookshelf and a chair. It’s a start to your very own beautiful library space.