38 Modern Farmhouse Exterior Designs

Trista - April 3, 2019

Use Stone Columns

A stone column promotes a strong message, and if you want to incorporate a more modern look, this could be a great addition to your front porch. It may not be the easiest, but the effort is worth the work involved. Creating a look with just stone and tile can be difficult, but you can pull it off with some ingenuity. The columns are a mixture of stone and wood, while the massive slabs of the walkway entice you to come in and stay awhile.

One of the significant advantages is the open concept entertainment area that this option creates. This porch needs no railings whatsoever, as they would make the porch space feel too small. Your modern farmhouse porch is welcoming and accessible to all those passersby, not to mention the excellent curb appeal of these pillars. Keep reading and find more ways to love your space and upgrade your home’s exterior design.


Design a Stagecoach Feel

It is easy to see why many homeowners swoon for the good ol’ days. Farmhouse decor is a callback to those famous traditions, and just because something isn’t in practice anymore doesn’t mean it has to be tossed aside. Gone are the times of “Gone with the Wind,” but that doesn’t mean your home can’t experience the look and feel of the South.

It is no wonder why this trend is coming back in a big way. With an adorable stagecoach-inspired porch, your home will exude a specific style that may have been long ago, but it is certainly not forgotten. This charming decor of a “deck” above the porch will provide shade to sip your iced tea while you wait for your friends to come over. Talk about a great way to spend the day!


Enjoy an Open Ambiance

Your home is your own little corner in the world. It is a place that makes you feel certain things. Create your own private getaway with these simple design tricks. You can make this happen to your modern farmhouse and still pay homage to the aesthetic. Ambiance s all about following what is best for works for your home. It strikes a certain mood. Even though it is outside, lighting is one of the easiest and most important aspects of creating ambiance. You make the most of the natural light and match overhead lighting to the rest of the decor.

Put the best footing forward with a few more tricks. The large sprawling windows give you a lot of sunlight inside and access to seeing your designer “porch.” Laying out cement panels in your yard can make for an accessible walkway and porch area where you can arrange some seating. Pick the perfect slipcovers to match your patio furniture. Modern farmhouse is a mood, and what you want can be what you get with few details.


Mirroring without Symmetry

There is a lot to like about symmetry. It reflects externally what people want internally. Our eyes are naturally drawn to balance and order because they are aesthetically pleasing. Give your home a unique “face” with a somewhat-mirrored shape. The rooms’ changing depths, the decreased number of windows, and the shorter height can give your ranch house the feel of reflecting surfaces with just enough differences to make it unique. The symmetry adds intrigue and will draw you and your guests in.

The outside of your home is no different from the inside. The symmetry will make people feel welcome before they even set foot inside your house. Pick a focal point and design around it with matching landscape, outdoor window treatments, patio furniture, and table decor. Your house will look as organized as it does indoors. For architectural symmetry, choose direct lines to keep a similar order. Want more ideas? Check out the rest of this list to get inspired for a whole new look.


Let the Farmhouse Porch Take Center Stage

Porches are great additions to any house, and they can be the spotlight you need to welcome everyone inside or out. Having a small, open porch that’s just high enough to step up on can be a great space to entertain your guests. It separates you from the lawn without building a barrier, and it’s still natural enough to access. It is a traditional space that can entertain and coax you into a sense of tranquility.

There are several benefits to choosing a porch for your residence. If your home already has a porch, consider an upgrade to your new senses of style. Choose a color palette that compliments the rest of the home exterior. Design around a focal point plays up the charm in modern farmhouse decor. If you consider adding a porch to your home, know that it will only add to your value and curb appeal. Figure out how more details can improve your outdoor space by reading the rest of these ideas on the list.


Deck It Out

On the other side, you can still set up a similar situation as a porch only in your backyard. Nothing dresses up a modern farmhouse than giving it that ranch/cabin feel. Using planks to create the floors of the deck and the steps bring the entire home back into nature, giving it a rustic feel. Wood is a great way to go if you’re also looking for a smooth surface to keep clean. Compliment the wood with a stone or concrete walkway, and you’ve got a fabulous outdoor setting that would make your neighbors jealous.

Decks create a welcoming atmosphere and can be the best place for summer entertainment. It adds to your property value and can be improved with the addition of a swimming pool. Your home can be instantly more relaxing. How large you should make your deck depends on your property size and how many people you want to accommodate. It can be expensive, but also it can be well worth what you put in the long run if you consider the memories you will make soaking up the sun on your new deck.


Try a Stone Chimney with an Outdoor Fireplace

Few additions can do what a stone chimney can do when it comes to creating creature comfort. Chimneys are more than just a vessel for Santa Claus to visit each December. A stone chimney is a classic addition to any modern farmhouse exterior. Whether you choose to use a chimney throughout the year or not, just having one can provide your home with a cozy feeling. That can even be accomplished if it is never lit. Fireplaces have that much of an impact on a home.

An outdoor fireplace or woodstove is perfect for putting on gatherings long after the summer days have gone by. If you want to find a way to incorporate this home sweet home feeling, then take the plunge. You can build a fireplace with a few materials. Using stone instead of brick allows you to create a unique and more tailored look for your home that no one else will have. Keep reading for more inspirational ideas for your home.


Build a Sprawling Porch with Pool

Earlier, we discussed the perks of putting up a porch, and there is one more way to elevate the outdoor space with something synonymous with summer fun. A back porch with a pool provides the top-notch area for entertaining family and friends through Labor Day. Surrounded by all these woods, you can create the look of a spa with these simple steps and an open pool-side porch.

What looks best will depend on the kind of look that you are going for. It is vital to keep a cohesive feel with the rest of the house. Your porch will have some personality, so why not express your outside with such a vibrant hue? Choose a color aesthetic that matches the rest of the home. The farmhouse’s dark colors are an excellent contrast to the bright and clear waters of the pool. Take a swim whenever you like and have a filling meal afterward to build up your energy. Find more ways to get your home ready for a makeover by reading the rest of our list.


Wow with Sophisticated Brick

A brick house does not have to resemble the status quo. There are many ways to upgrade the strength of brick with the beauty and sophistication that you would come to love about your modern farmhouse. It can even look expensive! Bright and white, you can make your farmhouse look like it belongs in Beverly Hills. The painted brick stands out along the countryside, and you will flip for the same kind of richness in your design aesthetic. It can bring out the most in the rest of the residence.

The same rule applies to many of the other tips on this list. Cohesion is key to pulling off the elevated look. The upper deck/balcony separates the top floor from the bottom, making the home look much taller. The black trim of the windows and doors also adds an element of sophistication. A few more details and your modern farmhouse exterior will look like a million bucks. Keep reading for more ideas for your home’s exterior.


You Can’t Go Wrong with Stone

There is a reason why stone has been around for centuries. When it comes to construction houses, few materials can do it better. While it is often used sporadically on the outside, it can be primed and ready to do more. Stone doesn’t have to be used as just trim and detail work. Incorporating it into more of your surroundings can do a lot to give your farmhouse an authentic look. You can try different stone shades or work within a specific color range for a more uniform look.

Just like it could on the inside, you could use stone for the exterior of construction as a way to help tie the whole look of the house together. Stone cladding is one way to enhance exterior walls, doors, fireplaces, and windows. Stone is also great for the environment because it is energy efficient and conserves natural resources. Because a stone veneer is lighter than actual stones, homeowners opt for this look alternative in their residence.


Are You Seeing Horizontal?

Lines are great for drawing attention, and horizontal siding is one of the most popular options for decorating modern farmhouses. Even the design space can be seen just as linear. Different floors can compact many rooms into a smaller space, but keeping all of your rooms on the ground floor can lead to a sprawl you can show off. This very open “porch” is paved with flagstones set apart, allowing the grass to grow between them. Surprisingly, it looks more natural than messy.

A horizontal line strikes a harmonious balance between the structure and the ground, but that is not the only reason why it is aesthetically pleasing. Modern farmhouse style lends itself well to horizontal siding because it was initially used for barns and houses on the farm. Horizontal siding adds something familiar while remaining classic. That homage to country home feel is something that will never go out of style.


Building Up Your Modern Farmhouse

You can enhance your yard and make a fantastic walkway up to your home at the same time. The steps can work together for a look that is as functional as it is charming. Creating a farmhouse on a hill can make you feel like the king of your domain. Building the steps upwards towards your home and utilizing the sloped hill to plant some beautiful foliage creates a one-of-a-kind look that separates your home from the street.

There are several ways to accomplish this look to coincide with the rest of your modern farmhouse look. Gardens are great locations that can be natural and stylish. It all depends on what aesthetic you are going for. Angular bluestone steps are another idea to help the guests know that they are headed toward a more formal nearby entrance. Natural can seem more casual. The decision on what message you want to convey completely is up to you.


Bring in Board and Batten

A country charm is something that warms the heart and welcomes the soul. Your house can just that. One of the popular trends in farmhouse siding style is the board and batten. That is where old-fashioned meets functionality. The panels or planks, known as the boards, are fastened together with a thin strip of wooden molding, which is the batten. The batten is essential that covers the seams of the vertical boards. The collaborative effort can be seen in modern farmhouse decoration because it provides intricate shadowing and texture to its outdoor look. It is innovative and reminiscent of the same town.

Its collective cool aesthetic can work well with a metal roof and intricate landscaping. Board and batten work well with whiteboards, black windows, black steel, and several other design options. Who says you have to have just one material when two is twice as nice. Mixing different exterior design styles not only saves money when it comes to overall exterior makeover costs. It also adds depth and intrigue. Stucco is a traditional cement style that is affordable and durable. This stuff is meant to last, and it also pairs well with board and batten homes.

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Get A Gable Roof

The roof is one of the most critical decisions in designing your home. Modern farmhouse decor is known for its old-fashioned aesthetic, and one of the most common exterior features is a gable roof. The name may be recognizable, but its triangular shape is. The image you conjured in your head as a child when you drew pictures of a house when you are a kid features that exact kind of roof. It is just another way that the modern farmhouse aesthetic feels familiar. The high peak is achievable at other lower levels throughout the structure as well.

One of the main differences between a hip roof and a gable one is its functions. While hipped roofs can be styled where all of the other materials slope downward over the walls of the home, gable roofs contain two sides or peaks that proceed downward toward the residence. Your childhood drawing could come to life and then exude the same trendy style that makes it all feel like home sweet home. If you are looking for more ideas, keep reading to implement them into your next exterior home design.


Style With Window Shutters

A simple yet effective way to elevate your home’s exterior appearance is to set up window shutters. Why shutters can be used depends on a variety of reasons. You can control the sunlight that enters the home, provide privacy and security and even protect your home against severe weather. There are several styles available to help you with the overall look that you are going for. You are sure to find a perfect shutter for your residence.

One of the main design elements to look for traditional shutters is the small and narrow louvers that give your home character—the space between each wooden slat. One popular trend is the plantation-style shutter that is great for smaller windows because they make a big statement. The subtle works best with interior design that can enhance the natural and overall beauty of your home. Want to know more? Find other reasons to apply modern farmhouse looks to your home exterior by reading our list.

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Don’t Skip Little Urban Details

Just because you are going for a more country look does not mean the city cannot inspire you. Incorporating urban details into your modern farmhouse exterior design makeover brings out a more comprehensive element to your overall appearance. A barn-style house can be that much more endearing with attractive features that not only bring you in but also unearth a unique architectural gem right in the middle of your neighborhood.

Some of those ideas include using lamp posts in your landscaping and combining contemporary attitude from the moment your guests first step foot from the driveway. The mix of classic with country chic can be something that is welcoming and inviting. Let your personality shine through! Keep reading for more details to incorporate into your home as you upgrade to the modern farmhouse style.


Put Up a White Picket Fence for Your Farmhouse Exterior

One of the first things you probably thought of when you were picturing your dream home was the picket fence. There is a reason why the style is synonymous with the American pursuit of happiness and the wholesome fantasy of life in the suburbs. However, its history dates back to France, where the pickets were used in military gear.

If a white picket fence is not something you get behind, you can still incorporate the classic aesthetic into your property. A warm color palette can balance well with cream materials and still provide the intrigue you need. On the contrary, a picket fence painted the same color as the home is a subtle way to tie it together. What you want depends on what you want to look for.

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Combine Balanced Materials

Because modern farmhouse design combines the clean, sleek lines of a contemporary look with the charm of down-home country living, there is more than enough room to have fun with your ideas. Let your imagination run wild while you figure out what is best for your home. Wood can be combined with black and white. Nothing is stopping you from letting your home resemble something that is all about you.

Figuring out a modern farmhouse aesthetic can be about mixing materials until you strike the best kind of look that reflects your personality. You can use roof accents that stand out from your neighbors, expansive glass doors that play up your unique roof style, or soft-colored stone to bring out dramatic dark window treatment. Contrasting can be your friend as you play with the elements.


Create Coastal Charm

If you want to elevate a white home into something truly spectacular, you can find your inspiration from the West Coast. Bring out the beauty and simplicity with an honest horizontal layout with an exterior built to match. A porch with the same horizontal fence slats provides a cozy charm to the whole area.

It may seem contradictory but modern farmhouse and coastal designs work harmoniously together. You do not have to have one without the other and still stay on-trend. A couple of other ideas include watery and warm colors, incorporated rustic moldings on the porch, unfussy patio furniture, and workhouse accent pieces, to name a few.


Install Sliding Barn Doors

We talked about the benefit of authentic barn doors and what better way to have that wow factor than to install a couple of sliding barn doors as a way to introduce your guests to your backyard area. It is excellent to achieve those country vibes with the modern interior decor. The doors can also be easily installed for hours of warm weather enjoyment in the years to come.

The perks of a custom-built entrance to your backyard are endless as the summer entertainment they inspire. These barn doors offer privacy for a pool and still connect the area with what is inside your home. It is all about the details. Your guests will swoon for how it goes with the rest of the house. For more ideas, keep reading our list to see what could be done for your modern farmhouse exterior makeover. Searching for more ideas? Check out these antique farmhouse ideas or ways to make your home look more rustic.