40 Gorgeous and Inspirational Patio Designs

Trista - April 30, 2019

Whether you have a luxurious garden to show off or just a tiny balcony attached to your living room, you can improve the aesthetic of your home by creating a spectacular patio space. It will create a welcoming atmosphere for everyone to enjoy, especially when the weather gets warmer. Check out these 40 gorgeous patio ideas that you’ll want for your property.



1. Map Things Out

If you’re developing a patio out on your lawn, it’s best to map things out if there are trees near the area. Don’t look at them as immovable objects that are getting in the way; instead, you should use their shape as inspiration to build around them so that they can be incorporated into the patio design you’re developing.


2. Versatile Patio Tables

Keep your outdoor parties small or have a large gathering. It’s easier to have smaller tables that are separate if people want to have more intimate conversations with each other, that can then be pushed together to create a more extended dining table where everyone can gather together.


3. Two Is Better Than One

Why have one patio design when you can have two? If you have ample outdoor area, you can have a lounge area as well as a dining spot on your patio. With multiple decks, there is plenty of seating for everyone and space for everything. The patio will be both practical yet comfortable. Incorporate all of the places together with similar furniture or stones for the floor to mark out each area.


4. Add a Fireplace

A fire pit is nice, but if you want somewhere fancy to entertain during the evening hours, incorporate a fireplace to the setting to add some extra warmth. Choose minimal-style furniture to make the stones of the hearth the center of attention.


5. Breakfast Patio

Having a peaceful place outdoors where you can eat a light breakfast is a great way to start anyone’s day. It doesn’t have to be too elaborate either — just comfortable enough that you can relax with some oatmeal, fresh fruit, and a good cup of tea. Choose furniture that can definitely withstand the elements.


6. Multi-Level Patio

Check out this epic patio design. The sun patio at the top is covered by a beautiful pergola, which then leads down to a small dining deck next to a wading pool. This outdoor design has everyone in mind when it comes to having a relaxing summer day outdoors.


7. Going Rustic

Having a patio doesn’t mean that it has to be all fancy and perfect. The rustic route can still be just as functional and romantic: some greenery overhead with a hanging chandelier and airy, tied-back curtains can make it feel like you’re dining anywhere but home.


8. Cool Shading

This half-covered pergola provides just the right amount of shade, creating a lovely garden-like nook you may not want to share with anyone else. A single pendant light hangs overhead, providing you with just enough lighting for when the sun sets behind the horizon.


9. Sturdy Seating

Create built-in seating with just concrete and cushions, which also creates the perimeter of your patio. Add a lovely table in the middle or a small chimney for some added warmth when the evenings get chilly. This concrete will last you for a very long time, and if you get sick of the drab color, you can always paint it.


10. Lookout Point

If you’re lucky enough to have a home with a beautiful view, you can enhance the experience by extending a deck or patio from the side of one building. Add some lounging chairs, some spiffy outdoor mood lighting, and you have a relaxing patio overlooking the world below.


11. Cozy Gazebo

Convert a small gazebo into a charming experience with plush L-shaped seating. That leaves you with plenty of space to add ottomans and a small table for an even more comfortable time. Some overhead lighting really adds to the atmosphere as well, providing a warm glow you for entertaining company.


12. Surrounded by Shades

Having a wide-open patio can let in a gentle breeze on those shining afternoons; however, after the sun has shifted higher in the sky, you need to protect yourself from its heat. Instead of returning inside, just pull down these wonderful wooden shades that keep you cool while still allowing a breeze to come through. It provides your patio with a cabana feel that you don’t even have to leave home to find.


13. Relaxed Seating

This covered patio has all the makings of a relaxing get-away. The low seating and vibrant cushions are quite inviting, and you may never want to get out of the cane-finish hanging seat. The geometric pattern of the flooring is a stark contrast to the design on the cushions, providing cool blues to their warm red-orange tones. Give yourself privacy by adding some walls around the seating area so that your conversations remain your own.


14. Color Everywhere

Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors in your patio for a vibrant look. Mismatched cushions and a patterned throw are a nice contrast for the neutral furniture, while the addition of a small palm tree completes the “Caribbean” look and feel of your patio.


15. Daybed Extravaganza

Do you long for a quiet place you can escape to with a good book? Consider adding just a daybed to your patio with some comfy cushions. Include a side table for that cup of coffee and a cozy throw on those days it gets a little chilly. This minimal style of decor saves on the clutter and allows you to focus on just you and your comfort.


16. Creating Privacy

Hanging up a simple curtain rod with white curtains can make any patio feel private. Draw them closed when you don’t want to be bothered by the world, or pull them open to let in a nice breeze. Choose outdoor fabrics that can endure the elements so that you don’t have to worry about your curtains being ruined.


17. Suspended Seating

Forget couches and chairs; go for a large porch swing instead. You’ll enjoy the wonderful rocking feeling, and with the right cushions, it could even be a place for a great nap. Let your porch swing lull you to sleep so that you can escape from the troubles of the world for just a few minutes.


18. Play Area

Create an area where the kids can play on the patio nearby so that you can keep an eye on them. This recessed sandbox has added seating as well so that when they’re done playing, they can take a break with a sweet, refreshing beverage.


19. Go Bold

Make your neutral tones pop by picking one bold color to pair with it all. This deep rich plum purple is present in the cushions, the hanging lights, the curtains, and even the flowers on the table. The slatted pergola and the horizontal stripes in the rug also bring the whole thing together to create a dreamy escape from work.


20. Stadium Seating

No one has to feel left out if you’re the kind of person to have huge parties at your home. Stadium-style seating makes it easy for everyone to be involved in the conversation without having to have many chairs on your patio. Behind the seating area is a lovely gardening box where you can plant your favorite flowers for a pop of color and pleasant fragrance.


21. Geometric Shapes

These types of shapes are simple but can make any area in your home look more professional, even your patio. Squares in the chairs, squares in the walkway stones, and squares in the painted black pallets — oh my! Create a modern atmosphere where you can talk business with your guests or relax with a cocktail after a hard day at the office.


22. Statement Pieces

If you choose to go the minimal route in creating your patio, don’t forget to add a statement piece. After all, you need a conversation starter! Geometric shapes also pull this whole together, especially with the different leveled angles of the topiary.


23. Change Patterns

Not everything has to be uniform in your patio area. This example has brick mixed with stone slabs to section off the different areas of your patio: casual conversation between a flowering tree or talking shop with a business partner.


24. Organically Natural

Foster the nature around you by sticking to natural materials. A log table also serves as a beautiful planter for your greenery and brings together the wood of the pergola and the minimal seating. Close by is a tall tree to provide some shade if needed, and also adds to the overall natural feel of the patio.


25. Simple Seating And Warmth

Sometimes all you need for a patio is a flat area with some seating. Going the minimal route is simple enough that you can dress the space up in any way you like. For instance, you can add a grand table that doubles as a fireplace. Enjoy the warmth or roast some marshmallows; there’s no reason you have to be left out in the cold and hungry!


26. Foster Some Green

Who needs decor when you can let your plants do the talking? Fill your patio area with plenty of potted plants for that color you need and to bring some more nature to the patio. Mix up different kinds of plants to add dimension and texture.


27. Flat Deck

You don’t need to go to the beach to get this patio design. Don’t worry about adding steps when you can lay your deck down directly on the grass. Include a canopy-style pergola and some stringed lights to complete the look. You can go minimal like the example above, or set up a small dining table to make the atmosphere even more charming. You’ll want to spend every hour out here.


28. Skip the Overhang

A lot of the patio design ideas featured here feature pergolas or canopies, but there is likely a more natural option already in your yard: trees! Hang some pendulum lights from tree limbs to light up your patio area. You can go with a solar option or add an extension cord to power your lights.


29. Pond Around the Patio

Make your deck part of the water feature by placing a deck above your pond. You’ll enjoy the sounds of running water, and the shady area will provide your fish with somewhere to hide away from predators. Adding some water flora will help to keep your water clear, and you may even find uninvited guests such as frogs making your pond their new home.


30. Succulent Wall

Do you need some privacy for your patio? Build a wall where you can plant succulents. They’ll remain green throughout the year, and you can even separate them by varieties so that you can create a colorful design like the one above. Don’t be afraid to experiment and be sure to take care of your succulents so that they can flourish each year.


31. Concrete Plus Wood

Concrete can look great on its own, but you can mix it up by adding a wooden deck on top of it all. Wood and stone contrast very nicely with each other and turns your patio furniture into statement pieces. The reflective marble is also a nice touch and goes well with the dark color of the furniture.


32. Children’s Seating

There’s no reason your kids have to feel left out when you’re entertaining guests on your patio. Add children’s seating, some toys, and a lower table so that they can feel like they’re a part of the conversation. Make the flooring safer for them to play on too; these wooden slats contrast the gravel area of the adults’ table.


33. Outdoor Rugs

You can really spruce up your patio area by adding an outdoor rug. Go with geometric shapes, one solid bold color, or a nature print that incorporates the surroundings of the patio. Find one that matches the cushions on your seating arrangement for a more cohesive look.


34. Sunken Patio

If you’re not a fan of too much breeze, this sunken patio blocks most of the breeze so that you can remain comfortable. Surrounded by greenery and with the natural wood seats, this patio is perfect for the nature lover who wants a quiet place to escape from emails and phone calls for a little while.


35. Outdoor Kitchen

Take your kitchen outside for a fun-filled affair with the grill! Set up some comfortable seating and a dining table while someone handles the barbecue to ensure your meal doesn’t get burned. A wood-burning pizza oven is also a good idea if you’re in the mood for something lighter.


36. Cut-Away Patio

Building up on top of your landscaping can feel flat and dull. Cutting away from it, however, adds dimension and layers, and saves you from having to build a vertical structure to provide you with privacy. Grass-covered steps leading down the gravel-based area of your patio also makes the outdoors quite low-maintenance.


37. Retractable Awnings

A pergola can only do so much in providing you with shade. Getting a retractable awning allows you to have ultimate control over how much sunlight you get. Moreover, when it’s raining, have it extended so you can still enjoy the outdoors without getting wet.


38. Surrounded By Fountains

Instead of an elevated patio over a pond, consider a sunken courtyard surrounded by water and fountains. It will make the area feel much cooler, and the sounds of the water would lull anyone to sleep after a long day of work.


39. Zen It Up

Return to the basics with this simple Zen patio. A perfect place to meditate over a cup of green tea, these comfortable outdoor chairs will help to soothe your tired and aching body. A hanging lantern and the potted shrubbery complete the aesthetic, incorporating nature into this relaxing area.


40. Indoor to Outdoor

Dress up your patio to look like an indoor dining room to make the transition between the two smoother. Choosing an indoor color like this blush pink will add a subtle glow to everything too, and the gold accents will make your patio look even more distinguished.