40 Stylish Yet Practical Ways to Maximize a Small Space

Trista - March 31, 2019

Not everyone can afford a sizeable sprawling home to spread out their belongings as much as they want. Alternatively, some people like having smaller spaces to make it easier to clean and have everything within reach. Whatever your situation, small areas can feel cramped if you have a lot of stuff. Your house cost a big chunk of change, so you want to enjoy every inch of it. Besides, your home, no matter how small, should be a haven where you can relax comfortably. If you have tiny rooms, that’s okay. You don’t have to knock down a wall to make a functional space in a small room. There are stylish ways to create practical space in a tiny place from particular furniture to smart floorplans. Check out these helpful tips about how you can maximize the square footage of a small space.

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40. Get a Stackable Washer and Dryer for a Small Space

The first idea on this list of practical ways to maximize a small space is a great way to help you save on space and help you get the most out of the small amount of space you might be working with. Smaller living arrangements don’t always provide for a dedicated laundry room. Stacking your small washer and dryer on top of each other can provide you with a lot more space for other things like the room to fold clothes, iron and just keep the room feeling more organized. Read on for more practical yet stylish ways to maximize your small spaces.

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There are many options available now for this style of appliance. The washer and dryer stacked on top of each other takes up much less floor space and can easily fit in small areas, like a closet. Sometimes that is the only amount of space you have to work with. These kinds of appliances are energy saving as well and use much less water and electricity. They are generally less expensive than the more traditional models on the market, too. Do some research first, though, and look for the ones that have good reviews, as some stackable washers tend to leak.

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39. Downsize to Smaller Furniture

A sweeping dining room set looks great and can make a statement, but do you need it? Sometimes homeowners get excited about decorating their space and can get a little carried away with it. Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to getting the most out of your small space. Furniture is one great example of how going big is not always the best option. If your dining room table is so large that you can not easily walk around it or that you and your family are always setting stuff down on the table and cluttering it up, then it may not be the best fit for your space.

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Make your living space feel bigger by downsizing your furniture pieces in your dining room and living room. Keeping your furniture’s size on a smaller scale and not taking up the entire floor space in a room will help the room seem bigger by not feeling cluttered and crowded. Settle on smaller pieces of furniture and ones that are more round than square. Sometimes the longer lines of square pieces can be too imposing in a small space. Furthermore, you’ll be able to move around more easily within your home when you don’t have massive pieces of furniture in the way.

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38. Mount the TV

One way to maximize floor space in your living room is to mount your flat screen television up on the wall. By taking advantage of your television’s wall space, you won’t need to take up unnecessary floor space with an entertainment stand or other type of tv stand. That can help your room feel much more significant because you are not taking up every square inch with furniture and other bigger, bulky items. Having more floor space can automatically help make a small space seem bigger. It is a fun way to create a theater-style living room set up for you and your family to enjoy.

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When deciding on what type of television mounting hardware to purchase, make sure you know the dimensions and weight of the television you want to mount. There are many options available, but you need to make sure the mounting hardware you buy will hold your television’s weight. You also want to be sure you purchase the correct type of wall anchors to hold a sufficient amount of weight. Now you will be able to watch your favorite television shows while gaining more floor space for some of those other pieces you want to add to your living room.

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37. Create Multi-Functional Spaces

When dealing with a small living space and trying to get the most out of it, a great strategy to use is making sure your rooms can handle multiple functions or roles. A great way to do this is by combining the kitchen and dining room into one; instead of buying a dining room table and chairs and potentially contributing to the clutter in your room, utilize your kitchen counter or bar area for eating by adding stools for seating. That allows your space to stay very organized and functional so that nothing feels like it doesn’t belong or is taking up too much space in your home.

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You can also create storage space in your living room so that your children can use it as a play area. Pick out a couch that can also convert into a bed if you’re having guests over. This way, you are making the space more functional and more enjoyable for you and your family. Your home will feel much bigger if the spaces you have been doing double duty. You also want to consider staying clutter-free and as organized as much as you can because the more stuff that is taking up space in a room, the more it can feel tiny and cramped and not as enjoyable to live in.

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36. Use a Daybed

A full mattress is always a desirable option, but a daybed can give you a lot more space in your room. You may even find a day bed more comfortable and easier to get out of in the morning. Having pieces of furniture in your small space that can pull double duty is essential in helping you get the most out of your space. A day bed is one option that can double as a couch as well as a bed. That means you can keep your home less cluttered and not feel like you are cramped up in a small space.

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Making your bed is slightly different and faster, too. If you double your bedroom as an office, you might be surprised to learn you prefer the couch-like look. A day bed is a great way to get the most out of your space without having to feel like you are second-guessing every little thing you put in your small space. There are many day bed-style beds available today, and some also offer built-in drawers underneath to keep your space even more organized. Add a couple of accent pillows, and your room will still look as stylish as ever.

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35. Add Mirrors in a Small Space

One of the best tricks to make your home look and feel bigger is to add mirrors to the walls of your home. Especially in rooms on the smaller side, it is a great way to take advantage of the light coming through your windows; reflect that light to help the room seem bigger and brighter. Reflecting light is such a great way to help your small space feel brighter and more inviting, and at the same time feel more prominent too. Using the light coming in from different areas around your home will trick the eye into thinking that there’s more space beyond the mirror.

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A couple of things to keep in mind with this one are careful with your mirrors’ placement. Take time to look around and see where the light is coming in from your windows. Ensure your mirrors’ placement is not lining up so that you will be directing the sunlight coming in right at whoever might be sitting on the couch. You just want to be sure you aren’t doing more harm than good by placing your mirrors around your home.

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34. Paint with Neutral Tones

This next idea is another way to help make your small space feel more significant than it is. Did you know that the paint color you choose for your walls can significantly impact how big the room feels? Neutral colors tend to open up spaces more than bright colors, and the soft, muted shades will draw the eyes around the room instead of making it feel confined and cramped. Painting a small room in a dark shade can make the room feel much smaller and more confined. It can give the impression of feeling small and dark, the exact opposite of what you want to do in a small space.

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Lighter, neutral paint colors do not have to feel drab or boring either, though. A creative way to help break up the monotony of these neutral shades of paint is to bring in a bolder color, but only as an accent. A brightly colored wallpaper with a fun, playful pattern is a great way to add a pop of color to your space without overpowering it. Painting just one of your walls in this more vibrant color is a great way to achieve a balanced look and make a small space feel more inviting and enjoyable to spend time in.

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33. Downsize your Fridge

Get the most out of your small space, especially if it is the kitchen, by downsizing your refrigerator. These appliances can be huge and then, of course, take up a lot of space. If you live alone, or there are only two of you, you might not need to keep large amounts of food in your refrigerator at one time. That is a great way to maximize your small space and gain room for doing other things like food prep, cooking, and even efficient storage of your food too.

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Refrigerators are an already expensive cost for a homeowner, and they can quickly eat up much electricity. Consider a smaller model in your kitchen. Even though you may have to buy fewer groceries more often, you are now able to enjoy yourself more in your kitchen instead of continually trying to come up with ways to get rid of clutter and stay organized. It is still a stylish and practical way to maximize the space in your home. You will be able to spend more time doing what you love, cooking or baking, and trying out new recipes. That can help you stay on top of what is in your fridge instead of throwing away food that gets spoiled at the back.

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32. Install a Wall Desk

Many homeowners desire a crucial feature but may not have in their home a dedicated office space. It is convenient to have a space to work on things like paperwork or bills and not have to carve out a space on the kitchen table, couch, or even bed to get things accomplished. Having a personal office in your home doesn’t mean that you have to spread out to feel productive, either. This item on the list is a great way to maximize space while staying organized and looking stylish, too.

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All you need to do is install a small wall desk on an empty wall in your home. It just needs to be big enough to fit your essential items needed to stay organized and get things done. You most likely use several items most often that can easily fit here. A stackable letter organizer is a great way to keep your items organized in a small space. You do not want to spend more time looking for things you need than actually getting anything done. You can easily add some shelves next to your desk, too, and then everything you need is right within reach.

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31. Think about Hidden Storage

When you live in a small space, it is always a good idea to consider what items you have in your home and how they can carry out more than one function. Whenever you can achieve this, you are maximizing your space and ultimately making it a more enjoyable place to live in. An example of this is considering ways to carve out hidden storage. You are doing so much to increase your home’s effectiveness, thereby making it that much more enjoyable to live in. You can almost always find some easy and simple ways to add areas of secret storage around your home.

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The possibilities for additional practical yet stylish storage solutions are endless if you just know where to look. One way to add some very functional storage area to your small space is to add drawers under your stairs to keep shoes. Another great option is to add a shelf above the doorway to create a unique display area. You can also add higher shelves on your walls to showcase collected pieces you may have. That will allow you to decorate your space while leaving lower shelves for more everyday items to be stored out of the way.

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30. Keep Everything Simple if You Have a Small Space

This next item on this list keeps in mind when setting up every room in your house, but small spaces can immensely benefit from this. Picking completed themes and decor can make your home look too busy and too cluttered as well. Pick simple home decor designs that will keep your home feeling open and spacious. In a small space, the best way to make it feel bigger and brighter than it is is to decorate the space keeping clean lines in mind throughout. The straight lines throughout the room will keep the space calm and relaxing and make your guests feel right at home, too.

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When choosing home decor items, try to think on a smaller, simpler scale for smaller spaces. Don’t go overboard and pick many decor items like too many pieces of furniture and knick-knack decorations to add to your home, as the more stuff you have, the less space you have for the things you need. Not only does overdoing the decor theme contribute to clutter, but it also makes the space feel smaller and more cramped. That is not the look you are going for when trying to get the most benefit out of your small space.


29. Clean the Space

This next one should always be done around the house, no matter what size space you are living in. However, in this case, messes will look much worse in a smaller home than they do in a spacious house. There is generally less space to hold any clutter, and it can quickly take over a space and make it feel disorganized and uninviting.

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Don’t let clutter start to pile up so much that it becomes a burden you don’t want to deal with. Take care of little messes and cluttered surfaces as soon as possible so that you can clear the air in your home and create a space where you can think more clearly again. Schedule a time every day if you have to take care of messes so that it becomes a routine for you. That is the best way to avoid overwhelming your space and making it feel smaller and more disorganized than a home should be. The more organized you can stay in your home, the more enjoyable your retreat from the outside world can be.

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28. Get Bunk Beds

One enjoyable and practical way to maximize a small space, such as your children’s bedroom, is to get bunk beds. Your children will most certainly approve of this one, too. Bunk beds are a great way to create more room for activities and playtime in your children’s rooms, as sometimes rooms are so small, all that can fit in the space is a bed and a dresser. Bunk beds are such a great option because they take advantage of the height in a room and extend the sleeping space upward instead of out. There are many options to choose from, so you are sure to add style and function to your small space.

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Furthermore, if you need to maximize space in your bedroom, bunk beds are not just for kids anymore. Adult bunk beds can create a way to individually have private time for both you and your partner if, say, one of you is an early bird, and the other is a night owl. Other features are available with bunk beds, like a built-in desk below the top bunk. Moreover, it also doesn’t hurt to feel like a kid again. Sleeping in a bunk bed with someone else above you has a nostalgic, almost magical feeling to it.

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27. Buy Portable Storage

Storage space is something there can never really be too much of. However, coming up with ideas and ways to get organized and stay clutter-free can become overwhelming without the right storage organization items. Your kids don’t need dressers in their bedroom if you have more creative and effective ways of storing and organizing their things. Consider putting their clothing in storage bins and stacking a couple on top of each other. By going up instead of out with storage solutions, you can maximize floor space and get the most benefit out of that room.

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Storage containers are also an excellent way to keep your out-of-season clothes organized and stored away nicely without taking up much-needed space in your bedroom or closet. You can easily pack up items not always in use, like out-of-season winter jackets, hats, and scarves, label the container and store it somewhere like your basement or attic space. This storage solution can be utilized throughout other rooms of your house as well. Places like the living room, dining room, and den or playrooms can benefit from portable storage options to make your space functional, more enjoyable, and stylish, too.

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26. Hang Up Coat Hooks

Effective organization solutions are key to keeping a space decluttered and creating an inviting atmosphere for you and your family to enjoy. There are many ways to store and organize your everyday things that do not involve taking up precious floor space. Hanging coat hooks up on your wall will quickly minimize the need to try and fit them into a closet, where you could be storing other needed articles of clothing. That is a handy option if you have a bigger family, as jackets, coats, and scarves can quickly take up room and make a small space feel cluttered.

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Coat hooks can also help make your family’s belongings more accessible and easy to keep track of, especially if you need to leave home in a hurry. Children can learn a lesson early on about ways to be responsible and keep track of their things, too. Good habits can never start too soon. There are several ways to mount coat hooks, directly onto the wall or onto a piece of wood to give it a more finished look. Alternatively, you can easily place a store-bought coat hanger right on the back of a closet or other entry door in your home.


25. Make a Flexible Setup in a Small Space

Be prepared to change the setup of your home. Sticking to one layout can get stale after a while, and you may not realize just how much space you have to work with if you’re not willing to move things around once in a while. By being flexible with your small space’s layout, you might discover more effective ways to maximize the space. It might take a couple of different times of trying out various furniture arrangements before you find one that works. But that is the best part, finding out what will make your space the most enjoyable for you.

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Be prepared to think outside the box and consider options you may shy away from initially. They might put you out of your comfort zone at first, but you’ll appreciate a welcome change once you do it. Once you rearrange a couple of times, you might find that you don’t need a piece of furniture you have been trying to keep in your small space. Being flexible with your setup is a fun way to experiment with different furniture layouts, but it gives you a different view of your space. It may help you come to enjoy it that much more when it becomes more functional for you and your family.


24. Purchase Shoe Hangers

A shoe closet might seem like a great idea, but you can go one step further and get a shoe hanger instead. Dedicated closet space for things like shoes can be a struggle to live in a small space. These are large hangers with separated pockets for your pairs of shoes, and it hangs on the back of a door. It is a great way to avoid taking up desirable floor or closet space for your belongings. When living in tight quarters, it is essential to always look at more creative ways to store your everyday things.

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That is a great option to consider because it can be an effective way to keep track of your shoes while making sure they are out of the way. Children will be better able to keep track of their things in a more organized way as well. It is a great idea if you happen to have a stubborn puppy who likes to chew on shoes. Leaving these items on the floor is an unwanted enticement to puppies. They are always looking for something to chew on and play with. By putting your shoes in their place when you get home, you also leave room for guests’ belongings when they come over to visit.

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23. Don’t Forget the Shower Caddy

Not all bathrooms are equipped with a lot of shelf space in the bathroom. That can be a big issue, especially if you have several members in your family. It’s easy to quickly accumulate many hair and body care items on almost no shelf space. To help maximize space in the shower, consider getting a shower caddy. It’s a simple plastic basket with a couple of compartments that you can easily fit all of your necessary bottles in and carry in and out of the shower with you. That way, you are not having to sort through all these items while trying to shower and dealing with them falling off the shelf constantly.

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Another great option to consider in the shower itself is a shower caddy that just hangs right over your shower head. There are many inexpensive, budget-friendly options available now, and this lets you have your shampoo, body wash, shower poof, and other small items like razors right at your disposal in the shower. There are other options for added shelf space, too, like a vertical tension rod that can easily be mounted right in the corner of your shower. You can quickly add 3 or 4 shelves to your shower for everyone to keep their things organized and out of the way.

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22. Use Storage Ottomans

There are creative and stylish ways to keep your living room items out of sight when not using them but quickly accessible when you do need them. Ottomans are a great way to prop your legs up so that you can lean back and relax, but models that also double as storage containers are even better options. So many options exist for this storage idea, and you can easily find one that fits in your space as well as meshes with your existing home decor. There are round ones, longer rectangle-shaped ones, and some have the lid on a hinge, making access even easier for you and your family.

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You can store things like blankets and books in your ottoman to keep this stuff out of the way when you don’t want them cluttering up your space, and they are ready to take back out when you need them. This kind of storage is excellent for a family game night or if you have small children. They can easily get their toys out when they want to play and then put everything away to keep their space from feeling small and cluttered. A tray can be placed on top to add extra surface space for drinks and snacks, too.

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21. Maximize Bookcases

Bookcases are one of the greatest underrated ways to maximize your space stylishly. They can serve so many other purposes than just storing your books. Baskets can be added to the shelves to keep items organized and out of sight in a way that will help your small space feel less messy and cluttered. Each member in the family can even have their own shelf, or cubby, or storage basket to help everyone stay on top of being organized and less cluttered in your living space. You can create a sort of built-in look with a bookcase. Alternatively, use the height in your room to go up instead of out with storage space.

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You can use the extra shelves on the bookcase in your living room, for example, to display your artwork, collected items like small home decor decorations, your office supplies, trophies you may have, and even your electronics. Your cable box, Wi-Fi setup, and stereo system can all be easily organized on the shelves to keep your space looking great. There’s no limit to what you can add to them, so don’t feel like you only have to use it for books. Taking advantage of vertical wall space is a very stylish yet practical way to maximize a small space.

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20. Store Things in Decorative Boxes

Boxes are the best way to store simple things that you may have lying around but don’t always want out insight, but that basic brown color can be a bit unsightly just sitting around in your living room. Many options are available now that make this practical idea a very stylish way to organize and store your everyday items. These great storage solutions come in many different sizes, as well as patterns. You can easily fit them in with your current home decor, and some are designed to look like books on a shelf, which is a nice way to keep something like valuables out of sight as well.

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You could always purchase these higher-end boxes with beautiful designs, as many are very affordable and budget-friendly. Nevertheless, something fun to do for the crafty DIY person is creating these decorative boxes yourself. All you need are some boxes, which can be from something like an item you ordered online, some type of fabric or even wallpaper, and some glue. You might have some of these things lying around the house already. This project could be completed in an afternoon, on a budget too! Now you have beautiful handmade boxes to store all of your unique valuables.

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19. Set Up a Filing Cabinet in a Small Space

Dealing with paperwork is a constant and necessary task for almost all adults to deal with. There will always be piles of paper in everyone’s home, from bills and receipts to essential documents related to insurance or taxes. Instead of throwing these items all unorganized into a drawer, get a filing cabinet to keep them in. Having a set place for each kind and type of document can eliminate many headaches when you need to reference them and keep them organized and out of sight in your small space. A filing cabinet can be a stylish and practical way to save you many hassles with paperwork.

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File cabinets can be found used at yard or estate sales, and pretty inexpensive options exist to buy one new as well. You can find them in different wood or metal finishes, making it easy to blend this storage solution with your existing home decor. A DIY budget-friendly option is to redo a used one, too. Organize your paperwork by sorting them by year so that you know where everything is and can grab what you need when you need it. It’s one of the best ways to keep the clutter to a minimum while still keeping your essential paperwork on hand.

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18. Manage Belongings to a Reasonable Amount

It can be easy to get carried away with buying things for a new home, and items can add up quickly while taking up precious square footage in your home. Consider exercising more thought and logic when making purchases for your home. That new office desk or a coffee table may look great, but you’re not going to get much use out of it if it doesn’t fit in your home. Choose simpler options that reduce or eliminate clutter and consider storage alternatives that are easier to maintain. Many people are making moves to simplify their lifestyles and living more enjoyably because of it.

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Make sure to plan on shopping around a little more and not settling on the first thing you see. Many more space-conscious options exist that can help your small space look stylish while remaining functional in your home. To put it simply: don’t buy the stuff you don’t need. When considering what you want to buy for your space, take time to think about how it can serve other purposes, so you do not have to buy so many things that will contribute to clutter in your home. Make your space more enjoyable by keeping it functional as well.

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17. Accessorize Properly

When putting the finishing touches on your home decor, don’t forget the accessories! You can add a throw blanket and a couple of small pillows to your couch to make it comfortable, but don’t go overboard. Having too many accessories only leads to clutter. Pick patterns and colors that will complement the rest of your home, too; otherwise, it will appear messy. It can be easy to get carried away with too many throw pillows, or too many knick-knacks on your bookshelf, so be sure to exercise a little caution as you finish off a room.

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Decorating your home by adding too many unnecessary items, especially in a small space, can quickly give a room a busy feel and make it feel much smaller than it is. When decorating your rooms, choose stylish options, but not so many that you instantly clutter up your small room. There are ways to accessorize your home by adding style as well as function, like adding floating shelves on the wall to display pictures and knick-knacks, which will help keep your home a place for you and your family to relax and enjoy.

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16. Put Up Artwork

Nothing provides a finishing touch to your home more than having some artwork on the walls. When looking for art, shop around to find pieces at discounted prices from department stores and don’t settle on artwork that is too big for your space. Several smaller pieces clustered together or even by themselves will do a much better job than one or two large pieces covering your wall. Alternatively, this is a great chance for the crafty DIY person just to purchase a few small canvases and some paint from your local craft store and create some art of your own!

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Having a small home doesn’t mean you can’t have nice things. When decorating your home, just be sure that you exercise caution with the things you buy and the amount and figure out how to utilize each space in your home to get the most enjoyment out of it. Instead of feeling like a turtle stuck in its shell, you can decorate your home in a crafty, functional but stylish way with smaller items that bring out your personality in a useful way. Being creative about maximizing a small space means getting the most enjoyment out of it.


15. Go Up Instead of out Whenever You Can

Many times, homeowners only think of ways to organize and store in terms of spreading out in their house instead of going up with the square footage they have in their small space. In almost every small space, there are options and ideas for spreading up instead of out. Take a good look at the space you are working with and consider the options you have for stylish yet practical storage solutions. If you keep looking up instead of out, there are many ways to maximize the small space.

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There are several spaces in your home to take advantage of your small space’s height; the living room, kitchen, and garage are full of opportunities to maximize the space you are working with. Many options for extra wall storage are available now. You can easily store out-of-season clothes, seasonal decorations packed in totes, and even bikes and other summer toys on the walls of your garage. This way, you are not only becoming more organized, but you also are not taking up extra floor space with the items you do not use daily.

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14. Add a Storage Bench to the End of the Bed

Another great way to ensure your small space is doing the most for you is by adding some type of bench with built-in storage at the foot of your bed. Not only will you be adding a little extra seating to your bedroom, but you can also easily store bulkier clothing items like sweaters, extra blankets, even shoes in here. These benches can line right up with your bed and take up minimal space. There are many different sizes and styles to choose from now, so you can easily stylishly add more storage and organization, too.

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A great idea for this storage solution could also be to get that old family cedar chest out of storage or from your parent’s house. That was a popular item for families to have years ago. The cedar wood is naturally bug resistant and is a safe way to store things like clothing and blankets without worrying about anything getting into it and chewing it up, ruining it. Not only do you have a great storage/seating option in your small space, but you are keeping a traditional heirloom in the family as well.

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13. Utilize Under Bed Storage Space

Keeping in line with adding more storage to a small bedroom space, take advantage of the room your bed already takes up. Many different items and belongings can be put into shallow storage totes, labeled, and stowed under the bed when not in use. This storage is an excellent option because even though it is now out of sight, your things are still very easily accessed when you need them. Things like out-of-season clothing, shoes, family pictures, even puzzles, and games can be stored here in an organized way. There are even options to buy a platform-style bed with drawers or spaces built in to add totes, helping you get even more organized in your small space.

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This storage is a great option not only in your bedroom but your children’s rooms as well. Different things that they may not use every day can be stored here, and games and toys they may have trouble finding room for in their closet or bookcase. It is a great option to help keep smaller rooms organized and clutter-free, making your space that much easier to enjoy being in. Taller spaces can become an issue if you have to get a ladder out every time you want to access that space, so this option is even better because everyone in the family can reach it and take advantage of it.

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12. Consider a Sofa Bed for a Small Space

If you are tight on not only space but bedrooms too, then consider purchasing furniture that pulls double duty for you and get a sofa bed. This type of furniture has come a long way in recent years, and many are so well made it is almost like sleeping in a regular bed. Having an option like this one in your home can help you maximize your small space. There are several different size sofa beds now, too. You can find a full-size couch that offers a double or queen-size mattress for you or your guests to sleep on. Furthermore, if you need something smaller, you can find a chair that has a single-size mattress inside.

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A sofa bed is still as stylish as many other kinds of furniture, too, so you are sure to find something that will fit right in with your existing home decor. Suppose you have older children who come home to visit often or other family members who want to come to stay. In that case, you can now easily accommodate them with a comfortable night’s sleep without having to worry about the lack of extra bedrooms. These models have come a long way and are not made with the old thin mattress that you feel the bar beneath, like many of us remember as kids.

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11. Maximize Use of Wall Space for Storage

Take advantage of every inch of your small space. Always try to consider going up instead of out with storage. Whenever possible, it is an excellent use of space to purchase or create furniture or extra storage that can go up on a wall instead of going out into the room and taking up more space. There are so many options for this type of storage, from mail organizers to kitchen knife and cookware hangers to coat and shoe racks. Take a minute to think about precisely what your family could really use in your home, and then do some shopping. It’s essential to be still particular about what you are bringing into your home when you are tight on space. You want to still keep things efficient and functional for you and your family.

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Whenever you can, try to think of storage solutions that will work for your family that does not have to take up floor space you could be using for something else. You can easily find storage solutions and organizers for so many of your everyday things like keys, mail, cell phones, even cosmetics, and jewelry can be neatly organized on the wall, easy for you to access when you need to. That can be especially handy for things like school papers from your children’s teachers; a calendar can be mounted next to a corkboard to create a home base for all the events going that your family needs to keep track of.

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10. Use a Hanging Closet Organizer

If you have a bedroom, bathroom, or closet door in your home, you have another great way to maximize your small space. A hanging closet organizer is easy to install by just hanging the included hooks over your door, storage is added, and no damage is done. That is a great option if you rent, too, as you do not have to do any drilling or screw into your walls. These hanging organizers do not have to hold just clothes or shoes, either. Take advantage of extra storage space in your bathroom for your hair care products, makeup, and other toiletry items that can quickly clutter up a small countertop sink.

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If you have small children, you already know how easy it can be to get into things they shouldn’t. That is a great way to get some added storage up higher than they can get into for things you do not want them to mess with. Use an over-the-door organizer in your childrens’ room too. Things like colored pencils, crayons, other art supplies, or small games and toys can be stored up off the floor out of the way. These make a great addition to the always-needed bathroom storage as well, keeping everything nicely organized and easy to access.

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9. Consider a Murphy Bed

If you are short on living space, like living in a cramped apartment or studio, for example, then consider purchasing a murphy bed for your space. That can be a beneficial option if you do not have a dedicated bedroom. The Murphy bed and it’s comfortable advantages have come a long way since its debut many years ago. They are not just an uncomfortable folding bed coming out of the wall anymore! You can choose between different size mattresses now, and they do not even have to be mounted inside the wall, making them much easier to take advantage of, even if you aren’t the most mechanically inclined.

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By doing a quick online search, many options for this style bed will be displayed. Not only can you take advantage of the freed-up floor space while your bed is not in use, but many models also offer a wrap-around bookshelf/storage area for you to stay even more organized in your small space. This practical yet very stylish way to maximize your small space offers many different wood finish and paint options, so you can easily blend this bed into your current home decor, too. The new models available now do not require any cutting into your wall to create the space for it, either. They can be anchored to your existing wall for you to enjoy immediately.

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8. Buy a Coffee Table with Extra Storage Underneath

When trying to maximize a small space, always keep thinking about how items you bring into your home can carry out more than one function for you. A perfect example is the use of a coffee table in the living room. You can efficiently utilize the surface as extra space for eating and drinking, light office work, and even family game night. There are many different sizes and styles to choose from, so you can find one that will work in your home without being too big for the space. Spend a little time shopping around and comparing features so you are sure to purchase one that will work the best for you.

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Another added advantage of this has a coffee table that has extra storage underneath. This space can be used to store books, games, or other activities your family gets into, as well as hold totes for toys for the little ones that will help keep your living room clutter-free while providing easy access to things when you need them. If you are tight on space for a work-from-home spot in your home, some coffee tables have the added feature of a rising desk. Even if the coffee table is lower to the ground, you can still pull your work surface up and create an excellent desk space to get your work done comfortably.

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7. Use a Bakers Rack in the Kitchen

One room in the house where almost everyone can always use more space is in the kitchen. Whether it is storing dishes and cookware, or food overflow from the pantry, there never seems to be enough room for everything. One way to help keep your countertops clear of clutter and available for other things like food prep and cooking is to add a bakers rack. This type of rack is ideal for small spaces because it is made of metal bars. It does not feel bulky or overpowering in a small area. You can find these shelf units in different finishes and with the option of several different numbers of shelves, depending on what you need for your kitchen.

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This practical yet stylish way to maximize your small space is perfect for storing bulkier food items that may not fit well in your pantry or cupboard. Alternatively, they work well for storing things like appliances that you may not use every single day. That includes a blender, crockpot, fryer, even bigger pots, and pans and cookie sheets can easily fit on these shelves and help you create more space in the cupboards for storing other things you need to have there. These shelf units are nice for small spaces because they are usually made of metal, giving them a less imposing feel in cramped areas.

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6. Buy an Over-the-Sink Dish Drying Rack

In most kitchens, counter space is at a premium. So, if you don’t have to take up space with something here, then don’t! A great way to avoid taking up much-needed counter space around your sink is to use an over-the-sink dish drainer. There are many new options out on the market now. You can have your choice of wood or metal finish as well as many paint color options, letting you easily incorporate this product right into your existing kitchen decor theme. Having the expandable option is a great way to organize your kitchen in a custom way.

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The options for this grand kitchen organization solution have become very customized. Many models are two levels high and can hold most anything from dishes to silverware and sharp knives to various sized pots and pans and cutting boards. Another great feature is most are all equipped to expand and contract so that they can fit securely over any size kitchen sink. Another similar and equally space-saving option is a roll-up dish drying rack. This product will unroll over your sink when you need it, hold your dishes to dry, and can easily be rolled back up and stored out of sight when not in use.

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5. Use a Hanging Pot Rack for Cookware

When trying to maximize your small space, try to keep looking for creative solutions that take advantage of space you may not always think of using at first. One way to do this is always to keep looking around and up for ways to maximize a tight space. It can be easy to quickly accumulate a lot of cookware, including tools and gadgets. To make room for these kinds of products, take advantage of hanging the items in your kitchen any time you can. Most pots and pans come with some type of hole or even a dedicated hanger on the end of their handle, making it easy to hang them up instead of taking up cupboard space you could be using for other things.

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There are many different size options available for this practical yet stylish way to maximize your kitchen space and make it a more enjoyable place to spend your time. Cooking can be a relaxing way to de-stress after a long day for many people. However, the fun can quickly be overshadowed when always having to shuffle things around on the counter or find ways to store your things so you can still easily access them when you want to cook. Help yourself enjoy your time cooking a little more by using this creative way to add extra storage and organization in your kitchen.

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4. Use a Console Table Behind Your Couch

A creative way to add just a little more surface space for things like drinks and phones or a small lamp is by adding a console table behind your couch. This style table does not have to be very big, but it can make a difference in how much you can enjoy your living room space. There are several different sizes to choose from when shopping for a console table. You can find one that is only five inches wide if that is all the space you have for one. However, even that much room can allow you to skip the end table or coffee table if you don’t have the room.

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End tables are useful but can also take up a lot more space than they need to. By purchasing or even building a DIY version of this console table for around your couch, you can maximize even the smallest amount of space and be able to enjoy it much more than you could before. There are many tutorials for making your own if you need to stay on a budget and conserve space in your home. A broken-down pallet is an excellent use of wood here. After it’s put together, you need to sand a little and either stain or paint it, and you are ready for use!

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3. Use a Space-Saving Shoe Rack in a Small Space

One item that can quickly accumulate and take up a lot of space in your home is shoes. Having an effective way to organize and store shoes is key to maximizing a small space. A creative way to store shoes is by using some type of vertical shoe rack. Even one that can be mounted on the wall is a great way to make the most of your space. There are many options available for purchase, but a DIY budget-friendly version can be created pretty easily at home, too. A quick check on the internet will give you many ideas and tutorials on creating one of these space-saving storage solutions for your own home.

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There are several different ways you can go about implementing one of these storage solutions in your home. One of the best places to put one of these racks is right by the front door of your home. That is generally the most commonplace for shoes to pile up. Especially if you have several members in your family, the front entryway can quickly become a place of clutter and disorganization of everyone’s belongings that can give your guests a messy and cluttered, disappointing first impression upon entering your home. Make the most of a small space by considering a great organizational solution like this one.

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2. Consider an Island in your Kitchen

If you lack counter and storage space in your kitchen area, consider putting an island in. You can find models with shelves underneath as well as optional folding wings that can be brought up when needed and folded down when not in use to conserve even more space. That is a great way to maximize your small space stylishly and practically! Most everyone living in a small space can always use more countertops in the kitchen. Having an island in your kitchen is very convenient, too, because you can roll it out of the way when you not in use.

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There are many options to choose from for the island’s size and the amount of storage space underneath. Most models are also on wheels, which makes for easy movement around your kitchen as needed. Some kitchen islands are also big enough to be used as portable eating tables for your children or friends and family when you are entertaining. If you are always looking for additional ways to take advantage of more counter space, then a kitchen island may be the perfect fit for you. The countertop can double as extra prep space when cooking or for your baking pans to cool. There are many ways to take advantage of this one.

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1. Use Organizational Storage Bins in your Refrigerator

Another area that can always use some help is organization and making the most of the refrigerator’s space. Depending on the size of your refrigerator, some items can become lost in the back of the fridge, forgotten about, and can spoil before you know it. Using various-sized, clear plastic storage bins in your fridge, you can easily organize snacks, drinks, and other items your family can use daily. When everything is labeled and organized this way, it’s much easier to keep track of foods, knowing when they were bought and how long they will be good.

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If you have children that you have to pack lunches for every day, this is an excellent opportunity to become even more organized and efficient in the kitchen. Each child can have their own labeled bin, and every morning can grab items they need for their lunch: drink packs, Lunchables, yogurts, any individually wrapped items you regularly buy for their school lunches. That is a great way to start your children out on the right path of responsibility and organization, too. They will be even more motivated to pack their own lunch when they get to pick their items out from their bin each day. Check out more ways to design small spaces here for further inspiration!