A Lazy (and Cheap) Guide to Cutting Down on Waste in the Home

By Trista
A Lazy (and Cheap) Guide to Cutting Down on Waste in the Home

Waste is becoming a real problem. Our landfills can only take so much before new ones need to be made. Instead of creating more garbage that’s clogging up the ground and poisoning water supplies, here are some handy tips to you could apply to your life to cut down on the amount of waste you create. Even if you only adopt a few of these helpful ways to reduce waste, it is a small step to a better environment. From bio-gradable materials to homemade compost, there are tons of ways you can quickly switch your habits. Don’t worry; these ideas are affordable and pretty easy, too! Some only take the touch of a button. Thanks in advance for carrying about our environment and doing your part to make a greener earth for all of us including future generations!



1. Growing your own Herb Garden

Instead of buying dried herbs and seasonings from the store, you can grow your own at home. It’s to do and cuts down on the plastic and glass containers they come in. Get a few planters, some dirt, and some seeds; in no time, you’ll have a garden sprouting on your kitchen windowsill.