A Lazy (and Cheap) Guide to Cutting Down on Waste in the Home

Trista - April 15, 2019

28. Stopping your Junk Mail

Getting junk mail that you’re going to throw away or recycle is just a waste of useful resources. If you continue to get the same junk mail, consider contacting the sender to remove yourself from the mailing list. It’s worth a try!


29. Changing your Subscriptions

Your magazines don’t fall into the junk mail category. However, change to an online subscription rather than the print copy. You can read your favorite stories online instead of getting them in the mail and save much paper, ink, and more.


30. Using a Pressure Cooker

Pressure cookers use less time to cook your food, meaning that you’re using less fuel. It’s also a healthier way to prepare your meals because you’re not using any oils. In turn, this cooking method prevents any mineral loss in your food.


31. Skipping the Q-Tips

You may think you need them to clean the inside of your ears, but Q-Tips are simply not necessary. Instead, you can use a washcloth with some soap in the shower to get them squeaky clean. Just imagine millions of these little things being eliminated from landfills!


32. Using Grey Water

You would be surprised by how much water is wasted when you’re showering. While your water is getting hot, place a bucket inside to catch the water you’re not going to use. This extra H2O can be used to water your plants or in the tank of your toilet.


33. Writing with Refillable Pens

Using a refillable pen will save you from throwing away tons of plastic. Likewise, getting mechanical pencils and refillable markers will reduce your waste even more. If you are a person who goes through a lot of writing instruments, invest in some eco-friendly ones.


34. Drying your Clothes Outside

Skip the dryer. If it’s a breezy or sunny outside, hang your clothes on a line to dry. Using the power of the sun and wind will take longer than using a dryer, but you’ll use less electricity.


35. Avoiding Compulsive Purchases

Treating yourself to something nice once in a while is great, as long as it’s manageable. Avoid going on compulsive shopping trips for things that you don’t really need. Otherwise, you’ll accumulate too much stuff that you’re likely not to use and throw away in the end.


36. Eating Imperfect Vegetables

Shiny apples look nice, but they don’t taste any different from the not-so-nice ones. If you genuinely love snacking on greens or making smoothies, get the ugly fruits and vegetables, especially if you are going to eat them right away. That way, your local grocery store doesn’t have to throw them away at the end of the day.


37. Refilling your Thermos

Making a trip to the local barista can be made more environmentally-friendly by bringing a reusable thermos. Ask first if your coffee shop can fill them; if they do, it’s better than using paper cups that you’re going to throw away. Don’t go overboard with the size and bring in a gallon — even on your more lazy mornings!


38. Tossing in Dryer Balls

Dryer sheets are good at keeping the static out of your clothing; however, like many other products, you use them once and then throw them away. Replace the sheets with dryer balls to do the same job. That way, you can reuse them and still have static-free clothes.