Amish Cleaning Hacks We Can’t Live Without

Monica Gray - September 8, 2023
Good Housekeeping

Regular Maintenance

Your appliances and things in your home won’t fix themselves. The Amish people fix things the second they realize they’re broken or show wear and tear. This helps prevent extensive cleanings or fixings later on that might take longer to fix or be more expensive. Cleaning every week will also help take care of allergies and avoid breathing problems that might come with dust or dirt. You’ll also avoid spreading germs, which will make your household a lot cleaner and healthier overall (The Clean Haven).


Clean Your Floors The Amish Way

If you run out of olive oil, the Amish have an alternative to cleaning your floors. Take regular household ingredients like vinegar, lemon juice, warm water, and grated soap. This makes an effective cleaner that’ll get rid of stains and bacteria sitting on your floor (Homes and Gardens).