An Airbnb Full of Kittens and Other Unusual Bed ‘n’ Breakfast Spots

By Trista
An Airbnb Full of Kittens and Other Unusual Bed ‘n’ Breakfast Spots

Have you heard of Airbnb? If you haven’t but do much traveling, you probably should. Airbnb is a company that runs a website through which travelers can book a room in someone’s home for much cheaper than what they would pay for a hotel. Guests and hosts love Airbnb – guests save money, and hosts make money that can go towards their rent. Airbnb does take out fees, but in return, you get peace of mind that your experience of staying in someone else’s home will be safe and enjoyable.

Some Airbnb experiences are much more enjoyable than others. For instance, there is one home listed on Airbnb that is run by a couple that fosters kittens. It’s called Kitten BNB, and guests get to stay in a house full of kittens that are waiting to be adopted. Want to learn more about Airbnb, and especially about Kitten BNB? Read on to find out.

Airbnb is taking over the tourism business. Shutterstock

Airbnb Is An Alternative To Expensive Hotels

Before Airbnb, people who were traveling for more than one day usually had to plan to stay in a motel or hotel. Booking a room can be expensive, often $100 or more per night for each person. Airbnb offers an alternative by giving people the option to stay in someone’s house.

Booking a place to stay via Airbnb is usually much cheaper than staying in a motel or hotel, and the experience is also much different. Instead of an impersonal room with a bed and a desk, people can meet with locals and stay in a family’s home.