An Airbnb Full of Kittens and Other Unusual Bed ‘n’ Breakfast Spots

Trista - December 20, 2019
You get a vacation and to take home a new friend. Shutterstock

But When You Do Leave, You Can Take A Kitten With You

If you absolutely must leave Kitten BNB – you know, if you have to go back to work or some other obligation that pulls you away – you don’t have to leave the kittens. You can take one with you! Remember that all of the kittens are foster kittens, and Jess and Erik started Kitten BNB to find homes for them.

If you meet a kitten there that you are particularly drawn to, you can adopt one and take it home with you. Jess and Erik will be able to bring back another foster kitten for their Airbnb guests to play with.