Make your photos look so much more unforgettable with this blurred light effect and almost no effort! Shutterstock

39. Create a beautiful, soft-focus lighting effect with something called “bokeh.”

For photography beginners, bokeh is the soft, out-of-focus effect in a photo or photo background you see when using a fast lens. It is a pleasing, aesthetic quality of a blur instead of a badly taken photo, so don’t mistake the two! It often indicates a whimsical, romantic mood in an image, so capitalize on that when using the bokeh effect in any of your photos. To create this effect, you will need lights, a long, fast lens, and the subject you want to shoot.


Make sure there is a long distance between your subject and the lights, which creates a blur. Different size lenses will create different shapes and sizes of bokeh, so feel free to experiment with the effects you can make. The camera focuses on the subject you photograph, and the blur then is created in contrast. You can use colored Christmas lights for a colorful background or warm white lights for a more romantic mood.