Can you imagine what it would be like to live as though you are Barbie? She has so many hobbies and nice things. Shutterstock

Live Like Barbie

Part of the appeal of playing with Barbie is dreaming up different lifelike scenarios for her and her friends. More than just a household name in the toy aisle, Barbie has had several accomplishments over the years. Some of her career highlights include a flight attendant, a tennis pro, a surgeon, a rock star, a paleontologist, a NASCAR driver, and an “American Idol” winner.

Barbie is known not just for her illustrious jill-of-all-trades resume. She is also famous for her fabulous accessories. The toy section is filled to the brim with various add-ons for children to add to their own imaginations. The possibilities are limitless when you play with Barbie!