Barbie’s Malibu Dream Comes to Life at this Real Airbnb

By Trista
Barbie’s Malibu Dream Comes to Life at this Real Airbnb

Barbie has been an iconic toy for more than 60 years, and now her most fabulous accessory can be available for real people to enjoy. A dreamy pink Malibu Dreamhouse is listed as available for rent as a way to commemorate the doll’s landmark anniversary. For just $60, you and four friends can spend the night living like a multi-hyphenate blonde with all the amenities you would expect her to enjoy.

The oceanside mansion is a two-bedroom, two-bathroom that is packed with luxurious decor, with many of them in pink, of course. This Dreamhouse has everything you can dream about and more. Check out the lavish details and consider a vacation that most little girls have dreamed about.

Ruth Handler created an iconic doll that has been a childhood favorite for generations. Shutterstock

Not Just A Doll

One of the most top-selling toys of all time is the Barbie doll. American businesswoman Ruth Handler created the Barbie doll and named her after her daughter Barbara. The toy became an international sensation, and it was inspired by a German doll called Bild Lilli. She wanted children to have a lifelike figure for their play. The Barbie doll also is a fashion doll that is manufactured by the American toy company Mattel Inc.

As the figurehead for the doll brand, Barbie is known for her lavish lifestyle and various career opportunities. According to Mattel, Barbie has had over 200 inspirational careers with more STEM-related jobs in recent years. Her very first career was a teen fashion model.