Be the First to Know About Design Trends for 2022

Trista - November 11, 2021

14. Try Sticking To Sustainable And Organic Materials.

Home decor trends in 2022 are seeing a movement that is leaning towards maximizing glass. For example, oversized pendants and walls are among the many ways to show off the ass. While keeping this in mind, try to mirror nature and do away with plastic as best you can. Sustainability is trending in interior design, but it is also a decidedly long-term approach when it comes to a greener design. 

You can do some things to give your home a trendy look while sticking to more organic and sustainable materials. Choose eco-friendly materials, including recycled, reused, or other materials from certified sustainable sources, including reclaimed wood, bioglass, jute, and recycled metal. You will want to opt for an energy-efficient design that reduces the need for heating, lighting, and appliances. Try sticking with green finishes. Minimize your ecological footprint by choosing paints with tags that say “non-toxic,” “low-biocide,” or “milk.” 


13. Get Furniture That Just Makes Sense.

There is a strong movement in 2022 interior designs that go towards multifunctional spaces. It is no wonder that the design in furniture follows suit when it comes to being multifunctional. The flow of a home depends largely on the elements within its structure, after all. If you can cater to intimate social gatherings and reading nooks all in one space, the better the room can be. There is such a thing as smart furniture, although it may sound weird. 

Inevitably, smart furniture includes pieces with integrated technology or design with multiple functions in mind. Accent tables, for example, can also house speakers and controls. At the same time, there is shelving that is remote controlled that can slide open to reveal a television. Some other popular items that can be added to your home include multi corners couches, sculptural storage, and surfaces, as well as speakers that even double as home decor. Not only do these things have multiple purposes, but the beauty is also stylish and trendy. 


12. Add Some Botanical Print To Your 2022 Interior Design.

Prints that mimic the natural world’s energy, pattern, and colors are a great way to achieve the look of your interior designs. They reflect the view from your windows and create a superb integration between the indoors and the outdoors. So why not represent what is outside, inside? Use botanical prints of leaves, trees, plants, or flowers on fabric and walls. There are many different shapes, sizes, and colors to choose from. You can even mix it up a little if you want. 

Are feeling a bit adventurous when it comes to the interior design of your home? Paper an entire wall in your bedroom or living room with bold prints. Also, upholstering your sofa with fun botanical fabrics will give the room a more lively look. You can always start small if you don’t want to go all out just yet, though. Play with the fabrics for scatter cushions with a bright floral, or simply make a feature wall with framed prints of nature or patterns from the outside world.


11. Pay Attention To Textures And Materials In Your Home.

There is a way that you can move physically closer to nature without actually living outdoors. You can achieve this by integrating natural textures and materials into your indoor space. You can do this by adding wood, stone, cork, seagrass, bamboo, marble, sisal, and cotton or linen into your interior design for 2022. Of course, wood is beautifully versatile and can be used in anything from flooring to furniture. Think of knotted wood shelves, smooth oak tables, or even reclaimed pieces used experimentally. While wooden floors may seem to be the most obvious choice, you don’t have to pull up all of your carpets to bring natural materials into your home. 

You can always start small to achieve this look by draping your bed with cotton or linens, letting a rattan chair be the feature piece of a cozy reading corner, or even using wicker baskets for storage. If you are looking for a good compromise between carpet and hardwood flooring, seagrass or sisal rugs are a fantastic option. You can collect an exterior element while walking on the beach or through the countryside and feature it in your home. Think pearly seashells, driftwood, shapely stones, or pinecones. Anything that captures the essence of the natural world would work perfectly in your home. 


10. Incorporate Furniture With Curvy Edges To Your 2022 Home Decor.

You may think furniture with sharp edges fits into corners and other spaces better, which is true but have you ever thought about furniture with curves? The curvy furniture design trend for 2022 has survived the pandemic and also thrived. Decor and furniture with softer edges are more forgiving and feminine. They don’t give off a scary, more serious look like furniture with sharp corners and edges. Something else to consider, too, is that it doesn’t hurt as bad running into the edge of a coffee table if the corners are curved, which is a plus. 

Curved angles can complement the room more while giving the room a bit of a romantic feel. Rounded furniture is also another heirloom from the modern era that seems to be making a comeback. This time around, however, the curve extends beyond sumptuous C-shaped sofas to include anything from soft edge tables to reimagined contemporary chairs. Not only do they look good and complement any room, but they also help bring lightness and romance into the interiors they are in. 


9. Don’t Forget About The Classic Velvet Soft Furniture. 

Let’s start by saying that textiles also support softer shapes, and not just with curved edges. Take velvet, for instance. It’s a plush material that can instantly elevate any interior design. It is an inviting fabric for any living space such as the living room, den, or even the bedroom. You can let your velvet furniture or even pillows or blankets speak up in a single bold tone or mute it with smaller soft accents that are calmer. You can also always contrast the softness with smooth scatter pillows or even with metal accents. 

Stepping away from drastic and bold styles, the velvet will bring a luxurious touch to moderate and refined home interiors in 2022. This soft material will likely be equally at home in minimal and organic spaces, as well. In turn, this addition of material will help add warmth to any style that could make the house feel cold or unwelcome. No one wants a home that doesn’t feel like home, warm and inviting, right?


8. Floor Patterns That Will Be Trendy In Homes In 2022.

Another replay of the hottest trends of the modern era is herringbone floors. Not just these floors, but many geometric patterned floors are making a comeback in home decor trends for 2022. Stick to a neutral color palette to let the shapes do the talking. This will help to pull off a large-scale pattern. The resurfacing of old favorites set against contemporary lines showcases the contrast at its best. A play of opposites in interior design is beautiful, and it adds flair to the room. 

The reason it’s so wonderful and makes a room pop is because the stark difference emphasizes the character and quality of the separate parts. With contemporary design moving forward in 2022 home trends, beloved classics will come back to provide visually exceptional support in any room. While it’s quite easy to fall in love with trendy colors, as we all know, be mindful of creating a cohesive scheme. Everything from large accents in the room, all the way down to the smallest finish, needs a curated touch without being too hard on the eyes. 


7. Create Outdoor Rooms As Part Of Your 2022 Home Trend.

Outdoor living areas used to be one of the last topics discussed when designing the home interiors. By the time homeowners would think about styling their outdoor rooms, they would usually have run out of money or suffered from a serious case of decision fatigue. The pandemic, however, has changed the priority this part of the house takes. More money is being spent on outdoor living at the onset of every new residential project, which doesn’t look like this will be waning in 2022. Patios and backyards are also being treated more like indoor spaces. 

With further innovation and investment in performance fabrics that can be used both indoors and out, outdoor furniture is more luxurious and beautiful than ever before. The backyard, patio, or enclosed porch can act as a center point for gatherings and relaxation. Outdoor spaces aren’t just equipped with a lone grill or minuscule bar space anymore. The pandemic has helped people realize how convenient outdoor spaces are when it comes to parties outdoors. You can bring the inside-outside and make it look great and feel cozy for everyone.


6. Think Outside The Box When Adding Decor To Your Home.

You don’t always have to think inside the box when it comes to home decor in 2022. Sometimes it works to think outside the box when decorating any sort of thing. Something to consider would be rattan furniture. It incorporates a weaving technique that dates back to ancient times, but the style was revived and achieved widespread popularity in the ’60s and ’70s. The lightweight and laidback look to many people today. Wicker and rattan pieces are once again in high demand for many interior home designs these days. 

Rattan and wicker furniture are both perfect materials to bring in a little depth, texture, and fun into the crispness that has permeated new homes and construction for the past few years. Anyone can easily incorporate pieces into various decorating styles to give a vibe that gives out both contemporary and nostalgic feelings. You can usually find these types of furniture in the garden furniture sections at most stores. Who says that they can only be used out in the garden? They can add an accent to any interior room and are quite trendy. Add a couple of lush pillows to a chair or couch to add flair to the room. 


5. Let’s Go Back To Nature.

When it comes to coloring your home, draw inspiration from Mother Nature herself. No, that doesn’t mean just green either. The goal is to aim for shades that inspire the sense of space, grounding, and peace you get in the great outdoors. Nature’s color palette is beautiful and broad, too, so you are not limited in your color choices, either. Think about terracotta ochres that are earthy and grounding mocha, rich shades of burnt orange, and beige tinged with sage or minty green, reminiscent of trees and soil. 

Using colors effectively absolutely does not mean that you need to repaint all the walls throughout your home. You could certainly add some splashes of color with paint, but even introducing natural tones in artwork, furniture, and fabrics can do the trick, too. Again, it’s good to think outside the box when it comes to decorating the inside of your home. It’s also good to think outside the box when it comes to incorporating a nature-themed scheme into your home, as well. Remember, you are not limited to only greens and leafy things when thinking of nature.


4. Bring In Some Lightness To Your 2022 Home Trend.

The zen look and feel for home interiors in 2022 are becoming a thing we notice with many people’s choices in decor and design. Zen style interior design is all about lightness, both in terms of visual complexity and physical weight. Minimal, light, and floating forms tend to have a calming effect on most people’s minds. From individual decor pieces to the overall spatial designs of the room in your home, ditch all the extra weight and unnecessary clutter and follow the less is more saying. 

There are many ways that you can achieve lightness throughout your home using simple variations in traditional decor. Such as opting for light bamboo furniture instead of heavier solid pieces or translucent separator screens instead of heavy opaque doors are a couple of examples. When it comes to plants, thin, long-stemmed varieties like bamboos even tend to be lighter on the eyes, as well. Sticking to lighter colors when decorating your home to give it a zen vibe will help the look, too. 


3. Going Green Is In Style.

If you have been following the always highly anticipated Color of the Year announcements for major paint companies, and even if you don’t follow the fashion news, it has been noticed that a stark trend is happening. Every paint company is touting all shades of green. This comes as no surprise, though, as designers have mentioned previously just how much we are all inspired by nature right now, which isn’t a bad thing at all. As mentioned above, we also love more diverse hues, like emerald green and chartreuse, to bring the outdoors in. 

Going green also doesn’t just mean the color, either. It was noted that there is a gravitation towards green practices and will continue to focus on incorporating healthy building materials into the home. These include using sealants on floors instead of stains, such as opting for tiled walls in heavily used bathrooms instead of wallpaper or paint. Also, adding reverse osmosis systems in the faucet to improve the water quality, as well, helps to go green in your home. Anything with a design that was gaining traction in pre-pandemic times has only amplified as we all began to worry more about air circulation and quality, environmental toxins, and our health in the spring of 2020. 


2. Go For Open Space And A Hero Piece. 

The arena of refinement, simplicity, and a deft hand at punctuality and elegance is what makes an interior design style minimal. A combination of open space and natural light greets the room with minimal elegance. It helps to keep the house’s interior looking clean and welcoming without being overwhelmed with furniture and bright colors everywhere you look. This look involved the use of bare essentials to help create an uncluttered and simple space. This is a fantastic design for those who live the minimalist lifestyle for 2022.

One thing you should not assume, though, is that minimalist interior design is all about keeping it uneventful. Because on the contrary, a standout work of art, also known as a hero piece, like an oversized piece of furniture or a painting in a bold hue, may work as a wonderful anchor for your room’s muted design. You can be a minimalist without your home looking so plain and boring. You can find such things at a flea market, thrift store, or even a garage sale. Just keep your eyes open for them. 


1. Embracing Bold Colors And Patterns In Your Home Decor. 

Over the last few months, it has been noticed that high-end clients have been starting to embrace color in their interior home designs. Over time, home design trends have shifted based on the economy, which is expected, right? When things don’t look so good, homeowners are more conservative by using more brown and gray tones because they have staying power. When things are looking up, people seem more apt to use color and pattern because they can easily be changed. Moody-hued rooms across the house will have the stage after dramatic and dark kitchens reigned supreme in 2021. Vibrant colors are making a stand and are becoming trendy now, too. 

It seems that everyone is going bold these days throughout their home interior with strong yellows and burgundies, hunter greens, and bright blues combined with plaids, stripes, and checks, all in a playful sort of folk art feel. When it comes to pattern, mini floral prints are becoming quite popular, especially while mixing retro-inspired colors and prints. It used to be that floral print was too “old-fashioned” in many people’s opinions, but now that has changed. You can even layer different florals on the same piece of furniture with colors that compliment each other. Hopefully, we will see more appreciation as time goes on for beautifully crafted textiles in 2022.