Be the First to Know About Design Trends for 2022

Trista - November 11, 2021

4. Bring In Some Lightness To Your 2022 Home Trend.

The zen look and feel for home interiors in 2022 are becoming a thing we notice with many people’s choices in decor and design. Zen style interior design is all about lightness, both in terms of visual complexity and physical weight. Minimal, light, and floating forms tend to have a calming effect on most people’s minds. From individual decor pieces to the overall spatial designs of the room in your home, ditch all the extra weight and unnecessary clutter and follow the less is more saying. 

There are many ways that you can achieve lightness throughout your home using simple variations in traditional decor. Such as opting for light bamboo furniture instead of heavier solid pieces or translucent separator screens instead of heavy opaque doors are a couple of examples. When it comes to plants, thin, long-stemmed varieties like bamboos even tend to be lighter on the eyes, as well. Sticking to lighter colors when decorating your home to give it a zen vibe will help the look, too. 


3. Going Green Is In Style.

If you have been following the always highly anticipated Color of the Year announcements for major paint companies, and even if you don’t follow the fashion news, it has been noticed that a stark trend is happening. Every paint company is touting all shades of green. This comes as no surprise, though, as designers have mentioned previously just how much we are all inspired by nature right now, which isn’t a bad thing at all. As mentioned above, we also love more diverse hues, like emerald green and chartreuse, to bring the outdoors in. 

Going green also doesn’t just mean the color, either. It was noted that there is a gravitation towards green practices and will continue to focus on incorporating healthy building materials into the home. These include using sealants on floors instead of stains, such as opting for tiled walls in heavily used bathrooms instead of wallpaper or paint. Also, adding reverse osmosis systems in the faucet to improve the water quality, as well, helps to go green in your home. Anything with a design that was gaining traction in pre-pandemic times has only amplified as we all began to worry more about air circulation and quality, environmental toxins, and our health in the spring of 2020. 


2. Go For Open Space And A Hero Piece. 

The arena of refinement, simplicity, and a deft hand at punctuality and elegance is what makes an interior design style minimal. A combination of open space and natural light greets the room with minimal elegance. It helps to keep the house’s interior looking clean and welcoming without being overwhelmed with furniture and bright colors everywhere you look. This look involved the use of bare essentials to help create an uncluttered and simple space. This is a fantastic design for those who live the minimalist lifestyle for 2022.

One thing you should not assume, though, is that minimalist interior design is all about keeping it uneventful. Because on the contrary, a standout work of art, also known as a hero piece, like an oversized piece of furniture or a painting in a bold hue, may work as a wonderful anchor for your room’s muted design. You can be a minimalist without your home looking so plain and boring. You can find such things at a flea market, thrift store, or even a garage sale. Just keep your eyes open for them. 


1. Embracing Bold Colors And Patterns In Your Home Decor. 

Over the last few months, it has been noticed that high-end clients have been starting to embrace color in their interior home designs. Over time, home design trends have shifted based on the economy, which is expected, right? When things don’t look so good, homeowners are more conservative by using more brown and gray tones because they have staying power. When things are looking up, people seem more apt to use color and pattern because they can easily be changed. Moody-hued rooms across the house will have the stage after dramatic and dark kitchens reigned supreme in 2021. Vibrant colors are making a stand and are becoming trendy now, too. 

It seems that everyone is going bold these days throughout their home interior with strong yellows and burgundies, hunter greens, and bright blues combined with plaids, stripes, and checks, all in a playful sort of folk art feel. When it comes to pattern, mini floral prints are becoming quite popular, especially while mixing retro-inspired colors and prints. It used to be that floral print was too “old-fashioned” in many people’s opinions, but now that has changed. You can even layer different florals on the same piece of furniture with colors that compliment each other. Hopefully, we will see more appreciation as time goes on for beautifully crafted textiles in 2022.