Brilliant Home Organization Ideas that Will Only Cost Pennies to Recreate

Alli - July 28, 2021

It happens to the best of us. You’re living day to day life and somehow, amongst all of the routine, you look around and see that your life is cluttered chaos. Organization doesn’t come easy to most of us. And when you do have time and money in your busy life, you don’t want to spend it on cleaning. Well, that’s where we come in to help your messy life. Here are some brilliant home organization ideas to finally put your life back together. And what’s even better? It can fit any budget because these ideas are ridiculously cheap.

Just because something is labeled “shoes”, doesn’t mean that you have to use them exclusively for shoes. Something that I’m constantly struggling with is how to organize and fold my jeans so that they don’t take up more closet space than needed. And jeans can be pretty bulky!

Use Shoe Bins For Your Jeans

Use a shoe organizer! This easy and cheap home organization trick is something that will save space and train you to fold your jeans in the easiest way possible. All you have to do is fold or roll your jeans into a small enough bundle so it will fit in the slot! Easy peasy.

Sometimes, a plastic bin isn’t what’s needed. Sure, they work great for hidden spaces, but when it comes to storing things out in the open, it’s not pretty to look at. But there’s an easy fix for that. Wicker and wooden baskets are a fantastic option.

Wicker Bins


You can use this to storage technique for almost anything in the open areas. Blankets, CDs, books, you name it! As this storage solution has become more and more popular, stores have taken advantage and jacked up prices. To find the cheapest ones, look to Amazon, thrift stores or online marketplaces.

Sometimes, even though drawers are meant to be the biggest help for home organization, they can become the opposite. Dressers or kitchen drawers can become catch-all, clutter holes. This makes it virtually impossible to find the things we need.

Collapsible Drawer Dividers

One easy and cheap solution that’s becoming more popular are these collapsible fabric dividers. They make various sizes, styles, and materials so that you can use this in any drawer space. Pop these bad boys in a drawer and separate multiple things in one drawer. This is especially handy for people that don’t live in big spaces where they can have a designated drawer for their belongings. And if you have kids or babies, this works great to separate their tiny clothes.

Hardware can be one of the biggest headaches. Especially if you don’t have a whole garage or home workshop to organize these tiny menaces. To fell less cluttered, it’s important to keep small things like this under control, because it can really add up.

Ice Cube Tray For Your Hardware


Chances are, you already have some ice cube trays laying around the house somewhere. If you’re not actively using them for your ice needs, they can double as a great organizer for nuts, bolts, and screws. That way your drawers won’t fill up with tiny thumb tacks that are waiting to prick your finger at any opportunity.

Floor space is a hot commodity. Having dresser after dresser or multiple shelves is great if you have a huge space, but that’s probably not the case for many people. And then you get unsightly clutter that really wreaks havoc on any chance of home organization. So why not get it up off of the floor?

Hang It Up

If you feel completely overrun with things on the floor, it’s time to look to your walls for a solution. The dollar store has multiple hanging options. You can find hooks or hangers for practically anything. You can even straighten up a utility closet by hanging up brooms, mops, and more.

The kitchen pops up a lot when it comes to home organization. Many kitchen cabinets not only are useful for food and cooking items, but they seem to be a great general home organization space. So it’s important to know how to optimize the space in the kitchen. When people don’t know how to organize their kitchens, too many things end up cluttering the kitchen counters.

Wall Extensions

But fear not, there are solutions! People often forget the power of wall space. Hang up racks for extra appliances, dishwashing supplies, and other necessities. Another solution for organizing kitchen space could be spice racks inside cabinets or hooks for pots and pans!

Pantries can tend to get cluttered very quickly, It happens to the best of us. We bring in groceries, exhausted from the store or work and just try to get by with throwing things in the general area they go. But the long term issue of this is cluttering up your pantry and unable to find things. Or even worse, forgetting about food and spices you have because they’ve gotten shoved to the back.

Extra Side Pockets

It’s time to find quick, cheap, and easy solutions to set you up for pantry success. Little tricks such as these side pockets can provide excellent home organization for the smaller things you might find in a pantry. That way they don’t get hidden by bigger items. Your sauce packets and tiny food items can rest easy.

Parents know that home organization only gets tougher when you bring a little one into the scenario. There are probably many parents here who are so overworked and tired, they feel like home organization is a myth. This doesn’t have to be the case.

Place For Your Kids' Supplies

One way to feel like you have gained control over the kid clutter is to make sure there is a designated space for everything. That way, you’re not just getting piles of toys, clothes and crayons mixed together. Take the art supplies, for example. If you have all of them separated and organized, it looks much neater. And an extra is that you can turn home organization into a game with your kids. That way, you can ask them to put their things away neatly and they get rewarded with a cookie or other positive reinforcement.

Parents are going to love this one. It’s very common to watch a kid melt down over a misplaced toy. But there are ways of fighting this all too common scenario. This particular home organization trick will work best for toys with some sort of metal component to them. Most common found in toy cars.

Clever Toy Storage

Attaching a magnetic strip to the wall of play room is an excellent solution for finding these tiny toys that can drive you crazy. The wonderful joy of children is that they are also entertained by virtually anything. Which means that this clever home organization trick doubles as some entertainment for the kids. A younger child will spend hours attaching things to the metal strips. Just watch out for your car keys.

The holidays and birthdays are always a joy. Of course, your closet space will probably disagree with that statement. After presents are wrapped in a frenzy, oftentimes, closets become a catch-all for the extra mess caused by a festive event. But if you prepare in advance, the extra mess doesn’t have to be a headache.

Wrapping Paper Pockets
The Krazy Coupon Lady

Shoe racks tend to have endless uses. And this proves true in this wrapping paper hack. You will need a shoe rack with multiple rows like this one pictured. Simply cut the bottoms of a few pockets (make sure not to cut the bottoms out of the support pockets, such as the bottom row). Then place your wrapping paper in there and voila! Your closet loves the holidays now too.

There are multiple ways to keep a fridge organized. This one works pretty well without needing to buy a bunch of bins. You might not need to worry about this with the milk and other quickly replaced items, but it can help on the items that have a longer stay in your fridge.

Fridge Labeling


Why label your food? It really comes down to the storage containers with leftovers and other items. When labeling, try to keep things cleaned out and neat. Label your food containers with the date you added it to the fridge. That way you’re not only keeping things cleaned out better, you’re eliminating your chances of food borne illnesses.

We’ve already talked about drawer organizers, but let’s not forget this method can work in different ways. The bathroom is another place in the home that lacks organization many times. Usually, this is because so many people are in and out for various reasons – like getting ready for work in the morning.

Simple Divider Trays


These dividers are a pretty great hack to solve that problem. You can separate q-tips, makeup, razors, toothbrushes, anything you need! Keep in mind that you can even learn to store your toothbrushes in a drawer, so it doesn’t clutter the countertop. It’s also a good hygiene practice because you don’t wanna know what that bathroom air does to your toothbrush.

Batteries can easily become an item that people don’t know what to do with. They usually end up in a junk drawer or random basement space. But when you need them, it becomes like an Easter egg hunt. This hack eliminates that possibility.

Where To Store Batteries

Believe it or not, the dollar store has these types of storage containers that are perfect for batteries. That way, you can store them in a drawer or under the sink and you won’t be searching everywhere for these pesky items. Your remote will never experience a lapse in life!

While books are a wonderful and creative addition to any home, they can take up a lot of space. Floating bookshelves can be a wonderful solution, but can be a tad expensive if you have a lot of books. But there are plenty of book storage solutions that are nice to look at and nice for your wallet.

DIY Bookshelf

Buying crates at a craft store or dollar store can be a super inexpensive solution. And it’s not like a store-bought book shelf where it takes up a lot of floor space. You can build a shelf for any type of space that you have.

More great hacks for parents! Any parent is familiar with the stuffed animals piling up by the dozens in a child’s room. And woe be to any soul who would try to suggest getting rid of any of these fuzzy friends. But that still leaves many with the issue of no space for such things.

Mesh Hammock

They make mesh corner containers for stuffed animals, but we have a cheap hack for it instead. Simply go to your local dollar store and find a mesh laundry bag. Tack it up in the corner of your child’s room and stack the stuffed animals on top. You can usually find an array of colors.

Hooks are always going to be a home organizer’s must have item. Whether it’s for a kitchen or bedroom, these hooks can provide endless solutions. Let’s say your bathroom cabinets are getting a bit cluttered. All you need is a little creativity and some easy stick on hooks to solve the problem.

Easy Stick-on Hooks

The nice thing about this hack is that it’s also a renter-friendly option. No holes or nails required to simply stick on a hook onto any hard surface. You can see this used in the photo above to organize hot hair care styling tools. But can be used on almost anything.

When it comes to storage out in open areas, it’s important to find things you don’t mind looking at. There are so many options out there that anybody’s style will fit this organization trick. These particular canvas boxes designed to go into cubicles are perfect for a kid’s room.

The Cutest Canvas Boxes


Instead of having toy bins and dressers, this type of organization can be used for anything. It’s important to keep on top of yourself and put things in the right place. If not, then it’s just the same as any drawer. But when an organization trick is this cute, it’s easy to want to keep it nice.

We think it’s safe to say that everyone’s refrigerator gets messy once in a while. When that happens, it’s hard to find your food, and items end up being wasted. There are multiple ways to organize a fridge, but it’s best to find the most optimal method for your lifestyle.

An Organized Fridge


Sometimes, simple bins are the way to go. In fact, some people make a weekly ritual out of stocking their labeled bins with the fresh groceries. This method can help you keep track of what’s in your fridge and save money. Wasting food is never a good idea.

A carabiner is mostly used for tasks that involve ropes, like climbing or construction. But these little tools are useful for many more things than just rock climbing. We’re sure that once you start finding creative ways to use these things, you’ll find more ways than we have listed.

What Else Can You Do With A Carabiner?

If it’s hard to keep all your hair ties together, try using a carabiner to fasten them in one place. Sounds a bit odd, but if you look at this photo, it seems like a pretty smart idea! You can also use them for extra tote bags, hanging bags in a closet and many more things.

Lint can actually have a lot of uses. A lot of people trying to reduce waste will try to keep it as fire starter, pet bedding, stuffing for crafts, crafts in general and to soak up spills! But one issue for the people that want to try and re-use lint is: they have nowhere to store it.

Lint Bin

Not everyone has a trash bin in their laundry room, but we suggest you get one just for your lint! And if you want to be extra fancy, you can label the bin, like the one seen here. If you don’t already try to use lint for other purposes, maybe this is the encouragement you need!

You may notice that kids’ items are a hot topic when it comes to home organization. It probably stems from the fact that kids are adorable, chaotic clutter monsters. They usually try to leave all of their things all over the place – partially because of their short attention spans. And bath time is no exception.

Space For Your Bath Toys


When it comes to fun in the bath, it’s hard to carry toys back and forth between bathroom and bedroom (or playroom). So these toys usually take residence in the family shower areas. But the side of the tub is not the only place where these toys can go. It’s pretty easy to find these mesh shower bags that can easily hold all the bath toys!

We hope you took our warning about toothbrushes and the bathroom. To reiterate, as disgusting and impossible as it sounds, many people don’t know that leaving a toothbrush out in the open is a bad idea. When you leave a toothbrush on a counter in the bathroom, the germs floating in the air after flushing a toilet land on people’s toothbrushes. Yup. They can have fecal matter on them. But this home organization hack can solve that tissue.


People have a bad habit of accepting that when a store labels something, it has to be used for that. Such as utensil trays. Don’t get stuck in the mindset that it’s only good for kitchen/dining utensils! These are the perfect solution for organizing dental hygiene items as well.

It’s time to forget about just using the containers food comes in at the grocery store. A much more organized approach awaits you. Small or medium sized storage bins are the perfect addition to any pantry. This becomes especially useful for baking supplies such as flour, sugar, etc.

Pantry Cleanup


Plastic containers come in all different shapes and sizes, and you can store plenty of non-perishable items like spices, nuts and coffee. Take it to the next level by adding labels. Just make sure you’re rotating your new items in the best way possible. When you refill, take out the old, put in the new, and add the old back on top. That way you’re always getting the freshest ingredient.

We probably all have a box of beloved photos that are too important to get rid of, but not large enough to put in a normal frame. This can also cause a home organization headache because you always have more and more things piling up in the closet. But those small photos don’t need to hide in a box.

Small Photos Are The Best

But there are multiple ways to showcase those special small photos. The cheapest solution is with some cute, small clothespins and twine. Simply tack up a couple of small nails, attach the string to them, and use the clothespins to hang up the photos. You can get creative with this idea and add art and string lights as well.

There are multiple reasons organizing your medication is a good idea. Oftentimes, pill bottles can get lost and you’ll go out to buy a new bottle of aspirin, only to find that you now have a stockpile for a small army. Home organization can help with a lot of needless spending and clutter. So it’s best to focus on items such as medications.

Organizing Your Medications
Real Mom Help

Using small organizing drawers like this can be a great idea on how to keep track of your meds. And if you have small children in the house, make sure that this organization method includes keeping medicine out of reach for small hands. Also try and go through your medications regularly and get rid of expired goods.

It’s easy to let the spice cabinet get out of control. The casual cook doesn’t use one spice regularly, and therefore it gets shoved to the back of the cabinet. This leads to not knowing what you have and buying multiples. Nine times out of ten, clutter equals waste. Plus, it doesn’t look that nice when you open up the cabinet.

Spice Storage


Instead, spend a little money on getting these lovely, matching spice jars. They come pre-labeled with some of the most common spices. That way you’re not just digging through dozens of plastic bottles. If you’re spending time filling up a nice little glass jar, you’re probably going to be more aware of if you have any of a spice left.

A linen closet tends to get a bit messy. When digging through for sheets or towels, it’s easy to get some lopsided stacks and wads of sheets. This leads to you having to take everything out of the closet, refold it and re-stack it. It turns into a giant headache.


Instead, stock up on a few storage bins and baskets and separate linen into them. This will give you such a satisfying feeling to look into your linen closet. Instead of lopsided piles of mismatched sheets and blankets, you will have a neat and organized closet that even Marie Kondo would envy.

This next hack will work in pretty much any room of your house. From the office to the kitchen or bathroom. If you have multiples of something that usually just gets stuck in a drawer, you know how difficult it can be to wade through the mess to find what you need. Additionally, office supplies will sometimes come in unsightly cardboard boxes.

Glass Jars


Why not make it look a bit nicer by dressing up your supplies in glass jars? You can use this for pens, paper clips, thumb tacks, etc. But this doesn’t only work for an office. This can work throughout the home so that disorganized clutter is a thing of the past.

This is exactly like the magnetic strip we saw earlier, except instead of toys, you can hang up your tools. This works great for anybody who has an excess of tools in their home. Obviously something like this would work best in a place where people aren’t frequently walking by.

Magnet Tool Storage


But these magnetic strips could go in a closet or even underneath a sink. If you’re lucky enough to have a garage or home workshop, this is a great way to keep your essential tools accessible so you don’t have to go digging every time you need something for a home project.

Closets are always the greatest hero of a house. Don’t know where to put a broom? Stick it in the closet. Where should I put this box? Stick it in the closet, I’ll get to it later. But many times, there’s not a later. It just sits there creating a home organization nightmare.

Closet Storage

That could be a thing of the past with these labeled closet storage bins. They’re simple and come in different shapes and sizes so that you can fit anything in them. Best of all, if you have a family living in a space, this will encourage them to help you stay organized.

If you’re anything like me, underneath your kitchen sink is a total disaster. Oftentimes, we store some handy tools, cleaners, and other home maintenance items under there. But there’s not much space under ra sink with plumbing and such. And when it comes time to find something under there, it’s almost impossible without dragging everything out.

Unlikely Bin Storage

Instead of stacking things behind or in front of each other, these handy bins will let you stack things vertically. This way, you can see what you’re looking for almost immediately. These types of bins can be found at a dollar store or at your $1 Shop at Target.

The typical person will likely stack their dishes on top of each other. But if you have a lot of dishes, this can cause a real headache. Sometimes, you need a specific plate or dish at the very bottom. Thus, starts a terrifying and fragile game of Jenga that nobody wants to play.

Storing Your Dishes


With this rack, it’s easier to stack things side by side instead of on top of each other. So that every time you need to find a dish, it’s not gambling with your clumsiness. A rack like this can be found at the dollar store or Walmart. IT totally transforms a cabinet.

This may be especially important for newer adults, but it’s critical you take care of important papers. Some people may have locked filing cabinets for their most precious documents such as birth certificates, property titles, and other valuable documents. But when it comes to every day documents that are extremely important, but don’t need to be under lock and key, this home organization comes in handy.

Fancy File Box


A small filing box like this is really handy to have around the house. That way you can keep track of household expenses, important mail, and other documents. You can even find pretty stylish filing boxes for your home office or even just to store on a desk.

When it comes to cabinet storage, it’s easy to throw things in and forget about them. But when it comes to specific cabinets with a purpose, this can be a drag. Using side bins like this have countless benefits. Especially if you’re a coffee lover.

Side Bins


You can really use these side bins anywhere, but they seem to especially come in handy for coffee and tea needs. If you’re the owner of a Keurig coffee maker, the little pods can be a hassle to keep up with. With a side bin like this, it takes your coffee game to the next level.

Shower caddies are a super cheap and useful home organizer that comes in handy. While many college students are probably intimately familiar with the magic of a shower caddy, they do have uses other than the shower. Bathrooms are especially prone to getting cluttered, so a hack like this is important to keep in mind.

A Shower Caddy With Multiple Uses

This type of home organization method can be extremely useful. As seen above, it can be useful for personal hygiene items. But it could also be used for diapers, wipes, and baby essentials too. The handy thing about a caddy, is that you can easily take it out of a cabinet to find what you need.

What have we told you? Don’t just assume an item has one use based on the title it’s given. This pop up laundry hamper is the household equivalent of Mary Poppins’ handbag. Many people will try to use a box or bin, but sometimes you need something a bit more bendy.

Pop-up Hamper

Jennifer Banham

Toy chests can be extremely expensive. And they’re also bulky. This mesh laundry bag is a great way to solve that problem. Store children’s toys in them. They can be dragged around easily and they’re transparent. So your child can easily find whatever they’re looking for.

Cords constantly tangle up. And many of them look the same. So when you have a drawer full of cords, it’s easy to have no idea what you’re looking at. Additionally, cords end up all over the house. But having a designated space for them is the only surefire way of making sure you can always find them.

Storing Your Cords

This annoying issue can be solved with a trip to the dollar store. Get cheap glasses holders and labels so that you can easily store chargers without them tangling. Stick them in a drawer and you’re done! You won’t have to scream in misery at a tangled mess in a drawer ever again.

Sometimes, there are just awkwardly shaped objects that need to go in a closet. But without putting it on a shelf or the floor, people are at a loss as to how to organize them. But this doesn’t always have to be the case. Simple and cheap tricks like this make home organization a lot easier.

Matching Hanging Baskets

DIY Energy

Head to the dollar store and get these lightweight, plastic baskets with handles. While you’re there, head to the hardware section and pick up some S-hooks. This one might take a little extra space, so clear out some closet space so you can hang a couple of these up.

As the seasons change, some clothing items become useless. But not useless enough to get rid of because you’ll need those shorts next summer! However, organizing a closet in the winter can be maddening when you have a bunch of shorts and summer dresses taking up space, front and center.

How To Store Your Clothes

Attempting Aloha

There are a couple solutions for this one. You can find these plastic storage bags so that you can easily stack them in the top of a closet. So you can put all of your out of season clothes away. As the seasons change, just switch out which clothes go in them. If you need even more space, invest in some vacuum sealed bags so you can deflate your clothes and save a bit more space.

While not all organization tricks are meant to be seen and on the counter, others can be a bit flashier! If your bathroom sink is looking a bit cluttered, but you don’t want to put some of your frequently used items away, this could be a great solution for you.

Apothecary Jar Ideas

The Budget Decorator

Go to the dollar and buy a vase, candlesticks, and some E-600 glue. Glue the vase to the top of the candlestick and fill it with anything you want, from makeup brushes to cotton swabs. This is a great way to make it look stylish, but also looks more organized than just having things strewn about the countertop.