Creative Food Storage Solutions

By Trista
Creative Food Storage Solutions

When you have a family and household to care for, you find yourself preparing for the small and large emergencies that can happen in life. Even though some of them, such as the current crisis, still surprise you, you made sure your family was prepared to hunker down for a couple of weeks- but food storage may have slipped your mind.

After buying more groceries than usual, you find yourself running out of room and storage for the food. However, it’s on your table, so you quickly need to do something to ensure all the food is safely stored. If this sounds like you or you’re just interested in learning about more ways to store food, keep reading. 

Most people don’t think of storing their cans or securely packaged non-perishable food items under their bed in baskets or pails, but it’s a great idea when you need storage space. Shutterstock.

Buckets Under The Bed

You’ll be surprised about how much can fit under your bed. Well, you probably have an idea, but you don’t dare look under there too much because everything tends to accumulate under your bed. It seems that even when you try to keep your blankets under there, other items make their way under the bed. They come from your children who play in your room, pets who throw or hide things under the bed, and even from you accidentally kicking items there. 

Under your bed is excellent for storage, but to get the best space out of it, you want to stay organized and use buckets. If your bed frame is tall enough, 3- to 5-gallon buckets work great. You can also use baskets and other bins. Of course, you only want to keep non-perishable food items in the storage containers and ensure they’re sealed so your pets can’t get in.