Check Out These Creative Dollar Tree Craft Ideas

By Shannon Quinn
Check Out These Creative Dollar Tree Craft Ideas

Crafting has become a more popular pastime this year, since so many more people are staying at home. Luckily, you don’t have to spend a fortune at your local craft store. There are plenty of new items available at Dollar Tree that you can transform into amazing crafts. Please keep in mind that your local Dollar Tree store might not have these supplies in stock. Many of these items are available seasonally, so this will also change depending on the time of year you read this article. However, they seem to bring back many of the same items year after year, especially if they are popular among the crafting crowd. If you have your heart set on making something you see in this article but you can’t find it in your local store, you can order online at Dollar Tree’s website.

Make a sculptural planter with two bowls glue together. Credit: Peony and Honey

45. This Amazing Sculptural Planter is Simply Made Out of Two Dollar Tree Bowls

Sometimes, a Dollar Tree craft can be incredibly simple to make. All it takes is finding the right inspiration. Believe it or not, this sculptural planter is made from two ceramic bowls being glued together on the bottom. Just be sure to use something strong like hot glue or E6000. You could paint your bowls any color that you want, but a trick some people use is to mix baking soda with their paint, and it creates a really cool texture that dries feeling bumpy to the touch. Personally, if I saw this in someone’s home, and if they told me that they paid $100 for that planter at West Elm, I would believe them without hesitation. But it was actually only $2. This was made by Peony and Honey, and you can check out their original Instagram post here.