Check Out These Creative Dollar Tree Craft Ideas

Shannon Quinn - October 26, 2020

Crafting has become a more popular pastime this year, since so many more people are staying at home. Luckily, you don’t have to spend a fortune at your local craft store. There are plenty of new items available at Dollar Tree that you can transform into amazing crafts. Please keep in mind that your local Dollar Tree store might not have these supplies in stock. Many of these items are available seasonally, so this will also change depending on the time of year you read this article. However, they seem to bring back many of the same items year after year, especially if they are popular among the crafting crowd. If you have your heart set on making something you see in this article but you can’t find it in your local store, you can order online at Dollar Tree’s website.

Make a sculptural planter with two bowls glue together. Credit: Peony and Honey

45. This Amazing Sculptural Planter is Simply Made Out of Two Dollar Tree Bowls

Sometimes, a Dollar Tree craft can be incredibly simple to make. All it takes is finding the right inspiration. Believe it or not, this sculptural planter is made from two ceramic bowls being glued together on the bottom. Just be sure to use something strong like hot glue or E6000. You could paint your bowls any color that you want, but a trick some people use is to mix baking soda with their paint, and it creates a really cool texture that dries feeling bumpy to the touch. Personally, if I saw this in someone’s home, and if they told me that they paid $100 for that planter at West Elm, I would believe them without hesitation. But it was actually only $2. This was made by Peony and Honey, and you can check out their original Instagram post here.

This textured bowl was made entirely from Dollar Tree materials. Credit: The Lone Fox

44. Believe it or Not, This Textured Ceramic Bowl Was Made Completely From Dollar Tree Items

Custom made ceramics are expensive, especially if you’re buying from a local artisan. In my area, I can expect to pay between $50 to $200 per piece, depending on the intricacy of the work. An interior design YouTuber named The Lone Fox figured out how to get this look without paying the big bucks. He took a Dollar Tree bowl, and covered it with caulk and spackling, which is found in the hardware aisle. Using his finger, he created texture throughout the entire bowl. Next, he allowed the bowl to dry. Then he covered the bowl with paint, and used his finger and some napkins to get the right amount of color showing through. Something like this can’t be used for food, but it’s a beautiful decor piece that looks so much more expensive than it actually is.

This pumpkin collection is inspiring. Credit: Ellie Enchanted Crafts

43. This Pumpkin Wire Wall Decor Is Unique and Amazing

In the fall, Dollar Tree offers a pumpkin shaped wreath wire. Plenty of people have creative ideas on how they used their pumpkin wreath, but I absolutely love this piece created by Ellie Enchanted Crafts. Instead of covering it up, she left the wires bare, and chose to use it as a sort of cage, instead. Inside, we see the fabric pumpkins and leaves, which were all in the Dollar Tree floral section. It’s so simple, elegant, and absolutely stunning. Based on the number of items it takes to make this, it would be roughly $10 when all was said and done. I love this, and would have assumed that it was much more expensive if I saw it in someone’s home. Check out Ellie Enchanted Crafts on Instagram.

These hallowed out pumpkins make cute planters. Credit: Lemon Avenue Life

42. These DIY Pumpkin Planters Are Totally Fabulous

If you’re looking for a great table centerpiece for the autumn, check out these DIY pumpkin planters by Lemon Avenue Life. These were made hollowing out styrofoam pumpkins and painting them white. Then, she put in some faux succulents and flowers inside of them. For an extra touch of bling, she added gold polka dot stickers, but that part is completely optional. When all is said and done, these look like centerpieces you could find somewhere like Home Goods for a lot more money. Best of all, you could re-use this again every year. If you love this idea, check out the Lemon Avenue Life YouTube channel to find more Dollar Tree DIY crafts for any time of year.

It’s hard to believe this planter is hand made. Credit: Glue Guns and Roses

41. This Handmade Planter Basket Was Inspired by Anthropologie

This is a brilliant craft by YouTuber Glue Guns and Roses. Anthropologie rope baskets and planters go from $25 to $88 depending on the size. They look amazing, especially if you’re going for a neutral boho look. Instead of paying those expensive prices, she decided to purchase a plastic planter, and nautical rope from Dollar Tree. This is just a process of wrapping the rope around the planter, and securing it in place with hot glue. Once the basket is made, she paints the bottom white to get the contrasting color. She also added a little tassel that was made out of yarn to give it some extra flare. Sign me up! I would absolutely love to have this in my own home. If you want to see a video tutorial on how to make this basket, click here.

This is the perfect Christmas ornament for 2020. Credit: Plaisted Projects

40. This Amazon Snow Globe Ornament Speaks to My Soul

With the holidays around the corner, I’m sure that most people are going to be doing their shopping online. So when I saw this Amazon inspired ornament made by Plaisted Projects, it truly spoke to me, and it feels like the perfect ornament for 2020. This was made with a Dollar Tree product called the “DIY Ornament”, as well as some of their glitter snow. The miniature Amazon boxes were printed out and folded before being glued or taped on top of one another. On the outside of the ornament, she printed vinyl text stickers on her Cricut Printer saying “Here comes Amazon, Here comes Amazon, Right down my driveway.” How cute is that?! Keep in mind that all of the products used to make this are only available at Dollar Tree leading up to Christmas time.

Get ready for harvest with this adorable scarecrow wreath. Credit: Christine Kibbler

39. This Wreath is Festive and Adorable, and Should Last For Years to Come

Buying a seasonal wreath can be expensive. Even when they go on sale, you can expect to drop at least $30 to $40 at a store. But the good news is that Dollar Tree has all of the supplies you need to make a wreath of your own for under $10. Check out this beautiful autumn wreath made by Christine Kibbler. She used the Dollar Tree floral garden metal wreath form, and an assortment of their available ribbons. In the center of the wreath, we see that she used a cute Dollar Tree scarecrow and cardboard sign. Keep in mind that these items are usually available in stores at the end of summer, and into the beginning of fall. For a step-by-step tutorial on how to make this, check out the Nash Sisters Blog.

Customize these Scrabble tiles to say anything you want. Credit: Linda Mrowinski-Turbyfill

38. With The Help of a Cricut Printer, These Wooden Tiles Are Transformed Into Oversized Scrabble Art

Here is yet another simple DIY project where all you need to transform wooden tiles from Dollar Tree is a Cricut or Silhouette Printer. Linda Mrowinski-Turbyfill created her own Scrabble tile pieces on the wall of her bathroom, and they spell out words like brush, wash, and flush. Packs of wood planks come in packs of 6 for $1 at Dollar Tree. She painted these with wood stain to get a darker brown look. They don’t sell wood stain at the Dollar Tree, but it’s a very common item that most homeowners have. If you don’t already have some at home, you could borrow some from a friend, or simply keep the wood tiles the same color. And if you don’t have a printer to make the letters, you could use paint and a paintbrush, or a paint marker from the Dollar Tree to hand write them.

This DIY bird feeder would look cute in any garden. Credit: Dollar Tree

37. This Cute Mug Bird Feeder is Simple and Easy to Make

Hanging a bird feeder is a great way to feed your local birds, but it can also serve as a way to invite nature into your yard. A friend of mine sets up a bird feeder near her window so that her cats can watch them through the glass. These also attract squirrels, and can be a really fun and practical way to upcycle mugs you already have. Pretty much everyone has extra mugs and saucers lying around the house that you could use for this project. And I’ve also seen this done with vintage teacups that make it look really elegant. But if you don’t have extra mugs to spare, these mugs and saucers are only $1 each at Dollar Tree. All you need to do is use hot glue or the E6000 glue to attach the two together.

This adorable centerpiece was made from Dollar Tree products. Credit: Pan McKellar Ross

36. This Adorable Fall Centerpiece Was Made With All Dollar Tree Products

So far on this list, we’ve gone over some individual items that you could craft using Dollar Tree items. But a crafter named Pan McKellar Ross actually created an entire centerpiece for her home! She use the pumpkin shaped wreath, and covered it in nautical rope. Then, she glued on flowers, sprigs of leaves, and tiny pumpkins around it. In the very center, we see a little truck plaque. Most of these items are only available at Dollar Tree in the fall, or through their website. And some of the items, like the truck, can also be found at Dollar General. Pat did a great job, and she’s truly inspired us by showing just how much you can do with dollar store supplies.

Make a birthday party a smash with these cute painted mason jars. Credit: Dollar Tree

35. These Adorable Painted Jars Are Perfect For Birthday Celebrations

This next craft idea comes directly from the Dollar Tree website. These are glass canning jars painted with colorful acrylics. After the jars are painted, they added 3D stickers and glued on rainbow colored beads to the bottom. Once the project is all done, these look like amazing little jars. I can totally imagine having these on picnic tables for an outdoor birthday party. In the photo, you see that they’re storing paper straws. You could use this for utensils, or anything else that your guests need at a table. And depending on the time of year you try making this project, you could easily switch up the paint colors and stickers for different holidays, too. For the full step-by-step tutorial, click here.

Celebrate The Day of the Dead with this sugar skull wreath. Credit: Laura Morones and Robert Curiel

34. This Dia Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Wreath is Wonderfully Spooky

I’m totally loving this next DIY created by Laura Morones! Dollar Tree has wreath rings any time of the year, so it should be possible for you to make a ribbon wreath for any holiday. Leading up to Halloween, they started selling some of these fun sugar skulls and top hats. Combined with the orange, green, and purple ribbons, this makes a perfect wreath for the Mexican holiday Dia Los Muertos. If your kids don’t know much about the holiday, I encourage you to watch the Pixar movie Coco, which is available on Disney Plus.

Photo Credit: Child Mags

33. These Animal Jars Are Adorable for a Nursery or Child’s Play Room

This next craft was suggested by the official Dollar Tree website. I love this, because it’s easy to make, and I can totally see it being useful in a child’s bedroom or nursery. All you need are plastic animal toys, a plastic jar, paint, and glue. The great thing is that you could choose any paint color you like, and make it match the pre-existing decor in your kid’s bedroom or nursery. If you would like to see a step-by-step tutorial on how to make these, click here.

Custom elves are a popular item every holiday season. Credit: April Pierce

32. These Custom Elf Plushes Are So Adorable

All across the Dollar Tree crafting groups on Facebook, I found dozens of people making these customized elves to sell online and at craft shows. With the help of iron-on vinyl transfers printed from a Cricut, these ladies are able to make custom elf plushies. For this article, I chose to use the photo by April Pierce. I love how she put glasses on one of the elves, and that each of their hats have a cute snowflake. These elf dolls were available at my local Dollar Tree, but be warned- if you have an Etsy seller in your neighborhood, they just might be sold out by October. They’re also available on the Dollar Tree website if you really wanted to make them for your kids.

This adorable face ornament was made from Dollar Tree items. Credit: Tiana Neal-Hunt

31. Customize Your Own Adorable Face Ornament

I absolutely love this face ornament by Tiana Neal-Hunt, and it’s available for sale on her store called Hustlin Mama. It was made using a Dollar Tree ornament, glitter, pom poms for the hair, and vinyl decals made on a Cricut printer. This is even better if you could make your own versions of these to look like your children, or have your kids make their own ornaments of their favorite character. All throughout Pinterest, I’ve seen people using vinyl decals to place different faces on these ornaments. The color of the glitter can completely change what the character becomes- like using green for The Grinch. If you want to see more inspirations for projects just like this, check out Hustlin Mama on Instagram.

Make your own candle that looks like something straight out of Pottery Barn. Credit: The Lone Fox

30. This Faux Terra Cotta Candle is Out of This World

One of my favorite crafts on this list is the faux terra cotta candle by a YouTuber who goes by the name of The Lone Fox. He took inspiration from the bowl planter that I already mentioned earlier on this list. Buy two bowls from the Dollar Tree, and glue the bottoms end-to-end. Instead of using two bowls as a planter, The Lone Fox decided to melt down a pre-existing dollar store candle, and added a new wick. When it was completely melted, he poured the wax into the top bowl. Dollar Tree sells acrylic paint, but he already had a can of terra cotta paint on hand from previous projects. If you wanted to buy some of your own, Hobby Lobby sells that same terra cotta color for only 65 cents, and the spray can is around $5 at Lowes.

Sometimes it’s better to laugh at the tough times, and this ornament accomplishes that. Credit: Dawn Desadier-Harwell

29. This Clever Ornament Reminds Us That Christmas of 2020 Isn’t Like Any We’ve Seen Before

Recent events have been really scary, especially for kids. But they just might feel better if they can see their favorite characters in a face mask. Check out this ornament made by Dawn Desadier-Harwell. She used a DIY ornament, Minnie Mouse toy, glitter, and some faux snow all from Dollar Tree. They sell a lot of different Marvel and Disney characters in the toy section of Dollar Tree. So if you want to make similar ornaments to hang on your tree, you should be able to find a characters that your own child loves. This could be a fun DIY project to do together on the weekend, as well.

Acrylic pour art is fun and oddly satisfying. Credit: acrylgiessen

28. It’s Possible to Do Acrylic Pour Art With The Materials They Have Available at Dollar Tree

It takes a lot for me to get excited about doing DIY. But when I saw that Dollar Tree sells small bottles of pour medium, I was very happy about it, because it meant that I was finally able to do acrylic pour art at home. In case you aren’t aware, pour art gives you an effect that looks like marble, with swirls of color going across the canvas. No two paintings are ever alike. Dollar Tree sells acrylic paints, canvas, and the pouring medium. You can also buy plastic cups and popsicle sticks to mix them all together, and buy a $1 plastic tablecloth to protect the surrounding area. Just keep in mind that the canvases are very small, and acrylic paint tends to sell out quickly. If you’re interested in trying it out, watch this tutorial on Youtube by Safiya Nygaard.

Get ready for Santa with this cookie tray. Credit: Kelli Murtha

27. Santa Cookie Tray

Are your kids excited about Santa Claus coming this year? Don’t forget to leave his milk and cookies! This tray by Kelli Murtha is such a great idea on how to use the Dollar Tree bamboo cutting board. She has used vinyl stickers created on Cricut to place little areas for Santa’s glass of milk and a single cookie on the bamboo cutting board. Even if you don’t have a Cricut printer, you can create a similar craft by painting everything by hand. If you like this idea, but you’re too busy to make it yourself, check out Kelli’s Etsy Shop Here.

Have as spooky Halloween with this custom spell book. Credit: Tina Le

26. This Halloween Spell Book Looks Like It Came From a Store

When I first saw this tutorial on Tina Le’s YouTube channel, I thought the spell book was going to be a big, messy mistake. But it’s totally one of those examples of something that looks worse before it gets better. In order to make this, Tina bought a hardcover book from Dollar Tree. Then, she used a pencil to sketch out the design she wanted. Using a hot glue gun, she created 3D texture of the phases of the moon. In the Dollar Tree’s Halloween section, she was able to find a pack of plastic bat rings, and cut off the shapes before gluing them to the cover. Next, she used mod podge to lay down sheets of paper towel on top of the 3D designs, which is a lot like the process of creating paper mache. Lastly, she used black and gold paint. So cool!

Photo Credit: Pinterest

25. Hoola Hoop Wedding Table Centerpiece

In 2020, we saw more backyard weddings than ever. Most people are having smaller, more affordable ceremonies to say “I do”. While wedding season may be over, anyone who is currently engaged might be looking ahead on how to have a socially distanced wedding day. And with a lot more people on a budget, one of the best ways to save money is for the bride-to-be to make her own decorations. This hoola hoop wedding table centerpiece is a crafting project that came straight from the Dollar Tree website. However, there are so many crafters out there who have taken the idea of using a hula hoop for a wedding centerpiece, and you can find some amazing ideas on Pinterest. To find the tutorial, click here.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

24. Everyone Can Have Fun Making Instagram Pics With This Photo Prop Frame

Nowadays, everyone has an Instagram account, and they want to show off what they’re doing to family and friends. That’s why having a photo booth with props is a great way to celebrate any event in your life. These are made with foam boards that are cut to create the shape of a frame. The outside is decorated with items that were found around the Dollar Tree. Props are typically found in the party section of the store. In the photo above, you’ll see that they made a Halloween themed frame. But it’s possible to take this idea, and make a version that works for any holiday. Check out the Dollar Tree website for their list with tutorials of photo booth frame ideas.

Baskets with labels are an easy way to keep things organized. Credit: Do It On A Dime

23. These Organization Baskets Can Be Made In Just a Few Minutes

One of my favorite sections of Dollar Tree is their aisle of baskets. They come in a lot of different shapes, sizes, and materials. Wooden sign labels and paint pens are also sold in the craft section, if you’re lucky enough to find them in stock. Do It On A Dime found these black wire baskets, and she used them to store her onions and potatoes on her countertop, since she cooks with them daily. I did a very similar project in my own home, too. Only instead of using wire baskets, I found white plastic baskets from Dollar Tree and put labels on products for my bathroom cabinet. For more organizational ideas, check out our article on How To Make a House Look Like The Home Edit.

This flower arrangement looks much more expensive than it actually is. Credit: Do It On A Dime

22. Make a Beautiful Faux Flower Arrangement For Under $10

Professionally made flower arrangements are expensive. At Pottery Barn, some of the faux flower arrangements are actually over $300! That’s why I was so impressed with this DIY arrangement by Do It On A Dime. In the spring, she took one of the metal buckets, some nautical rope, floral foam blocks, and some seasonal flowers. No matter what time of year you’re looking to make a flower arrangement, you can still find supplies to make something great. I personally made an autumn arrangement from Dollar Tree supplies a few years back when I worked in an office. My co-workers were blown away at what I was able to accomplish for so little money. You can do the exact same thing!

Rope orbs are easy and inexpensive to make with Dollar Tree items. Credit: Glue Guns and Roses

21. These Rope Balls Were Inspired By Expensive Orb From West Elm

The sculptural rope orb from West Elm costs $29, but it’s totally possible to do a cheaper dupe. A YouTuber who goes by the named Glue Guns and Roses made two nearly identical orbs for just $5. She uses the 2-packs of small wreath, as well as the nautical rope sold at Dollar Tree. One of the orbs is larger than the other, so it gives a great sense of balance. All together, that’s like spending $5 instead of $58 on the same decor. Personally, I think these orbs are very cool, especially in the way she set this up in her own home. I could see this looking great at a beach house, or bringing them out in the summertime if you’re going for a more nautical look.

How fun are these skull candle sticks? Credit: Fia Garcia DIY

20. These Spooky Skull Candle Sticks Were Inspired by Crate and Barrel

A YouTuber who goes by the name of Fia Garcia DIY showed how she made this simple DIY. This was inspired by a skull incense burner sold at Crate and Barrel, which originally sold for $20. Instead of paying full price for the item, Fia purchased one of the ceramic skulls from Dollar Tree, glued it onto a glass candle stick, and painted the whole thing black. There are also two black candle sticks flanking the skull, and it gives the whole setup a spooky ambiance. Of course, the only issue with this craft is that you can’t actually use this as an incense burner.


These wooden frames look so great, it’s hard to believe they’re a Dollar Tree DIY. Credit: Justin Wray

19. Make Sophisticated Wooden Frames

This next craft is so well done, you truly would never guess that it was made using Dollar Tree materials. Believe it or not, it was made using some basic frames and popsicle sticks. Say what! Check out this video tutorial by Justin Wray if you’re interested in seeing step-by-step instructions on how to achieve this. Once Justin was done making the frames, he used a wood burning tool to carve out some lines in one of them. He also bought some photo prints of leaves to put inside of the frame, which go really well with the jungle look of the frames.

This tarot card tray is so cute, it looks professionally made. Credit: Tina Le

18. This Tarot Inspired Jewelry Tray Looks Like Something From Urban Outfitters

On her YouTube channel, Tina Le shows how she bought a black ceramic soap dish from Dollar Tree, and painted it with a paint marker. It’s that simple! Of course, you should spray this with a sealant if you want it to last longer. They sell paint markers in the craft section of Dollar Tree, but they sell out quickly. You could also use a paint brush, but it might be more difficult to paint the smaller details. Since most of her 2020 Halloween decor surrounded the theme of the moon, Tina painted her interpretation of the “Moon” tarot card. You could paint this however you like. Personally, I love the idea of making custom dishes with the zodiac signs of my friends, and giving them away as gifts.

These candles look like they could be sold at Urban Outfitters. Credit: Chic on the Cheap

17. Make Dollar Tree Candles Look More High-End With Printable Stickers

Dollar Tree sells candles, so it should be affordable for anyone to make their home smell great. The only problem is that they aren’t name brand, so it’s easy to tell that they’re very cheap. One of the many brands they offer has black glass containers. A YouTuber called Chic on the Cheap had a great idea to buy the black candles, and cover the lids with printable stickers. With the new labels covering the candles, these really look like something I would spend at least $10 for at Urban Outfitters. It’s an easy decor item around Halloween, but if you like a bit of spooky magic in your life, these could also be something you keep all year long. If you don’t own a sticker printer, don’t worry. You could still print these out and use some mod podge glue to attach them, instead.

Dupes for expensive products are a great way to craft at The Dollar Tree. Credit: Momma From Scratch

16. This Dollar Tree Dupe of a McGee & Co Sculpture Looks Almost Like the Real Thing

Last but not least is this clever sculpture made by a YouTuber who goes by the name Momma From Scratch. She has an entire video going over 20 different designer dupes that you can make from Dollar Tree items. One of them is this ball sculpture, which cost $60 from McGeee & Co. All she needed to make this was ping pong balls, floral wire, and a wooden dowel with a wood block stand. She painted the wood gold, and sprayed the ping pong balls to be a creamy almond white. To see the step-by-step tutorial video, click here.

This DIY terrarium is a beautiful display for house plants. Credit: Home Talk

15. Picture Frame Terrarium

In case you are not aware, a terrarium is like a miniature greenhouse. Sunlight comes through the window panes and the inside of the terrarium heats up to a higher temperature than what you would experience in the surrounding room. It can also help trapping humidity and moisture after you water your plants. This is great for anyone who is trying to raise finicky houseplants who need a higher level of humidity in the winter time. Normally, if you want to buy a terrarium from a store online, you can expect to pay between $50 to $100. But on the Home Talk blog, they go over a step-by-step tutorial on how you can transform Dollar Tree picture frames into a DIY terrarium.

A beautiful DIY flower basket. Credit: Craftsy Hacks

14. Hanging Rope Basket

Having a really stylish flower arrangement in your house is a great way to incorporate color into your home. This hanging rope basket is really clever, and you would never guess that it was made from products you bought at Dollar Tree. First, you would need to cover a container with nautical rope that has been painted white. Then, you can take some floral foam and arrange flowers inside of it. A lot of these products are only available in the spring and summer at Dollar Tree. However, you can buy these products online at any time on the Dollar Tree website.

A double-decker farmhouse tray. Credit: Dollar Tree

13. Tier Farmhouse Tray

If you’re trying to decorate your house with Farmhouse decor, it can get expensive to purchase odds and ends from places like Target or Home Goods. That’s why I love this idea of a multi-tiered tray. Most people would assume that this came from a expensive store, when it was actually created using just Dollar Tree products. All you need to do is buy two circular cake pans and candlesticks from Dollar Tree, and paint them white. For an added effect, use sandpaper to make it appear older or weatherd. If you would like to see the full tutorial, check it out here on the Dollar Tree blog.

This party banner is made from book pages. Credit: Better Homes and Gardens

12. A Party Banner Out of Book Pages

Did you know that Dollar Tree sells books? You might feel guilty cutting up a book that has sentimental value to you, but it’s easy to find a $1 book from the store and turn it into a beautiful party Banner. All you need to do is create a template for the shape that you want to make out of a piece of cardboard. Use that same template to trace book pages. Lastly, glue the book pages to a string and voila, you have a book page banner. If you’re throwing a kids party, you can also find full color children’s books with images of popular characters. On the Dollar Tree blog, they have an example where they cut up a full color version of Disney’s Alice in Wonderland. This is perfect if you were already planning to have a Disney or Alice in Wonderland theme party.

This Valentine’s Day wreath is very cute. Credit: Dollar Tree

11. Valentine’s Day Wreath

You should never spend a fortune on an expensive wreath, because Dollar Tree always has supplies available to make amazing DIY holiday decorations on a budget. This red ribbon wreath was featured on the Dollar Tree blog as one of the many examples of what you can do with a hot glue gun and a lot of ribbon. The circular wreath wire, ribbon, and hearts should all be available at your dollar store. If these items are sold out, you can also find similar objects at Walmart or Target in the $1 range as well.

Photo Credit: Home Bnc

10. Stacked Farmhouse Shelf For Your Trinkets

A popular Ikea Hack is to take their wooden boxes and stack them to create DIY shelving units. It turns out that you can do a miniature version with supplies purchased from Dollar Tree. Check out the craft section of the store and see if you can find these small wooden boxes. All you really need to do is stain the boxes a darker color with wood stain, and use hot glue to stack the boxes together. Once it’s done, you can use it to display small trinkets, candles, photos, or use it as a spice rack in the kitchen. If you’re interested in seeing a full step-by-step tutorial, check out the instructions on the Dollar Tree blog.

Photo Credit: The Cottage Market

9. Knobs and Mirrors Make Great Jewelry Holders

If you don’t already have a jewelry box in your home, hanging your necklaces on hooks is actually a great way to store your chains so that they don’t get tangled together. Luckily, you can buy everything you need at the Dollar Tree. Simply by small mirrors, and find some drawer pulls. Use either a hot glue gun or e5000 glue to fasten the knob to the mirror. Necklaces are never very heavy, but just make sure you don’t apply too much weight to a craft like this, and it should last for a very long time.

A gorgeous peppermint candy wreath. Credit: Better Homes and Gardens

8. Peppermint Candy Cane Wreath

One of the most popular holiday themes is candy, especially red and white peppermint. With a $1 Dollar Tree wreath mold, you can simply buy a lot of different circular peppermint candies as well as candy canes to glue on to the wreath mold. This should last a very long time, so long as you don’t feel tempted to open it up and eat the expired candy. To see the full tutorial on how to make this, check out Better Homes and Gardens.

These DIY frames are adorable. Credit: Country Living

7. Stylish Golden Frame Hack

I love these golden frames, because they remind me of pieces that you would find from Ikea or Anthropologie. All you need to create this craft is a glass candle holder and a small frame. Glue the two pieces together and spray paint them gold. Obviously, if you want frames of a different color, you can spray paint it any way you want. As you can see in the photo above, it looks beautiful holding photographs that hold a special place in your heart.

Photo Credit: The Spruce Crafts

6. Colorful Wool Felt Coasters

Having coasters around your living room is totally necessary if you want to save your wooden furniture from getting water rings on them. It’s easy to find coasters at the dollar store. but if you want to make something that looks colorful and unique, consider buying a pack of tiny pom poms and pieces of felt from the craft section of Dollar Tree. Clear the pom-poms to the circular piece of felt oh, and you now have a 3D coaster to use for your drinks. This is great if you have kids, because there is no way they can break these coasters even if they were to drop them on the floor.

Photo Credit: Godiygo

5. Sunflower Mason Jar Vases

There are a lot of mason jar crafts out there, and we have already mentioned a few on this list. But this one is especially great for the summer time. This sunflower vase is made with a mason jar, chalk paint, and jute ribbon. The faux flowers are also found in the floral section of Dollar Tree. These can be great as table centerpieces for a backyard wedding, or simply to jazz up your kitchen table in the warmer months. A craft like this can also be saved for the next year, or cheaply recreated every spring and summer.

Your guests would never know that this was once a door mat. Credit: The Spruce Crafts

4. Turn a Door Mat Into Wall Art

At certain Dollar Tree locations, you can actually find welcome mats. Some of them are made out of foam in an intricate shape like what you see in the photo above. This looks almost identical to those expensive mandala wall art pieces that are carved out of wood. All you need to do for this craft is take some white spray paint or even acrylic paint from the craft section of Dollar Tree. After it is painted and made to look distressed, you can hang this on your wall and use it as art. Your guests would never know that it was once a floor mat.

All it takes to do this craft was some gold tacks and a canvas. Credit: The Spruce Craft

3. Transform Gold Tacks Into 3D Art

This next idea is something that I’ve never seen before, but it’s absolutely brilliant. At Dollar Tree, they sell small white canvases in the arts and crafts area, and thumb tacks in the office supply area. Trace out a letter or symbol you want to make on your canvas (In this case, it’s the & symbol) and stick the golden tacks through the canvas. Layer them upon one another, and you have a golden piece of art. If you’re willing to spend slightly more money, I recommend going to Home Goods to buy a pack of larger canvases if you want something larger to hang on your wall.

Book ends for a child’s bedroom. Credit: Love Grows Wild

2. Animal Bookends

Earlier on this list, we already showed how you could take some of those adorable plastic animal toys and spray paint them on top of containers. Another great idea using the same toys is to assemble pieces of wood together and glue on an animal figurine. Spray paint the entire thing one solid color, and you have custom-made animal bookends. Since Dollar Tree sells alarm different animal toys, you can make multiple sets of these, or simply choose your child’s favorite animal. Check out the full tutorial on Love Grows Wild.

Photo Credit: Eccentrik Fashion

1. Sunburst Mirror

Normally, if you wanted to buy a sunburst mirror, you would need to pay at least $30 on the low end and upwards of $100 on the high end to have one in your home. Believe it or not, you can actually make a sunburst mirror out of extra long bamboo skewers and a small circular mirror from Dollar Tree. Check out this tutorial from The Gathered Home where they go over all of the steps in assembling the mirror and spray painting and gold. By the end, you have an amazing looking mirror for roughly $10.