Clever Hidden Storage DIY Ideas to Stash Your Cash

Shannon Quinn - March 29, 2022

Almost everyone has valuables that they would like to stash away. It could be cash, jewelry, your passport, or anything else that you wouldn’t want stolen from you if anyone were to break into your house. Here are some clever products to help you hide your stuff.

This hidden wall outlet is a great place to stash money or jewelry. Credit: Meridian Point

30. Hidden Outlet Wall

No one would ever think to open a wall outlet to look for your hidden possessions! An Amazon customer called Christian Chick said, “For the price I think it’s perfect. It’s not Fort Knox but it’s easy to install. Comes with a cutting tool and a template to use for cutting the wall, has a simple key. Wish the compartment was a little longer. But ideal for passports, cash, small jewelry, social security cards and that sorry if small stuff you like to keep hidden.”

Learn to make your own shaving can safe. Credit: Instructables

29. Shaving Can Case

Sometimes the best place to hide something is in plain sight. That’s why it might be a good idea to hide your belongings in a shaving cream can. A website called Instructables goes over the step-by-step guide on how to make one of these yourself. The best part is that it will still shoot foam, so it looks like a working product that will totally dupe anyone who is trying to look for your stash of cash, jewelry, or other valuables.

This functional clock has a secret compartment inside of it. Credit: Dorm Co.

28. Dorm Room Clock Safe

Living in a dorm room can be a lot of fun, but there’s not a lot of privacy between you and your roommate. That’s where the storm room clock safe comes in. It’s an actual working clock on the outside, but it has shelving and compartments on the inside. This would be the perfect place to hide your valuables without worrying that your roommate will ever find them. (Via DormCo.)

This looks like a real light bulb, but it’s actually a place to hide your stash. Credit: Things I Desire

27. Fake Light Bulb Secret Stash

This lightbulb doesn’t function, but it’s made from a real bulb. So it is a great way to hide your stash away from any lurking eyes. An Etsy customer named Lori Vines said, “This is a awesome stash container..It’s identical to store bought bulbs and if you have a old box laying around it’s just like the rest of the real light bulbs…Even the bulb name is a real one and makes me feel better knowing my goodies are safe from everyone..Unless they need a light bulb…I recommend this and the size is great! Thank you!

This fire extinguisher looks real, but it’s actually a hidden safe. Credit: Etsy

26. Fire Extinguisher Safe

Looking for a place to stash your stuff? This fire extinguisher looks very real, and no one would ever second-guess seeing one hanging on your wall or sitting underneath your sink. An Etsy customer called forecastmelater said, “I am VERY impressed with this. It has a lot of room inside. It looks like a real extinguisher.”

A faux potted plant that could hide in almost any home. Credit: Thumbs Up UK

25. Fake Plant Hideaway

If you have fake plants around your house as home decor, why not add one more with this faux cactus? It’s a perfect place to hide your stuff. An Amazon customer Chris White said, “Overall the product isn’t too great as it comes because of the fake grass effect and as mentioned in other reviews the blobs of glue at the base of each cactus. However, with a bit of semi dry soil sprinkled and spread over the top of the grass and around the base of the cactus, this actually looks pretty realistic! Blends into a room well and looks inconspicuous. The lid is weighted so it has a similar weight to a real pot full of dirt so that’s pretty good and the cactus doesn’t look too bad both from a distance and up close.”

This safe looks like a stick of deodorant, but it hides your stuff. Credit: Etsy

24. Deodorant Diversion Safe

A discreet place to hide your valuables just might be in an old deodorant bottle. An Etsy customer named Brigee said, “This is so AWESOME if you didn’t know you would never be aware of what it is. Very professionally made, great weight , functional, looks just like the real item. I just cannot say enough about how impressive it is. All the other options were items I felt would be in a garage or kitchen, or an item used by many. This is unique in that it is discreet, I can see it daily, and I am not worried it would be “used” by someone else. PERFECT!”

A hollowed out English dictionary with a lock and key. Credit: 2PO Store

23. Faux English Dictionary

Buying fake books for your library is nothing new, but this one actually comes with a lock and key. An Amazon customer named Debbie said, “This is a simple safe that cold be broken into by a motivated thief but for stashing away small valuables that you want to be able to retrieve easily and quickly this works well while sitting on my shelf with a couple of other types of dictionaries (French/English, etc.) so it looks like it is just part of my language reference section. Since anyone who has researched this type of safe might recognize it, there is some risk but it really does look like it belongs there without jumping out at you as a fake book.”

Stash away a lot of valuables with this wall vent. Credit: Professional Grade Products

22. Wall Vent Safe

One of the best items to stash a lot of stuff on this list is the wall vent safe. An Amazon customer named Cliff said, “This is a good cheap vent gun compartment. This is exactly what I wanted. The construction is decent. Very easy to install. It comes with a part that conceals the items inside so you cannot see them through the vent. I wish that part was painted black. I also wish they didn’t roll up the instructions like newspapers to swat a fly. It made laying them out to follow the directions very hard. All things considered this is a good product.”

A realistic looking rock to hide your key. Credit: RamPro

21. Hide-a-Spare-Key Fake Rock

Hiding a key under the mat is a common thing people do just in case they get locked out of the house. But obviously, this can be a huge problem because of burglars who might check under the mat, too. So hiding your key under a fake rock may be a great option. An Amazon customer named Mr. Geek said, “Looks like a real rock when you place it in an area that’ll help conceal it and help it blend. In the photo I uploaded it looks like just another rock. I painted to white underbelly with a black permanent marker and placed my keys in a ziplock bag to prevent keys possibly rusting from the rain.”

Realistic looking dog poop for a hidden key. Credit: Lixit

20. Hide-A-Key Fake Dog Poop

Similar to the fake rock, this is a pile of fake dog poop. I guess it depends on your sense of humor, or which object you think is the most realistic. An Amazon customer named Hard Candi said, “This really looks like a pile of poop. The slot that covered the key didn’t seem all that secure so we used a command strip to adhere the key to the top of the compartment and put it in some bushes in the yard. Now we don’t have to worry about accidentally locking ourselves out!”

This scrunchie can hide your stash of goodies. Credit: Etsy

19. Stash Scrunchie

Scrunchies were popular in the 90’s, and they have had a huge comeback recently. So don’t be surprised to see this hidden stash scrunchie on the list. This could potentially be great as a wrist wallet if you’re going to a concert or traveling. An Etsy customer named Mish said, “Looked through all different stash scrunchies from different sellers and this is the one! I love how this one retains its shape and the zipper is well hidden. Velvet material makes it sleek too.”

You can hide money inside of this hollowed out brush. Credit: Etsy

18. Stash-It Brush

A secret false top to this brush unscrews to reveal the empty compartment inside. This is a real brush, so you can actually use it in your cosmetic bag when you travel. Or, it can sit discreetly with the rest of your bathroom products at home. There is no way that a burglar would ever try to go after a used hair brush! If you’re interested in this brush, check it out on Etsy.

This infinity scarf with a pocket is perfect for traveling. Credit: Etsy

17. Hidden Pocket Infinity Scarf

There are few things in life more exciting than fashion accessories with secret pockets. This infinity scarf has a hidden pocket to keep cash, your passport, or anything else you’re trying to hide when you go aboard. An Etsy customer named Emily said, “It arrived quickly, it looks great, the fabric is comfortable, and the pocket is much more discreet and spacious than I was expecting! This has been on my wish list for over a year, and I should have purchased it sooner. I can’t wait to use it for travel, but for now, it’s a great everyday scarf when I don’t want to use a purse. Plus it came with a sweet note and detailed information. Thank you!”

Hide your stuff on the floor with this faux surge protector. Credit: Streetwise Security

16. Hidden Safe Fake Household Surge Protector

This next item is genius, because you could have it sitting under your computer with things plugged into it, and no one would ever think to look inside of a surge protector for hidden objects. An Amazon customer named Jonas said, “Could have been bigger somehow, but it is a crafty item – plug it in and not only does it look like a real plug strip, but the on-off switch lights up!”

A hollowed out globe meant to hide guns or other belongings. Credit: PS Product Store

15. Gun Globe

Our next item looks clever, but unfortunately, it has a lot of bad reviews online. So many, in fact, that the item is no longer available for sale. However, this is still a clever concept of having a globe in your library or office actually containing some sort of hidden objects. An Amazon customer said, “Nice gun keeper but a bit small and flimsy for what you pay. You have to fool with it some to close it. I’ve got two small guns in it and am looking for a third. Does look nice when closed.”

The bottom of this water bottle was removable to hide your stash of valuables. Credit: Stash-It Store

14. Diversion Water Bottle

Out of all of the items on this list, this one has some of the best reviews online. Since you can even pour water into it, no one would ever suspect that it’s anything other than a water bottle. An Amazon customer named Vanessa said, “I have a Star Wars bottle that I bought from Target that looks just like this bottle (only difference is that Darth Vader is on it) and if I put both of them together, no one could even tell that there is a hidden compartment in this one. I can fit a large amount of dollar bills if I fold them or I’m sure a necklace/watch would fit, but other than that, it is pretty small. But definitely worth it if you have a bunch of cups/bottles around cause it disguises itself really well, and you can add liquid to the inside. No one will even notice! Best diversion cup ever!”

Hide your things in the pantry with this can of peaches. Credit: Mealivos

13. Fake Peach Can Safe

This next item is brilliant, because you can put it in your pantry next to the rest of your canned goods, and it blends right in. A burglar would never think to open your cans to look for valuables. The only obvious drawback is if someone in your family is hungry for peaches. An Amazon customer called Mail Order Man said, “I can put this can with all my other real cans and it will not be detected. The only drawback is that it is not weighted. It is lighter than a real can of peaches. But that is to be expected. I may buy another one of these”

This VHS tape holder is made to look like a fake book. Credit: Etsy

12. Fake Book Container

This item used to be a VHS tape holder, but it has been converted to look like a fake book. We’re not sure how good this looks when placed next to a bunch of real books, but it could be worth a try. If you’re interested in the item, check it out on Etsy.

This Dasani bottle still holds water but hides your belongings. Credit: Educates

11. Diversion Dasani Water Bottle

This is one of the best items on the list by far. You can add water to both the top and the bottom of the bottle, which makes it look like a regular Dasani bottle. Nothing to see here, folks! It’s almost unbelievable how good this safe looks. An Amazon customer called Regular Shopper said, ​​ I asked several people, young and old, to tell me which was safe. Not one answered correctly. If one is examining the bottle to see if it is a fake you can see the plastic barrier. I position it as an abandoned bottle and no one has reached for it to have a look or sip (YIKES). No spills or noticeable signs of a safe. It has the weight and feel of the real thing. There was no opening, once one locks in position even if abused.”

This is a functioning clock that is hollowed out with room for your belongings. Credit: The Green Head

10. Clock With Hidden Safe

This clock would look great in an office or living room setting, and no one would ever know that it was actually a hidden safe. If you’re interested in buying it, check out The Green Head.

Hide a small amount of items inside of this hidden bolt screw. Credit: Etsy

9. Hidden Bolt Screw

Sometimes, you just need to hide a small amount of money or whatever else you’re trying to keep secret in your stash. This hidden bolt screw can be placed inside of a tool box, or in a box of screws that are mismatched in order to make it easy to find again. If you’re interested in buying this screw, check out the listing on Etsy.

This photo picture frame is a perfect place to hide your valuables. Credit: Kaslvox

8. Photo Picture Frame Diversion Safe

Pictures are so common in everyone’s house, that you would never guess one of them had something hidden inside. Bonus points if you can find similar frames at Ikea to make a gallery wall to make it blend in even more. An Amazon customer said, “I love it, it’s great but if you had a pen or card, it would make a slight noise from them moving around and hitting the sides but money, documents, wouldn’t make noise even when shaken. Overall worth the money. It’s great quality for the price. It does have padding in the safe part as well and it’s really easy to add a picture to the frame!”

A hallowed out lint roller is a great place to hide your stash. Credit: Southern Homewares

7. Lint Roller Secret Safe

Lint rollers are such a common household item that no one would ever suspect that you were using it as a secret safe. An Amazon customer said, “Love how this looks. I put it side-by-side with a real lint roller; almost identical! If it weren’t for the hassle of getting the top off, I would have given it 5 stars. As others have said, I couldn’t get the top off by turning it. It wouldn’t budge. I had to pry it off. It has threads, but they’re useless. Save yourself the frustration, and just pry it off. Once filled with “emergency” money, I tried to thread it back on. Forget it. I just pushed the top back on instead. If an emergency ever comes up, I’ll just pop it off again. But if this item is something you want to use more often (like on vacation, etc.), you may want to try something else.”

This box is made to look like several books in a library. Credit: Etsy

6. Secret Compartment Library

Everyone has heard of a fake hollowed-out book on your shelf, but what about multiple books? This Etsy seller had a clever idea to have multiple old books stacked next to one another with a secret box behind it. However, there are people out there who use it for a completely different reason other than hiding a stash. An Etsy customer said, “These secret compartments are the most beautiful and creative thing I’ve seen this year. I bought two and I use them as pots for my plants. Not only is the product amazing, you should see the way it was packaged —unboxing was a treat! There aren’t many things better than the scent of old books”

A puzzle box that holds a small amount of items for your stash. Credit: Diteje

5. Magic Wooden Box Puzzle

If you’re trying to hide something, why not buy something that requires you to solve a puzzle before it opens? This wooden puzzle box is a really cool gift idea, too. An Amazon customer named Lyn said, “My secret Santa loved this! It’s so easy it’s hard. The product was very sturdy and didn’t break when used several times. You would have to either throw this or hit it hard to break it.”

This bookshelf hides a secret compartment behind it. Credit: Lumbien

4. Diversion Wooden Wall Shelf Safe

This is a great item if you need a larger safe to hold multiple items in your apartment or house. An Amazon customer named Tyler Todd said, “Currently I use this safe in my apartment! I love how it was easy to assemble and well constructed. It is a very sturdy safe considering it is made out of wood. I was able to store several books inside of it while also using it as a safe! It is the perfect hiding place if you live in a dorm or share a space with other people as it is inconspicuous and also a great use of storage!”

This hanger has a pocket that can be hidden inside of clothing on vacation or at home. Credit: Cactiye

3. Hanger Diversion Safe

When you go on vacation, you want to have something in your hotel room to help hide your belongings. (You never know if you can trust the cleaning ladies.) So this hanger diversion safe would be great for travel or at home. An Amazon customer said, “This is a great product for hiding things in plain sight. It’s made of a sturdy material, though not waterproof. It’s a bit smaller than expected, so you can’t put too much in there. No gold bars or anything. But some money or jewelry would fit perfectly. I have those velvet non-slip hangers and this product did not fit on them. You have to use old school plastic hangers or metal dry cleaning hangers. Easy to hide inside or underneath a shirt or sweater. Overall and easy product to use.”

A fake lipstick container to hide your stash. Credit: Etsy

2. Lipstick Pill Case

If you’re a woman, having a fake lipstick could be a perfect place to hide your stash. Or it could be a great pill case to take with you for a weekend trip somewhere. An Etsy customer named Samantha said, “Item exactly as described. Perfect for my spare earrings and sample lipstick and a thin hair tie. I do find that the lid for the hidden part comes off easier than the faux lipstick side. Items also arrived in very good time. Thank you.”

An amazing hideaway that still functions as normal. Credit: Emosons

1. Bamboo Soap Dispenser Safe

Some of the best objects on this list are the types that are fully functional items. You can use this soap dispenser in your bathroom and your family or roommates would have no idea that you are stashing something away in there. An Amazon customer said, “Good disguise, it stayed on my washstand for almost 1 week, and no one found its hidden safe. It can fit my watch, earrings, bracelet, and credit cards. This is a perfect solution allowing easy access to valuable items and at the same time without attracting attention”