Easy and Creative Halloween Decorations

Trista - October 14, 2019

Whether it is the spooky decoration or candies, we all eagerly wait for Halloween. Every October, we host fall parties and spend tons and tons of time working on the decoration and food for the fall parties. Fall parties are an excellent excuse for not cleaning the leaves and letting them scatter around the ground and the porch of the house. Halloween is all about scaring and finding creative ways for decorating and celebrating the holidays. No one loves to miss out on the trick or treat, be it grown-up or young kids.

They add up to the fall feel. While hosting parties are all fun, the work that we have to put in early can become confusing. Coming up with fun and exciting things every year can certainly be exhausting on your mind. Since Halloween is right around the corner, we are here to help you with some great Halloween ideas that can make your party stand out in the crowd.

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Spooky Book Decor

Book jackets that are haunting can be an excellent tip for spine chilling entrance, and they are easy to make, too; you can make them by using construction paper, letter stencils, and use gold craft paint.

You can use these by cutting long and thin rectangular pieces by different colors of craft papers or construction paper. Then draw titles on the books on the paper and outline these letters with gold paint pens. Then you have to fill in the outline with a paint pen or gold acrylic paint and attach it with double-sided prints.

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Classic Pumpkin Decor

Halloween and pumpkin go hand in hand. The fun part is that you can do so much with pumpkin. This DIY idea is one vintage Halloween decoration item that you can never get bored of. You can build exciting checker games, penny candies, delicious homemade honey and jams, and so much more. If you are thinking of decorating your house with classic pumpkin, making pumpkin checkers are a great option.

Take a pumpkin and paint 32-square on a large wooden board using orange craft paint. Furthermore, you can add orange and white mini pumpkin that could act as a game piece. You can spell out your Halloween greeting in mini pumpkins that are gathered on your porch.

All you have to do is pencil the letters on the hollowed pumpkins. Then carve the opening from the bottom, thereafter with the help of a drill and measure an half-inch bit start boring holes to form each letter, then hang the strings of Christmas tree lights and gather them in small bunches, this will light up each pumpkin later unscrew the bulbs and where the line is descending towards the next row.

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Bring That Spooky Broom

You can use brooms as door decorations, take some brooms, and assemble the brooms. It is cost-effective and gets the work done in no time. Buy four or five brooms of different sizes. Take your drilling machine and make the required set of holes on your main door and hook some handles on the holes.

Arrange the brooms on the main entrance, and you have a classic and exciting Halloween decoration. Ensure that you place the broom in different angles to give an edge to the overall design. This simple decoration would go well with people who look at witch stories or Harry Potter.

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A Fancy Halloween

Not everyone likes spooky Halloween decoration, but that doesn’t mean they cannot enjoy the Halloween spirit. There are tons of simple and not-so-scary Halloween decoration options that they can try.

If you are someone who likes to keep things simple and sober, then make the decorations by putting up the pumpkin spruces in an elegant manner in your front porch. You can use artificial candles on the pumpkin to generate a creative and elegant allure. Furthermore, you can decorate the door with green leaves, lights, and small stickers.

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All of the Essentials

The way you decorate your front door says everything about your Halloween party. To make that first impression, you must think differently about your front door. Luckily there are thousands of different ideas, and we are sharing one here. If you have ample time and you are a DIY fan, then you can work on making this festive-looking front door.

You can use new doormats and add a fall-themed wreath, use faux hanging bats, and use Bale of hay. Make sure to add your pumpkin on the side to welcome your guests. This outdoor decoration is a straightforward but elegant Halloween décor that would be a hit for sure.

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White and Wicker

Halloween decoration doesn’t mean that you can only use orange, black, and all the other dark colors. Think a little different to pique the attention of your trick-or-treaters. If you are done and tired of black and white decorations, then use white ornamental cabbage and chrysanthemums; you can put them in baskets and keep all these in front of your lawns. And surround them with pumpkins and gourds, you can also put LED onto them.

This DIY holiday project is undoubtedly one of the beautifully unique Halloween decoration ideas that you should try.

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Bats on the Door

If you are someone into a spooky look, then this Halloween décor is ideal for you. To give your house a mysterious look, use felt bats; all you have got to do is trace the bat shape into the felt and then cut it out; repeat the process till you have ample of these bats.

This do-it-yourself holiday project will give your guests the Halloween feel right away. It is inexpensive, fast, and easy; the perfect combination for a DIY holiday project.

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Use Your Trees

It is falling, and the leaves must have already fallen; you’re the trees so that you can use the bared tree branches to your advantage. Limbed and bare trees will give a ghostly effect by adding a led candle lantern and a flock of faux black crows.

Ensure that the tree you are using is sturdy enough to support all your accessories. Moreover, ensure to keep it simple with some lanterns, bats, and pumpkins; overdoing will not appear good.

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Spooky Doormat

Buy a needle punch carpet and then turn it into a circle, mark the center of the rug with a white colored pencil and then measure and mark the distance from that point to a spot which half an inch away from the edge of the mats.

Cut a piece of string to that length, tie on end of the line to the pencil and then draw a large circle onto the rug and then remove the sting. Cut the circle inside the white pen and mark it with sharp scissors.

Then with the help of a yardstick, draw eight intersecting lines which cross the rug from edge to edge, and then between those lines draw arches around the mat. Lastly, all you have to do is coat the rug with a bright finishing spread and then protect the web from trick or treating feet.

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Don’t Miss the Scarecrows

Halloween decorations are all about giving the festive feel to your trick-or-treater. Using bottle-gourd scarecrows is one of the effective ways to do the same. You can make a bottle gourd scarecrow and frame it on the front door of your hose; the scarecrows are painted in white paint and use a black felt tip pen so that you can add features.

Once you are done with all this, then spear the gourds onto the stick and plant the in Styrofoam blocks inside the urns, this will defiantly give a festive look.

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Carved Pumpkins by a Tombstone

Carving a skeleton on a pumpkin looks as if they’re reaching from beyond the grave and have landed in front of your yard. All you have got to do is select some pumpkins so that they can form an arm-hand combo, then think and look as to which will work as an arm and then start trimming the stems so the other pumpkins can rest securely on the top, then carve a hole in the bottom of both pumpkins and scoop out the pulp and then use the cut pieces.

Then you have to take out a print of the skeletal templates, and then resize the model into your copier so that image fits onto your pumpkin. Cut the stencils and follow the direction and then affix the arm stencil to the bottom of the pumpkin with masking tape, then trace on the design with the help of a felt tip pen; repeat the process with the other pumpkins too.

Then remove the stencils and carefully start to carve along the lines with the help of an X-Acto knife, then with the help of an adhesive fix, the battery operates votive candle on the base of each pumpkin.

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The Glitter Effect

An exciting thing about Halloween decoration is that it has something for everyone. Whether you are into spooky stuff or glittery décor, you will have tons of ideas that match your personality and style.

The bright display is an excellent outdoor decoration for Halloween, use gourds, pumpkins, and a gilding kit all these metallic colors will come together, making your home’s entrance a hot and happening spot in your neighborhood.

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A Creepy Wonderland Theme

Now, if you want to make an over-the-top decoration for your year’s Halloween party, then you have to think a little different. You can make a grand entrance during the Halloween with a show-stopping Halloween entrance with the using fall leaves, faux ravens, pumpkins. Add a cute yet spooky touch with bat webs.

If you have an archway, they will make the overall appearance cute but grand. You can attach giant furry spiders in front of your house to give a witch-y and spooky feel.

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Stacked Pumpkins and Pillows

As mentioned above, your Halloween decoration can be whatever color theme you want it to be. A black and white Halloween decoration theme may appear odd to someone, but if done right, they can be quite alluring.

An easy way to get this black and white Halloween décor is to lay Jack-o-lanterns on top of each other using a stick. On the other side of the door, you can arrange bats stickers as well. It is a simple and no-fuzz Halloween decoration for you to try on this year.

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Is Your Mummy Home?

How fast and easy would it be to transform your door from a regular day to a Halloween evening with some good ole toilet paper and two felt circles?

Not only that, but this front porch is another pumpkin decoration that holds the potential to be a hit with your trick-or-treaters this Halloween season. Pumpkins are not just only meant for grounds; if your porch has an overhang and it is stable, and then use a ladder so you can stand on it and alleviate your display by putting up mini pumpkins on the top.

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Spider-Man City

Spider webs are another popular Halloween accessory that you cannot overlook. You can create one in front of your porch with ropes or clothes.

Tie the strands of a white Christmas tinsel, and if you don’t want to put in so much effort, then you can buy a giant spider from a local store or online store. It definitely creates the overall Halloween effect you desire.

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Pumpkin Wood Décor

Wooden pumpkin décor is one of the classic decorations that can leave your crowd impressed. If you don’t want to use foam pumpkins, you can frame your door with the old reclaimed wood pumpkins; they not only give the pumpkin feel but provide a vintage look too.

This way, you can save the pumpkin to make delicious Halloween dishes instead. Yes, that includes pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving dessert.

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The Canned Pumpkin

Halloween decorations don’t have to be expensive. Whether you are in a budget or not, there are simple, cost-effective, and interesting ways to put up Halloween accessories. You can use cans to cans to make pumpkins. Gather the pumpkin in a circle and tie up together. Add a little tree branch for the stem.

You can either paint the cans with acrylic paint or not, and it will look good either way. This DIY project is a great way to optimize the use of your house resources while making an attractive Halloween decoration.

Hocus Pocus Witch Decor. Pinterest.

Hocus Pocus

Witches have been an integral part of Halloween decoration for many years, and this year is no different. You can use this concept enhance your outdoor Halloween decoration.

You can quickly build a setup by cutting out the silhouette of a witch flying, complete with pointy hat and nose. Then add some real-life details like the broom and the buckle. A few stars and a glittery moon will make your front door look effortlessly festive.

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No Fuss Decorations

Halloween decorations can be simple and yet pique the interest of your guests. It is all about how you arrange your simple accessories. If you don’t wish to invest too much on Halloween decoration, then this idea is perfect for you. Keep small pumpkins in tin buckets and add berry branches to them.

Of course, set a couple of carved out pumpkin on your doorstep. You can use lighting if you want to amp up the look a bit. However, even without the light, this décor will look elegant.

The Artificial Pumpkin

White chenille pumpkins outdoor Halloween decorations, they give a refined look and do wonders in adding a simple white touch to your decorations and give it a chic look.

You can also use small miniature outdoor Halloween decorations pumpkins and string them together so that they look like tiny thread ball pumpkins they look cute, and this is a simple thing to do and doesn’t require extra time.

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The Countdown Sign

This Halloween countdown size is made up of picket fence pieces, and they are an awesome way of drumming up the excitement that this holiday requires. Instead of something permanent, use chalkboard paints so that you can rub it and update it daily.

This outdoor DIY project is a fun way to keep the excitement of Halloween going on in your family. You can add different Halloween related facts or quotes on the board along with the countdown update.

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Monster at the Front Door

If you have kids, then make them a part of your Halloween decoration. It can be a fun activity for them. You can draw a monster on your front door along with you other little decorative items.

This idea can be a fun DIY project for you and your kids. Furthermore, it is not that hard, too, and you can let your kid use his or her imagination.

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A Trick or Treat Sign

If you are really into do-it-yourself projects, you can create your very own trick and treat signs to place on your front porch. You can search for templates that are already available online, or design your very own.

Let your children make a sign, too; they will love getting into the spooky holiday spirit. If you want to skip the words, draw pictures of traditional costumes like a ghost, Frankenstein, and clown.

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The Spooky Candy Holder

Children love spooky themes and consider it the best apart of Halloween, along with free candies. So how about you mix them and create a scary candy holder? It is better than having some old dish you use for cereal, spaghetti, or who knows what else!

You can create an intriguing set up where you place the candies. Include candles, pumpkins, eerie figures to create an overall intriguing effect that trick-or-treaters will adore!

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The Subtly Scary Décor

Halloween doesn’t necessarily have to scare people. You can create a fun and bright colored Halloween decoration in just one afternoon. Whatever you do, don’t leave your pumpkins blank.

If you don’t want to carve them, add a bit of color to them by making some design. You can make amazing memories and include your kids in this process. Paint silly faces, write fun stuff about Halloween, or use lighting that creates a good effect.

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Light Up the Plant

Every house has plants on its front porch, and these plants provide immense scope for Halloween decoration. Take a look at yours and consider how you can dress them up to reflect the holiday season.

You can use vintage washtubs, and they will give a great vintage feel and will be perfect for their front door décor. Add orange lights to them and some stray around the base in order to enhance the effect of your overall decoration.

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Add That Witch Hat

Witching hour has begun! The witch hat is another accessory that you can include in your Halloween decoration. You can get spooky floating hats and then lit them up in the night you are going to be the talk of the town, and kids will love it.

You can look online for floating decor or try to make your own. Aside from witch hats, go from brooms, cauldrons, and other traditional Halloween decor like cats or bats.

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The Country Décor

By arranging hay balers, mums, pumpkins and dried corn stalks, you can create a classic country Halloween vignette in front of your porch. You can also add fake spider webs that will not give a scary look but will definitely giver a Halloween theme.

Create a classic country Halloween vignette on your front porch by arranging hay bales, mums, pumpkins, and dried corn stalks around your steps. Fake spiderwebs add a not-too-scary touch.

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The Quick Way to Jack-o-Lanterns

If you don’t have time or don’t want to sit and carve pumpkins, then you can turn orange tissue papers into balls and make them look like pumpkins. You can put them on your front porch. All you have got to do is cut facial features and then stems from the construction paper and then apply it to the balls with glue dots.

Furthermore, if you have some spaghetti sauce jars lying around, then you can create cute jack-o-lanterns, too, and who doesn’t love a pumpkin face during Halloween?

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Night Sky Pumpkin

The way you can use pumpkin for your Halloween decoration can genuinely amaze you. Painting the night sky on your pumpkin can help you add a unique touch to your decoration.

You can use watercolor to paint the pumpkin and turn it into the night sky; add a touch of glitter for the effect you want. Let your inner artist really enjoy creating this outdoor Halloween decoration!

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Creepy Crow Wreath

Sure, wreaths are a Christmas thing, but did you know you can use a wreath for Halloween decoration in many ways? Some like to keep it elegant by using an ordinary wreath; however, some use the black wreath to scare the people.

It is a perfect accessory for you if you are going for a spooky décor. It will give your trick-or-treaters a nice welcome.

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Pumpkin With Drilled Shapes

With drilled (rather than carved) pumpkins, your life is bound to be a whole lot easier. To make these fun designs, cut a hole in the bottom of a giant pumpkin, then scoop out the pulp and seeds as you normally would.

Next, mark your desired pattern with an erasable wax pencil. Using a medium drill bit, punch out a dotted outline of your image. Leave approximately the same amount of space between each hole, and you’re good to go!

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Halloween Treat Table

Check out this epic treat table! Sure, this holiday is all about candy, but presentation is half the battle. And since Halloween is another area that is brined with decorative opportunities, use your wild imagination for this decoration.

You can always use a vintage table, and the spooky setup, fashioned from a thrift dresser, is the perfect spot so that you can serve treats to kids and alcohol to elders.

Fiery Pumpkin. Shutterstock.

Fiery Pumpkin

This picture might look a little dangerous, but don’t worry! A pumpkin fire pit will make a cute concrete creation near your entryway so that you can welcome the trick-or-treaters on Halloween night.

After the trick-or-treating hours are over, you and your friends can sit around the fire pit and enjoy the crisp air. This Halloween decoration you can leave out all season!

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The Glow Candy Holder

Maybe you want to decorate your front porch and give kids their candies in one easy swoop. Wa-la! All you have to do is either purchase or create your own cute candy dish.

The light-up candy display is perfect for homeowners who plan to go out on Halloween, but still, want to give out goodies. Everyone will love it. Hopefully nobody gets too greedy with the candy if you aren’t patrolling the porch.


Rustic Outdoor Décor

Want to give a rustic farmhouse feel to your décor? Then use pumpkins, flowers, and a jack-o-lanterns to create a classic fall porch display, and your home will look like eye-candy to everyone.

And you don’t have to work hard to get this look down; this further makes this décor tip popular because it is so easy! Carve your pumpkins with the kids and put them on your porch.

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Carve a Black Cat

Just like witches and bats, black cats have always been a staple of Halloween decor. You can make your own wood cutout of a cat, and use distressed paint. Your spooky Halloween cat is purr-fect!

Cats are spooky and if you are looking for an intriguing décor accessories, it can be ideal for you. Moreover, it is easy to make, so you don’t have to fuss much.

Front porch decor. Shutterstock.

Fall Porch Décor

Speaking of porch, do you want to make your front door alive? Add faux creatures like bats, crows, and owls. This holiday outdoor addition will ensure that your Halloween décor resembles the fall season and make quite an impression among your Halloween guests.

If you want to get really spooky, hook up a speaker and play eerie sounds that the animals would normally screech in the wild. Push the button whenever the trick-or-treaters come your way.

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Back Porch Décor

Once you have decorated your front porch, let’s take the decoration to your back porch as well. You can keep everything sophisticated and straightforward here by using minimal decoration.

Use a flower wreath to put on a wall and place small flower pots on the table. This Halloween decorating idea is quite simple, yet the result will be quite beautiful.

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Candy Everywhere

A candy corn design on the front door will give a great look if you do it properly. You can also let your kids draw this outdoor Halloween decoration.

All you have to do is at the door craft an ear of candy corn inspires quilt and then paint wide strips with the help of acrylic paints on a thick artist paper. Once it is dry cut into two equal-sized triangles, then cut a 2-inch paper trim in the corresponding color and attach its door with double-sided tape.

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The Dark Ribbon Wreath

A black wreath with the silhouette of the witch and in the middle of the door is a dream come true for witches. To make the wreath you have to cut the 150 6-inch long strips of two inches wide black grosgrain ribbon, then you have to fold the strips into half and attach them to a 16 inch foam wreath with the help of pins, then layer it on the top of each other so that it gives a ruffle effect.

Further cut out a silhouette of a witch with the help of black craft paper. Also, please attach it to the center of the 16-inch round bright piece of acrylic with the double-sided help tape. Then with the help of hot glue, attach the edges of the acrylic round to the back of the wreath form. Then finish it with a bow with long tails.

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The Seed Décor

Seed packets that have fallen produce add a great charm to the front door of the house. This outdoor Halloween decoration is an excellent option for families who live in the countryside.

It is a unique way to use the resources you have around into making a merely beautiful Halloween decoration that is loved by everyone.

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Potted Plants and Pumpkins Galore

Halloween doesn’t mean that you have to treat your house like a set of a horror movie. There is nothing wrong with not adding witches and skeletons to your yard. In fact, have it stay original, and keep things beautiful.

You can use an assortment of fall flowerswelcome the fall season without worrying about the spooky holiday.

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Thrift Store Finds

You can always make a DIY Halloween door display using awesome yet inexpensive thrift store treasures. Alternatively, you can hit up the dollar store if you are on a budget. Go for skeletons, pumpkins, and other holiday themes.

Add hair raising details, and your door will look spooky just in time for the season. This Halloween decor is not scary, but it is just enough to bring out that fun side of the holiday.