Credit: Pinterest

Classic Pumpkin Decor

Halloween and pumpkin go hand in hand. The fun part is that you can do so much with pumpkin. This DIY idea is one vintage Halloween decoration item that you can never get bored of. You can build exciting checker games, penny candies, delicious homemade honey and jams, and so much more. If you are thinking of decorating your house with classic pumpkin, making pumpkin checkers are a great option. 

Take a pumpkin and paint 32-square on a large wooden board using orange craft paint. Furthermore, you can add orange and white mini pumpkin that could act as a game piece. You can spell out your Halloween greeting in mini pumpkins that are gathered on your porch.

All you have to do is pencil the letters on the hollowed pumpkins. Then carve the opening from the bottom, thereafter with the help of a drill and measure an half-inch bit start boring holes to form each letter, then hang the strings of Christmas tree lights and gather them in small bunches, this will light up each pumpkin later unscrew the bulbs and where the line is descending towards the next row.