Delightful Pet Accessories that Your Furry Friend Deserves

Trista - April 11, 2022

Do you have a pet you love with your whole heart? Some people think of their pets as their children, so it’s only natural to spoil them with toys and spaces of their own. From beds and toys right down to the decorations in the room, you’ll love what we’ve put together for you. We’ve scoured the internet to find the cutest and most stylish pet rooms to help you create a unique space for your fur baby. Whether you have a dog, cat, or even a rabbit, you’re sure to find something lovely on this list to make your own stylish and fun space. Check out the most creative pet items people have for their furry friends. You can get many pet accessories, dog beds, and more from stores like Etsy, Walmart, and more.

Get these cat shelves from PetCo and your kitty will love you for it. PetCo

37. Try Space-Saving Pet Rooms

In case you didn’t know, cats love to climb! These MYZOO and Makers LACK wall shelves from PetCo make the perfect addition to any room. With their space-saving creativity and style, your fur baby will love to scope the room from a high vantage point on these cute perches. Made from a nice oak veneer, these shelves will add style to your space. Your cat will likely not thank you for the vertical space and high vantage points, but you’ll know they secretly love it. Cats are so funny in that way! Keep reading for more space-saving pet rooms and unique ideas.

Your dog bed can match your minimalist room design thanks this cute option. Crate and Barrel

36. Pick Minimalist Dog Beds

Are you into a minimalist look for your home and looking for the perfect accessories for your pet to match? Well, you’re in luck! This gorgeous dog bed will fit your modern home and allow your pooch a comfy place to rest. It comes with removable covers for easy clean-up and a soft foam interior. The engineered wood frame gives the bed a clean look. Your pup will love this bed to relax! You can find this dog bed at Crate & Barrel and may even see other accessories to match.

Why not get a cat scratching post with a little persoanlity? Chewy

35. Keep Cat Scratching Posts in the Pet Room

Do you have a fur baby that continuously tries to scratch your sofa or chairs? Cats are well-known for their need to scratch. However, they often do it on things they aren’t supposed to. So, how do you keep them from doing it? This funky and cute cat scratching post from Chewy will solve all of your scratching problems. Designed to look like a cactus, this adorable scratcher will make an excellent addition to any room in your home and give your kitty a fun place to scratch instead of on your sofa. The best part of this toy? It’s easy to assemble, and you can do it in just a minute! Check out the link below to order this adorable cat scratcher. Your cat will love you for it even if they don’t show it.

You don’t need a huge space to have a charming dog bed. Afrikrea

34. Make Your Pooch Happy with this Dog Bed

Have you been searching for the perfect bed for your furry friend? This dog bed from Afrikrea is handwoven and made from wicker. If you enjoy a country vibe, this bed will be the perfect addition to your home. Made by hand from sustainable materials, this dog bed is the epitome of class and comfort for your favorite furry friend. You’ll love the lightweight fabric that’s easy to move around your home as you see fit. Your pup will be thankful for such a comfy bed that will make them never want to leave.

Etsy is the perfect place to discover unique pet accessories like this food and water dish for tall dogs. Etsy

33. Let Your Large Animals Eat in Pet Rooms

Some larger pets need raised bowls for eating to ensure their food digests properly. This modern food and water bowl from Etsy will make an excellent addition to any room of your home, and its sleek appearance will match anything in your home. Your large dog will love not having to lie down to eat, so that’s another plus! The stainless steel bowls are easy to clean as well. If you’re interested in checking out this pet bowl set, check out Etsy to shop for this and other pet accessories.

Your guests won’t even realize this is a stylish kitty litter. The Pet Purveyor

32. Use this Solution for Stinky Litter Boxes

Let’s face it; litter boxes are awful and difficult to hide. They are the only bad thing about having a cat, right? Well, we have a solution for you! This sage green cat castle from The Pet Purveyor features a private way for your pet to use the bathroom. The bottom compartment catches all their messes and makes for easy clean-up. Your pet will love the privacy and the ability to sit on the top of the castle. Cats enjoy high spaces, so this castle is perfect for you and your kitty. The covered litter box will provide a scent-free area wherever you decide to put it in your home.

Your dog room should have themed totes like this adorable dog-print bag. Pier 1

31. Incorporate Storage in Your Pet Rooms

We know all too well how difficult it can be to keep your home clean when your pets keep their toys all over the place. One solution is this cute, dog-printed tote bag. You can use it to store your pets’ favorite toys and provide them with easy access to them. Then, after your pup finishes playing at the end of the day, you can put all the toys back into the bin for the next day. Furthermore, you can use the storage tote for pet accessories like leashes, collars, and clothing. Keep reading to discover more amazing pet rooms with practical storage and designer pet accessories.

Does your doggie deserve a leather bed? Try this one affordable dog bed. Blvd Co.

30. Use this Luxurious Dog Bed

Those dogs look like they’re living in the lap of luxury, don’t they? This fantastic leather dog bed would make a perfect addition to any home. It comes in a variety of colors and fabrics to help you design something perfect to match the style of your home. This dog bed is ideal for pet rooms because it comes in a plethora of sizes for your small, medium, or large pooch. This comfy dog couch was designed with your pup in mind to ensure the highest level of comfort.

When it comes to home storage, you can never have enough tote bags, enough for your pet rooms. Not on the High Street

29. Put Various Totes in Pet Rooms as Storage

Your pet loves to play, but you probably don’t like the mess it leaves with toys all over your home. We found this cute, customizable pet toy storage tote to help you with that problem! The best part of this tote bag is that it’s completely personalized. You can choose the color of the bag itself, the color of the words, what words to use, and more. You will love these customizable options and a cleaner home when teaching your pup to put away their toys.

A cat tower with personality is exactly what your whimsical design needs. Happy and Polly

28. Decorate Pet Rooms with Designer Items

Your cat will love this comfortable cat tower with three spots to get cozy and many scratching posts to sharpen their claws. If you don’t have individual pet rooms just yet, the whimsical design would be cute in your daughter’s bedroom or your favorite room of the house. Designed with your cat in mind, this cat tower is made with top-notch materials to ensure a long-lasting place for your fur baby to lay, play, exercise, and more. The best part is that this cat tower is easy to put together.

Another cute cat scratch post that will fit your budget and melt your heart. Nisas Shop

27. Set Up Scratching Posts In the Cat Areas

Do you have a kitty that just loves to scratch your furniture? Have you tried the sprays and can’t seem to find anything that works? This mushroom cat scratcher is a perfect option to train your kitty not to scratch your furniture. This high-quality piece of cat furniture has eco-friendly products such as natural sisal. This cat tower will satisfy your cat’s need to scratch, jump, and play and leave you feeling better about your furniture. It comes in a variety of colors to match your style as well.

You can maximize your floor space by installing a cat scratch post on the wall. Fitiness

26. Create Pet Space in Small Apartments

Are you a pet lover with a small apartment or house? It’s challenging to get one of the larger scratching posts or cat towers when living in a small space. We found this solution for you! This wall-mounted scratcher will save your furniture and satisfy your cat’s need to scratch. A scratcher like this is perfect for small spaces and helps cure your cat’s boredom. That is why cats can become destructive with your furniture. So, if you have a kitty that scratches, try this scratcher for your small space.

Let your furry friend lap in luxury with this fancy dog bed. Neiman Marcus

25. Let Your Pet Sleep the Day Away in a Fancy Spot

Well, this is a fancy pet bed! Do you think of your fur baby like a princess or prince? This comfortable bed would be a perfect addition to your home. This tufted dog bed from Nieman Marcus has crystal tacks. But don’t worry; the design is comfortable for your pet. It comes with two matching pillows for an added design element. Your pet will love this raised bed and enjoy sleeping in the lap of luxury! Do you love this dog bed that would be an excellent addition to your pet home? Keep reading for more affordable dog beds, cat scratching posts, and unique items for your pet rooms.

Let your doggies have a sleepover thanks to these dog bunkbeds. Etsy

24. Hang Artwork in Pet Rooms

Do you have a separate space, especially for your dogs? These cute and stylish framed pictures would be perfect for pet rooms. With adorable designs of different types of dogs wearing glasses, these pictures would be an excellent conversation starter! These framed photos from Etsy come in sets of three, in three different sizes. Whether you want a statement piece or just something to start conversations with, these adorable photos would be a perfect addition to your home.

What’s not to love about these retro kitty litter box? Wayfair

23. Order this Litter Box for Your Modern Home

Do you have a modern style for your home but have a soft spot for a little vintage? Have you been looking for a way to hide your litter box? We may have found something perfect that will hide the box and give off those modern vibes you’re looking for. This litter box from Wayfair comes with a scoop, a hidden compartment, and a drawer for easy cleaning. The design reduces the amount of litter tracking happening in your home. It also comes in a variety of colors to match your style.

You can upgrade even a small space with a stylish pet bed. Tuft and Paw

22. Add a Stylish Pet Bed

Does your cat love to hide? Cats are known for their hiding abilities and love of warm, dark spaces. This modern pet bed from Tuft and Paw will help your furry friend stay warm and comfortable. In fact, this pet bed was a top pick for Travel and Leisure in 2021! The breathable sphere houses a faux fur blanket that keeps your pet cozy. You can also change where the windows are with silicone bumpers. The faux fur blanket is machine washable as well.

Allow your cat to climb its heart out courtesy of this stylish cat tower. Etsy

21. Let Your Cat Climb a Tree

Cats love to climb and be in high spaces, so it’s only natural for them to try and get to the highest point in the room. Do you have problems with your cat climbing on things they shouldn’t? You should get a cat tower. This sleek and modern design is perfect for small spaces and contemporary homes. It has scratching posts and perches for sitting, ideal for cats to play, jump, scratch, and climb. Keep reading to discover more awesome ideas for pet rooms.

Welcome your pet with stylish pet accessories for the foyer. Pottery Barn

20. Use Storage Baskets for Pet Accessories

Do you have an issue with pet storage for all of your furry friends’ things? These high-quality, wicker storage baskets may be perfect for your needs. These large baskets will hide everything perfectly, whether needing to store leashes, collars, toys, clothing, or food. You can find these baskets at Pottery Barn. Designed and handcrafted by ethical crafters, these storage baskets come in small and large sizes, depending on what you need to store.

From a scratching post to a hiding spot, this affordable pet accessory is also a cat bed and a shelf. Walmart

19. Create a Comfy Hiding Spot

Does your cat love to hide? You can use this adorable cat bed as a table as well. It comes in three different colors from Walmart with comfortable materials for your fur baby. But wait — there’s more! This pet furniture is also a scratcher, so you won’t need to buy multiple pet accessories. This unique pet item has openings so you can put it over air vents. That is a win-win because you won’t obstruct heating or stop your cat from playing.

Fall in love with this modern bed pet from a designer that fits its style. Clear Home Design

18. Remember a Touch of Class in Pet Rooms

With its clean design and colored comfy bed, this pet bed will add a touch of class to any room in your home. You can find this cat and dog bed at Clear Home Design. They offer this cat and dog bed and a variety of other things for your pets. The bed frame is made out of clear acrylic and comes with easy-to-understand instructions for construction. Your pets will love the raised effect, giving it a little space from the cold floors in your home. The website also offers customization for this adorable bed, which is a plus.

From hanging leashes to letting your pup lounge, this entryway furniture is perfect for pet lovers. Wayfair

17. Create a Fancy Entryway in the Pet Room

Best used for entryways, this dog bed offers a place for your pooch to sleep as well as storage solutions for all of their leashes, collars, and toys. You can find this pet bed at Wayfair from the Saunders Pet Home Collection. The large, comfortable dog bed is easily machine washable with an easy-to-use zipper on the back of the cushion. The hooks at the top are the perfect spot to hang leashes, collars, or even a coat.

Create a stylish space in your home with a wooden cat bed that works as an end table, too. Etsy

16. Use a Stylish Box

This stylish box is the perfect bed for your fur baby. It is made out of plywood and stained a dark oak color to match any room in your home. It doubles as an end table to utilize the most space possible for all of your furniture and accessories. Your cat will love the dark and quiet area inside the box to relax and take a nice nap. This affordable pet box is from Etsy with high-quality birch plywood. Keep reading for more cool pet rooms.

Your four-legged friends will adore this practical dog bunkbed, especially if you have more than one pet. Tail-Us

15. Try Pet Bunk Beds

These adorable bunk beds are a great space saver in your home. The comfortable bedding and high-quality materials will make an excellent spot for your pet to rest. If you’re creating a pet room for your fur baby, this bunk bed will make a great addition with its black color. You can find this Aspen bunk bed for dogs at Talis. It comes with easy-to-follow directions for assembly. The upper part of the bunk bed has safety rails to keep your fur baby safe. All you’ll need to do is teach them to use the stairs.

This modern kitty bed looks like a piece of artwork. Etsy

14. Order a Modern Bed for Your Favorite Kitty

This stylish, geometric sphere will make a perfect spot for your kitty to rest. Designed with comfort in mind, it comes with a cozy bed to place inside. Etsy artisans create this pet bed. It has a plethora of positive reviews and would be a perfect addition to any modern home. It is small, so you won’t have to worry about taking up too much space in your home. Do you like this cat house? Keep reading for more designer pet rooms.

Follow your boho-chic design with these hanging cat beds. Etsy

13. Decorate Boho Pet Rooms

These boho-chic cat beds are adorable! Handmade by Etsy Artisans, these bed beds will make an excellent addition to any boho home. Your cats will love the ability to be higher up in the room and enjoy playing and resting on the comfy beds inside the macrame hangers. The best part is that these macrame hangers won’t take up a lot of space, so that they would be great for smaller areas. If you love these hanging macrame cat beds as much as we do, check out Etsy.

Nothing says fancy like a feline on a velvet couch. Etsy

12. Go Fancy for Those Sassy Felines

Your fancy cat will love this sofa bed from Etsy. Offering many colors and sizes, the sellers of this bed created it to be comfy for your cat. It’s so stylish and cute! The chaise lounge design would be perfect for your living room or bedroom, and with the variety of colors it comes in, you can customize it to your heart’s content. Your cat will love to use it to play, lounge, sleep, and hide. If you’re interested in this lovely chaise lounge for your fancy cat, don’t miss out! Keep reading for more beautiful pet rooms.

This stylish cat bed is ideal for small spaces, like apartments. Etsy

11. Get a Stylish Cat Bed

Do you have a cat constantly trying to get on your counters? Maybe they go to the highest space in your house. This comfortable and stylish cat bed from Etsy may be the answer! You can mount it on the wall for your fur baby to enjoy the room and take a snooze. The seller receives many positive reviews for this particular item, so you know cats love it! Its minimalistic design will fit wonderfully into any room of your home, and the best part is that you can completely customize the colors and wood finish. It comes in four different wood finishes and eleven different colors.

Show your felines how much you love them with this wall climbing cat furniture. Etsy

10. Install a Fancy Wall Climbing Space for Your Cat

We all know how cats love vertical space, so this pet room is just a no-brainer! If your cats are constantly getting up onto the highest objects in your home, this pet furniture may be the answer. It would probably work best in a larger home with high walls to give your cat the vertical space needed to go as high as possible. It comes with cute cat designs carved into the wood and seven different perches for them to sit and lounge on. Your cat will love surveying the room from a high vantage point, and you’ll enjoy watching them play on such a wonderful cat toy.

You can really find just about any pet bed style you want on Etsy since everything is custom. Etsy

9. Let Your Cat Hide in this Cool Pet Teepee

This one is so adorable. If you have the space for something like this in your home, you must try it. Cats love to hide, so this teepee is a perfect option for their needs. You can assemble it quickly, and it features high-quality materials for long-lasting fun. Like many other custom pet furniture, you can find this teepee on Etsy! It doubles as a lamp, making it an excellent addition to your living room. Handcrafted from leather, wood, and macrame, this teepee is a perfect choice for any cat owner.

Since your cats like cuddling with you, put their bed right above yours. Etsy

8. Try a Cat Bed on the Wall

This comfortable, minimalistic wall-mounted cat bed will make your cat jump for joy. Cats enjoy being in high spaces, and since they spend the majority of their time sleeping, it’s a win-win situation! You can find this gorgeous cat bed on Etsy at an affordable price. Your cat will enjoy snoozing above your bed or couch, and you’ll enjoy keeping them off your counters or refrigerator. It comes in various wood finishes and colors for the bed itself so that you can customize it to your heart’s content.

Are you a lover of vintage things? Have this cool cat box match the rest of your retro design. Etsy

7. Order a Statement Piece for Your Kitty

Do you enjoy a retro look for your home? This adorable retro-looking cat box serves as two cat beds and an end table. So, if you have a small space to put a bed for your cat, something like this would be perfect! You can find this retro cat box on Etsy. It is handmade by artisans and comes in a plethora of colors to match your home. Your cat will love playing inside the box and on the hammock underneath. If you have a retro home and love how this item looks, you’ll have to get this statement piece. Keep reading for more cool ideas for your pet rooms.

Let your kitty sleep on a cloud with this ultra-plush cat houses. Etsy

6. Create the Comfiest Spot for Your Cat

These cats sure look happy in their comfy beds! These Japanese Sakura animal beds are ideal for cats or small dogs. Cats love to hide, and something like this would provide them a place to do so. Whether you have a small dog or a cat, these cute beds would offer a warm, comfy spot to rest on any given day. The bed on the inside is washable, and the whole thing is entirely handmade.

This affordable pet bed is both stylish and practical since it doubles as a nightstand. Etsy

5. Decorate Pet Rooms with Modern Bedside Tables

How much do you love this adorable, modern pet house? It would be perfect for a cat or small dog and comes in designs to customize for your individual needs. Your fur baby will love sleeping next to your bed in their own space. It doubles as an end table, so it’s a perfect spot for a lamp or your cell phone. It has a lid that you can easily open and close to remove the bed for the washing machine. If you like this pet house, click the link below to shop. You can also find various other items on Etsy to match this gorgeous bed.

You can really find just about anything on Etsy, including this fun cat bed. Etsy

4. Buy a Cute Cat Bed and Scratching Post

This adorable cat bed and scratching post are ideal for small spaces, and it comes in a cute design that will compliment any room. Your cat will love hiding and playing in the adorable head of the lamb and scratching on the sisal scratching post at the bottom. Handcrafted by Etsy Artisans, this cat house comes with easy-to-understand directions for assembly. If you love this lamb as much as we do, check out Etsy and shop your heart out.

This pet room is perfect for your bunnies with plenty of hoppy places, faux nature, and an entire house in the corner. Pinterest

3. Create Special Pet Rooms for Your Rabbits

Do you have rabbits? This stunning room has designs and pet accessories to care for those furry babies. They have a house and plenty of places to play and climb. Their tiny home probably has places to sleep and hide, while the small tunnel and wooden steps give the furry bunnies a place to play. These rabbits are sure living in the lap of luxury, right? Do you have goals for a room in your home dedicated to your rabbits and need help with designs? Pinterest is a great place to look for all of your needs.

This picture doesn’t give this oversized dog bed the justice it deserves. You can the idea, though. Design Dua

2. Get the Comfiest Dog Bed of All

Have you been looking for the perfect dog bed to complement your home? Does your pup need something extra comfy? If so, this dog bed may be perfect for your needs! This dog bed from Design Dua has awards for being the best new product! It comes in various styles and sizes to give you plenty of customization options. You’ll love the look on your pup’s face when sleeping in the lap of luxury in this super comfy bed.

If you have a pug, bulldog, or even a cute cat, opt for a unique teepee for your pet. Hammock Town

1. Let Your Fur Baby Play in an Adorable Hiding Spot

Are you always on the lookout for something new for your pet to do? This cute tent from Hammock Town might be just the ticket! This tent will add a touch of whimsy to any room in your home. Whether you have a cat or a dog, they will both love to play, hide, and sleep in this cute tent. This pet tent is made from durable cotton and wooden poles and can withstand rough play.