Design Tricks That Will Make Any Room Look Way Bigger

By Trista
Design Tricks That Will Make Any Room Look Way Bigger

Homes just seem to be getting bigger and bigger these days; it probably makes you look around your home and wonder how you can open up your space, especially if you have had more children or pets added to your family over the years. Instead of knocking down walls, you can create an illusion of space in each room, so you don’t feel so crowded. 

While you might not have the biggest square footage, you can make people think that you do. There are some fantastic ways to make your rooms feel bigger, and the first place to start is by deciding on what the function of each room. Follow these design tricks and your room will be open and welcoming in no time.

Make sure that the furniture in your small space is multi-functional and has a practical purpose.

Select Your Room Accents Very Thoughtfully

Gwen Snyder Siegel, an interior designer, says that if you are living in a smaller home or an apartment that your rooms should be multi-functional. She also recommends using pieces around the space that are practical, and that will be used daily. 

She further explains that small spaces can’t take things that have no use as they will begin to clutter the room and make it feel smaller. So, it’s time to reinvent your small space and make it into the spacious dream home you’ve always wanted.