DIY Home Security Hacks that Will Protect Your Family

Monica Gray - January 26, 2023

Get Smart With Smart Lightbulbs

Smart lightbulbs allow you to control them, even when you’re not home. Technology nowadays is impressive, in that you can explore a European city and activate your lights at home to make it look like you’re in your kitchen. You can also program them to a set schedule, so they turn on at 8 PM every evening and off at 6 AM every morning, though this isn’t the best tactic. That way, it’s very easy to make your home look occupied. But leaving the lights on isn’t the only way to deter a criminal. If a criminal watch your house for a few days, they can predict when the smart lightbulbs will turn on. Using these lightbulbs in addition to many other tactics is the best way to deter crime. Most break-ins occur during the daytime, from 10 AM to 3 PM, because that’s when most people are at work. A lightbulb won’t help during the day. The key to a successful lightbulb deterrent is to make it look natural and not on a timer, which is why accessing lights through an app is the best way to deter a burglar (ADT).

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Prevent Theft By Pick-Proofing Your Dead Bolt

Watch any YouTube video and you’ll become a master lock picker. Even if you’re an amateur thief, it’s simple to pick a lock with the right tools. Even though most of us will never even try to pick a lock, amateur thieves surely will, and they might even practice on your home. Home security involves pick-proofing deadbolts. This is another way to deter a thief from entering your home. It’s simple. Install a deadbolt protection device. This slides a lock over the handle of the deadbolt, which keeps thieves from turning it if they do manage to pick it open (Family Handyman).


Use A Video Doorbell For A Sneak Peak

One of the best ways to know who’s at your door is to use a video doorbell, as we mentioned above. This is different from a smart lock, which lets you control who’s allowed to enter your home. With a video doorbell, you can see who is at your door. Using an app on your phone, you can unlock it remotely. But if it’s someone you don’t recognize, who looks like they’re trying to pick your lock, you can immediately notify the police. You can also monitor packages at your doorstep, which is especially important during the holidays when package theft is more likely to occur (Expert Security Tips).


Protect Your Home WiFi As Well

It doesn’t take a lot of skill for a hacker to enter someone’s unprotected WiFi network. While you may wonder why it’s important to protect your WiFi network, we’re going to let you in on a little secret. It’s just as important as protecting your home. Even if you went through all the trouble to install smart lightbulbs, an alarm system, and security cameras, if a hacker has access to your WiFi network, you’re in a bad place. They can access your private information and use that to monitor your home and control Wi-Fi-connected devices. This includes your cameras and security alarm system. If they have access to your alarm system, they can easily turn it off when you’re not home, break-in, and leave without a trace. Always use a strong WiFi password and never share it with anyone (Oberer Homes).


Use Fake Signs To Make Burglars Question Their Next Move

Burglars don’t have time on their hands. They have to act fast and think of the easiest possible way to break into a home. The riskier your house looks, the less likely they are to break in. If the next house looks a lot less risky, the burglar will choose that home. While that’s bad news from your neighbor, at least you’re protecting your family. One of the best home security hacks to prevent a burglary is to use security signs around your home, even if they’re fake. They’re cheap to purchase, and the tradeoff is worth it. There’s one catch, though. Since fake security signs can’t use the name of a real home security provider, they use a fake one. It’s unlikely a novice burglar will be well-versed in the names of real security providers. But an experienced burglar will have studied and done his homework. While installing a real security system and using real signs is the best way to keep your home safe, using fake signs is your next best option and will prevent some burglars from entering your home. It’s a good tactic if you’re in the process of installing a real security system (Home Alarm Report).