Easy Ways To Declutter at Home

Trista - April 5, 2020

When it comes to decluttering your house, people can’t relate it with self-care. Right now, to maintain perfect hygiene, decluttering your home is a necessity rather than an option. Most people don’t know this, but a cluttered place will evoke a negative impact on your life. A chaotic environment is stealing your space, time, and energy as well. Sometimes, coming back from work to a cluttered house will steal mental peace too. Furthermore, too much stuff can cause enough stress in various ways. It is probably time for you to declutter your home.

Keeping up with housework takes time, work, and effort in a cluttered home. More stuff is equivalent to more mess and more time and energy to tidy things up. If a place is way too messy, it becomes difficult to find any stuff, and you fail to keep track of what you own. So, it forces you to spend more time looking for it. Even feeling discontent with your home’s current state can make hosting guests rather embarrassing and stressful. So, decluttering your place and keeping it in pristine condition helps you mentally and saves your time and unwanted stress.

Having a messy home can make it difficult for you to focus on anything at all. It’s not good for your mental health. Pxhere.

Declutter Your Living Room

Nowadays, people are moving towards the idea of simple living with a minimalistic approach. You don’t need many accessories to embellish your place, as stylish little additions can do the trick. This idea of simple living is pretty attractive, and many are moving towards this motive. However, sometimes, they might start feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and defeated around the idea of owning fewer items. Learning ways to declutter a house doesn’t always have to be a painful task. There are some simple steps to follow as well that make decluttering a beneficial job.

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If you own fewer possessions, there are multiple benefits to it. Want to know about it? Well, keeping track of the below-mentioned points will help. Cleaning, in itself, is a tough chore to perform. Having to clean things you have zero emotional attachment to will make the cleaning process tougher than usual. So, if you can get rid of the unwanted stuff, you don’t have to bother cleaning it up. Moreover, with fewer things, you get to find your required items easily. Things won’t disappear anymore. Try to organize a few items you have on hand, and your home will start to look gorgeous and clean!

Your living room is likely the biggest culprit of clutter because it’s the biggest. Wikimedia Commons.

Get Started In The Common Space

Are you trying to declutter your entire home? Moving your eyes around a cluttered house is likely to give you a headache for sure. However, if you can declutter your home on time and keep it clean as well, you will end up with a lovely space. Furthermore, if you can spend less time shopping for your house, you get rewarded with fuller bank accounts. So, your credit card statements will remain at an all-time low, preventing you from running into debts. By keeping things organized, you’ll be able to keep a better “inventory” of what you need and what you don’t need to buy next time you’re at the shops.

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Sometimes, a cluttered home means you need time to clean it. If you have more unwanted products lying around, it means you have to dedicate extra time to clean your surroundings. As you have limited hours every day, you have to cut it from other essential tasks to declutter your space. However, if you have fewer proficiently organized items, you don’t need to waste time decluttering your house. That means you have enough time here to follow your passion and use it for other fruitful ventures. Start in the common area, as this is most likely where you spend most of your time!

Figuring out how to stay organized is a tricky thing, but picking a place to start can help. Pxfuel.

Creative Decluttering Techniques

Are you having trouble and can’t quite declutter your home just yet? If you are currently struggling with cleaning up procedures and need guides on decluttering efficiently, try to develop some creative plans. There are so many decluttering tips available, and most of them are simple, including putting items in boxes and swiping the floor with a wet mop. However, try something different and add a little bit of creative dose to decluttering techniques to make it a little more interesting than usual. Doing this won’t feel like such a chore, and you won’t be dreading it all day.

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When you aren’t looking forward to something, you keep making excuses about why you shouldn’t do it. It means your home will gather more and more clutter — making the clean-up of it way worse than it should have been! Keeping your home clean once it’s clean is much easier than the big clean-up of the clutter, so you’ll have that to look forward to. Start learning that everything has its place, and it needs to be put back in this place once it has been used. It goes for TV remotes, blankets, food, and your clothes!

If you get easily overwhelmed, give yourself five minutes to do some decluttering every day. Pixabay.

Declutter 5 Minutes At A Time

You can make a difference with 5 minutes of cleaning at a time. It is perfect for the newbies in the decluttering world. Start the process by dedicating 5 minutes of your time daily. Later, when you are comfortable with the timing, try to build up the momentum by adding some more minutes. Progressing slowly is the key here. You can even take up some challenges to make this task of decluttering a house a lot more fun. One such is the 12-12-12 challenge. Here, you need to locate 12 items that you are planning to throw away.

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You also need to locate 12 other things to donate and 12 that you need to return to their proper places. It will help make the task a lot easier to complete on time. Once you’ve completed this challenge, your clean-up of clutter for the day is done! That means you can do whatever else you want to do with your day and know that the start of the clean-up has begun. It will also take some of the weight off your shoulders when it comes to getting your home looking spotless. Five minutes of this each day will make such a noticeable difference.

You can’t keep everything, but someone else could enjoy your belongings. Pixabay.

Donate Items Or Throw Them Away

Here is one of the best declutter tips out there! Take time to give away one item daily. If you calculate it correctly, one thing daily is equivalent to 365 articles a year. Now that’s a considerable number to clean your space. If you increase this amount by adding another item daily, you can easily give away 730 things that you no longer need. Once it gets too easy, try increasing the number to 3 and 4 pieces, and so on. It is a good deed to donate clothes which you will never wear. To identify those clothes, hang them with hangers and in a reverse direction.

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After you wear an item, face that hanger in the proper direction. You will find some clothes in the cupboard which you haven’t touched for months and probably forgot all about it. Those clothes are your best choices to donate to nearby charity organizations. Try filling up an entire trash bag with unwanted stuff. Work it out as a competition if you have siblings. Both of you must get a trash bag and start filling it up as fast as possible with the items you plan to donate to the local charity. Whoever can do it first will get a prize!

To get a fresh perspective, look at your home from the viewpoint of your guests to see what should be tidied. Photo Credit: Decoratorist

A Visitor’s Perspective Along with Declutter Before and After Pictures

As you have been living under the same roof for so many years now, you forget how your home might look from a new visitor’s perspective. So, you end up creating a mess without knowing it. Try to change that outlook for some time. Enter your place as if it is your friend’s house. It will give you a whole new perspective of things you need to change, clean, and organize to make the place look better. Think of what you look for when you visit someone and then apply this to your own home. A new perspective is always good!

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Before and after pictures of a small area will help you judge the differences well. For this method, you have to choose one particular portion of your first, as the living space. Then take an image of that small area alone. Quickly clean out the items that you don’t want anymore and take an after picture. The change will be a surprising one. Now, once you get an idea of how your place might look if you declutter, it becomes a lot easier to start the process. These after pictures will act as a morale boost, and you can Instagram them to earn your recognition!

It doesn’t hurt to have friends over to help you out. The process will go a lot faster too. Photo Credit: Home Quicks

Ask Friends For Help and Create a List

You can always ask your friends to help you out if it is challenging to declutter your house all alone. Not just a friend, but you can also ask your family members to visit your place and help declutter it. Some might even come just to give advice. After checking out all the items you have, they will advise you on the things you don’t need and ask you to either throw them or donate them to a nearby charity. If you can defend your reasons to keep the product, then it is yours. Otherwise, it is time to throw the junk away.

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If you have a decluttering list by your side, it becomes super easier to clean up your space. Visual representation makes the task a lot easier and can help you know where you need to start. Some online centers have their own decluttering checklist you can borrow for the time being. It’s also always useful to have someone else come in and help – not only does it lighten the load from you, but it also makes it a lot more fun to have company. Misery loves company, after all! They’ll be able to give you the perspective you need to get rid of things you want to hold onto unnecessarily.

Always organize things into four different piles so that you can figure out what you want to keep and what you can do without. Flickr.

Declutter Using The Four-Box Method

You can try out the four-box method. Here, you have to take four boxes and level them, and those are Keep, Trash, Give Away, and Re-Locate. Enter every room of your place and place each item into the selected boxes. Never skip any item, even if you think it to be insignificant in nature. This entire process is a rather lengthy one and can take days or even months. Don’t give up, as this process will help you realize the items you own and what to do with each one of them. It is not always necessary to call for a professional organizer.

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Of course, they’re helpful when it comes to decluttering your place, but they can also end up being quite costly when it is something you could do on your own. If you have some time on hand and a proper plan, you can cover this task independently without any secondary help. You can even turn it into a fun-filled activity for the entire family and get everyone to join you. That will eventually speed up the whole process by a lot. Follow organizational pages on social media, and maybe this will inspire you and give you some tips and tricks to use.

Your home will look and feel much brighter without all the clutter around. Flickr.

It’s Time to Declutter!

There’s no strict time in which you have to complete the task of cleaning your space to declutter it. If you have fewer things to move and organize, then one day is enough. If not, there’s no need to rush. Take your time while going through and scrutinizing every product first before deciding to keep it or throw it away. You can cover this task with time and might have to continue doing it on a semi-regular basis. Moreover, owning fewer items will not make your house look empty if you know how to organize the items well and target a minimalistic approach.

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A simple lifestyle does not always mean dull or sparse. With few distractions in your way, your home will look much more clean and peaceful. Your house will turn into the perfect place for comfort and rest. Less is more when it comes to a home; we tend to collect more and more things over the years, which wastes money most of the time. By living a decluttered life, you’ll start to enjoy the minimalist approach to life and see the benefit of it. It does take time and effort to become this – but it’s worth it!

The bathroom is another place that can accumulate a lot of clutter. Photo Credit: The Sun

Start Decluttering The Bathroom

It is imperative to start the decluttering process, room by room. Concentrate on one place and wait for its picture-perfect result before moving towards the next space. The first and most comfortable room in which to start the decluttering process has to be the bathroom. You should start with the medicine cabinet first. Take time to get out all the items you have stored there and begin discarding the expired medicines, skincare items, and makeup products you won’t use anymore. The ones you are still using should find their places inside the medicine cabinet. Store the things that you use most often at eye level.

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Once you have covered up medicine cabinets, it is time to move towards the cabinet drawers. Follow the same procedure of removing everything you have inside and do a quick evaluation of what you need to keep and discard. Upon realizing the items, you need to keep, place them back inside the drawers. The things you plan to use the most must find their places in the top drawers. Follow the same procedure with the tub or shower section of your bathroom. Your bathroom sink might have some items in it as well, which need to be cleaned up.

Teaching your children to stay organized will make it easier for them to find what they’re looking for instead of asking you all the time. Photo Credit: Ny Times

Next Stop Is The Bedroom

Once you have taken complete care of the bathroom, it is time to move towards the bedroom. Complete all the bathrooms first before moving towards the bedroom area. You can start it off with the bed. Start looking underneath the bed to see if you have stored anything over there. Try pulling up the mattress to check under it as well. Most of the time, you might have some unwanted bills or money there. Clear out that space before proceeding further. Now, it is time to inspect the nightstands. Remove everything that the drawers hold and place them on top of the bed.

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A widespread angle will help you check every product carefully and sort them out in their respective baskets. For example, is there a book that you have finished reading just next to your bed? Place it in the donation box so that others can read it after you. Nightstands have higher chances of holding broken eyeglasses, open mail, pens, and papers you won’t use, along with similar trash. Throw all of them away and clean out space. You can even recycle the items you no longer use, like pens gone dry or empty tissue boxes. Start your bedroom sorting now!

The mess can become even more chaotic if your children have many toys. Wikimedia Commons.

Bedroom Declutter

Make sure to follow the same norm with the tops of chests, dressers, and bureaus, if any. Pay a closer look at any clothing that you haven’t worn for a long time or have stitches coming off. The last thing you want is torn-out clothes hanging in your bedroom wardrobe! Cover all the bureaus and check each drawer first. Take all the stored possessions out and throw away anything that you don’t want. If the items are in neat condition, give them up for donation. Anything that you want to keep, make sure to fold it thoroughly and then store it in an organized manner.

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If you have a vanity table or desk in the bedroom, it is time to focus on that now. Don’t just shove everything in the drawers, even if you are tempted to do so. Toss unwanted items in recycling or “put away” bins, primarily if you haven’t used them for over six months. Don’t forget to return all your details to the proper places. Store, fold, or even hang the clothes and accessories you want to keep in their respective areas. You also don’t want to end up with a drawer that is for clutter – make sure this doesn’t happen by keeping everything in its proper place.

Closets are easy to forget about because they’re behind closed doors. Needpix.

Declutter The Closet

If there’s one place in your house that will take the most time to declutter, then that’s your closet! With many clothes, it seems impossible to maintain your sanity while cleaning the space up. Following a proper and well-mapped-out plan can work in your favor. The natural and proven way to start decluttering your closet is by cleaning out the clothes first by their types. You can start with your shoes, then proceed further to dresses, denim, maxi dresses, and more. It becomes much easier for you to make up your mind regarding the clothes you want to keep and remove, based on your collections.

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For example, if you have all your jeans in one section of the closet, it becomes easier to determine which ones to keep and throw away. So, start saving similar types of clothing in one area and decide which ones to throw away or donate. Once you have gone through every form of clothing you own, there are four different piles you have to make. Try putting away anything which is not in its right spot. For example, a pair of socks need to be in the dresser and not in your closet. Then, if you have stacked up dirty laundry, place it into the laundry hamper.

Don’t use your mudroom for storage; that will make it difficult to get in and out of your home. Photo Credit: Our Home Made Easy

Organize Mudroom, Entryways, And The Foyer

Some houses have a traditional foyer or mudroom, and others are known for their entryway. The size here really doesn’t matter, as the best way to make a functional entryway is by decluttering it regularly. You can hit it off with any console, desk, or even side tables that you have in the entry space. Make sure to check every drawer you have and remove all of its contents. You have to be quick to decide whether to keep the items or toss a few away. Go over the top of every desk or even console, if you have one.

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If you have a separate space for storing keys and other essential documents, you know what to do! It is up to you to ensure that every product remains easily accessible and the area doesn’t feel way too crowded. That makes it a lot easier to leave your place with the things you need in the morning without pacing through multiple items to find your needful accessory. When it comes to the hall closet, you better start the decluttering process as you did with your bedroom closet. You have to start with the shoes and then proceed further towards boots, jackets and then followed by proper accessories.

The kitchen should be the place where you eat, not use the shelves for extra storage. Photo Credit: Medium

The Ultimate Declutter Project: Clean Up The Kitchen

It is challenging to keep your kitchen free from clutter because of the numerous activities taking place in one space. From cooking to eating and even socializing, everything happens under one roof. Therefore, your kitchen ends up storing multiple items within its cupboards and drawers. There are various ways to try and declutter your kitchen space. You can focus on decluttering the kitchen by moving towards one category at a time. You can start with cutting boards, utensils, and glassware, and then move towards bakeware. Alternatively, else, you can try targeting a particular zone through every part of the kitchen.

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Whatever space you are targeting first, you need to empty that entire space first. Then, start assessing the items you have come up with and put everything you need in their organized spaces. You can start with the powerhouse storage section first, like the upper cabinets and the pantry section. When you are done with those areas, you can move right into lower drawers, cabinets, and even spaces located just under the kitchen sink. Once done with these stages, it is time to focus on the countertops. Try moving as many items as you can off that space and transfer them to the storage areas.

Donate those old magazines to waiting rooms at doctors’ offices and throw out those expired coupons. Flickr.

Declutter The Living Room

Another hard room for you to clean aside from the closet will be your living space. It is where your guests will come and sit. So, you have to maintain its cleanliness daily and never give anyone a chance to complain about it. Moreover, most of the time, the living space will be used by everyone, not only family members but friends, neighbors, and other guests you plan to invite over. Furthermore, living rooms won’t offer you many storage options. The most you can have are some bookcases and maybe a TV console. However, the thing is, these spaces won’t hide much for you.

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The primary key here is to decide on some of the permanent storage spaces that you can easily use for the used items like magazines, remote controls, and maybe some books. On the other hand, you have no other option but to declutter the space regularly. You can start with the console, side tables, and bookcases. When done, it is time to move towards the coffee table and the well-designed and structured entertainment center. Empty everything these places hold and start assessing items you come up with. Finally, return those to their proper sites.

Without clutter, you’ll have room for your guests when they come over. Flickr.

Options for the Living Room

Start by putting books on their proper shelves, clean up piles of mail, and return your TV remote control to its original place. If you have blankets, fold them neatly and store them in their proper places. When that’s done, it is time to move forward towards your electronics. First of all, don’t forget to remove everything connected to your home theater or TV system. Ask yourself some critical questions at this stage. Do you need those headphones or old DVDs? Do you think that an outdated VCR player still works? Your answers will help you take the next steps.

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Try storing some items like gadgets, chargers, and gaming equipment in their original places. Now, it is time to tackle the toys. Scrutinize every toy for its wear and tear condition. If they still function and your kids love them even today, keep them aside and store them in the toy box. If not, it’s time to recycle them or donate to your local orphanage for less-fortunate children to enjoy. Some people make some pretty big mistakes while decluttering their space, which levels up the entire process’s difficulty quotient. Learning about the things you should not do will help you keep those thoughts at bay while starting the cleaning process.

Don’t buy new things in the middle of decluttering; you’ll only add more to the pile. Pxhere.

Organize Before Buying Anything New

Avoid going out and buying much stuff before you have sorted out your place. Unless you are cleaning the items, you have no clue what you possess. The chances are high that you might end up having two of the same things if you plan to purchase first and organize later. All those pretty embellishments and wall hangings might look nice, but you shouldn’t fall for those tempting options. Just have them in your mind and start decluttering your place. At the end of the organizing session, if you fail to find those pieces, you can visit the market a second time and get that piece for your new organized home.

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When your home is decluttered, you’ll notice if you need new items and if you don’t. More often than not, you’ll find that you actually have everything you need and that buying things will just be a waste of time. That’s why it is so important to organize before looking to purchase new items to fill your home with. Once you’ve done all your organizing, you’ll be able to see if a tabletop needs an extra vase with flowers or a coffee table book. These small accents make a big difference but only if your home isn’t already cluttered with other junk.

There’s no rush to get everything done at once. Tackle each task at a time to give it your full attention. Needpix.

Don’t Rush — Cover Each Task Completely

Always go for what you can handle and not more. Do not set aside an entire day for organizing your entire place. Very few people might have the energy or can focus on spending even 8 hours to clean, forget a whole 24 hours! The chances are high that you will start getting frustrated after the first hour and less efficient as the day progresses. So, it is better to restrict the time limit to 2 to 3 hours only and focus on a single space or project at one time. It will not just help you to stay motivated but won’t burn you out completely.

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It is essential to sort things into the right categories. However, the crucial part is to take those items to their allotted space. Once you have sorted out where the matter will go, take some time, and make sure you immediately place it in the right box. Don’t wait for the entire cleaning process to end first before you can take the products to their allotted boxes. Some may forget it, and others won’t have the energy to do it. It is why we recommend doing room by room if you try to organize the whole house at once – it will just make the mess so much worse, and you’ll feel demotivated!

Tackle decluttering your home at your own pace; there’s no deadline. Photo Credit: Ny Times

There’s No Perfect Timing to Declutter

Remember, there isn’t any particular time to start the decluttering process. Whenever you think the time is right, go for it. If you feel overwhelmed with too many possessions, it is time for a change. You can even prevent such a scenario in the first place by purchasing only the items you need and not going overboard with shopping. Limit your budget and also limit your attractions. You might get tempted with that glass jar or that wall painting. Nevertheless, first, ask yourself, “Do you need it?” If the answer is negative, leave it behind and start moving.

Photo Credit: House Beautiful

If you end up buying fewer things and only the important ones in the first place, you don’t have to bother going through the decluttering phase at all. Right from the basic bedroom cleaning to the entire house cleaning process, everything needs a proper plan. Once you have that, it becomes easier to declutter your home in the most relaxed possible manner without investing a lot of time or energy. You should also consider not setting a date to do the declutter but rather a time of year to do it in. Perhaps at the start of the new year or just after your birthday, you’ve been spoiled with new items.

From pots and pans to a seemingly bottomless junk drawer, your kitchen is full of clutter! Photo Credit: The Kitchn

Cleaning The Kitchen Clutter

If you are experiencing some mega kitchen clutter, there are many great ways you can solve this. One way is to clear out some cupboard space. You probably think that there is nowhere else you can put these items, especially the bulky pots and pans. These take up so much valuable cupboard space in your kitchen, and we have a much better idea of how to sort this out. Put them on display! Hang up hooks on the wall in your kitchen and hang your pots and pans from this. It is truly a great way to be inspired by Julia Child.

Photo Credit: Insider

Another spot in your kitchen that needs a good clean-out is your spice rack! Not only do you need to organize these because they can get messy in your kitchen, but you also need to replace them every once in a while. Spices generally stay “fresh” for up to four years. Do you have that one pot that’s been sitting at the back of your cupboard for years? Get rid of it. It’s time for it to go! You should also think about organizing your spices alphabetically or depending on the combinations you use them in.

You can easily organize even little knick-knacks using the proper containers. Pexels

Picking Your Favorite Declutter Cleaning Products

Having the right cleaning items can help you conquer your mess. Our bathrooms tend to fill up very quickly with all the products we buy over the years. It includes half-used bottles of shampoo until we find a new one that we like. You’ll also find expired mascara tubes lying around, old cotton pads, and so much more. It’s time to get this under control and declutter your bathroom. Start by checking the expiration dates on all of your products. You should not be using products that have expired – they have this date on there for a reason! You don’t want to be using old products because they won’t be as effective and might be “off.”

Photo Credit: The Spruce

How are you meant to keep this all organized if you don’t have much storage space in your bathroom? Well, that’s what decorative wicker baskets are for! Make sure these baskets are labeled so that you know where everything goes when you put them away. It is excellent to find out what products you use and like; keep everything tucked away, and then leave out the products you have used. Everything that is still in the cupboard at the end of the week is products you aren’t that keen on. These can be stored elsewhere to open up bathroom storage.

Your bedroom should be a safe haven full of comfort — not clutter! Pexels

Bedroom Pillow Storage

Are you reading for a declutter tip when it comes to pillows? We love bedroom decorations like scatter cushions, but at the end of the night, when it’s time to go to sleep, they can create a whole load of clutter in your room. It is awful, but there is a simple solution in the form of a basket. Get a large and soft basket that fits your room’s style for storing these scatter cushions in. It keeps them organized and neat but still easily accessible the next morning when you put them on the bed again. If you don’t have much space in your room, you could also use baskets under your bed to keep these additional pillows in.

Photo Credit: Home Decor Bliss

That is also a fantastic option for the laundry. Put your hand up if you have a chair in your bedroom which has become the “clothes chair.” It is the spot when you put all the clothes you’ve worn, which builds into a bigger and bigger pile each day. It’s the “lazy” way of clearing up your clothes when you don’t feel like hanging them back in the cupboard. Most of us have laundry baskets in the bathroom. Add one to your bedroom. It means that you can just put your clothes straight into the laundry basket when you get changed at the end of the day.

Whether you spend 10 hours or just one in your office doesn’t matter if it is a big mess! Pexels

Declutter Your Office and Keep It Clean

Most of us are working from home now, which means a home office that is in use a lot more than usual! It probably also means that your desk is looking a lot more cluttered than it usually is. Sadly, when we have a messy desk, it can often lead to a cluttered mind, which takes away our productivity levels. You need to make sure that you are keeping this space organized, and one way to do this is with open shelves. They help to keep your clutter under control because you don’t want everyone to see it!

Photo Credit: The Balances Mb

When you have open shelves and decorative items on them, you should restrict the non-book things to a maximum of three per shelf. Don’t fill them to the top with additional bits and bobs. It is how you keep the clutter under control. When you fill your bookshelves up too much, this doesn’t save any space for extra books that you might have and want to read. You should also take care of keeping charger cords and lamp cords as neat as possible – otherwise, your desk will become a maze quickly!

Think outside of the box when it comes to updating your space. Pexels

Covering Up Your Coffee Table

We all find ourselves being tempted by beautiful coffee table books that we see in stores to put on our coffee tables – and while this may be tempting, we should try our best to resist! The reason being is coffee tables is generally the focal point of a living room. To make the room “appear” to be as clutter-free as possible, we should avoid covering our entire coffee table in decorations such as candles, flowers, and, of course, books. What do the experts say when it comes to this? You should aim to keep your coffee table 75% clear!

Photo Credit: Cairo West Mag

That sounds fair enough! You should also really consider where you are placing the furniture in a room. Another thing to think about is the types of pieces you use in a space to create the illusion of it being neat and clutter-free. You should try to use at least one round piece in an area like a living room and most probably your coffee table. You might even consider using an ottoman in place of a coffee table. It can be used as a seating area or a table. It means fewer furniture items are required in the space to make it functional!

Should you save old ‘important’ papers? If so, for how long? Pexels

Solving The Paper Problem

It’s time that you start making designated spots for things that you frequently bring into your home so that you can instantly solve the problem that causes the clutter. One of these items is paper! Paper is a massive portion of our mess in our homes. You’ll open a drawer and find it bursting full of paper, or perhaps when you get into your car. There is nowhere to put anything because it is just full of unnecessary papers. It’s time to create a space to keep these papers so that you can sort through them when you have time.

Photo Credit: Amazon

Even though they will technically be cluttering up this space until you sort through them, at least they aren’t lying all-around your home and are somewhat organized. All papers must go into this spot. It includes mail, school papers, receipts, manuals, and even flyers you collected when you were out. This simple solution will help solve the paper problem you have in your life. Set aside time each week to sort through all these papers into different piles: throw away, read and store. Soon enough, you’ll be in the good habit of stashing away documents as soon as you get home, and your home will thank you for it.

Here is another great way to declutter your home without going crazy. Pexels

Declutter With The 30 Day List

List-making can be your best friend when it comes to decluttering your home. One of the best ways to do it is in partnership with a 30-day list. This list isn’t for you to do a bit of clearing out each of the 30 days. It’s to take account of everything you buy on those days. When there is something that you want to purchase that is not necessary for your home – put it on the list and add a date to it. If they’re still on your list 30 days later, you can buy them. If not, then you never needed it in the first place.

Photo Credit: Observer

That is a great way to not only curb your spending habits but also to be a bit more minimalist in your life, which will, in turn, keep your home clutter-free! We always tend to buy things that we never really needed, even though we thought we did. Once we’ve had 30 days to think about this item, you might find yourself with a different perspective. Also, hopefully in that 30-day time frame, you’ve cleared up a lot of the clutter in your home and see how beautiful and clean it looks without things everywhere.

If your kids can pick up after themselves, that is a huge help. Photo Credit: North State Parent

Teach Your Kids To Tidy Up

This one is for all the parents out there and the parents-to-be – you should be teaching your kids that things have a place where they belong. By teaching your kids where things go and that they should always be put back here, you’ll help your clutter problem. Building these types of habits in your kids will also set them up for the rest of their lives, and they’ll be living clutter-free. It’s going to free your time when you don’t have to clean up much after your kids have been playing.

Photo Credit: Parents

Understandably, this isn’t going to happen overnight, but keep at it and keep explaining why you need to put things in their play. Patience is critical with this, and don’t find yourself letting up on it. You’ll be setting a great example for them, and the best way to show them to keep clutter-free is to do it yourself. It is an excellent “parenting challenge” to take on this year, and you’ll be setting your whole family up for success. If you have little kids, start with their toys, and older kids can help with general household clearing up.

It’s okay if you are a little indecisive about what to keep and what to donate — or throw away! Photo Credit: Makistock/Shutterstock

Creating The “Maybe” Box

“Things” can be hard to get rid of, and sometimes we need to give it a little bit more thought than just a yes or a no. It is where the “maybe” box comes in. You need to get yourself a maybe box. When you decide to sort through your clutter and come across items that you aren’t sure about or think you might need someday, this can go into the maybe box. You should keep this box out of the way (so it isn’t adding more clutter to your life) and then put a note in your calendar for six months.

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When your six months are up, you can pull out the box and see if you do need that stuff or if you’ve survived those six months without even giving it a second thought. You’ll find that generally, you can end up getting rid of the entire box, and that’s fantastic! Sometimes you don’t even need to wait six months. You could set a reminder for the end of the month or in three months. It helps sort out what is important to you and what you don’t need cluttering up your life.

After you are done, try not to let your space get cluttered again! Photo Credit: Dragon Images/Shutterstock

Visualize A Clutter-Free Room

Go into a room that you want to declutter. It’s time for you to take a moment in this space, take it all in and look around the room. When you are doing this, try to visualize how you would love the room to look. What would you get rid of? What is taking up unnecessary space? What needs to be moved into another room? What doesn’t belong here? Furthermore, what are the most essential items of furniture? Another great question to ask yourself when doing this – what is on the floor? There should only be furniture and carpets on the floor!

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When you’ve finished your visualization process in the room and what you imagine it to look like once it’s been decluttered, you can get to work. Doing this will inspire you to actually declutter the space and not just think about doing it. It will also give you a better sense of what works in the area and what is not, giving the room life and joy. We’re not saying you have to remove everything from a room. That would just look far too sparse – but you need to clean it up and give the room a refresh! Do you need more tips? Check out these 50 storage ideas for home organization.

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