Evil Buildings That Look Like They Belong To A Super Villain

Shannon Quinn - February 15, 2023

Buildings have always been a representation of power and grandeur, and some architects have taken that concept to an extreme level by designing structures that look like they belong to a super villain. These evil-looking buildings feature menacing angles, ominous colors, and designs that seem to defy gravity. As an up-and-coming super villain, it’s important to have an iconic lair that serves as a symbol of your power to your peers and victims. Your lair could be an underground base, a castle, a mountain top facility, or a dark tower. Don’t even think about wreaking havoc without the proper grounds. To be a step ahead of your villainous competitors, make sure to follow this list of evil buildings.

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The Blood Bank

As the saying goes, “money is the root of all evil.” On Reddit, the caption of this photo was calling it “The Blood Bank”, because the building is red. Its bottom is even pointed like a needle. In reality, this is a 3D rendering for the future Central Bank of Iraq, designed by Zaha Hadid Architects. They began construction in 2018, and planned to complete it by 2023. The Covid-19 pandemic disrupted construction, which partially accounts for the prolonged completion time. However, all good things take time. Bad things too, apparently. There are plenty of conspiracy theories out there saying that the banking system is evil and corrupt. So this Blood Bank actually matches the vibe of its villain reputation, anyway.

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On the Peak of a Mountain

This building truly looks like it belongs in a James Bond film. The leading villain of some multinational corporation could be hiding out in the mountains. This house’s balcony hangs over the edge of a cliff. One false move, and you can push your enemies off the edge into oblivion. Or, you can live dangerously and have some seriously great cocktail parties. According to Fast Company, some uber rich people decide to build their homes on the side of the mountain so that they can have perfectly unobstructed views of the mountains when looking out the window. And many architects design them so that they blend in with the surrounding landscape. That’s a luxury most people can’t afford…Unless they’re doing something evil.

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The Ominous Black Tower

Situated in the middle of a busy metropolis, this black tower looms menacingly over the landscape. At night, it gives off a futuristic glow from the lights inside. But in the daytime, it appears to be a solid black tower. It’s a super villain hideout if I ever did see one. The building is also twisted, like it’s moving and has a life of its own. In reality, this is the Al Tijaria Tower in Kuwait. The designers took inspiration from a spiral, so they twisted the design by 80 degrees. Aluminum and glass are the primary materials used for the exterior. Inside, there is a shopping mall as well as offices where people work. And even though it looks like the tallest thing for miles in this picture, it’s actually only the 8th tallest building in Kuwait.

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What is This Evil Corporation Up To?

When a building has a sky bridge, you just know a villain is involved. This collection of towers form a circle, and it looks as though there are arms outstretched in a huddle at a football game. It’s plotting and scheming its next evil move. In reality, this building is called the Hangzhou Civic Center 1. It’s located in the city of Hangzhou, China. The skyscraper was designed by MAD Architects and finished in 2021. It’s 55 floors tall and stands at 228 meters (748 feet), making it one of the tallest buildings in Hangzhou. Hangzhou Civic Center 1 has won a bunch of awards for its cool design, including the Architectural Design of the Year award in 2021 and the Best Tall Building Award in 2021.

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The Vampire Recruitment Office

If Vampires had a Headquarters, this would be it. Those red pointed spires look like they’re hungry for blood. In reality, this is the Oakland California Temple. The Mormon Church owns the building. Construction completed in 1964. It was designed by Harold W. Burton, who drew inspiration from Mayan architecture. Besides the vampire towers, it features a statue of the Angel Moroni inside. The temple is made of white marble and granite on the exterior. And the interior boasts ornate wood carvings, murals, and stained glass. The church restricts access to the temple to members who meet specific criteria of worthiness. This adds a veil of secrecy even though no real vampires reside there.

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The Number of the Beast

According to Christians, every single one of these buildings are evil. In case you didn’t know, 666 is considered the “Number of the Beast” in the Book of Revelation. The Bible describes the beast as a symbol of evil, which is often associated with Satan or the Antichrist. Revelation 13:18 mentions the number and calls for wisdom, stating “let the one who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is 666.” Although scholars debate the exact meaning of the number, there are various interpretations of its significance. Some believe that the number represents a literal villain who will rise to power and become a source of evil, while others view the number as symbolic.

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Staircases of Death

Every super villain needs a grand staircase to descend during in order to make a grand entrance. This is a compilation of different evil looking staircases from around the world. One looks like it belongs in a luxury villain cruise, like an alternate universe of the Titanic. Others sort of look like they belong in the castle from Beauty and the Beast, but if the Beast was actually evil. I tried searching “evil stairs” on Google, and it turns out that there was a film called The Evil Stairs made in South Korea back in 1964. So the idea is nothing new.

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The Labyrinth

Worst. Fire escapes. Ever. Clearly, this villain is trying to trip up anyone who may be trying to escape out the window. Clearly, whoever designed this was truly evil. All jokes aside, this is the world’s largest vertical maze in a building called the Rostamani Maze Tower. The Rostamani Maze Tower is a skyscraper located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It was completed in 2010 and has a total of 57 floors. The building is unique in its design, featuring a twisting structure that resembles a maze, hence the name “Maze Tower.” It is primarily used for commercial purposes and has numerous offices and retail outlets.

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The Underground War Room

Ok, this literally looks like the secret hideout where a super villain would have his meetings. Everything is classified, of course. The baddies need to plot out their next moves. Pionen, also known as the “White Mountain,” is a data center located in Stockholm, Sweden. The data center is housed in a former nuclear bunker. It was built in the 1970s to serve as a refuge for government officials in case of a nuclear war. The data center’s unique location in a former bunker makes it an incredibly secure and well-protected facility. Access to the facility is possible through a series of winding tunnels that lead to the bunker. The data center is constructed into the bedrock beneath the city. Its main data center is nicknamed the “Crystal Room,” and it boasts an impressive glass-enclosed conference room suspended directly above the servers.

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A Glowing Power Plant

In the daytime, the Kraftwerk Lausward power plant looks completely normal. But at night, it glows green and looks incredibly evil. The Kraftwerk Lausward power plant is located in Düsseldorf, Germany. It stands as one of the most technologically advanced power stations in the world. This plant’s unique design and advanced technology have earned it numerous awards and accolades. The world recognizes it as the most efficient natural gas power plant. If you were an evil villain, it would make sense to have a power plant just like this one. You could make all of the power you want for all of your evil plots.

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This Building Has a Built-In Booby Trap

At first glance, this building looks pretty normal. But then you notice the ball suspended in midair. It looks like it’s ready to drop on the super villain’s next unsuspecting victim. In reality, this is the Ministry of Energy and Industry in Doha, the capital of Qatar. The building’s striking design has made it one of the most recognizable buildings in the city. The Ministry of Energy and Industry Building was completed in 2016. This building’s facade is designed to resemble a layer of sand dunes, with a series of triangular patterns that give the building a unique texture and appearance.

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The Ninja Recruitment Office

From the outside, this looks like somewhere a clan of evil ninjas would hang out. They would get ready to fight the heroes using their martial arts expertise. In reality, this is The Sanctuary of Truth Museum in Pattaya, Thailand. The museum is unique in that it is entirely constructed of wood and features intricate carvings and sculptures that depict various Hindu and Buddhist deities. Construction of the Sanctuary of Truth began in 1981 and is still ongoing. The museum is built entirely of teak wood. Carvings and sculptures on the exterior and interior of the Sanctuary of Truth are breathtaking. The carvings depict scenes from Hindu and Buddhist mythology, as well as various scenes from Thai history and culture.

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A Building With Built-In Artillery

Turns out this building is genuinely kind of evil, so it speaks for itself. The Mouse Bunker is an animal testing facility in Berlin, Germany, officially known as the Forschungseinrichtung für Experimentelle Medizin (FEM) or Research Facility for Experimental Medicine. The facility is designed for research involving animals, specifically mice. (Hence the name.) The Mouse Bunker is located underground, and it is accessed by a long tunnel. This facility is designed to minimize any outside noise, light, or vibration that could interfere with experiments. The interior of the bunker is carefully controlled, with strict temperature and humidity levels, to ensure the health and safety of the mice.

This is Where They Plot The End of the World

No matter what angle you look at, this building seems like it’s pretty evil. It could be the perfect location for the super villain headquarters where they plot the end of the world. In reality, this is called The Tomorrow Square Skyscraper. It’s a 55-story skyscraper located in the Pudong district of Shanghai, China. The building was completed in 2003 and stands at a height of 285 meters (934 feet), making it one of the tallest buildings in the city. It was designed by American architectural firm John Portman & Associates.The lower portion of the building is occupied by the JW Marriott Hotel, while the upper floors are home to luxury apartments.

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The Church of Chicken Cult

Welcome to the Church of the Chicken Cult, where everyone bows down to the Holy Bird. Just kidding. Sort of. Bukit Rhema Gereja Ayam, also known as the “Chicken Church,” is an unusual structure located on a hilltop in Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia. Daniel Alamsjah, a Christian man who claimed to have received a vision from God in 1989, originally built it as a prayer house. The design of the Chicken Church is based on a rooster. Apparently, roosters are a symbol of the Holy Spirit in Christian iconography. Despite its name, the Chicken Church was never intended to be an actual church. Instead, it was built as a place for people of all faiths to come together and pray. The building is now a popular tourist destination. Visitors can climb to the top of the rooster’s head to take in stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

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The Screaming Heads

If a super villain wanted to landscape, it only makes sense to add sculptures like this to remind them of their screaming victims. Screaming Heads is an outdoor sculpture exhibit located at Midlothian Castle in Burk’s Falls, Ontario, Canada. The exhibit was created by artist Peter Camani, who began work on the project in 1988. It features over 100 large, concrete sculptures of heads, many of which are over 20 feet tall. In addition to the heads, the exhibit also includes several full-sized figures and other smaller sculptures. The castle itself is not open to the public, but the grounds and the sculpture exhibit are open for visitors to explore.

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The Crucifixion

One of the captions for this photo says, “Imagine seeing this place with no prior knowledge of Christianity.” Yikes. Cementerio de Laprida is a cemetery known for its unique and ornate tombs and monuments, which reflect the styles of various historical periods. Established in the late 19th century, the cemetery features elaborate neoclassical and Art Nouveau designs in many of its oldest tombs and monuments. As the cemetery grew, contemporary styles of architecture and design were incorporated into its structures. The impressive entrance gate, adorned with sculptures and intricate ironwork, is one of the most notable features of Cementerio de Laprida. In addition, the cemetery boasts several large mausoleums, including the massive Álvarez de Toledo family mausoleum.

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The Largest Statue in the World

If a super villain had taken over the world, they would do something like this. This photo definitely belongs on the Megalophobia subReddit as well. In reality, this is The Statue of Unity, located in the western Indian state of Gujarat. It was built to honor the legacy of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the first Deputy Prime Minister of India. The statue stands at a height of 182 meters (597 feet), making it the tallest statue in the world. It was designed by Indian sculptor Ram V. Sutar and built by a consortium of Indian companies. The statue is made of bronze and is supported by a steel framework. It depicts Patel wearing a traditional Indian garment and holding a staff in one hand.

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The Dystopian Timeline

If it wasn’t blatantly obvious from the name on the building, this is Trump Tower. It looks completely ominous, and very spooky. There were some angry protestors holding signs in this photo, but they had to be removed due to profanity. But you can all probably imagine what the signs said, unless you’re living under a rock. We’re not going to get too political here. But it’s no secret that many people consider Donald Trump to be a villain set in this strange timeline we live in. There is an old Chinese proverb that says, “May you live in interesting times.” But it was really a curse. Lately, current events are far too interesting for our own good.

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Hail Hydrant!

In the setting of a cliff face, the new Magreid Fire Department Station features three caves that were dug into the mountain and connected by a horizontal gallery. The first two caves are reserved for vehicles and machinery, while the third one houses administration areas. To replicate the geometry of the slanted mountain wall, a black concrete wall was placed with a one-meter offset. This wall serves as a defining element of the project and also functions as a shield against falling rocks. Concrete was selected as the main material due to its durability, resistance, and strength. The dark color of the concrete resembles burnt wood and was achieved using beech coal dust.

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Comcast Wants Full Control

The Comcast Center Campus is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is the tallest building in Philadelphia. The tower was completed in 2008 and serves as the corporate headquarters of Comcast, a global telecommunications and media company. This campus also includes an outdoor plaza, known as the Comcast Experience, which features a giant, 2,000 square foot (186 square meters) high-definition LED screen. The screen is used for public art displays, as well as live broadcasts of sporting events and concerts. I wonder if the architect intentionally made it look evil. It’s looming over the surrounding buildings like a dark overlord.

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Faces in Faces

The Mask of Sorrow is a large bronze statue located in Magadan, Russia. It was unveiled in 1996 as a memorial to the victims of political repression in the Soviet Union, particularly those who were sent to forced labor camps in the region of Magadan. The statue depicts a large, tear-shaped face with its hands covering its eyes. This face is intended to represent the sorrow and suffering of the victims of the Soviet regime. The statue stands at a height of about 15 meters and is mounted on a granite plinth. Mask of Sorrow is part of a larger memorial complex which includes several other sculptures and monuments.

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Gas Prices Truly Are Getting Crazy

This gas station needs to relax. It is already giving off spooky vibes. So the “Die” sign is pretty extra. It’s common for neon lights to stop working at businesses, and you’ll see some other examples of that later in the list. Would a super villain own a gas station? Probably not. But apparently you can have a money laundering scheme with almost any business. Just look at Walter White in Breaking Bad, where he had a car wash as a cover. Technically, Walter White became a bit of a villain. But we love to watch his story like he’s a hero.

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The Edge of the Map

This structure really looks like the end of a map in the video game. You can’t go any further. In reality, Duga was a Soviet radar system located within the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone in Ukraine. Also known as the “Russian Woodpecker” due to the sharp, repetitive tapping sounds it emitted. The Duga system was designed to detect incoming missiles during the Cold War. Despite its impressive capabilities, the Duga system caused significant interference with radio signals around the world, leading many to speculate about its true purpose. It was eventually discovered that the Duga system was part of a larger early warning system for detecting potential missile attacks. Today, the Duga radar system and its associated buildings stand abandoned within the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, slowly decaying in the harsh environment.

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Mwahaha Mercedes

The Mercedes-Benz Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium located in Atlanta, Georgia. It is the home of the Atlanta Falcons. The stadium was opened in 2017 and has a seating capacity of 71,000. It is known for its unique retractable roof, which can open and close in just seven minutes. The design of the stadium is also notable for its striking angular shape, which is meant to evoke the image of a falcon in flight. Its exterior of the stadium is covered in a translucent plastic material called ETFE, which allows for natural light to filter through and gives the building a glowing appearance at night.

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No Sunlight For You

​​The AT&T Long Lines Building is a 29-story skyscraper located in New York City. It was built in the 1970s and was designed to house telephone exchanges, equipment, and offices for AT&T. The building has a unique Brutalist design, with a square shape and a façade made of precast concrete panels. It is also notable for being one of the most heavily fortified and secure buildings in the United States, with a complex system of security measures and surveillance equipment. Apparently, it was designed to withstand a nuclear blast. But if you look at this out of context, it just looks like an evil boss wants to deny his employees sunlight. There are no windows in this building at all.

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The Evil Cabin Becomes Evidence

Ok, this one is truly evil. The Unabomber’s cabin, which was the site of the notorious 17-year-long bombing campaign by Ted Kaczynski, is currently being held in an FBI storage facility located on an airforce base in Sacramento. This cabin was built by Kaczynski in the remote wilderness of Montana, where he carried out his bombings and lived as a recluse for many years. After his arrest, the cabin was taken apart and transported to California as evidence in the case against him. The cabin is a small, primitive structure made of logs and features a crude metal roof. Its walls are covered with tar paper, and the cabin is surrounded by a makeshift fence made of tree branches. The cabin is a haunting reminder of Kaczynski’s violent and anti-technology beliefs, and its current location is kept under tight security due to the risk of theft or vandalism.


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The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

The Four Towers, also known as the Cuatro Torres Business Area, is a complex of skyscrapers located in Madrid, Spain. They are named after their principal tenants: Torre Espacio (Space Tower), Torre de Cristal (Glass Tower), Torre PwC (PwC Tower), and Torre Cepsa (Cepsa Tower).The towers were built between 2004 and 2009, and they range in height from 236 to 250 meters, making them some of the tallest buildings in Spain and in Europe. They were designed by prestigious architects, and each one has its own unique style and features. The complex is located in the Chamartín district, which is a major financial and business area of Madrid. It has become an iconic landmark of the city and a symbol of its modernization and economic growth. The towers offer office space and other amenities, including restaurants, shops, and conference facilities.

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Maybe It’s Just Misunderstood

During World War II, the Germans built a number of naval fire control towers, also known as “Marinepeiltürme” or “MPTs,” along the Atlantic coast of Europe. Two such towers can be found in Guernsey, a British crown dependency in the English Channel, and in France. The towers were used to observe and direct the fire of coastal artillery, as well as to spot and track enemy ships. They were heavily fortified and equipped with advanced optics and communications equipment. The Guernsey towers, known as “Fort Hommet” and “Fort Pezeries,” were built in 1942 and are still standing today as historical landmarks.

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Your Soul is Our Recipe

These Wendy’s signs are hilariously bad. We’re not saying that they are secretly villains, but this truly makes them look evil. But Wendy’s has faced some controversies over the years. One of the most notable controversies was in 2017 when farmworkers and supporters organized a boycott of Wendy’s to protest the company’s decision to move its tomato supply chain from Florida to Mexico, where farmworkers were being exploited and harassed. The protesters demanded that Wendy’s join the Fair Food Program, a program that works to improve conditions for farmworkers. Wendy’s has also faced criticism for its labor practices, including low wages and the use of temporary workers. In 2020, workers at a Wendy’s restaurant in New York City went on strike to demand fair wages and safer working conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The End of Days in Seattle

Normally, this building isn’t scary at all. But this photograph truly makes it look ominous. The Seattle Space Needle is an iconic observation tower and landmark located in Seattle, Washington. It was built for the 1962 World’s Fair and stands at 605 feet tall. The design of the Space Needle was created by architect John Graham and structural engineer Victor Steinbrueck. It features a saucer-shaped observation deck at the top, which rotates slowly to provide 360-degree views of the surrounding area. The Space Needle’s construction took just over a year and was completed in April 1961. It was an instant hit with the public, attracting over two million visitors during the World’s Fair.

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Evil, But Make it Cozy

This cabin is the best of both worlds, because it is both cozy and evil at the same time. It’s the perfect getaway for a villain to just get away from everything. Maybe they will knit some cozy socks, because it looks chilly out there. In reality, this is called the Treewow Tribe. It is a hotel complex consisting of A-frame tree houses. It’s located in the mountain village of Zhongcun in China’s Zhejiang Province. For most of you reading this list, it’s probably too far away for you to visit. But technically, it’s possible to rent this place yourself, if you wanted to venture out there.

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No One Ever Bothered to Take Down the Hanging Cages

St. Lamberti is a Roman Catholic church located in the heart of the German city of Münster. The church dates back to the 14th century. It is also famous for its gruesome history. During the Münster Rebellion of 1534, the bodies of three leaders of the Anabaptist sect were displayed in iron cages hanging from the church tower as a warning to others who might dare to challenge the established order. Today, the cages have been replaced with replicas, but they remain a chilling reminder of the violent past of the city. In addition to its clock and its dark history, St. Lamberti is also notable for its stunning architecture. The church is built in the Gothic style, with soaring arches and intricate stonework that are sure to impress visitors.

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Every Day is Leg Day

Whoever thought of designing this staircase is at least a little bit evil. Who would want to walk up these steps just once, let alone every day? El Peñón de Guatapé is a massive granite rock formation located in Antioquia, Colombia. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the region and stands over 200 meters tall, with 649 steps leading to the top. The rock has a unique history and cultural significance to the area’s indigenous peoples, who considered it sacred. In 1954, the Colombian government declared the rock a national monument and, in the 1970s, a staircase was built to enable visitors to climb to the top.

This looks evil, because it’s like a villain moved to the suburbs. Credit: Reddit

The Suburban Villain

This building truly looks like a super villain moved into the suburbs. They’re trying their best to blend in by walking the dog and doing normal things. But they still can’t hide their dark side. Since this is a private home in Japan, it’s simply known as “The House in Saijo”. The couple who commissioned the project wanted a bright and open space for their family of five, while still maintaining their privacy. Its construction site was originally a field. With this in mind, the architects decided to support the structure by building it as a half-underground design from the start, rather than attempting to improve the ground. Excess soil from excavation was used to create a hill, which functions as a garden and provides privacy from the surrounding houses. The upper floors are designed with a pyramid-shaped roof, and lighting is provided by skylights.

This building is evil because it looks like the pods are looming over you in.a sci fi realm. Credit: Reddit

This Japanese Apartment Building Looks Like a SciFi Prison

Located in Shimbashi, Tokyo, Japan, the Nakagin Capsule Tower is a unique blend of residential and office spaces. Built in 1972, it stands as a significant symbol of Japanese Metabolism, an architectural style that represented Japan’s cultural revival after the war. As the first ever capsule architecture meant for permanent and practical use, the building remains a rare example of this innovative style. Despite its existence, it has unfortunately fallen into disrepair. As of 2012, only about thirty out of the 140 capsules were being utilized as apartments, while the others were either used for storage, office space, or left to deteriorate and abandoned. If you thought the outside looks creepy, the view from inside isn’t much better. There is also a YouTube video by Abroad in Japan that shows the inside as well.

This building is evil because of its ominous style. Credit: Reddit

Evil, But Make it Fashion

Somehow, this tower is both evil and fashionable at the same time. I can totally imagine a beautiful villain wearing her stilettos as she walks into this building. DC Tower 1 is a skyscraper located in Vienna, Austria. It is the tallest building in Austria and one of the tallest in Europe. The tower was designed by the French architect Dominique Perrault and houses both office and residential spaces. Its base contains the building’s main lobby and is covered in glass panels, while the tower portion is clad in an aluminum and glass curtain wall. The tower features a distinctive diamond-shaped pattern on its facade, which changes depending on the angle and time of day.

This building is evil because it literally says “Die Mart” on the sign. Credit: Reddit

Enter at Your Own Risk

Would you enter this place? Because you just might die. After all, the sign says “Die Mart.” I wonder what they sell inside. Maybe it has villain supplies like weapons and espionage equipment. Someone on Reddit pointed out that in German, “Die” means “The”. So it’s literally just “The Mart”. Not so menacing, then. But considering Germany’s violent history in World War II, that’s a bit ominous in its own way, don’t you think? In reality, there is nothing evil about this place, because lights go out all the time. But the employees must joke about working in the Die Mart. (I know I would.)

A villain would love this place, because it looks invisible. Credit: Reddit

This Invisible Building is Perfect For Hiding From Your Enemies

This truly looks like a super villain tried to create a building with its own cloaking device. It’s practically invisible! In reality, the headquarters of Banca Nazionale del Lavoro (BNL) in Rome is located in a context that is shaped by infrastructure and urban areas. The design of the building is aimed at creating a dialogue with the adjacent complex of Tiburtina railway station, while also meeting the functional needs of the bank’s headquarters.All jokes aside, this is a really beautiful building…Even if it looks a bit evil. Those hundreds of mirrored windows really must be horrible to clean, though.