Oddball Flight Attendant Stories that Prove they Need Raises

Shannon Quinn - September 22, 2021

On the surface, being a flight attendant seems like a relatively easy job. They pass out food and drinks, and make announcements over the intercom. But in reality, anything can go wrong on a flight full of people. Flight attendants are trained to deal with any number of crazy situations in order to keep people safe. Now, more than ever, people are misbehaving on airplanes at a record high rate. The people of Reddit got together to sell some of the craziest stories they ever experienced while working as a flight attendant, or witnesses as a passenger.

A passengar tried to sneak dead fish onto the plane. Credit: Shutterstock

30. The Smelly Suitcase Was Actually Full of Fish

This story came from a Reddit user called drsameagle. “Relaying a story for a flight attendant friend of mine: We see all sorts of stuff, typical customer service nonsense. I have plenty of stories of people thinking they’re being subtle about touching themselves when everyone around knows what’s happening. For me, though, the strangest one is when the gate supervisor came up the jet bridge and paged a passenger. The passenger hit his FA call button and we let him come up to the main door. The gate supervisor asked the passenger to describe his suitcase. Then the supervisor asked him what he had in his suitcase. ‘Fish.’ “

“Apparently, this guy had packed a bunch of fish he caught into his suitcase. He managed to get it through check-in and even through the TSA screen, but after being bumped and tossed in handling, by the time it got to the plane it was wet and smelly and the baggage loaders refused to put it on the plane (thank God). The gate supervisor had to explain to this guy that everyone is going to be much happier if he gets off the plane and retrieves his suitcase, and even offered him rebooking and a voucher if he would come back without the fish. He deplaned and that’s the last I heard of it.”

Drinking and flying is not a good combo. Credit: Shutterstock

29. The Drunk Pilot Who Ran Away From the Flight (Part 1)

This next story came from a user called BackInTheSunshine. “Dated a flight attendant for many years. Here’s the craziest story I’ve heard from her or her friends: The pilot showed up drunk to work for a long red eye. Only a newer gate agent noticed and she called whoever you call in that situation. But they didn’t alert any of the rest of the flight crew because she was very new. One of the flight attendants was a little late and overheard some of that call as she was boarding but didn’t get the whole story just heard a few little snippets. During the flight, the flight attendant that heard the call was telling the rest of the flight attendants what she heard and they were sort of speculating on whether the guy was drunk or not because he was a known heavy drinker off hours.”

“Somehow the pilot overheard that conversation while he was in the restroom or something, so he realized people on the ground and some of his crew suspected him. But he was already in the air. “When the plane landed, the gate agents had finally gotten a hold of whoever you get ahold of in that situation and they were supposed to be people from the company waiting at the arrival gate to breathalyze him. But again, since it was late at night, they didn’t get there right when the plane and he’d flown like hell to beat the arrival time. They figured they had a little extra time while the plane deboarded and they wouldn’t have to confront him in front of passengers and let them know that their pilot might have been drunk.”

The pilot ran off of the airplane so fast, he forgot his luggage. Credit: Shutterstock

28. The Drunk Pilot Who Ran Away From The Flight (Part 2)

“The second he reaches the gate and the door opens he just bolts from the airplane. Left his bags, left all his stuff in the cockpit, and just sprinted through the airport for the nearest exit. This airport is small enough and laid out in a way he was able to make it just out into night free and clear on foot before anyone realized what he was doing. He wasn’t scheduled to fly for like 2 more days, and despite trying to get ahold of him they aren’t able to. He shows up 2 days later for his next scheduled flight and acts like nothing had happened. But of course this time there’s a s**t-load of people from the company waiting for him. He claimed he had horrible food poisoning and had to rush off the plane to take an emergency s**t.”

“Claimed he forgot his luggage on the plane because he was so sick. He said he didn’t stay at the crew hotel because he had a personal friend in the city and stayed with them. They tried to pressure him every which way to admit it, but in the end he just got away with it. He got some disciplinary s**t for not doing the post-flight checklist or whatever correctly but they couldn’t fire him or take his license. He’d been so fast that he didn’t even refuse a breathalyzer technically, nobody ever asked him to take one (although they were minutes away from doing so). The company breathalyzed him every time he flew for years after that incident, and he went to rehab and cleaned himself up. The dude still flies to this day (but by all accounts sober now).”

This young man needed to be taped to his seat by flight attendants. Credit: Inside Edition

27. A Man Was Taped to His Seat For Screaming at His Fellow Passengers

One of the stories making headlines comes from the work of flight attendants on Frontier airlines. A 22-year old man named Maxwell Barry was drunk, yelling, and screaming. In one of the videos, we heard him say, “My parents are worth two million dollars. My grandpa is worth more than this plane.” Flight attendants tried to get him to calm down, but he refused. At one point, he groped the flight attendants. Employees tried to stop him, but he responded by swinging punches.

The flight attendants needed to restrain the passenger in some way. So they pulled out a roll of duct tape, and wrapped it around him, including his mouth. Everyone around him pulled out their cellphones to record the incident, while Maxwell screamed for help from his fellow passengers. It was broadcast on the news. The flight attendants were suspended with pay while the airline investigated the matter. Barry Maxwell was charged with three counts of battery, and he claimed that it will “forever by the most dehumanizing experience of my entire life.”

These passengers joined the mile high club on Christmas day. Credit: Shutterstock

26. Merry Christmas, You Filthy Animals

This one is from a Reddit user called canthav814. “On Christmas Day we were working the last flight of the night and it was completely full. Every seat. There was a couple in the last row window and aisle seat. He proceeds to diddle her under their coats. We notice but don’t make an issue out of it. Well when she’s satisfied she proceeded to return the favor for him. Once again we notice but don’t want to make a big deal out of it. When we land they were the very last two off the airplane and the grizzly senior lady I’m flying with calls out to them as they were about half way down the aisle.”

“‘Just so you know… that s**t you pulled doesn’t put you in the mile high club… that doesn’t count. Merry Christmas.’ They just turned beat red and scampered off the airplane as fast as they could. I looked at her like she was crazy, sure we were about to get fired. She winked at me and said, ‘What are they going to do? Write a letter to the company that we called them out for diddling each other on the airplane? We will be fine. Now, come on kid, let’s go get a Christmas cocktail.'”

When the engine was overheating, the captain turned it off. Credit: Shutterstock

25. The Terrifying Time The Engine Failed (Part 1)

This incredible story came from a Reddit user called SkyHostess. “We were flying Dallas – Honolulu about 30 minutes past the point of no return and the captain informed us (flight attendants) that he had to shut one engine down because it was overheating. We had about 2 and a half hours until we could reach any kind of land. A new hire working the flight started saying things like ‘I don’t want to die’ in a panicked voice. We had to shush her so passengers wouldn’t start freaking out. As time progressed I tried to ignore the fact that any number of things could go wrong. I started casually going through the cabin and rechecking all of the emergency equipment on board. To calm the new hire down I took her through with me to remind her of her training.”

“Just as she started calming down, I noticed a strange noise coming from the functioning engine. We were still 1 hour 40 minutes out. The captain gave us another call and my heart sank. Just as he called, a passenger got up out of his seat and collapsed right in the aisle. His shirt caught on the arm rest and ripped his shirt wide open. His wife screams. There are 4 flight attendants on this flight so someone else answered the call from the captain and I had to deal with this. In my mind I am thinking ‘how am I going to secure this guy if we are going down? Should I just leave him there and answer the phone? I need to know what the captain is saying…'”

Chaos was happening everywhere, but the customer just wanted the drink cart. Credit: Shutterstock

24. The Terrifying Time the Engine Failed (Part 2)

“Meanwhile the wife is trying to wake him up and I’m asking my coworker to get medical equipment. I immediately switch to first responder mode once I see him turn pasty white. None of these passengers knew about our engine problem and only a few noticed this guy passed out in the aisle. I saw him fall so I was the ‘caretaker’. The ‘runner’ calls for any medical personnel onboard and tells me that she can’t call the captain because he’s still talking to the ‘lead’ (oh right we have that going on too). By the time a paramedic comes the guy is waking up but says his chest is really tight. He is coughing and looks almost gray. We hook him up to oxygen and get him back to his seat. The paramedic says we need to land soon (haha) and get him to a hospital.”

“As we get him back to his seat I notice the lead flight attendant has a yellow life vest on and is coming towards me. Oh crap. She tells me that the captain was able to turn the engine back on and that we should be landing in an hour. We sent up a message about the sick passenger. I know most passengers had no idea about any of this. I was standing there in the back galley, sweating, stressing about the poor new hire and just trying to gather myself. A passenger slowly walks up to me, stretching, yawning, pulls his ear buds out and asks, ‘Are you guys going to come out soon with the drink cart, can I have a Sprite?’ All I could do was laugh at myself for getting so worked up. We landed with no incident.”

A customer brought a jar of pickled eggs onto a plane. Credit: Shutterstock

23. Don’t Bring Pickled Eggs on a Plane

This next story is from a Reddit user called Meowhahaha. “I was on a flight from Seoul to Jeju Island in Korea. Jeju Island is a very, very popular honeymoon destination for Koreans in the mainland. Most of the attractions are geared towards couples. Some poor guy had brought a huge jar of pickled eggs wrapped (he thought) carefully. Maybe he needed to bring some of mama’s home cooked food with him? As we took off and began the ascent, liquid started dripping down on the festively dressed passengers. It started in the overhead compartment in the 3rd row and dripped in everyone’s hair and shoulders. All the way back to the last row in the little plane.”

“Lots of little shrieks, then immediately angry voices. The sharp smell of pickled egg juice permeated the plane. An annoyed flight attendant dashed over, reached deep into the overhead compartment, and removed a very wet, still dripping bag. We could hear the broken glass pieces moving against each other. She stalked off with it, back stiff with disapproval. The very, very red-faced man under the compartment stood up and faced the passengers behind him. He made an apologetic speech and bowed frequently during it. I don’t speak Korean, so I don’t know what the passengers replied specifically, but it was not a great way to start a honeymoon for all the couples on board. Hopefully it will become a funny story to tell back home later.”

If you work at the airport, you can’t panic in front of customers. Credit: Shutterstock

22. Airline Employees Don’t Have the Option to Panic

So far on this list, we have had stories told by some incredibly brave flight attendants. But in this next story by Suestrong315, we see how many other airport employees don’t always have nerves of steel when it comes to flying through turbulence. “I worked for an airline about 10 years ago. My husband and I were flying PHL-PHX-BUR. I’m not a good flier…so we’re over the Rockies on the way to PHX and we hit turbulence.”

“I get nervous and hold my husband’s hand. He more or less tells me to quit faking my fear. The plane drops a few hundred feet from turbulence and I have a full meltdown. I had the presence of mind to stuff my work badge down my shirt while trying to calm down, because I didn’t want anyone seeing me as an employee getting upset. You don’t know what I do for the airline, I could be a mechanic. So I knew I needed to get a grip before anyone noticed me. I always look for the frequent fliers and flight attendants because if they aren’t worried then there’s nothing I should be worried about. But s**t is it hard to get a grip when you’re in a panic.”

Actor Ralph Fiennes shagged a flight attendant on a Qantas flight. Credit: Shutterstock

21. Voldemort Joined the Mile High Club

Many of you have seen the actor Ralph Fiennes in multiple movies, but you would never recognize him if you saw his face. That’s because he played Lord Voldemort in the Harry Potter films. Back in 2007, Fiennes was caught up in a scandal with a Qantas flight attendant. Good old Ralph decided to become a member of the Mile High Club with an employee named Lisa Robertson. This could have been a fun flight that the two of them swept under the rug. But because he was a celebrity, it became a newsworthy scandal.

The trouble started when Ms. Robertson later accused Fiennes of forcing himself on her in the airplane toilet. Of course, he rebutted, saying that he was the true victim, claiming that she initiated them having… intimate relations. Fiennes had a full team of public relations experts and lawyers helping him on the case. In the end, Lisa Robertson was fired from Qantas airlines. She also had to declare bankruptcy, and her reputation was ruined from the media circus.

A plane full of hungover people doesn’t sound like fun. Credit: Shutterstock

20. Flying on New Year’s Day is The Worst Day Ever

Apparently, New Year’s Day is one of the worst for flight attendants, because everyone has been partying the night before. This next story comes from a Reddit user called Posh-old-bird. “I did a flight on New Year’s Day a fair few years ago. An older gentleman passed out and his wife thought he had died. The other crew all went to assist and there was a doctor onboard luckily. We had to stop the food service while the gentleman was stabilized which took ages. Once he was stable we tried the food service again. However, just as we were getting the trolley from the back galley a woman dramatically collapsed in front of it so we had to deal with her. We get her stable and back in her seat and then go for the trolley only for her to come back and collapse again in front of the trolley.”

“It was New Year’s day so this woman had partied too hard the night before and was why she felt sick. A crew member from the front comes down and says they had to stop the food service as well because a kid had thrown up all over the front galley and the toilet. We also had a parent who kept letting their child press the call bell for fun. I had to explain twice that it was not a toy and to stop lifting your child up to press the button. The paramedics came and the guy was taken to hospital but not before his wife said that the same thing happened on their flight out. Moral of this story is: don’t fly if you are very unwell and don’t fly hungover.”

A teenager painted her nails on a plane and caused it to fill with fumes. Credit: Shutterstock

19. The Bratty Minor Who Caused Multiple Days of Agony

Our next story comes from a Reddit user called TerrorofTrinity. We really wouldn’t want to be in this flight attendant’s shoes of taking care of this bratty unaccompanied minor.

“My mom used to be a flight attendant in the ’80s and ’90s. The things she remembers most are 1) how frequently flights used to have to make emergency landings for passengers who had anaphylactic reactions from people eating peanuts or seafood near them. And 2) the time she was put in charge of an unaccompanied minor. She ended up having to spend 4 days with the child in a crew hotel, because the child got kicked off the plane for refusing to stop painting her nails and making the cabin stink of fumes.”

A rich Indian family had a servant dedicated to wiping them in the bathroom. Credit: Shutterstock

18. The Royal Ass Wiper

This next story came from a user called CiciCasablancas. “I’ve heard this one from my former roommate who was a flight attendant. She told me this story that a colleague of hers once witnessed.”

“So, there was a (probably) very rich Indian family occupying the first class on a long haul flight. From time to time she saw a guy walking up to the first class cabin from economy class and a couple of minutes later walking back again. This happened numerous times during the flight but they didn’t really check what he was actually doing there until he came like the sixth or seventh time. Turns out he was a servant to the family and his job was to wipe their asses when they went to the bathroom.”

A pregnant woman got on a flight, and began going into labor. Credit: Shutterstock

17. A Truly Tragic Story Of a Medical Emergency

Most of the stories on this list have a humorous slant. But there is the very real fact that flight attendants need to deal with medical emergencies. This story from Tidytibs tells a tale of a pregnant woman who needed to give birth mid-flight.

“Cousin is a flight attendant. Had a VERY pregnant woman who was en route to deliver at a different hospital in the last 2 weeks of her pregnancy. Unfortunately, her baby wasn’t waiting. Halfway through the trip, she starts going into labor. They moved the first class back one row (wasn’t full) so they had room. Luckily, the flight had a shock trauma cardiothoracic surgeon and a Navy corpsman on board. She didn’t know she was having twins (thought they were obligated to tell you?). One didn’t make it. I’m guessing that’s why she went into labor.”

Flying on a military cargo plane is a totally different experience. Credit: Shutterstock

16. The Pilot Said “Nope” to This Situation

In this story from Oldfrenchwhore, they explain what it’s like to board a military airplane. There are no flight attendants, but the story is still interesting all the same. “Not a flight attendant, this flight didn’t have them. It was a hop (military) from Panama to Charleston, SC, upstairs on the cargo plane. Sometime in the 90s, I was a teen. We usually had a stopover on these hops back and forth to the states, in some Central American country. This time the stop was in Nicaragua. Wasn’t looking forward to the hours-long stopover, the “airport” waiting area was a one room deal. Toilets in another building, the worst brownish tissue paper-esque toilet paper I’d ever experienced.”

“So we landed. I sit up from where I’m lying across 3 seats, my favorite way to fly when it isn’t full. I gather my carry-on things, books and amusements, and mom and I sit and wait. And wait. The plane engines start revving and soon we’re taking off again. Passengers collectively shrug and go back to lounging, snacking, reading, etc. Once solidly in the air I wander down to where they keep snacks and drinks where some adults are discussing the stopover that wasn’t. Don’t know if it was a guerilla situation or what, but there was gunfire too close to the runway so we had to GTFO. Fun times.”

Someone secretly spoke German with their flight attendants. Credit: Shutterstock

15. A Funny Exchange on a German Flight

Sometimes you will never pick up on jokes, because you can’t speak the language. A Reddit user called Count2Zero tells a story of a conversation he heard between two flight attendants. “Not a flight attendant, just an amused passenger. Taking a flight from LAX to FRA (Los Angeles to Frankfurt, Germany). I don’t remember which airline it was, but it was a US carrier. Most of the passengers were Americans. I was born in California, so I have an American accent, but I’m also fluent in German. Since all the passengers were American, the flight attendants were talking among themselves in German. One had apparently just had a disagreement with someone else on the flight, and was not happy.”

“As they were serving drinks near me, one flight attendant asked the other (in German) ‘how are you doing? Do you need anything?’. The other one answered, ‘yes, a parachute!’. I couldn’t help myself, I busted out laughing as she said that. She looked at me, totally embarrassed, and I just smiled and said (also in German), ‘sorry, I didn’t mean to eavesdrop.’ Both of them were super nice to me for the rest of the flight – extra snacks, drinks, etc.”

Two people got in a fist fight on a plane because of a broken iPod. Credit: Shutterstock

14. A Real Punch-Up

A British airline steward called Expo737 tells his story of a fist fight that happened on a plane. “I had a punch-up kick off on a 767 over the Atlantic Ocean once whilst en route from London Gatwick to Barbados. That was pretty fun to deal with as the only male steward. The fight began following an argument after the woman broke her partner’s iPod. He wasn’t happy about it so had a row which developed into a full blown punch-up. Turns out they had never met before until earlier that day when he saw her in London and asked if she wanted to come to the Caribbean on a free holiday (drug mule anyone).

“They both began to behave once I told them that we will divert and the nearest diversion airport was in the USA, where they take that kind of s**t seriously. Obviously had to keep them apart and we let the authorities deal with them once we’d landed in Barbados. I’ve had a lot to go on on my flights before and seen some s**t before but that one makes me shake my head with a little chuckle too of course.”

Flight attendants are required to take CPR as part of their job training. Credit: Shutterstock

13. Good Thing Flight Attendants Know CPR

When most people think about flight attendants, they think of someone who is there to serve them drinks or hand out pillows. But in reality, they are trained in life-saving techniques like CPR, and are prepared for medical emergencies. The next story comes from a Reddit user called Theemptyqueue. They aren’t a flight attendant themselves, but rather their aunt works for the airline. Theemptyqueue explains a story of how their aunt saved a baby’s life.

“My aunt used to be a flight attendant for the airline that is now United. Anyway, she went through CPR training and the basics of helping someone via first aid in case of emergency. On one flight, a baby was choking on an ice cube and she got the cube out of its throat and saved the baby’s life. So she saved the baby by putting it into her arm ( facing down). And with her other arm she firmly hit the baby’s back and the force of the hit ejected the ice cube from their throat.”

Babies cry on planes. But one woman thought it was totally unacceptable. Credit: Shutterstock

12. The Crying Baby of Doom

In this story from Reddit user IconicDarkness, a woman with mental illness caused a huge scene on the airplane. It’s really no excuse for her behavior, even with an illness. “My best friend is a flight attendant, so here’s the story From her perspective. It was a pretty normal flight. Most people were already sleeping, while the others were reading a book, but a woman had her baby with her, and the baby was crying. Not too big of a deal, if we didn’t have a Karen on the flight. She called me over, as I was just about to go to the back, she said, “Can you get that baby to stop crying?”

“Sorry ma’am, it’s not under my control. I’m sure the mom in trying her hardest to keep the noise down.” She screamed ” I HAVE A MENTAL ILLNESS IF THAT BABY DOESNT SHUT UP I’LL DO IT MYSELF!” Everyone stared at her. But, she got up. And was walking with a red face to the baby. I went in front of the baby and mom, she pushed me back, but I held myself up with the two seats in between. By that point, another flight attendant came rushing in. “Ma’am I need you to calm down.” ” FINE. BUT JUST TO LET YOU KNOW, I HAVE A MENTAL ILLNESS.”

This pilot had a seriously bad temper. Credit: Shutterstock

11. The Bad Pilot Screamed At Everyone on the Plane

In this story from SoccerGamerGuy7 he tells a tale of an erratic pilot. This might not be from the perspective of a flight attendant, but it’s a crazy story all the same. “Bit of a vice versa story. As a passenger I was flying out to the US on a good 6-7 hour flight. But before we even started taking off, the captain made it clear he was a bit whack. He comes on the Air-com right as everyone’s putting their stuff into the shelves and he starts yelling and complaining. ‘If you want this flight to leave on time and you want to get to our destination on time you need to put your stuff away and sit down with your seatbelts on so we can get out of here before we lose our taxi spot’. Yelling!”

“Flight was fairly smooth most of the way but when we were on the last hour of the flight he was bizarrely increasing and decreasing speed and altitude erratically. Like if you’ve ever been in a car and someone keeps hitting on the brakes. It was really bizarre and people were getting nauseous from it. Whatever it was, it wasn’t normal. And it wasn’t turbulence, you could hear the engines wind up and down as he accelerated and decelerated. And of course when we finally landed safely he came back on the air com, yelling and complaining the same way, ‘Hurry up and collect your things and leave this plane so we can all get home quickly.’ Guy was in a rush apparently.”

During a bad storm, a pilot flew to the wrong airport. Credit: Shutterstock

10. The Pilot Flew to the Wrong Airport

This next story is from Cantora isn’t from a flight attendant, but he still wanted to share a story from an Australian airline. The flight attendant in this story is doing the best they could, considering the circumstances. “Not a flight attendant but this is still f**ked and this is a good enough place to share. We were flying from Sydney to Brisbane (pretty much straight North) in Australia. It’s about 1hr 45mins. Not long before we start to descend we hit a storm. The turbulence is out of control. If we didn’t have our belts on we’d have been thrown all over the place. I’ve never experienced anything before or since. It was beyond terrifying…it lasted about 10-15 minutes. But that’s not what is crazy. We finally break through and land the plane. The pilot says “welcome to Brisbane” over the intercom. Now I’m looking out the window and I’m really confused. Nothing looks right. Where the hell is the terminal?”

“About 15 seconds later the pilot says ‘uh, sorry for the confusion. We’ve landed at Mooroochydore’. Mooroochydore is about 100km (62 miles) north of Brisbane. Things were so bad that the pilot had no idea he’d landed at the wrong airport….Worst part though was having to go back to Brisbane on a bus designed for children. I’m 6’4 and the only place I could sit is in the middle of the back seat. My legs literally went past the back of the chair in front and halfway along the seat. Was so damn uncomfortable. How it was legal I have no idea.”

A funny conversation with a passenger about whiskey versus rum. Credit: Shutterstock

9. No, Sir, You’re Not Drinking a Bottle of Captain Jack Sparrow

A flight attendant called MSotallyTober recalls a conversation with a passenger who was confused about the name of Jack Daniels Whiskey.

“My favorite interaction with a customer, albeit it isn’t crazy:

Me: “Anything to drink this evening?”

Passenger: “Whiskey. What kinda whiskey you got?”

Me: “Jack.”

Passenger: “I said whiskey.”

Me: “I know. We have Jack.”

Passenger: “No. No… I don’t want rum.”

Me: “You’re referring to Captain Morgan. Captain Jack is a fictional Disney pirate. We have JACK DANIEL’S WHISKEY.”

Passenger: “Oh. Well. I’ll have Jack.”

Me: “Alright. Single or double?”

Passenger: “You have whole bottles?”

Me: “Yes. Full fifty milliliter bottles.”

Passenger: “Is that a lot?”

Me: “No. This is why I asked if you wanted a double.”

Passenger: “I’ll have a double.”

Me: “Neat or on the rocks?”

Passenger: “What is ‘neat’?”

Me: “Are you sure you should be drinking this evening?”

They said no beer was allowed, but finesse made it happen anyway. Credit: Shutterstock

8. The Secret to Getting Beer on a Flight

This next story from a Reddit user called WannaBeDayTrader explains how rules over drinking on an airplane change depending on international laws. A very cool flight attendant made an exception for him on the flight, as long as he knew the right words to say. “Was on the way back from Kuwait as a contractor. I always bring individually wrapped candies for the flight crew. They’ll love it and you might even get a hookup of some sort (better seat etc).”

I was sitting next to this old timer. As we sat down, he called over the flight attendant and said, ‘When we cross, I want two for me and two for him (pointing at me)’. The flight attendant nodded and no additional words were spoken. Not a clue wtf was just said but hey, this man knows his stuff. I kid you not, this amazing woman brought four beers to us at the literal moment we crossed the international line. I was shocked. Old head cheers me and says, here’s to your first beer! A few minutes later, asks me for $20 so we could tip her. I think we had six beers each. He took my $20 and wrote his name and number on it. I wonder if he ever got a call.”

A woman refused to wear her mask. So they turned the plane around. Credit: Shutterstock

7. Don’t Make Me Turn This Plane Around

This next story comes from a Reddit user called Yasmiester. “I was recently on a flight from LAX to Dallas. Then from there Dallas to Arkansas. It was a 6am flight, so I planned to sleep on the plane. The pilot was super cool and told us that he’d keep the lights low and not speak over the intercom so we could get some shut eye. So I pulled my hoodie over my eyes to get as comfy as possible. As I’m on the verge of falling asleep I hear someone SCREAMING ‘Get the f**k away from me, get me off this plane!’ My first reaction was fear, who the hell is screaming so early in the morning. The next reaction was empathy, this person must be dealing with some kind of flight anxiety. Nope, just a crazy woman throwing a fit because flight attendants told her to put a mask on.”

“People started to film her on their phones which caused her to freak out. Apparently she even pulled a comb out of her bag and threatened to stab people around her. Shortly after her outburst, we hear the pilot say ‘Ladies and gentlemen we’re going to have to turn around and land in Phoenix’ followed by collective groans from everyone on the plane. We were in Phoenix for a little over an hour as the pilot filed paperwork about the incident and the plane had to be refueled. They took the woman off the plane from the back exit. We eventually reached Dallas airport where I waited 1.5 hours in line at customer service since she screwed over a majority of the people that were on the plane. I landed 3 hours later than I was supposed to.”

When you sit near the emergency exit, you’re supposed to help during emergencies. Credit: Shutterstock

6. A Major Cop-Out From a Passenger

This next story from pllaidllama is all about the exit row on an airplane. Most people take it because they want to enjoy the extra space it provides. But remember that when you sit there, you need to take on the responsibility of helping your fellow passengers get off the plane. Watch and see what happened when a passenger was confronted with that reality.

“A bit late to this party and I have a number of crazy stories. But I like to share my most poignant one. We were taking off from Richmond airport in Virginia and had to do an emergency landing because the landing gear was not coming back up. Not quite as scary as some mechanical issues, but we still went in to full on emergency mode for landing- my training kicked in and after the announcements i approached the one lady sitting in the exit row to ask “Are you still willing and able to assist in this emergency” and she screamed ‘NOOOOO!!!!’ and ran to the back of the plane. I’ve heard that’s not an uncommon reaction. Please remember that the exit row isn’t just more legroom, folks.”

Apparently, pilots drink and fly more often than we think. Credit: Shutterstock

5. This is How The Drunk Pilots Get Away With Flying

Earlier on this list, we told the story of a drunk pilot who ran to get away with drinking and flying. In this next story from aalexgabi, she explains how some of them apparently get away with passing their breathalyzer test before they fly the plane.

“Not sure this is true but someone I know was a flight attendant. Apparently heavy drinking is quite common with the staff including pilots. The worrying part is that apparently they know how to trick advanced digital breathalyzers which were routinely used. I remember two tricks: Taking two hydration effervescent pills before going to sleep, two before breakfast and two after. Glueing some kind of eucalyptus paste or gel on the palace which apparently inhibits alcohol detection but appears on the breathalyzer screen. I have no idea if this is true but it made me worried.”

A flight attendant found a diary no one would want to read. Credit: Shutterstock

4. The Unexpected Diary

After 9/11, the world completely changed. Airport security was increased, and flight attendants were instructed to stay on high alert to look out for danger. In this next story from re20222 we see a scary scenario where a flight attendant found evidence of an attempted crime.

“Not my story but my mom’s who has been a flight attendant for 35+ years. She found a diary of a terrorist in the back of the seat. Apparently he forgot it on the previous flight and the cleaning crew missed it and was found mid flight. I think his plan was to do suicide bomb LAX but don’t remember completely. Yes, the police caught him.”

This story is of someone from a third-world country acting inappropriately on an airplane. Credit: Shutterstock

3. Culture Shock

“I have an aunt and uncle who were both flight attendants. He actually took the job to meet women and ended up marrying one. Anyway, I don’t remember exactly where, but they were doing a flight out of an incredibly underdeveloped part of a third world country and one person on the flight squatted down and took a dump in the aisle because they didn’t realize the plane had restrooms. Not the same flight but on the same route someone brought out a LIVE CHICKEN, wrung its neck, and tried to build a fire in the aisle to cook it.”

That story was from a Reddit user called Stentata. Multiple users called them out, saying that they believed the story was totally fake. The story does seem to be laced with an element of racism, so we’re not sure if this was true or not. But when you find stories on Reddit, you always have to take everything with a grain of salt.

A story about a young couple who joined the mile high club. Credit: Shutterstock

2. Welcome to the Mile High Club

Here at Home Addict, we’ve already done an entire list about the Mile High Club. This Reddit user called LedZep99ctc tells yet another story about passengers who became members mid-flight. “Just a passenger with a mundane mile high story. Was on a plane with 5 friends, we’re all sitting in one row (two sets of three with the aisle in middle). Two of them, who were dating, were on the other side of the aisle. I’m talking to the two other people on my side and suddenly I look to the other side and see the couple is missing. Thought they were (making love) so I looked again in a few minutes and they were still gone, at which point I of course notify the two people with me of the situation and to look out for when the bathroom door opens.”

“At this point there is a long line of angry people forming. A few minutes later she timidly peeks her head out, shuts the bathroom door behind her, and conspicuously sidles back to her seat. A minute later he does the same. I asked the boyfriend about it after and he said a flight attendant notified them that they’d committed a felony and they spent the whole rest of the flight working out an airtight alibi. But no one said anything when we landed. Good on them for shamelessly living their life. They were and still are one of my favorite couples.”

This person had a very bad experience as an unaccompanied minor. Credit: Shutterstock

1. A Bad Childhood Experience

We’ve all heard of unaccompanied minors, which are children that are left alone on an airplane. Flight attendants are assigned to watch after these children as they travel from one location to another. In this story by Reddit user Worldly-Gap-1511, he explains his experience being an unaccompanied minor. “Not a flight attendant, but I was flying to Chicago and had to stop at Las Vegas. This is when I was an unaccompanied minor. So the flight attendant will watch me. So when we got to Las Vegas they decided to take me off the plane because of bad weather there in Chicago. But it was a fine clear day. Me and two other kids just got off the plane and didn’t know what to do for about 5 hours.

“We got one bathroom break and nothing to eat at all. And then we had to go back up to Reno Nevada and stay there with our mothers again. Then we had to do the same flight and finally made it. Then that’s the day we flew in and it was hailing and stuff. But if you think of a 7-8 year old kid the whole thing is kinda traumatic for me of course.”