Mile High Club Stories Told By Risky Travelers

Shannon Quinn - June 16, 2021

In case you weren’t aware, the term “Mile High Club” refers to people who were brave- or stupid enough to have “intimate relations” in an airplane. This also counts if you made it to third base, by the way. Most people have thought about it at least once, but never actually attempted it, whether because they know that airplane bathrooms are one of the dirtiest places on the planet, or they are simply afraid of getting caught. But in today’s list, we’re going to show you some of the best true stories told by people who joined the Mile High Club. We’re also going to give you some examples of people who witnessed it from an outside perspective.

Watching a movie together lead to a mile high club moment. Credit: Shutterstock

60. A True Netflix and Chill Moment Mid-Flight

This story is from a Reddit user called redfeather1. “Had a 2+ hour layover in Atlanta. I had my laptop and put a movie on. There was a really cute woman who looked bored. I went over and invited her to watch with me. She sat next to me, and we had the laptop set up on top of the carry on. The area we were waiting in the terminal was pretty empty.  She was wearing a loose collared tank top. No bra. Halfway through the movie she looped her arm through mine. I realized I could see down her top. She looked up at one point and realized I was staring. Then, she winked and said it was okay. After the movie we talked. We were both single and both lived in Houston, so we talked about maybe dating. Then, we made out a bit, but nothing serious.” 

“When the plane came, it had a lot of empty seats. She sat next to me and asked if I had any other movies. So we put my laptop on the tray, and shared my earbuds. It was dark and we had those thin blankets covering us. She had her hand on my thigh, and started caressing me under the blanket. I did the same to her. It quickly progressed to a full hookup right there in our seats. When we were saying goodbye, she gave me what was honestly one of the top 5 kisses of my life. We dated for 4 months afterwards, but she had just gotten out of a long term relationship. I was a rebound, and she really just wanted to let her freak out a bit. But really, other than both liking John Cusak rom coms, we did not have enough in common.” 

This man was totally shocked when a flight attendant openly invited him to the secret employee beds. Credit: Shutterstock

59. You Earn Double Points When You Join the Mile High Club With the Flight Attendant

Many people fantasize about joining the mile high club with a stewardess, but the odds of it happening are slim-to-none. In this story, a reddit user named wattowatto was lucky enough to achieve it. “Last year I was going through a very messy break-up. I was flying home, and I went to Frankfurt to catch my connecting flight. It was one of the smaller Airbus planes with two rows of seats. I had the aisle seat, and my two adjacent seats were empty, so I could be left alone to myself. All of a sudden there comes this tall and fit girl asking if she can sit right next to me. It turned out that she was a flight attendant for the same airline, catching a free flight home. I am an avid aviation enthusiast and took this as a chance to ask endless questions.” 

“She asked why I looked so depressed, so I told her about the break-up, and she was a great listener. After learning I was single, she steered the conversation to how the employees rest in the plane on long flights. She told me how there are these bunk beds either in the back of the plane or on the lower floors that they can disappear to during long flights to take a nap. After hearing my ordeal, she suggested giving me a tour of the service area to ‘cheer me up’. I happily accepted. She went in the back and after a while came back and asked me to follow her. It was fascinating to say the least, but the most unexpected part was she was openly coming on to me. We never exchanged phone numbers or kept in touch.”

This story about a misunderstanding over the mile high club just might make you cringe. Credit: Shutterstock

58. A Very Embarrassing Misunderstanding

This next story comes from a Redditor called yoursolace about how her seat mate was wishful thinking. “Once I was flying from New York to Las Vegas to meet up with some friends. There was a guy next to me who was clearly pretty interested. So we had a very generic conversation, and I started watching a movie. Mid-movie I had to use the bathroom, so I asked if I could get past him. He said something and gestured what I thought meant ‘oh want me to move?’ and I was doing my not ‘actually listening and yeah yeah I have to get past’ reaction. He walks out into the aisle so I can get out of our row, but he is between me and the nearest bathroom. So I move a step or two down the aisle so he can get back into our row of seats.”

“But instead, he starts walking toward the bathroom. I thought, well fine, I guess he will go to the other one since both are vacant. But then he walks just past the bathrooms and doesn’t try and open either of them. So I go in and within a few seconds someone seems to be trying to open the door. I say, ‘just a minute’. It jiggles a few more times. Then I hear the guy’s voice say something like, ‘let me know when you are ready’. I finish up and open the door. He’s standing right in front of it and starts trying to get in, So I just squeeze past him and have to push him a bit and run back to my seat. He comes back too and sits right back next to me. We both sat in silence for the remainder of the flight.”

This couple was caught before they were able to do anything. Credit: Shutterstock

57. Caught in the Act

This story from Hefalumpkin is an embarrassing moment where he was caught attempting to join the mile high club. “I was caught once on a flight to Texas from Seattle with my girlfriend. It was a red eye, only a few people onboard. There were no flight attendants in sight. I told my girlfriend to meet me in the furthest bathroom in the back of the cabin exactly 5 minutes after I got up from my seat. There couldn’t have been more than 4 people in the last 5 rows, and they were all asleep. I made it in and waited. I heard her little knock at the door. So I cracked it open and she came. Then I heard a knock at the door. I said ‘occupied’. But they knocked again and said, ‘Sir, please come out. We know what’s going on.’”

“I proceeded to try as quietly as possible to maneuver my girlfriend behind the door, and cracked it open. ‘I’m sorry what?’ I said. Only inches away from my face, the flight attendant said, ‘Don’t make a scene. Just come out alone now. Leave your wife in there and go back to your seat before we have to make a deal out of this.’ I was beet red. All of those sleeping individuals were now awake and staring at me. I walked to my seat with my head hung. The flight attendant gave me the weirdest look, as if to say, ‘I’m disappointed in you’. I sat down. My girlfriend came out a few minutes later just as red as I was. It was the most embarrassing moment of my life. I will never attempt it again.”

This pilot gave the honeymooning couple an invite to join the mile high club. Credit: Shutterstock

56. The Pilot Gave His Blessing to the Happy Couple

This story from myt-rexatemyplatypus sounds so amazing, it’s almost too good to be true. “Back when my wife and I were heading out on our honeymoon, we were doing the typical wait in the airport. It was a late night flight on a small plane out of a regional airport, so there were only going to be four of us on the plane total. My wife was wearing her veil, so it was pretty obvious we were on a honeymoon. As we were headed out to board, the Captain was in the cabin. He greeted us and asked if we had gotten a limo for the wedding. We told him no and then he replied, ‘Well, this will be your limo. The other two people missed the flight, so it’s just the two of you.’”

“We headed to the exit row seats since they were open. After the flight attendant was doing a special pre-flight cabin service for us, she asked if we wanted any drinks- on the house. We both ordered drinks, and when she brought them back she also brought a few extra blankets and said: ‘The Captain said if you make a mess you gotta clean it up.’ She handed us the drinks and blankets and headed to her seat. They turned off all the cabin lights and we started on our way. Best flight ever.”

One couple asked to use the galley to “stretch their legs”. Credit: Shutterstock

55. Caught in the Galley

A professional flight attendant named ShinyCupcake told a story of passengers she encountered trying to join the Mile High Club. “Flight Attendant, checking in! I’ve only encountered it a few times in my 5 year career. It was almost always on red eyes or overnights to Europe. We had one on a flight to Rome that was rather interesting. The couple didn’t know each other at the start of the flight. Despite being on opposite ends of business class,  they somehow found a way to be in the same seat mid-flight. They decided to go at it without a blanket. At which point we had to ask them to separate for the rest of the flight.”

On a different flight, I had a couple ask if they could stand in the galley for a few minutes to stretch their legs. They were very polite, and I said sure and went back to reading my book. Halfway down the page,  I heard her voicing what was happening. So I turned and looked and the two were against the coffee makers together. I promptly told them to remove themselves from the galley and either finish up in the lav, or head back to their seats and keep their hands to themselves. I told them, “If I can’t get it on in my galley, no one else can get it on in my galley.” 

The bullet train that takes you through the channel tunnel. Credit: Shutterstock

54. The Mile Below Club

In this story by CharistineE, she shows that sometimes, any form of public transportation will do.  “On a trip to Europe from the U.S., my husband decided he wanted to be a member of the mile high club. It was a pretty full flight but I decided to amuse him. We never joined the club because we thought it was just becoming too obvious, but…”

“On the train going through the Channel Tunnel at 3 am was a perfect time to go in a bathroom that was double or triple the size of an airline bathroom and cleaner as well. So, we joke that we may not have become members of the mile high club, but we did manage to become members of the mile below club.”

A pro mile high club member explains how to get it done correctly. Credit: Shutterstock

53. Advice From a Pro

A reddit user named rcooplaw claims that he has joined the mile high club not just once, but twice. For a lot of us, his advice is redundant, if you think it’s common sense. But as you know from a lot of these stories, plenty of people get caught! So if you’re not sure how to do it discreetly, here is his advice.

“I’m a two time member of the mile high club. Both times were on overnight flights during non-busy times when most people are sleeping. The back of most larger intercontinental capable planes (777, A380, etc) have one or two elongated lavs. Both people should be standing and facing the same way. The way it works is one person leaves their seat first and goes into the lav after identifying to the other party which lav it’s going to be. Lock the door, but have the party lift up the ‘no smoking sign’ on the outside of the door and unlock it from the outside. Once inside, you know what to do. Make it quick and then one person leaves and locks the door again. A minute or so later, the last person leaves. Nobody had any idea both times.”

A couple accidently hit a stewardess call button while they were doing the deed. Credit: Shutterstock

52. Ding, Ding, Ding!

This next story came from a user called flyboyfl. They didn’t participate in joining the mile high club, but they witnessed someone else do it on a flight to Miami. This story is hilarious, and it’s not one that the other passengers would soon forget. 

“I was a passenger many years ago on a Boeing 727 (Delta Airlines). New York to Miami. We were cruising along when ‘ding’ was heard through the cabin. Then ‘ding ding’. Then ‘ding ding ding ding’. Everyone looked at each other with a bit of alarm. Then the air hostesses started laughing. ‘Ding ding ding ding’ faster and faster…Then nothing. Since all the air hostesses were staring at the back of the plane, so did the passengers. Out came a young couple one after the other from the bathroom, where they’d been knocking boots against the assistance button without knowing it. The entire airplane burst into applause and the young lady turned the most lovely shade of deep red.”

This guy got lucky, but only up to a certain point. Credit: Shutterstock

51. Major Mixed Messages

This next story from Qweniden shows that maybe if you’re going to try the Mile High Club, you may want to be extra discreet. This lady seems like a real pro. It shows that a lot of people might be messing around without you ever knowing what’s going on.  

“One time I was flying to Vegas on a redeye flight that was almost empty. I ended up sitting next to this stripper who was flying home. She was being summoned for a booty call by some professional football player. Anyway, we started kind of hooking up in a way that could be considered ‘third base. At one point I leaned in to kiss her and she said, ‘What are you doing? We are on a plane!’ Guess she had second thoughts. Hope it wasn’t my breath.”

The walls between bathroom stalls can be removed for extra space. Credit: Shutterstock

50. This Secret Might Make it Easier to Achieve the Dream

A redditor called life_saver tells a little-known secret about how airplane bathrooms can actually double in size to accommodate handicap passengers. One lucky couple was able to take advantage of it. “Flight attendant here! We have an aircraft that has two lavatories next to each other and it’s designed to have a removable middle wall between them to make it into one big lavatory for passengers with wheelchairs. Another flight attendant and I had to set it up for a disabled passenger on an international flight. When he was done, neither one of us were interested in putting the wall back. 

“So we left it and agreed we’d fix it after our break and before the second service. A couple that must have overheard me and the other lady talking apparently wasted no time. We were notified by another passenger that the two were getting it on in their extended suite. By the time we got to the lavatory, they were both walking out at the same time looking like a mess. They got a good scolding by the senior flight attendant and a reminder at just how unsanitary the lavatories are.”

A couple started getting frisky on the plane, but they had someone sitting next to them. Credit: Shutterstock

49. The Third Wheel

A lot of people fantasize about joining the mile-high-club. But sitting next to a couple who has absolutely no shame is never ideal.  This story came from a Reddit user who has deleted their account. “I was on a flight maybe a decade ago during spring break. There were  lots of college students on my plane. It was a large plane with a middle row with 3 seats. I was to the left and sitting on my right was a male army bro in his early 20’s. To his right- a college aged lady. They get to talking, she is obviously flirting with him, he is talking about his army training. It’s not captivating at all, but they have chemistry. I watch a forgettable movie and disregard their conversation”. 

“About two hours in, I start to hear make out sounds next to me. I’m not gonna hate. They can have their fun, but it escalates. I start to hear her moaning, no shame at all. I feel a bit like the 3rd wheel. So I went to the lavatory to give them privacy. After returning to my seat, it was apparent he had done a good job. As we deplaned, it was clear they were going to find the closest private space to finish the tryst.

You would never suspect an elderly couple from trying to join the mile high club. Credit: Shutterstock

48. You’re Never Too Old to Join the Club

In this story from a Reddit user named haha_hehe_lol, you learn that you’re never too old to join the mile high club. “I once walked to the back of the plane when I was 10 years old to go to the bathroom. My family and I were coming back from Disneyland to Chicago. I was mostly just bored because of the long flight. The bathroom sign said ‘vacant’, so I just opened the door not expecting anyone to be in there. I walked in on an 80 year old couple doing something weird. Apparently they forgot to lock the door.”

“I was so shocked and embarrassed that I didn’t even know what to say. So I just stood there frozen in the doorway and said nothing. The old lady slammed the door shut, and I just walked back to my seat. I was really young and didn’t really understand yet. So what they were doing didn’t click in my mind until a couple years later. They were either having some fun or helping each other go to the bathroom. I don’t even really know what I saw, but it wasn’t pretty.”

One flight attendant went above and beyond to embarrass the couple in the bathroom. Credit: Shutterstock

47. You Are So Beautiful

This next story by HyperionIV just might be my favorite. “I was on a quick 90 minute flight from Oakland to LA. It’s an early bird flight, so I have a coffee, my ipod blaring and a look on my face that said: ‘Not a conversationalist.’ We’re running late already when the flight attendant tells us over the loudspeaker that two more passengers were the cause. We all groaned. So this couple finally gets on board, probably not knowing that we’ve been informed they’re the cause of the delay. This woman sat in the aisle seat next to me, when there were multiple empty rows she could have taken. The guy she boarded with sat a few rows back. She starts rambling on and on about The OC, to which I turned up my music and ignored her. 

Fast forward an hour of incessant chatterboxing. I see the guy get up from his seat and go to the lavatory in the front of the plane. Then the lady gets up and goes in. I fly often enough to know that we were landing soon. The flight attendant gets up, and thanks everyone for flying. I key in that the couple is still in the lav, and the flight attendant is standing right in front of the door. Then the flight attendant breaks out into a six minute rendition of “You are so Beautiful to Me”. By the time that Straight Baller was done singing, we were in full landing mode. So they were forced to exit the obviously same stall while everyone’s attention was glued to that spot. The woman was beyond mortified. That flight attendant was my personal hero that day.

This horrific situation could have been avoided if this guy wore a condom. Credit: Shutterstock

46. This is Why You Should Wear Protection

This next story by 1 throwawayawaworth1  is so outrageous, it’s like something out of a movie. “I had known the girl for a few weeks since we met while travelling. We found out we were going to be on the same 10hr flight home. So we made a plan. Once they started to serve dinner, I would go into the bathroom. Two minutes later, she would knock and I’d let her in. My friend knew what we were doing and was standing ‘watch’. I told him to wait, and when the coast was clear, knock on the door with a secret knock. Then we would come out one at a time. It’s important to mention that I went about 2 weeks without anything prior to this, so I was well built up and ready to go. I didn’t plan on lasting more than a minute or two.” 

“Anyways the time comes. We’re both small people, but those washrooms are tiny and it’s extremely uncomfortable trying to find a position that actually works. But now I’m struck with so much adrenaline and nerves. I pulled out before finishing, and two weeks worth of my troops went shooting all across the bathroom – on the wall, the floor, the door, it was everywhere. Obviously I reached for the toilet paper to clean up, but right as I did I heard the knocks on the door…Time to go. I quickly did up my belt buckle and left, and two minutes later she left as well. I don’t know if she fully cleaned up after me, but regardless I felt bad for the next person using that washroom.”

This young couple get frisky at an early age. Credit: Shutterstock

45. Starting Young

A Reddit user called ThaSpaceMan recalled a time when he and his girlfriend joined the Mile High Club when they were in High School. It’s a good thing that no one seemed to notice (or pretended not to) because that could have been very bad.

“I was on my way to Madrid with my then girlfriend, sophomore year in high school. We sat together in a row of 2 seats on the far right. To the left there was a middle row of 5 seats and a left row of 3. She surprised me by taking a nap on my lap and then proceeding to pull down my pants and go to town. This was extremely awkward for me, because the chaperone was sitting directly to the left and behind us. I was so damn paranoid the whole time that people could hear or see what was going on. They probably did. It was awesome though. Minus me trying to finagle my way to the lavatory without getting my victory sauce all over the pants I would be in the rest of the flight.”

This man lost the opportunity to be intimate with a beautiful woman in first class. Credit: Shutterstock

44. Face Palm

This story from due_west is truly tragic. He missed his chance to have a fling with a woman he met on the plane, all because he had never heard of The Mile High Club before.

“I almost joined the Mile High Club once. When I was flying home from college, I got bumped into first class and found myself sitting next to a positively ravishing woman. She was a bit older and I was trying desperately to be suave. So when she leaned over and suggested we join the Mile High Club, I had no idea what she meant. Rather than admit I was unfamiliar with the term, I whispered back, ‘I really don’t travel enough to make that worthwhile.’ God, that was twenty years ago. Nope, still can’t laugh about it.”

This person declined the offer to join the mile high club with a messy drunk. Credit: Shutterstock

43. Sometimes It’s Better to Say “No”

You’d never expect to get the opportunity to join the Mile High Club when you’re coming home from a funeral. But that’s exactly what happened to tuskvarner. This sounds like it would have been very sloppy and full of regret, anyway.

“Turned down the opportunity, and it’s probably a good thing I did. I was flying back from my grandma’s funeral and started a conversation with the woman next to me. She was tipsy and showed me grainy naked pics of herself on her flip phone. Then she got wasted on red wine and tried to get me to join her in the lavatory but I declined. She was puking in there as we were landing.

Imagine the flight crew waiting to congratulate you for having… relations on a plane. Credit: Shutterstock

42. Congratulations!

This next story from sixshooterat is hilarious. Instead of getting upset with the couple who joined the Mile High Club, the crew decided to have a good sense of humor about the whole thing. 

“My girlfriend is a flight attendant. Her best story is when the offending couple came out of the bathroom, they were presented with a First Time Mile High Club Certificate signed by the whole flight crew, including the pilots. It was drawn on one of the first time certificates given to little kids, and they crossed out a few words with crayon and wrote in Mile High Club instead of First Time Flyer. The couple were suitably embarrassed.”

If you have trouble fastening your seatbelt on the plane, you probably shouldn’t try to join the mile high club. Credit: Shutterstock

41. How Embarrassing

Anyone who has gone on an airplane already knows how small the bathrooms are. It’s a tight fit even for one larger person to use the toilet. So far in these stories, several people have mentioned how difficult it was for them to do the deed, even when they are both petite.  In this story from a reddit user named ChaneI, two heavy fliers attempted to join the mile high club, but it totally backfired.

“I was recently on a flight where two people made it obvious that they were trying to do the nasty. The bathroom on the airplane was extremely small and unfortunately the couple was more on the bigger side. They tried to both squeeze into a bathroom not so quietly and it failed. They couldn’t get the door to even close.”

Airline employees have fun on long flights, too. Credit: Shutterstock

40. Passengers Aren’t The Only Ones

Earlier on this list, we had a story of a flight attendant inviting a passenger to the secret beds in the back of the plane. In case you had a hard time believing it, this story from a maintenance crew member itsmoist confirms that it is, in fact, a thing.

“I used to work maintenance for an aircraft carrier a fair few years back. On the Boeing 747-400s, there’s a hidden crew rest near the tail. There’s a small staircase, and a bunch of bunk beds up there. I never got to take advantage of this, but when we had to pull out the mattresses during heavy maintenance checks, we’d almost always find open contraceptives under some of the mattresses. Apparently long-haul flights had a bit of a reputation of things happening between flight crew (And occasionally between flight crew and passengers).”

This luxuriously private Emirates seat is practically begging to be used for the mile high club. Credit: Shutterstock

39. That First Class Life

Most of us can only dream of flying first class. Or, maybe we can only afford to do it on special occasions. The seats are larger, and far more comfortable. Sometimes, they even recline into an actual bed. And on some of the ultra-luxury airlines like Emirates, they even have privacy walls surrounding the seat. Anyone with a bit of an imagination can start to think about what could happen in a first class seat. But few of us are lucky enough to make it happen. This next story from Reddit is from a user who has deleted their account since writing it, but I’ll include it here anyway.

“I was on a midnight red eye on the way back from Vegas. The flight was relatively empty, and I was in first class. The only other person in first ended up being a girl who was a flight attendant for another airline. (Apparently if crew from other airlines change out of their uniform they are allowed to fly in first when there are seats available.) Anyways, it’s a long flight and we start flirting. Halfway through the flight, the first class attendant has moved to the back of the plane to chat with the coach attendants, and we do the whole thing without anyone noticing.”

A commercial airplane pilot tells multiple stories of people doing nasty things on airplanes. Credit: Shutterstock

38. True Stories From a Commercial Pilot

The most trustworthy stories about the mile high club come from people who actually work in the airline industry. This next collection of stories comes from a Reddit user called Sinkingpilot. “During my first trip as an airline pilot, we had a passenger get a little tipsy and flash the cabin. There were no children on board, so the flight attendants didn’t even bother to tell us until we were waiting for the hotel van. Same month we had a couple near the back of the plane lift the middle armrest, and do it under a blanket. They were kind enough to take the blanket with them at the end of the flight.” 

“This spawned a conversation about the worst passengers that those flight attendants had dealt with. The winner of that conversation had found a designer glasses case, left behind in a seat, that had a telltale sticky white substance in it. I am not saying that you will get away with it, it all depends on what the flight crew wants to do about it and how much you are disturbing the other passengers. While many flight attendants will turn a blind eye, do you really want to find out if you’re flying with one that will not?”

A very drunk couple thought they could be discreet with the mile high club. Credit: Shutterstock

37. Yes, People Notice. 

When a lot of people try to get away with messing around on the airplane, they think they’re so slick. For whatever reason, they believe they can be discreet enough to get away with it. In this story from Pierroux, it proves that yes- people notice…Especially the guy sitting next to you. “This is the true story of an incredible feat that happened next to me on a plane. Once, I was on a short flight from Barcelona to Lyon (1h30), and this couple sitting beside me, close to the window, decided it would be a fun flight. They got in the plane pretty hammered and decided this was only the beginning. They managed to order booze every time the trolley passed by. Fun to watch, and not too annoying, besides the fact they were getting a bit excited along the way.” 

“When it was time to buckle up for landing, she decided to “rest” her head on his lap, while he was looking through the window. Her head was in an awkward position, tilted inward, and started to slowly move up and down. I could not believe my eyes and slowly accepted the fact that it was happening right next to me. The guys on the other side of the alley started to snap an eye or two, while I was paralyzed in my seat. It only lasted a couple of minutes. She finished right on time for landing and moved back in her seat and then proceeded to leave the plane giggling.”

One small courtesy saved this person from getting caught. Credit: Shutterstock

36. Nice Save, Buddy.

This next story came from a Reddit user called dario 24. “I did this with a very horny but crazy ex on a college trip to Europe. We were on a busy daytime flight from NY to England. We decided to wait until the flight attendants were busy serving lunch so no one was in the back area where they prepare everything. I went first and told her to meet me a few minutes later and knock. Getting in wasn’t a problem. She was a very petite girl so it wasn’t difficult. We quietly, quickly got to it and finished. Everything went great, I even got to watch myself in the mirror for a bit. Only problem was I heard a woman waiting for the bathroom. I thought quickly, got myself together and told my girlfriend to wait a few minutes to leave.”

“I stepped out of the bathroom, closed the door, turned to the woman and said, “I took the nastiest dump ever in there. You might want to wait a few minutes. It’s really bad.” This sweet brunette lady in her forties looked at me, laughed and said, ‘thanks for the warning’. She decided to go to another bathroom. I don’t know about you, but if a complete stranger has the courtesy to warn you about the onslaught of that smell they themselves are responsible for, you believe them. So I sat back down, and my ex met me a moment later. No one was the wiser. I’m sure if we had worse timing this wouldn’t be as successful. That story wouldn’t have worked if multiple people were waiting.”

This couple was getting serious, so they decided to do the deed in the bathroom together. Credit: Shutterstock

35. Getting Caught, But It’s Chill

A Reddit user called Trav_Is_Justice tells a story of his ex-girlfriend that he still dreams about to this day. “My girlfriend at the time and I were very close and comfortable. So when I took her up north to meet my family, I joked around about the subject in order to plant the seed of thought, inception style. I was working at a Marriott and had snatched a few mini bottles for the flight. A half hour into the flight we each had one shot, which was apparently enough to get our juices a-flowin’. She got up for the bathroom, and I followed a healthy five minutes later, real inconspicuous-like.”

“It was really fast and super hot, got her over the sink and was done in like a minute. We decided it was best to not dawdle afterward, and she got out first, and I followed about a minute later. The flight attendant nearby noticed and said, rather defeatedly, ‘Come on, guys, really?’ Sat back down, watched Batman Begins, didn’t hear another word about it for the rest of the flight. God I miss that girl…”

The flight staff interrogated the couple who joined the mile high club. Credit: Shutterstock

34. The Flight Staff Interrogated The Couple, Until…

In this story by jbau1479, he thought he was in trouble, until… “I was traveling from Orlando to Jamaica with my ex-girlfriend, and we decided to go into one of the lavs in the back of the plane. She went first and I followed shortly after. After we finished, as I was walking down the aisle back to my seat, I didn’t notice anyone who may have been suspicious except one of the male flight attendants who was staring at me. We both sat back in our seats. Almost immediately, all three flight attendants came over and asked what we were doing in the bathroom together. I was a little freaked out at first and told them my girl was sick and I went to check on her. They knew I was full of it and insisted I tell the truth.”

“So we both admitted what we did, and they started asking us all sorts of questions. We are both skinny so it wasn’t hard to maneuver. At this point everyone around us was interested and started asking us questions. About 15 minutes later, they came back to us and presented us with a certificate congratulating us on joining the mile high club, which they all signed, including the pilots.”

Most people think they’re slick, but the staff actually knows every time. Credit: Shutterstock

33. It Happens More Often Than You Think

This next bit of information comes from a Reddit user named Thefightattendant. At this point, if you have been reading all of these stories, you should have already figured this out by now…They know! Whether they bring attention to it or not, your flight attendant knows what you’re doing. You’re not slick, guys.

“I have had plenty of people being intimate in their seats. (Side note, we all know what’s going on) and people have actually asked if they could spruce it up in the bathroom. I allow it because usually they leave within a few seconds and realize our low budget airline’s bathroom (rhymes with fear it) will probably give them a disease and there’s not much space. Some of our flight attendants have relations in the back galleys on red eyes or go in the cockpit with the pilots.”

This couple messed around next to a sleeping man. Credit: Shutterstock

32. Happy Birthday

This reddit user has deleted their account. It reminds me of the story from earlier, only from the other person’s perspective. I wonder if the guy was just pretending to be asleep! “Was flying back to the States from London. I had the window seat, cute girl was sitting in the middle, and we had a really fat guy in the aisle seat (originally I was supposed to be in the aisle seat but I swapped with him because he apparently needed the leg room). The girl and I had a lot of wine and we were talking a lot about the movies we were watching. We ended up getting really snuggly under my jacket and our blankets. “

“So anyway, I had a birthday on the flight, and made note of it when the clock hit midnight where we were flying. So she decided she was going to give me a little birthday present and she kissed me. Kissing quickly moved into other things (The guy on the aisle had fallen asleep by now, and he provided ample cover for our activities). We were able to basically shield ourselves from prying eyes with my jacket and it just looked like she had her head in my lap, napping.”

This person witnessed a couple get arrested because they got “busy” on the plane. Credit: Shutterstock

31. Arrested Upon Arrival

This next story comes from a Reddit user called oddtruth. In a lot of these stories, people seem to play it off like everything was fine. But in this story, you see how you can get in real legal trouble if you try to join the mile high club.  “I was on a red-eye flight from Sacramento to NYC and it was somewhat empty. There was an old man sitting next to me and a couple in the row in front of mine. As I was falling asleep, I noticed that the woman in the front was resting her head on the guy’s lap. I wake up a few minutes later to the flight attendant scolding the couple in front, telling them that ‘no, do not do that’. 

“Kind of suspected what was going on, but I didn’t really care. I was too tired to think about this further. So I tried to go back to sleep when a head pillow fell in between the couple’s seat and the floor of my row. I paid no attention, and went back to sleep. I wake up to the flight attendant scolding them even louder, telling the couple that they were disgusting and should be ashamed of themselves. A few hours later, we land in JFK, and we are told the Federal Marshals need to come on board. Two feds come and escort the couple away. The old man sitting next to me tells the flight attendant that the couple had left a pillow and she told him that he better not touch it. I think they were banned from the airline, but I am not sure.”

If you ask nicely, your flight attendant may allow you to join the club. Credit: Shutterstock

30. Sometimes, All You Need to Do is Ask

During the previous entry, we saw how two people were arrested when they arrived at their destination, because they were trying to join the mile high club. In the past, I’ve seen news coverage of similar stories. Basically, it seems to be a matter of how cool the flight attendants are. Some will ignore what you’re doing, while others will have your arrested. In this next story, the user named CHarleq did something no one seems to think of. He just asked permission to join the mile high club. That’s actually genius! It totally eliminates any of the thrill of the risk, though.

“I took the easy way out. I was with my girlfriend on a long flight. She was game for it, so I went up and asked the flight attendant if she would mind if we used the bathroom together. She said sure, just try not to be too long. And off we went.”

Just because you have a blanket on your lap doesn’t mean people won’t notice when your hands go under it. Credit: Shutterstock

29. Throw the Book at Him

A reddit user by the name of virginiadi**y tells a story on behalf of his friend, who stopped a man from jerking off on the plane. Honestly, I’m not sure if I would have the courage to literally throw a book at someone, like this guy did.

“Former Air Marshal here. I never saw anyone join the Mile High Club but my buddy Chuck caught someone by themselves. Chuck is just sitting there watching a movie and he notices the guy next to him put his hand under his blanket. He doesn’t think anything of it. Next thing he knows the guy starts moving. Most people would just pretend it wasn’t happening but Chuck is someone with no concern for social graces. He hit the guy with his book and loudly said: “what the heck are you doing?”

The flight attendant was worried when she found something white and sticky on the window. Credit: Shutterstock

28. Thank God It Was Just Gum

A flight attendant who goes by the username Rangarig93 tells the story of her first time witnessing the mile high club. “I’m a flight attendant. Couple gets on the plane in high spirits and make themselves comfortable in the last row of the plane where our galley is. Myself and the other FA dont think much about it and go about our business. After service is done we stow the carts and I notice that there was a jacket covering the guy, and the lady was half under it. He was in the aisle seat and she was by the window, should point out now this was not a full flight.”

“I’m tapping the other FA on the shoulder and whisper ‘Is this really happening??’ The lady’s hands were clearly in his pants and the guy reclined his chair all the way to enjoy what was happening. We had thought about getting them to stop but were too uncomfortable to start a conversation and they weren’t making, well, any noise, as well as we figured if the guy was gonna nut it was gonna be in his jacket. So, we went back to doing our jobs. Guess what was stuck on the window after the flight. Spoilers, it was gum but the initial scare got us good.”

This man pretended to be disabled to join the mile high club. Credit: Shutterstock

27. Nothing Like Faking a Disability to Get Some

A Reddit user who goes by Nokternus pretended to be disabled just so he and his wife could get frisky multiple times on the same flight. 

“I feigned a disability and my wife accompanied me into the handicapped toilet on the plane 4 times during the 5 hour flight. Each time she apologized and said it would be either very quick or very long. We went in and made out a bit 3 times for never longer than 2 minutes. Then with about an hour to go my wife told the steward, ‘So sorry dear, this is the one, maybe 15 minutes while I help him with his post dinner bowel movement and cleanup.’ So we had the place to ourselves for about 15 minutes and the noise was attributed to my gastric bypass. Best flight ever.”

This guy pretended his girlfriend was sick in order to get in the airplane bathroom with her. Credit: Shutterstock

26. …Or Feigning a Serious Illness

“Years ago myself and my girlfriend at the time took a red eye flight from the southwest to the northeast. Everyone on the plane was asleep. We were supposed to get up and make our move at the time, but then before we knew it, we both fell asleep too. We woke up to the sun rising and half the plane was now awake. But we promised ourselves we were to do it anyway! So she went to the lavatory and stayed there for about 5 minutes. Then I went back there, knocked on the door (yes in front of airline attendants and all). I opened, I said, ‘are you doing okay’ and I just walked in.”

“We did our business, then when I left the bathroom I immediately went to a flight attendant. Of course they gave me a WTF look. However, I simply asked, can I please get a bottle of water? My girlfriend is epileptic and isn’t doing well. They gave me a free bottle of water. Gave it to her. I went and sat back down. She finished up and came back out. Did it all with the plane totally awake.” This story came from a Reddit user named phxme. The biggest issue I have with this story is that if his girlfriend had epilepsy, this is not something she can just go into the bathroom to fix. He seems confident, but I’m pretty sure the flight attendant knew it was a load of BS.

This guy took his girlfriend into a flight simulator in order to pretend he was joining. Credit: Shutterstock

25. The Safest Way to Join the Club

This comes from a user called airplane_underpants. It might not be real, but hey…He’s getting his kicks in a safe way. Honestly, I recommend trying something like this more than I would ever suggest you take the risk of trying to join the mile high club and end up embarrassing yourself in public.

 “I’m part of the simulated mile high club if that counts … Interned for an airline company in college as a flight simulator engineer. Took the girlfriend for a ride. Set the sim environment to night time over new York, autopilot, a little turbulence. It was pretty cool.”

This young couple messed around on a class trip, but it wasn’t actually good. Credit: Shutterstock

24. Not as Fun As You Would Imagine

This story from TheLongAndWindingRd proves that joining the mile high club is actually kind of gross, and not as fun as you would think. “Not sure what type of plane it was but it was an overnight flight from Montreal to Frankfurt and the plane had 2 rows of bathrooms (there must have been 6 bathrooms per side) down a flight of stairs. It was a school trip and the girlfriend and I went down initially to plug in my PSP since there were no working plugs near our seats. I was sitting on the can and she was sitting on my lap and we were literally just hanging out in there chatting and whatnot, no hanky panky. PSP charged up and we were about to leave when we figured ‘why not’ had a quickie, probably the least satisfying one ever, cleaned up and walked out.”

One of the teachers was standing outside waiting to use the toilets and asked what we were doing. I showed him the PSP and charger cable and he bought it, mostly because the plug at his seat wasn’t working either. That was almost 9 years ago, now that I’m a little older I would do things differently if the desire ever came up again, but the first time was so lackluster and underwhelming that I doubt I would make the effort a second time.

This is a disgusting and terrifying reminder of how dirty airplane bathrooms really are. Credit: Shutterstock

23. Everyone’s Worst Nightmare

One of the worst things about the Mile High Club is the fact that those bathrooms are disgusting. This is especially true in the era before everyone started sanitizing surfaces like crazy during the pandemic. In this next story from CanadianDrawl, and it’s truly horrifying.

“I thought I had gotten away with it, and then I was diagnosed with flesh-eating bacteria on my backside shortly after picking up my luggage at the baggage claim. Coach class bathrooms are bacteria buffets.”

This couple was basically rewarded for joining The Mile High Club. Credit: Shutterstock

22. A Badge of Honor

In this story from Absolutkiss, they got two little souvenirs for joining the mile high club.  “Last January, I embarked on a trip to the Bahamas with my girlfriend. We left NYC and had a connecting flight on JetBlue. As I don’t often fly with a significant other, we decided to just go for it! Upon exiting the restroom, I was dismayed to find a line of patrons waiting to use it, some of whom had a knowing smirk on their faces. I felt a little bad; I didn’t know we were making people wait! Anyway, I returned to my seat, feeling proud of myself for entering the famed mile-high club.

Moments later, a male flight attendant reached over the little old lady sitting next to us, with something in his hand. As I took whatever he was handing me, he said, with a twinkle in his eye, ‘Welcome to the club.’ I looked down and two of those wing pins were in my hand.”

Boys will be boys. Credit: Shutterstock

21. Love is Love

So far, this story from Samijowaslike is the only LGBT version of a mile high club story on this list. “Flight attendant here! My old airline was a Delta connection and we only had Dash-8 planes, so I was the only flight attendant on board. One flight, while I was picking up trash, I saw two gentlemen, um, being intimate under one of blankets that we provide on the plane for everyone to use. I didn’t say anything because the flight wasn’t full and they weren’t being obnoxious.”

“At the end of the flight I see them fold up that same blanket and as they went to put it back in the overhead bin I hollered out, ‘Nope! That blanket is yours now! We don’t want it.’ Needless to say they hurried off the plane when we landed. Also never use a blanket that didn’t come packaged.”

JFK Airport in New York City. Credit: Shutterstock

20. Very Specific Details

This Reddit user named Jester41K gives detailed instructions on how to join the mile high club on a very specific flight. This won’t apply to everyone who reads this, since not everyone will fly the same airplanes. If you just so happen to fly on this airplane, you could always take advantage of this too.

“Eight hours into the 13 hour flight from JFK to Dubai. After that much time in the air, the Flight Attendants are taking a break and most of the people are sleeping. The bigger ‘handicapped’ lavatory is up near the flight deck of the A380. She walked into the lavatory and left the door unlocked. I waited a few minutes and then followed her in. After cleaning up, I walked out and she followed a couple minutes after that. The perfect crime.”

This couple tried to join the mile high club, and failed in an epic way. Credit: Shutterstock

19. Never Again

This next story from a Reddit user called underthere is an example of what can go wrong if you try to attempt having intimate relations on an airplane.  “One of the most mortifying moments of my life was getting caught doing this. My girlfriend at the time and I really wanted to try, so we booked seats on a redeye, thinking no-one would pay us any mind. She went into the bathroom, and I joined her a minute later. I go in, but as soon as we get something going we hear BAM BAM BAM.”

“It was the stewardess banging on the door and saying, ‘Come out right now! I know what you two are doing in there!’ We look at each other in horror and I instantly lose my turn-on. So we had to button ourselves up and skulk out to a major stink eye from everyone sitting nearby. Several people were woken up by the stewardess banging on the door and yelling. I had to sit through the rest of the flight with blue balls and extreme shame. The stewardess pointed us out to the captain as we were getting off the flight. I would definitely never try to repeat that again.”

This person claims that they were able to pull off having a threesome on a plane. Credit: Shutterstock

18. How Would They Fit?

This next story from lasiviously is so over-the-top, it’s hard to believe that it’s actually true. “My ex managed to join the club with two people he had met on a plane to Australia. He got escorted off the plane, banned from flying with Delta, interviewed by federal police, then let go. My first question was about how they fit. Apparently international flights often have larger lavatories for those with wheelchairs.”

Even with the larger lavatories, it’s difficult to believe that this story is true, and that not just one- but two people would be willing to go along with this. I’ve had ex boyfriends make up similar stories when I was in my early 20’s. (Because they thought it would impress me? I can’t understand that logic). According to the American Psychological Association, college aged men are very likely to lie about how many partners they have had. So apparently, it’s a common thing.

This is a story about the “love jet”. Credit: Shutterstock

17. If You’re Paying For a Private Jet, Get Your Money’s Worth

In the previous story, I had a hard time believing that anyone had a threesome on a commercial airplane. However, in this next story, there are group… “activities” in a private jet. When you have enough money, you can get away with pretty much anything. Here is the story by mad_eye_maddie

“I worked for a private aviation company. A bunch of men had a *ahem* group experience on one of the private jets. That particular aircraft does have a flight attendant assigned, but the crews will let their clients get away with most things as long as it doesn’t disrupt the safety of the flight. In short, the plane has since been dubbed the Love Jet. It was down for several months getting cleaned and reupholstered. That group of men got the bill.”

This couple paid for a private charter flight just so they could have relations. Credit: Shutterstock

16. Hopefully It Was Worth the Money

This story comes from Shawnmeister, whose friends paid a pretty penny to get a private mile high club experience. “I work for an airline charter company, and I remember a couple in their late 30s who mentioned something about how they’d saved all their money for this ’once in a lifetime experience.’ They chartered an hour’s worth of flight, got in, and had relations as soon as they were ready. Needless to say, this was against charter policy and basic human decency.

“After we landed, I had to call to tell them that they’d have to pay for cleaning. I also asked why they did it in spite of the policy and they said: ‘Joining the mile high club is on our bucket list. We saved our money to cross it off in style.’ The clean-up bill came out to 2 hours worth of chartered flight.”

You have to wonder just how many pilots and flight attendants end up hooking up. Credit: Canva

15. Sometimes, It’s The Other Way Around

In most of these stories so far, we hear stories about passengers who were caught by the airline employees. But in this next story told by a Reddit user called -eDgAR- it was the other way around. “The closest thing to seeing someone trying to get into the mile high club was when I was on a flight where I saw one of the flight attendants with one of the pilots.

“Now, the thing to keep in mind was this was before 9/11, when the cockpit wasn’t kept so securely locked. There was a bit of a bug spreading around the plane, which I was asked to take care of since I was the only doctor on board. I made my way to the cockpit to inform the pilot of the condition of the passengers and as soon as I opened the door, I saw the flight attendant being intimate with the pilot.”

This flight attendant regularly pranks people who try to join the mile high club. Credit: Shutterstock

14. Pranks Abound

This story by tre11is is one of my favorites on this entire list. Sometimes, a flight attendant won’t need to say a single word, but she can find a way to embarrass the couple who is trying to join the mile high club. Even if you don’t get in trouble, you may end up humiliated anyway.

“I dated a flight attendant for a while. She said that what they would sometimes do is just unlock the door from the outside and walk away. The couple would then often knock the door open and fall out.”

This man was stuck without his pants. Credit: Shutterstock

13. Try Explaining This One to the Taxi Driver

This story from PalmTreeGirl is yet another hilarious example of how flight attendants can mess with people. Don’t try to attempt the mile high club, because you just might end up losing your favorite pair of pants. I wonder what happened to this guy after he had to walk outside. 

“My friend is a flight attendant. She saw a couple that had a blanket spread out over the two of them while sitting in their seats. The man’s pants were completely off and stuffed under his seat. It was a night flight and the lights were off. So she sat in the seat behind him and pulled the pants out from under the seat. The guy had to walk off the flight with the blanket wrapped around his waist. She was laughing so hard telling me this story that she almost couldn’t even get it out.”

This married couple pretends to have medical issues in order to get kinky on the plane. Credit: Shutterstock

12. Again, Lying About Your Medical Condition Seems to Do The Trick

This story by BabyHooey seems to be a sure-fire way to get away with the mile high club every single time you fly…If that’s really your thing. 

“Imagine having to explain this to a flight attendant before the plane takes off, every single time you fly: ‘Before we get underway, I just want you to know that I have a serious medical condition. In the event that I have to excuse myself to the restroom, I will absolutely need my wife’s help, which itself is humiliating enough. But I’m letting you know ahead of time to avoid a repeat of the last time I was on an airplane, where the flight attendant completely humiliated us in front of everyone because she assumed we must be getting intimate in the airplane bathroom. Do you understand? Yes? Could you please discreetly pass this along to the other flight attendants? Thank you.’ By giving that explanation beforehand, my wife and I have had no problems being intimate in airplanes four times in a row now.”

If couples are being very lovey-dovey on the flight, it’s a sign they are going to escalate. Credit: Shutterstock

11. Not Even a Little Bit Subtle

A Reddit user named liinked worked as a flight attendant. She told the story of a couple she stopped from joining the mile high club. Personally, I think that at this point, there were too many witnesses. It was incredibly reckless for this couple to even try going through with it.  “On a late night flight, I was sitting in the back galley half asleep when I noticed two of the passengers kissing. I think nothing of it, because people lose all boundaries on planes and I started setting up the service trolley. As soon as the seatbelt sign goes off, the lady gets up and goes to the bathroom. Nothing strange there…”

“But after a few minutes, a line starts to form of people waiting to use the bathroom, until the gentleman pushes his way to the front of the line. He starts trying to open the lock. I leapt up, knocked his hand away and told him to sit down. He turned to me with the saddest expression I have ever seen and just said, ‘But, I need to finish with her!’ I almost couldn’t stop myself from trying to hold in a laugh. Needless to say, we kept a keen eye on him for the rest of the flight and one of my colleagues had a word with the lady.”

This couple was blocked from going all the way. Credit: Shutterstock

10. You Can’t Win Every Time

In this story by ironmaven, it proves that first class fliers don’t get treated much differently than anyone else. They will still get scolded and told not to join the mile high club. “Former flight attendant here. On a flight a fellow flight attendant encountered an attempt in the first class bathroom. Before realizing she just said, ‘Sorry, one person in the washroom at a time.’ They just shrugged and went back to their seats and the man just said, ‘Oh well, we have the last time.’”

“A different flight attendant once discovered two people in the act, gave them a slight scare, then her and the in-charge gave them a bit of a private congratulations afterwards.”

There are usually two pilots in the cockpit at one time. Credit: Shutterstock

9. The Pilot Captain is a True Wing Man

Usually, on a commercial flight, there are two pilots on the plane. In this story by jeepster2982, we learn that these pilots are each other’s true “wing men” in more ways than one.

“When I was a passenger on a rather small plane, I saw the flight attendant knock on the door to the cockpit. The captain came out, and the flight attendant went in and closed the door. The captain stood by the door for about 10 to 15 minutes, mingled with passengers, etc., then picked up some little phone looking thing and talked into it. Out comes the flight attendant, hair all messed up and adjusting her outfit. The cockpit was so tiny I can’t imagine anything too crazy going on.”

This drunk man was over-the-top. Credit: Shutterstock

8. That Escalated Quickly

In this story by a user calling themselves Fattybatman3456, they tell the story of a passenger who was so drunk, he seemed to have an identity crisis. Yet again, it’s an example of how men lie or exaggerate when they’re trying to get some.

“There was this old guy who had a ton of drinks on the plane ride. Then, during a medical emergency claimed he was not only a doctor but also a licensed pilot. After refusing to provide identification proving that he was a doctor, he asked if I was interested in going to the bathroom with him. The answer was no.”

A woman pretended to have a leg injury so that she and her boyfriend could get away with the mile high club. Credit: Shutterstock

7. Apparently, That’s All it Takes

On a lot of the other stories here on this list, people will lie about a medical condition to join their partner in the bathroom. Personally, I think if you’re going to go that route, at least bring some crutches on the plane to make it more convincing. In this next story by DiskoBoss, he and his girlfriend did the next best thing.

“Joining the mile high club was easy. All I did was help my girlfriend fake limp her way to the toilet. I go inside the toilet to assist her and no one looked twice.”

A muslim couple almost got away with it, because of the extra fabric on their clothes. Credit: Shutterstock

6. Sometimes People Surprise You

In this story by a flight attendant called kaiservelo, they almost missed catching a Muslim couple joining the mile high club, because the couple was wearing so many layers of clothing. This might be a secret tip to getting away with this for anyone who’s interested! 

“I once was serving refreshments late at night. Suddenly I was stopped by a gentleman who was very surprised by my presence. Soon, I noticed something was going on under the blanket on his lap. It was pretty shocking cause it was a guy in Kandoora and a lady in Abaya (traditional Muslim attire). But it helped with the camouflage since there were so many layers of clothing around. I just said, ‘guys, please, we are landing soon.’”

This man reached across the aisle to please a lady. Credit: Shutterstock

5. Blatantly Obvious

This next story comes from a flight attendant with the username skelliotredd. This is proof that you really are gambling when it comes to the flight attendant you end up getting in your flight. Clearly, she didn’t care what the passengers were doing.

“I was working a red-eye flight in first class with only 16 people there. The seats have a pretty decent sized gap between them. A couple had been drinking and obviously flirting for some time now. I was done with the service so I was just hanging out in the galley. I took a quick walk through the cabin to see how everyone’s doing, and that’s when I saw the guy reaching over the large armrest in order to make moves. She is clearly enjoying it. I think the worst thing about it was that with the distance between the two seats, it just looked so darn obvious what he was doing. Honestly I didn’t care that much. So I just crept back to my jump seat and continued to watch my Netflix show.

Lawrence Burst Sperry invented the auto pilot, and he used it to his advantage. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

4. The Founding Member of the Mile High Club

Lawrence Burst Sperry was the very first person to create the Mile High Club. When he was just 21 years old in 1914, he invented the self-driving autopilot. He won a $10,000 prize, which would be worth far more today after inflation. Two years later, he gave a flight lesson to a woman named Dorothy Pierce. They turned on the autopilot, and started having coitus on the airplane as it flew over Long Island, New York. The only trouble was that they bumped into the “off” switch, and the plane crashed.

Lawrence and Dorothy survived, with just a few problems…One was that they were totally naked. The other was that Dororthy was married. After they were rescued, the story was front page news. And as you can tell from a few of the other stories on this list, pilots have been carrying the tradition with autopilot ever since.

Gondola wires in Disney. Credit: Shutterstock

3. The Real Reason Why the Gondolas Are Gone

Scientists have tried to figure out why people want to join the mile high club so much. Turns out there are a number of reasons, besides the obvious thrill factor. The higher you go, the thinner the air gets. This can intensify an orgasm. Plus, there is a lot of vibration and excitement running through your body. So if you’re up in the air, you may be feeling frisky. And it turns out that you don’t need to be a literal mile up in the air to feel this urge.

For years, the gondolas in Disney Land brought guests from one side of the park to the other. But then they announced that they would remove them, due to safety reasons. When he was filming the movie Saving Mr. Banks, Tom Hanks learned the real history. Adults used to use the gondolas to assist in love making. It happened so often, that the park owners were afraid that if a child were to ever witness a couple in the act, it could become a huge scandal. So they removed the gondolas completely, and made up an excuse.

A stewardess from Emerates took advantage of men’s fantasies. Credit: Shutterstock

2. A Lucrative Side Hustle

So far on this list, we have had a few stories where people managed to hook up with an airline stewardess. Apparently, it’s a fantasy that a lot of men have. One stewardess who worked for the United Arab Emirates decided to take full advantage of this fantasy. She offered “intimate” work to customers who could have relations with her in the extra-large bathrooms in exchange for a hefty fee. 

According to a news outlet called Emirates247, a woman was able to charge $2,000 per client. This helped her earn over $1 million in two years. When she was finally caught and reported to her boss, she was fired. But with that much money, she could basically retire and never have to work again! For all we know, there may be other flight attendants who decided to do the same.

Many people have gotten in trouble with security, the police, and even the FBI after having intimate relations on a plane. Credit: Shutterstock

1. True Consequences

Throughout these stories about the mile high club, we’ve had fun think about what could happen. But that doesn’t mean you should ever try to do this. For this last story, I’m going to burst your bubble with the true story of the couple who was arrested and even investigated by the freaking FBI for getting jiggy with it on a plane. Is this overkill? Yes. But it’s still public indecency, which is a felony. 

There were other stories of people who were arrested for “lewd behavior”, which is a misdemeanor. Obviously, these laws also change from state to state. And it seems like in the United Kingdom, no one was ever been arrested for making love on a plane. So be very careful, and check out local laws before you take the risk.