Mile High Club Stories Told By Risky Travelers

Shannon Quinn - June 16, 2021
This man reached across the aisle to please a lady. Credit: Shutterstock

5. Blatantly Obvious

This next story comes from a flight attendant with the username skelliotredd. This is proof that you really are gambling when it comes to the flight attendant you end up getting in your flight. Clearly, she didn’t care what the passengers were doing.

“I was working a red-eye flight in first class with only 16 people there. The seats have a pretty decent sized gap between them. A couple had been drinking and obviously flirting for some time now. I was done with the service so I was just hanging out in the galley. I took a quick walk through the cabin to see how everyone’s doing, and that’s when I saw the guy reaching over the large armrest in order to make moves. She is clearly enjoying it. I think the worst thing about it was that with the distance between the two seats, it just looked so darn obvious what he was doing. Honestly I didn’t care that much. So I just crept back to my jump seat and continued to watch my Netflix show.

Lawrence Burst Sperry invented the auto pilot, and he used it to his advantage. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

4. The Founding Member of the Mile High Club

Lawrence Burst Sperry was the very first person to create the Mile High Club. When he was just 21 years old in 1914, he invented the self-driving autopilot. He won a $10,000 prize, which would be worth far more today after inflation. Two years later, he gave a flight lesson to a woman named Dorothy Pierce. They turned on the autopilot, and started having coitus on the airplane as it flew over Long Island, New York. The only trouble was that they bumped into the “off” switch, and the plane crashed.

Lawrence and Dorothy survived, with just a few problems…One was that they were totally naked. The other was that Dororthy was married. After they were rescued, the story was front page news. And as you can tell from a few of the other stories on this list, pilots have been carrying the tradition with autopilot ever since.

Gondola wires in Disney. Credit: Shutterstock

3. The Real Reason Why the Gondolas Are Gone

Scientists have tried to figure out why people want to join the mile high club so much. Turns out there are a number of reasons, besides the obvious thrill factor. The higher you go, the thinner the air gets. This can intensify an orgasm. Plus, there is a lot of vibration and excitement running through your body. So if you’re up in the air, you may be feeling frisky. And it turns out that you don’t need to be a literal mile up in the air to feel this urge.

For years, the gondolas in Disney Land brought guests from one side of the park to the other. But then they announced that they would remove them, due to safety reasons. When he was filming the movie Saving Mr. Banks, Tom Hanks learned the real history. Adults used to use the gondolas to assist in love making. It happened so often, that the park owners were afraid that if a child were to ever witness a couple in the act, it could become a huge scandal. So they removed the gondolas completely, and made up an excuse.

A stewardess from Emerates took advantage of men’s fantasies. Credit: Shutterstock

2. A Lucrative Side Hustle

So far on this list, we have had a few stories where people managed to hook up with an airline stewardess. Apparently, it’s a fantasy that a lot of men have. One stewardess who worked for the United Arab Emirates decided to take full advantage of this fantasy. She offered “intimate” work to customers who could have relations with her in the extra-large bathrooms in exchange for a hefty fee. 

According to a news outlet called Emirates247, a woman was able to charge $2,000 per client. This helped her earn over $1 million in two years. When she was finally caught and reported to her boss, she was fired. But with that much money, she could basically retire and never have to work again! For all we know, there may be other flight attendants who decided to do the same.

Many people have gotten in trouble with security, the police, and even the FBI after having intimate relations on a plane. Credit: Shutterstock

1. True Consequences

Throughout these stories about the mile high club, we’ve had fun think about what could happen. But that doesn’t mean you should ever try to do this. For this last story, I’m going to burst your bubble with the true story of the couple who was arrested and even investigated by the freaking FBI for getting jiggy with it on a plane. Is this overkill? Yes. But it’s still public indecency, which is a felony. 

There were other stories of people who were arrested for “lewd behavior”, which is a misdemeanor. Obviously, these laws also change from state to state. And it seems like in the United Kingdom, no one was ever been arrested for making love on a plane. So be very careful, and check out local laws before you take the risk.