Gorgeous Gallery Wall Inspiration to Elevate Wall Space

Shannon Quinn - April 28, 2022

eIf you’re looking to add a sense of design and flare to your home, consider installing a gallery wall. You can be as creative as you want with this project. It could be simple, with family photos, or it could be an eclectic mix of artwork and photography that showcases your taste to the world. Here at Home Addict, we have some of the best gallery walls out there to serve as inspiration for your next project.

A beautiful gallery wall in a Los Angeles kitchen. Credit: Domino

30. Designer Emily Farnhan’s Los Angeles Home

This gallery wall was designed by a Los Angeles based architect named Emily Farnhan. She and her husband, writer-director Jeremy Konner, bought the 1904 California Bungalow and immediately started putting their own touches to the home. Emily has worked on celebrity homes, like Mandy Moore. Her gallery wall is mostly made of illustrations, with a craft and a few photographs mixed in. The gallery goes all the way up the wall, and even over the door frame. This is a good example of how you can use all of the space that’s available to you, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be confined to a small area.

The Frame TV can become any painting in the world. Credit: Old Brand New

29. This Gallery Wall Uses The Frame TV

Some of you out there might already be aware of the Frame TV by Samsung. It’s a TV that looks like a picture frame. Instead of a normal screensaver, it displays images of some of the world’s most famous works of art. This gallery wall from Old Brand New shows what you can do with the Frame TV together with other pieces of real art. The pieces of art, pillows, and other decor around the room have pops of color that compliment the main art piece in the center. Even though you can change the art piece to anything you want in the world, it seems like they chose a painting that they want displayed the majority of the time when they’re not using their television, because it works so well to tie everything together.

A gallery wall added to a dark and masculine bedroom. Credit: Style by Emily Henderson

28. Orlando’s Guest Bedroom

Most of the gallery walls on this list are hung up against a white or beige wall. This is one of the exceptions, proving that a dark blue wall looks amazing with a contrast of framed photographs. This is a guest bedroom designed by Orlando Soria, which was featured on Style By Emily Henderson. Everything that Orlando used for his gallery wall is vintage, and was sourced in thrift stores and antique shops. This just proves that you don’t have to spend a fortune on expensive prints and paintings when you make a gallery wall. Just find pieces that speak to you, and it can work out just as well as this one did.

Neutral colors dominate this interior design. Credit: The White Company

27. The White Company’s Take on a Gallery Wall

Many of you out there will be familiar with the interior design store called The White Company. This is a photo from their website, where they feature a wall that has a completely neutral palette. One of the major differences with this gallery wall is that everything is sitting on shelving. This gives the homeowner the opportunity to layer objects on top of one another, and to include pieces other than artwork. For example, we see driftwood, a pair of vintage scissors, a basket, and vintage paint brushes all incorporated into the gallery wall alongside beautiful photographs.

This staircase is full of family photos winding upward. Credit: Huffington Post

26. Gallery Wall Along the Stairs

A staircase can be a great place to hang a gallery wall. This one in particular has a winding staircase with a black iron railing that is a bold contrast against the white walls. Instead of trying to make everything match perfectly, the gallery wall is filled with family photographs that have been collected and framed over the years. It doesn’t matter if some of the frames are gold while others are black. Blending these together tells a story of this homeowner’s family, and they’re clearly displaying it proudly.

This gallery wall displays photographs of the homeowner’s trips around the world. Credit: Inspired by Charm

25. Wanderlust Wall

If you like to travel, a gallery wall can be a great opportunity to display all of the photos of places you have been before. This homeowner had photos printed, and then bought identical frames to put them all in. If you don’t have a photo quality printer at home, Walmart and Staples both offer printing services for affordable prices. Ikea also sells very cheap frames in all shapes and sizes, which would make a project like this quick and easy to accomplish in just one day.

Most of the decor in this room is black and white. Credit: The New York Times

24. A Bold Use of Black and White

Many homeowners will use a gallery wall as an opportunity to bring a pop of color to an otherwise neutral space. But sometimes, black and white can be a bold and stylish choice. This wall in particular has both pen-and-ink illustrations as well as black and white photographs that have been printed to give the full effect. Most of the surrounding decor in the rest of the living room is also black, and it makes sense that the owner wanted to make the whole scene as cohesive as possible.

A clever selection of photographs compliment the beautiful throw pillows. Credit: SSS Edit

23. Not Your Grandma’s Gallery Wall

Sarah from SSSEdit decided to comb through her own Instagram account to find the photos for her gallery wall. Instead of using family photos, this was a great way to bring a personal touch to the wall without making it a literal family tree. Each and every photo has a story behind it, which is a great conversation starter if she were to have guests over who admired the wall.

A collection of family photos put on full display in this music room. Credit: Copycat Chic

22. Family Photo Wall

This next gallery wall from Copycat Chic is purely a place to put all of the family photos up on full display. All of the photos have been printed to the same size, whether horizontal or vertical. And all of the frames are identical with a white border surrounding the photo. You can find frames like this in any craft store like Michaels or Hobby Lobby, and you can even pay a professional to get it done for you if you like. However, the cheapest option for a project like this is usually to buy packs from Ikea.


21. New York Style Bedroom

Normally, hanging pictures above your bed would be a huge no-no, especially when it comes to the rules of Feng Shui. That’s why Homemade by Carmona made a point of making sure she only used lightweight frames above her bed frame, and made sure that everything was secure in place using Command strips. The wall continues down both sides of the bed, and even onto the bedside tables. If you decide to do this in your own bedroom, keep in mind that the objects on your table should be cohesive with the photos up on your wall, if you want the full designer look to be pulled together.

Plants and illustrations play a key part in this gallery wall’s aesthetic. Credit: The Design Chaser

20. Adairs Gallery Wall

Bringing nature into your home is always a good idea. The Design Chaser featured the gallery wall from the Australian store Adairs on their blog. The retailer took this one step further by hanging plants on the wall, as well as purchasing prints of leaves. Even the gray furniture matches the color of the gray walls. Everything in this living room goes together perfectly, and it’s no wonder that it’s staged by Adairs. It’s almost too perfect to be a real lived-in home.

This bedroom has dark masculine colors tied into their picture wall. Credit: Chris Loves Julia

19. Master Bedroom Grays and Blues

This next one comes from a blog called Chris Loves Julia. Before they assembled their project, they used a website called Artfully Walls that gives you a virtual gallery wall tool. This way, they could preview the prints they were considering before buying them. This is a great idea, and it’s something you should consider doing on your own. If you don’t want to use the specific prints sold by that company, you can use software like Canva or Photoshop to arrange the pictures on your computer ahead of time.

This living room is dark and filled with pops of color. Credit: Desenio

18. Dark Luxury

If you love dark and sultry design, this next room is for you. This is a ready-made gallery wall set by a retailer called Desenio. So you can buy all of these posters and recreate this for your own home very easily. The only potential downside to this gallery wall is that all of them are posters. So you’re not going to get that eclectic mix of paintings, objects, and prints all on one wall. However, it’s truly up to someone’s personal taste what they would want hanging in their home.

Filling a large empty white wall with photographs just makes sense. Credit: Ella Seal

17. Ella Seal’s Inspired Wall

This next photograph comes from a blogger named Ella Seal who wrote a tutorial called How to Hang a Gallery Wall the Right Way. So if you need some tips, feel free to check that out once you’re done reading this article. This is a great example of how a blank white space looks so much better once you make the effort to do something like a picture wall. This is definitely a good balance for anyone who prefers the minimalist side of things.

This staircase gallery is filled with an old world charm. Credit: Kelly in the City

16. Golden History Wall

Looking for pure luxury? This next gallery wall going up a staircase is one that most people cannot afford, because of the sheer amount of oil paintings in golden frames. If you’re trying to replicate this look, I suggest searching your thrift shop for wooden frames. It’s possible to spray paint a frame gold, or even use sheets of real gold leaf. Buying these frames new or even used on eBay costs a small fortune, so good luck on the hunt.

A typography wall is a clever idea. Credit: Polished Habitat

15. Typography Wall Art

The typography wall art is a clever idea. These homeowners have taken the letter “G” and printed it out in dozens of different fonts. Then, they bought dozens of identical frames to cover them with. They don’t leave very much space on the wall, with these back-to-back letter G’s surrounding the television set. Somehow that horse bust sitting on the credenza really ties the whole look together.

A picture gallery doesn’t have to stop on just one wall. Credit: Organise My House

14. Wrap-Around Gallery

Most gallery walls are dedicated to one section of a wall, and that’s it. But in this photo, you can see how these people hung photos wrapping around the entire room. That’s okay too! Don’t feel that you need to limit yourself to the number of photos and pieces of artwork that you want to hang on your own picture wall. Remember that it’s your unique project, and you can put your own stamp on it.

Fashion prints in gold frames play well with the gold and glass furniture. Credit: Daily Dream Decor

13. Fashion Inspired With a Golden Touch

Sometimes it’s a good idea to come up with a theme before you make your gallery wall. This way, everything is cohesive with that theme, and it might add a lot of value to the room you’re in. For example, this wall is filled with prints of fashion themed artwork. We see vintage ads from brands like Hermes and Chanel. The gold frames match the gold in the furniture, and it really ties everything together. I can imagine something like this in someone’s luxury beauty room or closet space.

This whimsical dining room setup is colorful and beautiful. Credit: Studio DIY

12. Taste the Rainbow

While many people will tell you to come up with a color story before getting started, you don’t necessarily have to limit yourself. This is a great example of how embracing all colors can really make an amazing rainbow themed gallery wall. The homeowner also has nods to Walt Disney in both the books and the Mickey Mouse artwork. Just looking at this wall makes me feel like I’m on vacation!

Shelving allows for layers of design on both sides of a fireplace. Credit: The 36th Avenue

11. 36th Avenue Wall

This next gallery wall is very different than a lot of what we’ve seen on this list so far, because the artwork is arranged on shelving in front of wainscoting. When you put artwork on shelves, it gives you the ability to layer everything and add more pieces than you would if you had hung them on the wall. This homeowner seems to have gone with a color story to include mostly black and white in the prints they have chosen, with the occasional pops of color throughout. The colors match the rest of the room’s aesthetic, and it really all ties together beautifully.

Each of these art pieces is tastefully curated as part of the picture wall. Credit: Pop Talk

10. Mrs. Weatherbee’s Pops of Color

Most of the time, when you see a gallery wall, it’s on a white or beige wall. This is an example of how you can have a color on the wall, and it still works out incredibly well with the different colors that show up in the artwork. The robin’s egg blue wall looks beautiful with the photographs of the ocean and the sky. But the other photos with green images of nature also look great, because obviously blue and green are together all the time in the real world. Just remember to have fun with your project, and worry too much about clashing with the wall colors.

This wall seems as though it took a lifetime to collect its contents. Credit: My Domaine

9. Go For An Eclectic Style

An interior designer named J.P. Horton created this gallery wall in her home. Contrary to the advice given by practically everyone else, J.P. suggests not planning out too much what will go on your wall. She doesn’t even recommend measuring or plotting out where the photos will go. During an interview, she said, “”I think a gallery wall works best with the least amount of planning possible. Collect art that speaks to you, and it will work together because you personally chose it. Uniform framing is great for a series of prints, but otherwise, your art will be all shapes and sizes, and therefore should fit together more like a puzzle than a grid. I have found that eyeballing placements can actually be more effective than rigorously measuring it out.”

The console table plays well with accessorizing the picture wall. Credit: My Domaine

8. A Modern Mix

An interior designer named Laura Hur created this modern gallery wall. The shapes and sizes of the pieces are all different, and the artwork that sits on the credenza complement the gallery very well. Hur said, “I think that the most successful gallery walls showcase artwork that has been collected over time, rather than deciding you want a gallery wall and purchasing all of the art right before you install it. Successful gallery walls are personal and tell the story of the home’s occupants. Ideally, the artwork included serves as a pleasant or even emotional reminder of different stages and places in our lives—something we want to recall every time we look at that piece of art.”

This living room is filled with bold and colorful art prints. Credit: Capital FM

7. Illustration Medley

Art is so inspiring, it’s sometimes hard to pick just one of our favorite prints. That’s why a gallery wall is so brilliant. You can display an entire collection all at once. This example shows a lot of colorful prints that the homeowner has collected over time. The frames are not identical, so it adds to the eclectic spirit of the project. It truly compliments the blue velvet chairs that are in this living room. There’s nothing boring about this space!

This feminine living room is filled with neutral tones and epic art prints. Credit: Gemma Louise

6. Feminine Living Room

It’s rare to describe a gallery wall as “sexy”, but that’s exactly how his feminine arrangement feels. A small living room space is made to feel elevated with the images hanging above an L-shaped couch. The designer of this wall, Gemma Louise, gave some advice on her blog. ” I don’t think there is a wrong way to create a gallery wall. I’ve seen beautiful gallery walls that are made up of what you may think would be clashing prints and frames, and they actually look insane. I really think it’s about how you arrange them and not what you arrange them with.”

The art on this wall is black, white, and gold. Credit: Sunset

5. Western Artist Wall

This stunning gallery wall is filled with black and white prints. The collection comes from Western artists, and it perhaps shows in the aesthetic of the home itself. Bamboo, black, and gold frames are all mixed together on the wall. Unlike most gallery walls, this one barely leaves any space between the images.

This bright yellow room is filled with a rainbow of colors. Credit: Audenza

4. The Yellow Wall

A blog called Audenza featured a home of a woman named Amara who made her rental completely colorful and whimsical. This yellow wall and couch looks amazing with the rainbow of prints that are featured on the walls. When asked to give tips on gallery walls, Amara said, “I love a gallery wall especially in the room where you entertain guests because they can often become a talking point. A great gallery wall, in my eyes, always needs a whimsical element! Choose prints and artwork which invite the eye to explore the details. It is meant to make a statement, so don’t hesitate to make it loud. A little renters tip, if you aren’t allowed to drill nails in the walls, choose lightweight frames with plastic front instead of glass so you can hang them easily with adhesive hooks.”

This living room is tied together with cohesive shades of red. Credit: Apartment Therapy

3. Shades of Red

For those of you who want to have a color story, look no further than this photograph. You can see how the shades of red in the paintings tie in with the furniture in this room, as well as the red on the accent pillows. Technically, nothing is matching perfectly, and yet it looks cohesive as if everything was done with intention. If you want more tips on making a timeless gallery wall, check this one out on Apartment Therapy.

This gallery wall practically transports you to another world. Credit: Real Simple

2. Eclectic Arrangement

This eclectic gallery wall comes from Real Simple magazine. They recommend finding an anchor piece first, and then use that to build upon with more pictures. In this photo, you can see that they even used a plant as part of the decor. If you are interested in buying any of the pieces from this gallery wall, check out the list of prices on Real Simple.

This is a brilliant way to display a poster collection. Credit: The Nordroom

1. Dining Room Mix

Normally, I would say that hanging a poster on a wall could become tacky very quickly. (Especially without a frame) But in this case, it works incredibly well together. When you choose a poster, don’t just default to your favorite band or movie. Look at how these works of art are amazing prints when they’re in a larger size. This dining room space will never be boring again.