Hanging Wall Planters that Will Make Your Home Come Alive

Trista - April 15, 2022

It’s always a good idea to incorporate plants in your indoor decor. Not only does the greenery look welcoming, but it also does a lot for your mood. Wall planters come in a variety of sizes, materials, and colors so that you can match them to the decor in your home. You can stick with plain terra cotta or go for a planter that’s more whimsical and has a lot of character. Instead of shopping around for a planter you’re not sure goes with your aesthetic, here are 30 stylish hanging planters that will spruce up your home. From DIY options to designer favorites, there are boho styles, elegant options, and more.

The Apollo Box

30. Round Wall Planter

Wall planters are one thing, but these round wall planters will add some dimension, color, and design to any decor in your home. These wall planters are perfect for long trailing plants, adding a pseudo waterfall of green to whatever wall you hang the planters on. These planters are also ideal for plants that don’t require much watering, like succulents and colorful cacti. They come in a wide variety of colors and sizes and are perfect for putting your plants on display for everyone to see. They’re pretty lightweight, too, so you’re not going to have difficulty hanging them up. However, if you still have questions, Apollo Box still provides you with a how-to guide for hanging them up and how you can arrange them.


29. Geometric Air Plant Mobile

You may not have heard of air planters before, but they’re real. These geometric air planters will add a metal touch to any decor, dressing up any room with a sense of class and sophistication. Furthermore, because they’re pretty minimalistic, they’re not going to stand out as too gaudy. Made from brass, they will retain their color over time and won’t corrode easily. The manufacturers also provide you with a choice of chain to hang them from rolo chain, bar chain, or beaded chain. They usually come in standard lengths, but they can make custom lengths if you request them, allowing you to hang them from your ceiling at the perfect height. Moreover, don’t worry about adding a plant: each planter comes with a free tillandsia air plant.

Williams Sonoma

28. Hanging Copper Planter

Copper has a great way of bringing shine to any room without being overpowering, and it has a warm tone that goes with just about any decor. Crafted in Turkey, these hanging copper planters are supported by three sturdy chains so that there’s no risk of them collapsing. Copper is also pretty durable, so you can choose to hang it inside or outside, as long as it’s kept out of the rain when the weather gets bad. Over time, the copper will age into a lovely rich patina that brings even more warmth to any room. You can place blossoming succulents inside or hang some scented potpourri to give a room an enchanting hint of unique smells. Keep reading to see more stylish wall planters that will spruce up your space.

Living in a Shoebox

27. Metallic Copper-Tone Ceramic Hanging Planter

These neat ceramic planters fit nicely against a wall, providing a little of nature and metal to your decor without being overpowering. You can add them to your bedroom, dining room, kitchen, or even the hallway leading up to your front door. Their curved surfaces make them look quite sophisticated, but you won’t have to spend much money on them. Thankfully, they feature ceramic, so you don’t have to worry about the metal becoming tarnished over time. Treat yourself to some new stylish planters that won’t take up much space but still put your plants on a beautiful display. Alternatively, add fake plants instead if you don’t have a very green thumb; no one will know, and your home will still have that thriving look.


26. 3-Tiered Hanging Planter in Black & White

Is this going to be your favorite hanging wall planter on the list? This 3-tiered earthenware planter is not only well-crafted, but it’s also well-designed. The black and white vertical stripes can make this planter seem taller than it is and having three tiers allows you to have different-sized plants as well as different kinds of plants to add some green to a room. The planters are left unglazed so that water can seep through, allowing your plant’s roots to breathe so that they don’t develop root rot. There are also drainage holes at the bottom of each planter, so it’s also a good idea not to overwater, or you could end up with a puddle on the ground. The hemp cords are also quite sturdy, but you can easily replace them if they start to fray.


25. DIY Prism Planter Hanger

Not interested in buying a planter for your home? Did you know that you can make one yourself? Furthermore, it’s not very difficult either. This DIY prism plant hanger just requires some brass piping, gold wire, and rope to create this beautiful geometric creation that will draw the eye. You have to cut the piping into even lengths and fasten them with the gold wires. Also, please add the cord to the top to hang it from. You can choose to leave the brass pipes as is, or you can decorate them in some way to make the planter stand out even more. Then add your potted plant and make sure that the metal frame can hold its weight. You don’t want to end up with a busted flower pot and a dead plant at the end of the day.

Oh Joy

24. DIY Marbled Hanging Planter

Maybe you have some planters lying around, but they’re looking boring. You could go out and buy some new ones that are well-decorated. Alternatively, you could try this idea instead that doesn’t cost you a lot and is pretty easy to do at home. Water marbling has become a trend lately, mainly because it’s easy to do, and you never know how your design will come out until the end. It will require some nail polish, a bucket of water, and the planters you want to paint. The great thing about this idea is that it adheres pretty well to any surface, and you are in complete control over what colors you’re going to use on your planter. Moreover, if you don’t like the design, just wipe it off with some nail polish remover and try again.


23. J JACKCUBE DESIGN White Ceramic Plant Pot with Gold Metal Wall Hanger

The design for this plant hanger can leave you feeling a little topsy-turvy! The tilted planters look like they’re about to tip over, but you don’t have to worry; they’re safe and secure and aren’t going to dump your plants onto the ground. It’s chic and elegant. Plus, this planter is the perfect combination of gold and white ceramic to uplift the decor in any room. You can add this hanging wall planter to almost any room or swing it over your outdoor balcony. Each hanging wall planter also has a small drainage hole to prevent your plants from drowning in water. This design is the perfect planter for someone who likes to take care of smaller plants without feeling like a chore.


22. Hanging Air plant Terrariums

As mentioned before, not many people are familiar with air plants. They are plants that don’t require soil or even a lot of watering, making them an easy choice for people who are afraid of killing their plants. These terrariums offer you a way to put those air plants on display in their own glass globes so that they’re still a little protected from the elements in your home. They’re available in two sizes and hang from a simple cord. That makes it easy for you to adjust their hanging height to be within perfect view or kept out of harm’s way. Add a few decorative elements to spruce up the interior of your terrarium, and you have a unique look that will add to your home’s decor.

H2O Bungalow

21. DIY Wall Hanging Planters

These wall hanging planters are one of the most inexpensive ideas you can implement in your home but will still add a lot of homey styles. You can get all of these supplies right at the dollar store, so you can choose to make as many of them as you want or need. The great thing about these planters is that they’re a good combination of metal with wood, which contrasts with each other perfectly. Nature against artificial. You can paint the wood any color you want and distress them as much as possible to make them look “found.” Your planters can be any pigment, too, so you can match them to any other decor you have around your home. Keep reading to discover stylish planters that will make your room look designer perfect.


20. DIY Hanging Orchard Planter

Orchids are some of the most challenging plants to keep alive. You have to be careful of soil, temperature, how much water you use, et cetera. Plus, you want to be able to show them off in a way that makes them shine. These DIY orchard planters can do that for you, and they’re also straightforward to make. The metal frame allows the blooms to peek through, and the exposed underside can give the appearance of there being no pot. This hanging wall planter creates an all-natural look that allows your orchid blooms to take center stage, just as they should. It also makes it easier to place them near windows without dedicating an entire windowsill to them. These planters will help your orchids stand out from the other plants around your home.

Crate and Barrel

19. 4 Box Wall Mounted Indoor/Outdoor Planter

You can easily get your hands on this stylish planter if you aren’t the DIY type. This wall-mounted planter is a piece of architecture and reflects a contemporary style. It makes use of wall space in a decorative but non-intrusive, allowing you to put your plants on display without them taking up a lot of space. You can arrange it just about anywhere, and you can move the planters to any arrangement for a unique display that fits your style as well as the sizes of your plants. They’re perfect for small to medium plants or even hanging vines if you like the look of a green waterfall of leaves and blossoms. Attach several to a wall to create a unique grid of green space within your home.


18. 3-Tier Ceramic and Leather Hanging Planter

Why invest in only one planter when you could have three in one convenient structure? This hanging planter combines ceramic and leather, though you could change out the leather straps for corded rope if that’s more your style. It’s very lightweight, so it’s not going to weigh down on the nail in your wall, causing damage. Want to grow a small handful of herbs? Just hang this in your kitchen, and you can grow fresh herbs easily for use in your meals. It’s convenient and simple while still adding some class to the decor in your home. Each planter is handmade and fired in high heat for a beautiful, white matte finish that looks crisp and clean against any painted wall. Alternatively, hang it from the ceiling to add a little dimension.

Jen Wood House

17. DIY Wall Garden

Are you a do-it-yourself person who loves to craft things for the home? This wall garden planter is a great way to add much shade to a wall that you don’t know what to do anything with. It’s quite large so that it can be the centerpiece of the wall. However, that also means you can add many plants to it instead of having them all in separate pots. This planter looks exceptionally good when you have an array of different succulents inside since there is so much variety in hues without being gaudy. It just takes a few tools that you can get at your local hardware store to put this together, and you can choose to leave the wood all-natural, or you can decorate it with some stains or stencils to brighten it up.


16. Nkuku Kavari Ceramic Plant Hanger

Do you love ceramic planters opposed to other materials? This pretty ceramic planter is a great way to show off the small plants in your home when your larger plants are taking up all the space. This hanging planter is perfect for apartment living when you already don’t have much room to work with, and the black glaze will make it stand out from the rest of your decor. The etched chevron design provides some texture, which can be very useful if you’re looking for a way to incorporate patterns into your decor. Each planter is handmade, so you’re never going to get one that looks the same as another. The planter comes in small and large, so you can find the right one that’s perfect for the plant you’re eager to put on display.


15. Antique Ceramic Hanging Planter

This ceramic hanging planter is a natural way to show off your plants. It’s kept in natural tones to blend well with your plant’s nature and go well with the hanging cord. It has a crackle-like effect on the surface so that it appears weathered, giving it a more antique look instead of being brand new. This hanging planter comes with a hook, and you can adjust the three cords to any height you want so that it’s perfectly in front of the window for maximum photosynthesis. However, because it’s glazed, it’s better not to put soil directly in the planter; keep the plant in its pot and place it in the planter to avoid drowning its roots. Keep reading to find stylish planters that you will want for your own home.


14. Large Concrete Hanging Planter

This hanging option is another concrete planter that will work well for you. Urban materials like cement always work well with any modern decor, adding that bold, construction-like quality that is both rustic and sophisticated at the same time. Without the polish to the cement, it looks more organic than a ceramic planter would. It’s made from a blend of sand, cement, and fiberglass to make it extremely lightweight so that it’s easy for you to hang anywhere. You can use these hanging wall planters both indoors and outside. However, once it’s attached to your wall, there’s no way to alter it in the future if you want to try a new look other than adding more holes to the wall.


13. A Hack for Hanging Planters

Are you ready to have your own stylish potted planters? These DIY planters are also pretty easy to put together and don’t require much expertise. You can find cheap planters in any store, and everyone more than likely has some house paint that they’re not using. It’s a great way to match your planters to your home’s exterior. Alternatively, use simple acrylic paints to create designs outside your planters that will bring some more color to the room. With a drill, all you have to do is add some holes and some rope for easy hanging. Incorporate some soil and your favorite plant, and you’ve made your own planters that only cost you a few bucks. And remember, there’s no such thing as having too many plants in your home.

Julie Blanner

12. Hanging Wall Planters

Creating an indoor vertical herb garden with these hanging wall planters will bring some life to any room. Add them to your kitchen window for a splash of green and enjoy pleasant scents. You can grow almost any herb you can think of: rosemary, thyme, or even some lavender for a calming aroma that will help you focus on your cooking. These planters have plastic, so they’re lightweight to add to your wall. Paint them with whatever tint you like, add a hole in the back, and just attach a hook to the wall so that your planter is all ready. With the sunlight coming through and the proximity to the moisture from the sink, your herbs will thrive wonderfully.


11. Minimal Planter That Doubles as Wall Art

These hanging wall planters feature a single piece of copper or aluminum, depending on your choice, with simplicity in mind. They exude warmth instead of being flashy metal, and you can see the handiwork of the craftsman in the swirls along the exterior of each planter. You can choose to hang them up on your wall, or you can simply stand them up on a surface as is. Each planter is a reservoir built into its basin to collect all of the excess water so that you don’t have to worry about dripping. Moreover, the plant can always use that extra water when the soil is dry and needs another drink. That means less watering on your part too.


10. Luca Hanging Cane Planter

Why keep the outdoors separate from the indoors? Bring them inside with these Luca hanging planters consisting of cane. Weaved together to create a sturdy basket, the cords are also from macrame to bring an even more natural look to this planet. It’s available in large and small sizes, so you can mix and match your plants to fit several in a large planter or have your smaller ones separated for an even more unique look. The nature of these planters makes them ideal for outdoor use as long as you cover them from the elements. A porch or balcony with a lot of sun will let these hanging planters shine. Keep reading to discover other stylish planters that will upgrade your area instantly.

The Merry Thought

9. DIY Hanging Planter

With just a few dowel rods, you can bring this hanging planter to any room that needs a little sprucing up. If you have several small plants that you’d like to give their own space, this DIY hanging planter project is definitely for you. Just join the dowel rods together and add some rope, and you have the perfect place for your small terra cotta pots. It also keeps them out of the way so that any pets are not constantly knocking them over in your home. Want to make it more interesting? Add some stain to your dowel rods to match the decor in your home or stand out from the rest so that it can complement what you already have.

A Beautiful Mess

8. DIY Easy Hanging Planter

Having your planters stand out from what everyone else has in their home can be tricky. Especially if you have many plants already, you don’t want everything to look the same. That’s why this DIY hanging planter can help you achieve that look without spending much money. Just a few metal bowls and hanging chains are all you need to achieve this look, and your plants can look their best. As stated before, objects of nature paired with metal always look good because the old meets the new—the more textured the metal bowl, the better.


7. Seed Wall Planters

These seed wall planters will allow you to add decor and incorporate plants simultaneously. It comes in a wide variety of textures and profiles that never really look like copies of each other. Artists sculpted them from the outlines of river stones for a completely natural look that perfectly balances your home’s modernity. Furthermore, there is a hole in the center for you to add any plant you’re interested in adding to your wall. Lay several together against your wall, and they can give the appearance of looking into a river and seeing river rocks at the bottom. Surprisingly, it can provide quite a soothing experience, and there isn’t a lot of hardware needed to attach them to your wall.

Not on the Hight Street

6. Italian Designer Swinging Plant Pot Holder

When you look at this designer plant holder, you’re probably thinking of a gyroscope, spinning around without the rings running into each other. This design is unique because it’s transitional: it can be changed from two-dimensional to three-dimensional with just a touch of your hand. The bright circles around the plant add a splash of color, and there are several hues to choose from. Your plant will hover in the middle of the planter, giving you the sense of a lack of gravity, and if you group several of them, you’ll create an even more unique display.

West Elm

5. Closed Mondays Hanging Planters

Are you in love with this intriguing hanging planter? The Closed Mondays hanging planters are planters like you’ve never seen them before. It takes a traditional coil basket and adds a unique spin of pigment to them to make them stand out. Instead of planters from ceramic or something else hard, these coiled baskets are soft so that they can accommodate whatever shape or size your plant’s pot is. Each planter is individually painted by hand so that no two look the same. The hanging cords are extremely easy to adjust so that your plant is as high or as low as you want it to be. Someone hand coils each planter, so love and affection are put into each to provide you with a product that will last a long time.

Architectural Design

4. Cement Wall Planter Set

Cement has a great way of adding texture and a neutral tone to everything. It’s incredibly sturdy but can be molded and shaped to create anything you desire. This cement wall planter is so fitting for anyone’s decor. The subdued grey shade goes well with just about anything, and the sun splash design on the front reflects the much-needed sun that helps these plants thrive. Add some viney, trailing plants, or go for a few succulents to make this planter pop. Remember that these are cement, so there will be a little weight to them, and that is important to know to decide whether your walls can hold their weight. Continue reading to discover the most popular planters for your home.


3. The Willamette Vertical Planter

Instead of hanging planters, vertical planters are becoming the new way to show off your plants while still decorating your wall. The Willamette planter is durable, looks great, and provides you with a lot of space to have as many plants as you want. Add succulents or cacti, any plant that doesn’t need much watering, for a great display that your guests will love. It features galvanized steel and zinc, so it will stand out from the rest of your decor and resist damage. There are a wide variety of patinas and finishes that you can choose from, and it’s also effortless to decorate to make it uniquely yours.


2. CHILISTRÅN Hanging planter

Ikea has a way of naming their products to be easier to remember, but don’t try to pronounce this one. You need to know that it’s a pretty stylish plant hanger that seems reminiscent of a paper clip. With these sleek and unique designs, your plants will look suspended in mid-air, floating in front of your window. It’s available in black or white, and although you can use the hook it comes with, you can opt to use your own hanging cord if that’s more your style. Get a few and hang them at different levels for a display that will draw the eye and provide enough space for more than one plant. Pair your favorite plants together to create a great, natural scene full of flowers and green!

House Beautiful

1. Hand-Painted Round Splatter Hanging Planter

The hand-painted splatter hanging planter is fun and adds that splash of color you’ve been looking for. There are so many tints to choose from that you can mix and match them perfectly with the rest of your decor. You can select both the shade of your pot and the dye splash you want. Also, you have a choice of cord color to create a hanging planter that is unique to your tastes. Each pot is individually painted and splattered by hand, too, so no two hanging planters will look exactly the same. They’ll look great in front of a window or just over your desk. Either way, hanging wall planters will add some nature to your environment.