Here is How To Dress Up Your Windows To Bring More Light Into Your Life

Lindsey - October 31, 2023
Photo: The Spruce

Window Sill Herb Garden

In addition to regular window plants, you may want to consider choosing edible herbs for a window sill garden. This can offer benefits that extend beyond just culinary convenience, but that is a big plus. Growing herbs on your window sill provides immediate access to fresh, flavorful ingredients that can elevate your cooking. Whether it’s basil, rosemary, mint, or parsley, these herbs infuse your dishes with vibrant, just-picked tastes that can’t be matched by dried counterparts.

It also saves you trips to the grocery store and the cost of purchasing packaged herbs. You can trim only what you need, reducing waste and saving money in the long run. Plus, pre-packaged fresh herbs often go bad quickly. With the right conditions, you can enjoy fresh herbs year-round, and experience the aesthetic benefits of a window garden.

Photo: Hunker


Incorporating prisms in your windows is a perfect way to infuse your living spaces with a play of light and color on the daily. These faceted glass or crystal shapes, when suspended in a sunny window, catch and refract sunlight, creating rainbows that float around the room. Prisms can turn a mundane window into a dazzling display of artistry, enchanting people and perhaps even your pets. Whether you choose to hang a single prism or an array of them, these small, multifaceted wonders could be a magical addition to your decor.

Incorporating innovative window decor ideas into your home is a journey of personal expression and creative design – sometimes even DIY! Choosing to express your style through your windows can enhance what you need from your windows – privacy, seating, bird watching, too. So, explore your options and choose what’s best for your space.