Here is How To Dress Up Your Windows To Bring More Light Into Your Life

Lindsey - October 31, 2023
Photo: Hunker


Incorporating prisms in your windows is a perfect way to infuse your living spaces with a play of light and color on the daily. These faceted glass or crystal shapes, when suspended in a sunny window, catch and refract sunlight, creating rainbows that float around the room. Prisms can turn a mundane window into a dazzling display of artistry, enchanting people and perhaps even your pets. Whether you choose to hang a single prism or an array of them, these small, multifaceted wonders could be a magical addition to your decor.

Incorporating innovative window decor ideas into your home is a journey of personal expression and creative design – sometimes even DIY! Choosing to express your style through your windows can enhance what you need from your windows – privacy, seating, bird watching, too. So, explore your options and choose what’s best for your space.