Once you have a location and price range for your dog house, think about the supplies you will need. Shutterstock.

Get Your Shopping List Ready

So you don’t have to make a couple of trips to the store, it is best to create your shopping list before you go out to buy your materials. To do this, you will need to know the size of dog house you want to build and have the list of conventional materials. 

You’ll need seven 4×4 exterior grade plywood sheets, measuring half an inch and six 2x4s, each eight feet long. You’ll also need a circular saw, a jigsaw, a carpenter’s pencil, a carpenter’s square (also called a speed square), a straight edge, a hammer, 0.5 inch long nails, roofing nails, three-tab composite shingles (rolled roofing works too), exterior latex paint, caulk and a caulking gun, primer, paint brushes, and eye and ear protection.