Vintage china is beautiful, and can easily be mixed and matched. Credit: Shutterstock

29. Start Eating on Vintage China

Part of Cottagecore is pretending that you’ve gone back in time. So it would only make sense to collect vintage china to eat on. Luckily, these are easy to find in thrift stores and estate sales. Consider visiting an affluent town with an older population, and you’re more likely to find some of the more traditional fine china that most consider to be too dainty to eat off of today. Even if you’re afraid to eat on something so fancy, it still looks beautiful as decor. If you really can’t find anything in your local area, do a bit of research on existing patterns, and buy some on eBay. If you want some inspiration, check out the Chateau Diaries YouTube channel, where owner Stephanie Jarvis has a massive porcelain collection that she uses in her French castle daily.