How to Decorate Your Home With the Cottagecore Aesthetic

Shannon Quinn - November 8, 2020
Hanging your clothes saves energy, and it’s very satisfying. Credit: Shutterstock

3. Hang Your Laundry Outside

The idea of Cottagecore is to feel like you’ve gone back to simpler times. One way to achieve that is to start hanging your clothes outside on sunny days in the spring and summer. Here in the United States, most people use a washing machine and dryer. But in most European countries, people don’t own a dryer, so it’s common for people to hang their clothes outside. Several months ago, I rented a cottage in England, and it didn’t have a dryer. I got used to hanging my clothes to dry in the garden, instead. After about a week, the cottage began to smell almost identical to my grandmother’s house. It really does feel nostalgic, simple, and satisfying to hang your clothes. When I got home to America, I bought a laundry drying rack so I could continue to do this in the summer. 

Cooking is a valuable skill. Credit: Shutterstock

2. Start Cooking Your Own Meals

Part of the cottagecore dream is waking up with the sun and making your own breakfast. Some people dream of cooking and living off the land, and nothing else. So the advice to cook on your own might be obvious for a lot of you who are now eating at home during lockdown. However, one of the best ways to get in touch with your ancestors is to start cooking from home. Instead of going through the drive-thru of McDonald’s, start making eggs with toast and jam in your own kitchen. On Tik Tok, a lot of people in the Cottagecore community experiment with new recipes that they find. Try doing this on your own, and you just might find that you enjoy cooking. As an added bonus, you could focus on recipes that were made in the olden days. 

Rent a real cottage on AirBnB. Credit: Shutterstock

1. Visit a Real Country Cottage For Inspiration

Last but not least, you should visit a real life cottage if you want to model your home after cottagecore. Not everyone has access to an old country cottage, but you never know if you actually want the lifestyle until you try. There are a lot of museums and historical societies that try to preserve the integrity of older buildings in every state. You can also rent an Airbnb at a cottage that’s close to you. Personally, I was able to rent English cottage for an entire month before travel restrictions were in place. While I stayed there, I was inspired by how different the lifestyle was in the UK compared to the United States. It’s one thing to look through Pinterest or watch TV shows. But that can’t replace actually going somewhere in person, living there, and really experiencing what it’s like.