How To Test For Toxic Chemicals At Home

Monica Gray - September 14, 2023

Testing For VOCs

Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOCs occur in newly constructed homes with brand-new construction material. The same goes for formaldehyde, a type of toxic VOC chemical found in the air. Both can cause cancer. You can find VOCs in tobacco smoke, furniture, pesticides, adhesives, gasoline, and furniture. It’s best to collect samples with a professional pump in your home and send them to a lab for testing. These tests monitor over 170 harmful VOCs found in the air of your home (Sysco Env).

BLC Chemical Test

DIY Jewelry Test Kit

If you love wearing jewelry, then it’s important to test for harmful materials in your jewelry like nickel and lead that can cause a skin reaction. It’s even more common to have harmful materials in your jewelry if they’re vintage pieces. You can test for these harmful materials at home, or by taking them to a lab. Taking them to a lab will give you a much more accurate result than doing a DIY test kit (WikiHow).


UV Light For Pet Stains

Accidents happen. If your dog or cat makes a mistake, it might end up on your carpet or furniture. It’s not always easy to tell where urine lurks in your home, but it’s important to find out. You can reveal hidden pet stains that contain ammonia using a UV light. Exposure to ammonia causes burning of the eyes, nose, throat, and respiratory tract. Instead of putting your nose on the ground and searching for the scent of ammonia, you can purchase a UV light that’ll do the job for you. Wavelengths in the UV light will cause proteins and phosphorus in the urine to glow (Preventative Vet).


Carbon Monoxide Testers

Make sure your carbon monoxide alarms are always on and working. This is essential for the safety of you and your family. The alarm will sound if it notices increased levels of carbon monoxide in your home when one of your appliances isn’t working properly. It’s recommended to test your carbon monoxide alarm once per month and replace it when it’s old (Amptec).