I Asked AI To Help Organize My House, Here’s What Happened

Alli - August 22, 2023
Credit: Engadget.

Work From Home Can Be Simplified With AI Assistance

Say hello to the game-changing Duet AI, a set of innovative tools coming your way within Workspace apps like Gmail and Docs. Imagine this: you’re in Gmail, staring at a blinking cursor, and a brilliant idea is just around the corner. Click that “Help me write” icon, and watch the magic unfold. Duet AI steps in as your creative co-pilot, lending a hand to compose emails or craft drafts like a pro. Need a polished job description for that new role?

Duet AI has your back there too. It’s like having an AI-powered writing assistant right at your fingertips. So, whether you’re hustling in Docs or staying connected in Gmail, Duet AI is here to elevate your work-from-home game. Get ready to tackle tasks with newfound ease and efficiency, all while keeping your creative spark alive. Happy writing, innovating, and thriving from the comfort of your home office!

Interior design generated by MidJourney. Credit: AiTuts.

Let AI Transform Your Living Spaces

Midjourney seems to be one of the most popular AI generators out there right now. It’s a pretty impressive platform that uses AI to help you design interiors (among other things). First, you’ll need to sign up. Once you’re in, all you need to do is type in/imagine and watch the magic happen. You’ll get four AI-generated images of different rooms – it’s like having your own virtual design assistant. I didn’t realize how cool this one was. Pick the one you like the most and use it as a starting point. But here’s the kicker – if you want, you can ask for more images or even a super high-quality version. And don’t worry if none of the images tickle your fancy; just ask the AI bot to give it another shot, and boom, new rooms at your service.

Oh, and get this: if you’ve got a picture that’s already inspiring you, just paste its URL in the chat, and let the AI generator work its magic. It’s kinda mind-blowing how this AI has learned from loads of internet images to create some seriously stunning designs. For the usual stuff, it’s like a pro, but if you’re going for something really unique, it might need a little extra nudge. So, whether you’re into classic styles or wild creativity, Midjourney’s AI has got your back.

Credit: Vivint.

Smart Home Devices Are Technically AI Too

Many of us have grown dependent on Google Nest, Amazon’s Alexa, or Apple’s Siri. Smart home devices like Alexa and Google Home are the modern sorcerers of our living spaces, bringing the enchantment of artificial intelligence right into our homes. Imagine having a conversation with your house – these devices are like the wise genies that respond to your voice, effortlessly dimming lights, brewing your favorite coffee, or even cracking a joke on command. Beneath their sleek exteriors lies a symphony of advanced technologies: natural language processing that deciphers your words, machine learning that gets to know your preferences, and cloud computing that weaves it all together to make your life more convenient and whimsical. These AI-powered companions are the wizards of the digital age, casting their spells of convenience and magic in every corner of your abode.

But you probably already know about these. So here are some secret commands and tips you can use on your smart device you may already have at home. Alexa can add to your shopping list. It stores the new information into your mobile app so you can easily access it while you’re out and about. Alexa can also set the mood lighting in your home (if you have smart lightbulbs connected). The Google Nest has a bedtime routine feature. With this routine, your Google Assistant can turn off your lights, brief you about tomorrow, set an alarm and more when you say ” OK, Google, Bedtime” or “OK, Google, Good night.

Credit: Yanko Design.

AI (Smart) Controlled Vacuum Cleaners

Let’s talk about the future of cleaning, and trust me, it’s way cooler than you might think. Picture this: you’ve got these smart vacuums that are like your cleaning sidekicks, but with a futuristic twist. They’re not just robots; they’re like the superheroes of tidying up. These little guys roam around your house, sneaking under furniture and gliding around corners. But here’s where it gets interesting: they’re not just randomly moving around. They’re using some serious AI magic. These vacuums are armed with sensors that help them figure out where stuff is, so they can work their cleaning magic without bumping into things.

Over time, they learn your space, sort of like how you remember where everything is in your room. It’s like they become part of the family, knowing all the secret spots and favorite hangouts. So, while you’re kicking back with a cup of coffee, these smart vacuums are doing the heavy lifting, making your home sparkling clean in the most effortless, futuristic way possible. You can even control them from an app. Added bonus: if you have a Google Nest, you can voice control starting the vacuum.

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Most Affordable Physical AI Upgrades: Switch Out Old Lightbulbs For Smart Bulbs

Looking to give your living room a budget-friendly upgrade? A simple yet effective way is by ditching your regular incandescent bulbs and switching to smart light bulbs that play nice with apps and voice commands. Once you make the switch, waving goodbye to the old days of getting up to flip switches will feel amazing. Not only do these smart lights outdo the traditional ones in terms of convenience, but they also go easy on energy consumption and stay lit up for longer, saving you some bucks in the grand scheme.

Now, let me introduce you to a real MVP in the smart bulb game – the Wyze Bulb Color. This beauty isn’t just about adding color; it’s about upgrading your home’s IQ. With a combo of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, you get app control without needing any hubs. And guess what? It’s BFFs with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, meaning you can simply use your voice to have a mini light show right at home. But hold up, it’s not just about fancy colors; it can rock warm or cool white vibes, go super bright or set a cozy dim mood. Basically, it’s got all the party tricks and is wallet-friendly enough to sprinkle throughout your entire casa. Whether you’re up for movie night or hosting a shindig, this bulb’s got the mood-setting game down.

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“If This, Then That” Is A Lesser Known AI Marvel

Looking to add a dash of automation to your daily routine? Enter IFTTT (If This Then That). This nifty platform lets you play matchmaker between different apps and devices, so they can work together seamlessly. This one might require a little bit more leg work on your end. But the beauty of that is the fact that you can fully customize your apps to suit your needs rather than having the pre-made, generic automation tools that you might not find all that useful for your niche needs.

Imagine this: you can set it up so that if the weather forecast says rain tomorrow, you get a friendly reminder to grab your umbrella. Or, if you post a new photo on Instagram, it can automatically save that pic to your cloud storage. It’s like teaching your apps to talk to each other and perform actions based on triggers you set. Plus, it’s free to use, and you don’t need to be a tech guru to get started. So, if you’re up for a little digital magic that simplifies your life, IFTTT might just be your new favorite digital wizard. Give it a whirl and see how it transforms your daily routine effortlessly!

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Smart Displays Cost a Bit More, But It’s Worth It

If you’re exploring options beyond smart speakers or aiming for a more versatile experience, consider the charm of a smart display. Yes, this has a higher price tag, however, it gives a more immersive experience. These devices combine the convenience of hands-free voice assistants with the practicality of a touch screen. Picture this: you get all the voice-command magic of a smart speaker, plus a nifty screen that lets you do even more. Imagine viewing live feeds from your smart doorbell, making video calls, or effortlessly controlling your connected devices with a simple tap.

When it’s not busy being your virtual assistant, the screen transforms into a digital canvas, displaying your cherished photos or curated artwork. For your living room, top picks like the Amazon Echo Show 10 with Alexa and the Google Nest Hub Max with Google Assistant shine. Meanwhile, more compact options are perfect companions for the kitchen or bedroom, seamlessly blending tech with daily life. With the smart display, it’s like having an all-in-one assistant that’s here to cater to your every whim with a touch of elegance and ease.

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Never Fall Victim To Your Endless “Snooze-Button” Cycle Again With This AI Alarm

If you’re in search of an effective solution to the classic snooze button struggle, the Alarmy (Sleep If U Can) app might just be your secret weapon. By integrating AI intelligence, this app offers a unique approach to waking up on time. Unlike conventional alarm apps, Alarmy presents a set of challenges that demand your active participation to deactivate the alarm. These challenges are designed to engage your cognitive abilities, requiring you to complete tasks that can range from solving math problems to capturing a specific image within your surroundings. The underlying principle is simple yet ingenious – by involving your mind in these tasks, the app ensures that you’re fully awake and alert before you can bid farewell to the morning alarm.

This distinctive combination of AI-driven innovation and interactive challenges provides a novel way to tackle the age-old struggle of resisting the snooze button. As you conquer these morning tasks, you’re effectively jumpstarting your mental faculties and promoting a more active mindset right from the moment you wake up. So, if you’re seeking a solution that aligns with your goal of beginning each day with focus and determination, Alarmy emerges as a reliable companion on your journey towards a more disciplined wake-up routine. Say goodbye to groggy mornings and embrace the empowering effect of AI-enhanced engagement to kickstart your day.

AI Recipe Generator. Credit: Product Hunt

AI Recipe Apps Can Help You Cook With What You Already Have In Your Cabinet

AI-driven recipe management apps are revolutionizing how we approach cooking organization. These tools go beyond basic storage, utilizing AI to help users discover recipes based on available ingredients and even generate shopping lists from selected recipes. This fusion of technology and gastronomy offers a streamlined approach to meal planning, catering to dynamic schedules and ever-changing pantry contents. The apps not only catalog recipes from various sources but also enhance the culinary experience by suggesting dishes aligned with available ingredients.

Furthermore, the ability to seamlessly convert chosen recipes into organized shopping lists adds a practical dimension to the culinary process. This convergence of creative expression and AI precision simplifies the meal planning journey, providing a bridge between culinary aspiration and practical execution. By integrating AI’s analytical capabilities with the art of cooking, these apps provide an invaluable tool for individuals seeking to optimize their kitchen endeavors. In essence, AI-driven recipe management apps not only simplify organization but elevate the act of cooking itself into a dynamic and efficient endeavor.

Google AI. Credit: The Keyword.

AI Sleep Tracking Can Shed Light On Sleep Quality

Leveraging AI for sleep tracking introduces a transformative dimension to optimizing our sleep routines. With these apps, AI delves into our nocturnal movements to analyze sleep patterns, offering insights that can enhance our overall sleep quality. By tracking movements and discerning different sleep phases, these applications provide a comprehensive understanding of our sleep cycles. This insight goes beyond simple duration measurements, allowing us to tailor our sleep habits for better restorative benefits.

The integration of AI adds a layer of precision to sleep tracking, allowing for nuanced observations of sleep disturbances, restlessness, and even potential correlations between sleep quality and other factors. By identifying trends and anomalies in our sleep behavior, AI-driven sleep trackers empower us to make informed adjustments to our sleep routines. This technological collaboration facilitates the fine-tuning of bedtime habits, potentially leading to improved sleep duration and quality. In essence, AI-based sleep tracking serves as a digital ally in our pursuit of restful nights and energized days, transforming sleep from a mere daily necessity to a proactive endeavor for well-being.

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AI Has Changed The Game When It Comes To Home Security

By using AI-equipped security cameras or smart doorbell cameras, you can keep a closer watch on your surroundings. These high-tech devices go beyond basic monitoring, using AI to quickly spot and alert you to any unusual activities nearby. What makes these systems special is AI’s ability to tell the difference between regular events and possible security risks. With complex algorithms, these cameras can figure out whether something is normal or suspicious, cutting down on false alarms and making notifications more accurate.

By combining AI with home security, you get real-time alerts as soon as anything unusual happens. This proactive approach lets you take action fast and might discourage unauthorized access. Bringing AI into home security marks a significant step forward, blending technology with safety. It gives you a way to remotely watch over your home, providing peace of mind even when you’re not there.