Insanely Creative Chandeliers People Have Made Out of Everyday Objects

Trista - August 11, 2022

Once considered a status symbol signifying wealth and luxury, chandeliers have a reputation for being an expensive, fancy home decor item. However, with the advances in DIY and “upcycling” opportunities, people have come up with ingenious ways to make their own chandeliers. Plus, companies have leaned into creating unique and affordable designs. And best of all, it’s a great way to recycle things that will typically get thrown out. Here are some chandeliers that you won’t believe are made of everyday objects! I’m sure this list will give you some ideas of what to do with stuff you got laying around, so here’s some inspo.

Make A Birthday Wish

70. Yarn Chandeliers

These incredible DIY Yarn Chandeliers only need balloons, yarn, and a glue mixture! You can create a unique chandelier to hang wherever you choose with a few simple items. You could even create different styles for different holidays! Fill them with fairy lights for an ethereal, soft look. And all you need for this chandelier is balloons, cornstarch, fast-drying spray paint, glue, yarn, and Vaseline. With just a little bit of imagination, patience, and inspiration, you can create something that people will ask you, “where did you buy it?”

Ed Chew

69. TetraBox Chandelier

If you have kids, you know that drink boxes are a must in their lunch boxes, which are thrown into the trash, and that’s it. If that’s the case, this TetraBox Lamp is made entirely from empty drink boxes! This specific lamp was crafted from Tetra Brik boxes, a popular Malaysian drink. Using hexagonal and pentagonal pieces, the whole light stays secure with geodesic force – you don’t need tape, glue, or any other fastener. It casts a great pattern when lit and is a creative and unique way to use up old juice or soy milk boxes.

K. Champeny

68. Gummy Bear Chandelier

Okay, we may have cheated a little with this incredible gummy bear chandelier, but we couldn’t help it! The gummy bears are acrylic, not candy, so they don’t melt, but the rest of the chandelier is made with nylon cords and glass beads, which are readily available at any craft store. If you want to make it more your own, you can also use gummy bear molds and resin, it might take longer, but in the end, it’ll look amazing. However, don’t expect to make this in an afternoon, though! It took Kevin Champeny over 120 hours just to string the gummy bears!

Small Notebook

67. Glass Bubble Chandelier

This stunningly beautiful glass chandelier is equally intriguing. Everyone will do a double take when they look at this DIY glass bubble chandelier by Small Notebook. You almost want to try to pop the bubbles, but you probably know better. Although it is just glass, which many light fixtures utilize, it is definitely a one-of-a-kind sight. You could put this unique light fixture int he bathroom for a bubbly good time.

Vintage Revivals

66. Cooper and Wood Hanging Light Fixture

Copper and wood are a match made in interior design heaven. At least when it comes to this awesome light fixture. Vintage Revivals creates this DIY chandelier using basic elements and a minimalist vision. Nevertheless, with four bulbs, this small chandelier will still have a powerful illumination. You can have it come farther down from the ceiling if you prefer a look like this light fixture over the dining table.


65. Drum Chandelier

If you are a music fan, or even better, a drummer, this is the lamp for your home! This fantastic drum chandelier, made by Matt Ludwig for JJ’s Red Hots, is custom-made from an old drum set. They built it to honor the restaurant that came before them, The Drum. Matt took a heavy and typically unwieldy drum set. He turned it into this stunning, one-of-a-kind light fixture that adds a ton of character to the restaurant! If you look at it, it’s not tricky making this chandelier happen, especially if you have an old drum set lying around.


64. Bike Part Chandelier

Joe O’Connell and Blessing Hancock used old bike parts from bike coops throughout Arizona to create these chandeliers as part of their “Ballroom Luminoso” public art piece. Unless you have many bike parts available, this beautiful chandelier wouldn’t be that easy to make, but it can inspire you an equivalent. The project aims to bring art to parts of San Antonio that aren’t traditionally known for it to encourage cultural growth and bring excitement to the neighborhood. It’s truly stunning! Any bike enthusiast would love to have this beauty in their home; it’s a masterpiece!

63. An Outdoor DIY Chandelier

Spruce up your patio space this summer with a super-easy DIY chandelier like this one from Hey There Home. You can take an old light fixture from the ’90s and paint it a calm color like green, or anything else that matches your outdoor decor. This example uses small glass holders with votive candles where a light bulb would normally go. A DIY project like this one is fast, easy, and affordable. That’s a win-win-win for everyone.

Homed It

62. An Industrial Upgrade

Are you going for the industrial look in your home? Consider this homemade chandelier for your next DIY project. You can easily make this light fixture out of a wooden box, a bunch of bulbs, and some sturdy steel for hanging. You can drill holes for as many bulbs as you wish. If you need help figuring out how to do the electricity and whatnot, make sure you seek the advice of a professional before messing around with wires.

Oh Happy Day

61. Pajaki Chandelier

I hadn’t heard of a Pajaki before this, but now I’m obsessed! These bright and colorful chandeliers were typically made for Polish folk holidays. They were designed to imitate the brilliant crystal chandeliers owned by the upper class. Made of nothing more than paper, straws, and some wires for your hoops – plus some fun craft extras if you have them – the Pajaki is an easy way to add some whimsy to your space. It might be delicate, but I think it’s perfect for a kids’ room or a present for a baby shower. It’s so simple and easy to make too!


60. Doily Chandelier

You can find these old lace doilies pretty much anywhere – thrift stores, flea markets, even raiding your parents’ storage! With the help of a balloon and some wallpaper glue, this gorgeous DIY doily chandelier could be yours with very little work. You’ll want to use an LED lamp inside, though! Traditional bulbs could melt or warp the glue, and then your lovely chandelier will fall apart. These are perfect for that grandma in your life that spends her time knitting to have a one-of-a-kind piece in their home.

DIY Projects

59. Cupcake Liner Chandelier

The inspiration for this cupcake liner chandelier came from a similar piece the DIY’er saw in Anthropologie. That lamp was out of her budget, so she created this out of the cupcake, petit-fours liners, a white paper lantern, and a glue gun. The result is striking, and you could even purchase different colors of liner or paint the liners for other effects! The only downside is that you need to be careful where to put it since it can be flammable, or a baker in your life can steal them to make epic cupcakes.

Know Your Meme

58. Cheese Grater Chandelier

You’ll love this cheese grater chandelier if you love rustic farmhouse decor. This chandelier would look incredible in any country kitchen, constructed from a simple piece of wood, some old cheese graters, and some hanging bulbs. Plus, you can get the materials for nearly nothing, so if you want to make one for yourself, you could have a great conversation piece! It’s so simple to make, with an end result that looks like you spend a lot of money to buy it. The great thing about it is that if you need a grater, you can just use your chandelier as a backup.

Vintage Revivals

57. Openwork Cube Light

Vintage Revivals clearly has it going on in the homemade chandelier department. This openwork cube light by Vintage Revivals is another rustic favorite that creates a unique setting. Your eyes will automatically notice your cool light fixture when you walk into the room. From the bedroom to the living room, this wooden chandelier will not only illuminate your space but make your inner interior designer super happy. PS – sweet rhino!

Craft and Couture

56. Vintage Brass Chandelier

Are you dreaming of days gone by, or centuries rather? Maybe you prefer the medieval days of having candles dripping from the ceiling. This DIY chandelier by Craft and Couture is a modern take on an old-fashioned fixture. The small bulbs create an instant upgrade as the brass keeps things vintage. If you have a decades-old light fixture hanging over your dining room table, maybe it just needs some new bulbs like this one.

The Project Lady

55. Clothes Hanger Chandelier

No more wire hangers! If you didn’t look closely, you’d have no idea that this chandelier was made of plastic hangers! Dani Carby, the creator of this lamp, found a rusted bicycle by her dumpster and used the bike rim and outer gear as part of this masterpiece. Everyone has extra hangers lying around, and this would be a fun way to jazz up an outdoor space or provide a super interesting light fixture in your home. To make the perfect lamp, you only need to have a lot of junk lying around and lots of imagination!

Lighting Styles

54. Bowler Hat Chandelier

The simple whimsy of these bowler hat chandeliers makes them great for a variety of uses, from themed parties to quirky decor to an excellent lamp for a walk-in closet. Using authentic bowler hats, the designers of these hanging lamps line a bowler hat with champagne gold metal. Still, you don’t have to go quite that fancy. If you’re looking for a light that screams classic, culture, and quirky, this is the chandelier. This is the perfect present for that sophisticated man in your life that can’t wait for Victorian-era fashion to be back.

Ali Express

53. “Cotton Ball” Chandelier

A cat’s fantasy come true! These cotton ball chandeliers are similar to our yarn-wrapped ones above but use a much larger round balloon and thinner, colored thread to create a more art-deco effect. They would certainly be a statement piece in any room, casting light tinted the color of the yarn you choose! As with the other lanterns, you’ll want to find an LED light for this so as not to impact the glue. Making these chandeliers is all about patience and dedication, but in the end, it’s all worth the effort.

Allison Patrick

52. Paper Starburst Chandelier

This stunning paper starburst light was created by Allison Patrick of Reduce, Reuse, and Redecorate and was inspired by light from Design*Sponge. All it took was a lighted paper lantern, a roll of vellum, and some glue to create this eye-catching centerpiece that is pretty cheap to make. The end result is a one-of-a-kind piece that looks like it belongs in a museum or a fancy furniture store. Moreover, while putting everything together took time, the actual plan was relatively fool-proof! You can follow her process and try to make one yourself over at her blog.

Michelle Brand

51. Plastic Bottle Chandelier

If you are looking into making a chandelier that looks way more expensive than what it actually is, this is it. Michelle Brand’s passion has always been sustainable waste management. This chandelier made from water bottle bases is just one example of the “fabric” she designed. Cutting and sanding the grounds before stringing them together makes the chandelier look almost like it’s made out of glass flowers! It’s a creative and unique way to reuse waste to create something beautiful. It might be a lot of work, but it’s all worth it when you see the end result!


50. Wine Bottle Chandelier

“It’s always wine o’clock somewhere!” says the famous phrase, and this incredible wine bottle chandelier proves it! The multicolored wine bottles are cut and sanded to resemble lampshades and hung from a wood ceiling mount. It’s a very vintage design and a fabulous way to use bottles to create unique decor for your home. This is a style you might have seen in small restaurants, but the cool thing about making it yourself is that it can be customized and done however you want it. If you’ve got a bar area, this would be perfect!

Heather Jennings

49. Fallen Leaf Chandelier

When you see fallen leaves in autumn, you might think about how pretty they are or how you’ll need to rake them up soon. Heather Jennings over at Make+Haus decided instead to gather them up and turn them into this gorgeous fallen leaf lantern. Her other supplies were a paper lantern, gold spray paint, and glue! You can create a fallen leaf lantern for yourself using her tutorial. What’s cool about this design is that you can paint it whatever color you want to go perfectly with your decor, making it your own.

The House that Lars Built

48. A Layered Bead Chandelier

You’ll adore a layered bead chandelier like this one from the House that Lars Built. You can string several beads yourself, and switch up the style as you prefer. You can opt for different colors, sizes, and patterns. However, this chandelier built from everyday objects seems practically perfect. It gives an elegant vibe to the wicker aesthetic. Are you into this type of interior design or is it a pass for you?

Studio DIY

47. Colorful Fringe Chandelier

Studio DIY created a gorgeous homemade chandelier for what seems to be a laundry room. You can build this same style, which mimics the roaring ’20s. The gold and peach are appealing tones, but you can change the colors as you wish. It is a fast and easy DIY project that will instantly upgrade your room — even if it is where you wash and dry clothes. Consider adding larger versions of this chandelier to more prominent areas of your house.

Darleen Meier

46. Pampas Grass Chandelier

We love how Darleen Meier’s pampas grass chandelier is effortlessly incorporated into her other fall decor! Pampas grass is a hugely popular landscaping plant and can be found both in the wild and in-store. She also used a floral wire wreath, regular floral wire, shears, twine, and an unusual option – hairspray! The hairspray helps to secure the flower pods so they don’t fall off the grass. While she didn’t add light to hers, this would look so pretty with a strand of LED lights!

DIY Showoff

45. Planter Chandelier

While this chandelier isn’t a lamp, we had to include it because the idea is so cute. Using an old chandelier as a base, Rochelle at DIY Showoff created this outdoor planter that uses flowers in place of lightbulbs. All you need is the chandelier, some pots, some plants, and glue, and you can also have your own custom planter chandelier! You can either use fake flowers, which it’s nice if you want to have flowers blooming all year long. Nevertheless, for a more stunning effect, using real flowers, especially if they are in season, would look gorgeous!

Ali Siahvoshi

44. Silverware Chandelier

Ali Siahvoshi created this unique silverware chandelier out of spoons and forks for Fabbian. By taking something commonplace and using it in a new, creative way, he gave these pieces of cutlery their chance to shine once again. We think this chandelier would be perfect in a restaurant or industrial-style kitchen! Moreover, if you’re someone who collects antique silverware, this would be a totally unique way to show off your collection. Plus, it’s also a good idea to have extra silver available for a big family gathering. For an extra touch, using a different style of tableware would make it extra rustic.


43. Outdoor Tomato Cage Chandelier

We absolutely love the homemade coziness of this tomato planter chandelier, which the author made by recycling an old planter, some beads and crystals from a prior chandelier, a hanging Edison bulb, and some spray paint. It’s the perfect outdoor lantern for a home with rustic country flair and can be made for almost nothing if you have the parts lying around. This one can also function as a small nightlight for a small room. It really depends on the size of the planter. The sky is the limit when it comes to DIY.


42. Vintage Flashlight Chandelier

Talk about clever! How adorable is this vintage flashlight chandelier? It’s so simple, just old flashlights hung together in a bundle, but you don’t have to worry about adding bulbs to this group! Connecting all the flashlights together to a single switch might be a bit of a challenge. Still, having this great piece hanging up in your industrial loft or your home workshop would be worth it. It’s a really neat way of using old flashlights that you have lying around in a creative way. Plus, if you know how to work around cables, this one is pretty easy to do.


41. Record Chandelier

Records have definitely been making a comeback, and this vintage record chandelier is proof! This chandelier was put together for a musical wedding using an old bike wheel, some twine, and some fancy hanging lights. If you have some older records that don’t play right or want to display your record collection in an eye-catching way, this could be a terrific way to show off! If you want to make it even more astounding, hanging CDs and some LED lights will make this chandelier into a fantastic modern Disco ball to bring the party anywhere in your home.


40. Cardboard Pendant Chandelier

Who doesn’t have card boxes lying around from all the online shopping you’ve done? This Cardboard Pendant Chandelier is such a cheap and fun project to make and with very few tools. All you need is cardboard boxes, a light kit, and a box cutter (or any sharp object). The rest is using your imagination while assembling the boxes to make something completely original! You can even use some spray paint in the color of your choice for an excellent finish.


Homed It

39. A Festive Chandelier that Sets the Mood for the Season

This do-it-yourself chandelier is perfect for the fall. All you have to do is built a square-shaped base to hang strips of sheets from. Since this one uses white, the light fixture mimics a ghostly shape, which is perfect with the festive pumpkins below. You can use different color strips if you want to decorate all year long. You can use brand-new fabric for a fancy look or go for something upcycled if you want it rustic — and cheaper!

Something is Done

38. DIY Industrial Pipe Light

Here is DIY industrial pipe light by Something is Done. You can incorporate this modern, industrial vibe in your home in no time. When it comes to industrial, black is best — or shiny silver. Even with a popcorn ceiling, this boosts the appeal of teh home. It definitely matches the black frames in the background, too.


37. Hula Hoop Chandelier

Suppose you ever wanted a chic chandelier for your study or bedroom. In that case, this neat Hula Hoop Chandelier will make you want to move your hips from happiness. This quick DIY only takes 2 hours and $20 (or less, if you have kids with hula hoops around) to make happen. You can paint it the color that goes best for your place and have a light kit with a LED light to finish this beauty off. Designer Emily Henderson hit the nail by giving it a modern look that is not visually heavy and can go anywhere.


36. Industrial Pendant Chandelier

This Industrial Pendant Chandelier looks like it was bought in a fancy store and not handmade! This project is more complex than the ones we’ve seen so far, but it’s all worth it. You will need some special tools and materials that can be bought in a hardware store, or maybe you already have what you need in your home. Materials like decorating chains, wires, wood glue, screws, copper lamps, and wood to make the frame and paint are optional. It’s perfect for a dining room to give it a rustic look that will accentuate everything around.


35. Bubble Chandelier

This beauty will light up any party! The bubble chandelier might look complicated and very fancy. Still, in reality, it is the opposite, with very few materials. In fact, I’m sure you have some Christmas ornaments around that you don’t use anymore. It can be colored, but if you want the bubble effect, then clear is the way to go. It doesn’t really need any lights, but for a more magical mood, having LEDs or getting installed close to a window to get the natural light for some really unique effects. It’s any mermaid’s dream!

Willem Heeffer

34. Tin Can Chandelier

Talk about Pop art! This Tin can chandelier is on Andy Warhol’s wish list. Dutch designer Willem Heeffer wanted to use repurposed items that would get thrown away. So what better than using a can of beans as colorful as this one. With only a few materials, you can turn these cans into pieces of art that are perfect for any boho and industrial-style decorations. Alternatively, this might be your jam if you’re in an art studio. So open up that can of baked beans for your toast and make some really terrific-looking chandelier!

Oh Happy Day

33. Water Bottle Chandelier

Talk about recycling to make something completely stunning! This water bottle chandelier is so easy to do; it won’t take you long to do this DIY. All you need to make this is plastic bottles, wire, metal rings, scissors, and spray paint in your chosen colors. All you need to do is cut the bottle top, then cut it into strands in the shape of petals, repeat the process with all the bottles, and after stretching the bottles to make them look like flowers, spray paint it for a colorful bouquet for the spring season!

Poppy Talk

32. Ping Pong Chandelier

This colorful Ping Pong chandelier is grand for a girl’s room or a hip and modern kitchen. All you need for this project is at least 180 ping pong balls in any color that you want to form 6 rows, a drill, and nylon thread. This is a long project since you need to drill each ball and pull the cord into the opposite ends to join it together. You will also need a lampshade structure to hang on the string light. Ultimately, all the hard work will be worth it when you show off your new lamp to all your friends.

Vintage Revivals

31. Metal Bent-Arm Chandelier

This DIY bent-arm chandelier by Vintage Revivals is a great fixture for a long, skinny area in your home. For example, this one graces the foyer of a two-story home. Everyone dreams of opening the door and having ceilings go up to the second floor. What type of chandelier would you put in that space? If you like modern minimalism mixed with a little industrial feel then this option is probably your favorite.

View Along the Way

30. DIY Dodecachedron Light

For more of a rustic style, try a DIY dodecahedron light by View Along the Way. It looks like this homemade chandelier is in the laundry room, and it sets the tone for clean lines and stylish ambiance. The pentagon pattern is appealing but not distracting while the single bulb keeps everything simple. If you don’t like you can pulls this DIY project off by yourself, get it from View Along the Way instead.

Craft Ideas

29. Test Tube Chandelier

For that chemist in your life, there’s no better thing to make than a Test Tube chandelier. This project is a bit more advance, with having to make a round structure where you can safely hang every test tube. However, if you work at a lab, maybe you already have someone lying around that would do the trick. The cool thing about this chandelier is that you can put whatever you want in every tube and change it as many times as you wish. When Spring comes, maybe putting flowers in them for a floral arraignment sounds lovely, or just put colored water and make a beautiful rainbow!

Cool Sh*t You Can Buy

28. Beer Bottle Chandelier

I’m sure you know someone that collects beer bottles, so what better way to display them than a beer bottle chandelier for their man cave! The glass colors and style give a great glow when the light hits it, so if you’re looking for a unique reflection, using different types of bottles is the way to go. There are many ways to do this project depending on your level of expertise and also how intricate you want to make your chandelier. It’s all about finding a couple of dozen bottles that would look amazing together and starting working on it. The sky’s the limit!

Oh So Beautiful Paper

27. Paper Chandelier

Bookworms all over the world can rejoice! This paper Chandelier is a stunning way to show off your creativity in making something worth reading. You have two choices: spend big bucks buying this from a catalog, or give it your own flair by making it yourself. You can use a lampshade structure or more to provide it with different layers. Furthermore, using paper clamps hang your favorite notes cooking recipes, or tear some pages from your favorite book and display it for all to see. I know that last one sounds awful, but I’m sure you have an extra copy around that you can spare.

Hester and Cook

26. Tea Party Chandelier

It’s time for tea! Suppose you have a lot of vintage silverware and too many teacups. In that case, this Tea Party Chandelier answers all your problems. This project is not for amateurs. You will need the proper equipment to make it look as polished as possible. Plus, you should have a mind that loves a good puzzle. Everything in this chandelier is made with everything from a creamer, teapot, lots of spoons, a silver tray, and teacups. It’s a very complex piece that will be the talk at your next tea party with the mad hatter, the white rabbit, and everyone else.

Apartment Therapy

25. Magnifying Glass Chandelier

Take a close look at this magnifying glass chandelier to see how awesome it looks! Made of over magnifying glasses from science kits, it’s the perfect chandelier for Sherlock Holmes. You might need a few materials to make this, like a light kit, chains, wires, and many magnifying glasses to make it as epic as possible. I wish there was a picture of it lighting up because I know the reflections it will give around the room will be stunning. Just make sure not to place it close to the sun, or else there might be a few problems on the horizon.

Chantelle Lighting

24. Wine Glass Chandelier

Three cheers for this Wine glass chandelier! A dream for any wine lover who wishes to have a beautiful chandelier like this one in their wine cellars or dining room. You can make it simple with just one line of glasses or bigger like this one with three tiers. If you want to make this project a reality, you will need a strong enough frame to hold it all in without the dangers of them falling off, so make sure to secure everything in place. In the end, you’ll have the most incredible chandelier on the block now; pour me a glass of Merlot!

23. Milk Crate Chandelier

This following product is highly versatile; it’s great for storing items you don’t use. But what if I tell you that you can make a milk crate chandelier? Not going to lie; I think this one is very odd, especially because you can see that there’s a beautiful glass chandelier in the middle of it. Unless you want to make a statement about the importance of storing necessary things in our lives like electricity at an art exhibition, I’m not sure this one is the DIY for you. But the beauty of life is that everyone can be a fan of anything.

Vintage Revivals

22. Giant Geometric Chandelier

Do you love abstract elements — and all things gold? This giant geometric chandelier by Vintage Revivals would be a welcoming addition to your living room. It’s modern, minimalist, and everything you want in a simple light fixture that still is a statement piece. With just some metal, light bulbs, and wiring, you can do the same.

Vintage Revivals

21. Cutout Boho Lantern

Are you going for a boho vibe in your home decor design? You have to make a DIY light fixture like this cutout boho lantern from Vintage Revivals. If you aren’t into welding and wiring, maybe you should purchase this beauty instead of trying it yourself. On the other hand, what’s another DIY project? Either way, you’ll appreciate the unique chandelier made out of everyday objects.

Decor Report

20. Party Popper Chandelier

After the new year’s party, you’ll end with bags of trash that you might never think of using again. Hence, it’s a brilliant idea to make a Party Popper Chandelier the light of the party! Designer Stuart Haygarth collected over 1000 party poppers from the Millenium New Years’ Party in London and aligned them so that when it gets hit by a breeze, the movement will be mesmerizing. This one might take a while to recreate, but judging by the pictures, it’s all worth the effort because the result is stunning!

This Is Colossal

19. Recycled Plastic Chandelier

Here’s another brilliant way to use those water bottles! This recycled plastic chandelier is a piece of art that, unless you look closely, you would never know it’s made out of plastic that might otherwise end in the ocean. Czech artist Veronika Richterová used heat to mold the plastic in many ways to create this masterpiece that almost looks like a creature from the bottom of the ocean. It’s also important to point out that she used PET plastic bottles that are practically indestructible, so this chandelier will be lighting up the room for many years.

Soho Home

18. Juliana Chandelier

This might be a little bit of cheating, but this Juliana chandelier is too beautiful not to have on this list. It was made using Venetian glass cylinders, which are then molded to give it a flower-shaped look. They also painted the glass pink for a beautiful finish that makes you think of simpler times. Sure, finding the materials to do a DIY of this chandelier is challenging. Still, it can be an inspiration to do something similar with other materials like resin to recreate the flower cylinders. All you have to find is the light structure to hang them on, and you might have a stunning chandelier that belongs in a castle.


17. Globe Chandelier

This incredible-looking chandelier is for those jet setters who cannot help but have a sphere in their study. Every globe in this lamp is a vintage used planet with imperfections to give it a more rustic but modern look. What’s cool about it is that you can do this with very little material; the most challenging thing to find would be the vintage globes. Still, if you go to the right stores, I’m sure you can find enough to make a beautiful chandelier that will leave everyone in awe.


16. Oyster Shell Chandelier

Bring the ocean vibes with this Oyster shell chandelier! Created by Darien Time, this beautiful lamp is made with South Coastal Georgia Oyster shells collected for this purpose. It could work for either indoor and outdoor look in any place of your home, especially if you live on the coast or have a vacation house that needs an islander touch. It’s one of those projects where you need to be in the right area to get your materials more accessible than buying them in-store. It’s stylish, modern, and it’s one of a kind. What else can you ask for?

Ingo Maurer

15. Broken Dish Chandelier

Let’s create stunning chaos with this broken dish chandelier! Artist Ingo Maurer makes this unique and fun chandelier that stops time, defies gravity, and gives a modern look to something that should be messy. Each porcelain piece is carefully “broken” and then polished in the corners to make it safe to the touch. Then he chooses the best pieces to install in wires for a one-of-a-kind chandelier that will become a conversation starter. It takes many hours of hard labor to make it, but in the end, it just looks fantastic!

Shades of Light

14. “Spoondelier” Chandelier

This cool-looking Spoondelier is surprisingly intricate and posh in a bizarre way. If you look at it from a distance, it just looks like a regular silver chandelier; but when you get closer, you realize that it’s all made with recycled spoons! I know you have a bunch of spoons that would look great in a chandelier like this one. All you need is the proper lighting structure with as many tiers as you want, so get the right look for your home. Plus, it’s always nice to have a few spoons close by in case you drop yours.

Pottery Barn

13. Wood Bead Chandelier

This might look like a basket, but it’s an incredible wood bead chandelier that brings the boho mood to any room. It’s an exciting combination of fancy, and hippy, which makes it unique, and what’s better is that it’s not even that difficult to make if you have the suitable materials. You can find wood beads in arts and crafts stores in many colors, or you can simply paint them or leave them as they are for a more rustic look. It’s all about finding what goes well in your home that will give it a unique look.


12. DIY Wood Ring Chandelier

Bring this unique light fixture to life with some simple things and a few hours. You can paint the outside of the wood rings the colors you desire. In this case, they did a grayish tone with the wood still showing through for a rustic look. With rope and some sturdy fixtures, this DIY-er hooked the two rings together and lined each with a ring of lights. The faux candle style of light bulb fits perfectly with the motif, which is more of a rural, castle-like design.


11. Eco-Friendly Light Fixtures

If you are into environmentally-friendly styles and the overall peaceful vibe, here is a DIY chandelier for you. This natural fixture uses outdoor materials like a strong twig as the main base. Some of the small jars have dirt and plants where others have tea lights. You might want to use battery-operated tea lights — we know you hate the idea of using unnecessary energy. You don’t have to, but make sure you don’t set any of the greenery on fire, either!


View Along the Way

10. Capiz Shell DIY Chandelier

Have you ever heard of a shell chandelier? Well here is a darling Capiz shell DIY chandelier by View Along the Way. Even though it has a blooming style like a flower, you can see a porcelain-like sheen from this unique light fixture. When the light is turned on, we can only imagine how it beautifully illuminates the room. If you don’t feel like making one yourself, you can leave it to the professionals and just purchase one instead.


The Jungalow

9. White Fringe Chandelier

Remember when we said you could change the pink fringe color if you didn’t prefer it? Well here is proof. This DIY fringe chandelier is by the Jungalow. It features a soft, creamy white to go with the golden base. Depending on how many inner rings you utilize, you can make a larger, longer light fixture. You probably only need one bulb, though. And we have to take this moment to say how amazing that wallpaper is in the background.

Madeleine Boulesteix

8. Glassware Chandelier

Something about this Glassware Chandelier brings me a lot of happiness. Designer Madeleine Boulesteix made this commission for Triskel Arts Center in Cork City, Ireland, using an old 2-tiered chandelier, many teacups, and other objects from second-hand stores in the area. Charity shops and went back to work. People from the region could visit the studio and see her working on the piece until it was finished and installed. The result is an intricate, fancy, vintage-looking chandelier that you won’t see anywhere else. Now it’s time for tea!


7. Mason Jar Chandelier

We’ve seen many bottles and cups chandeliers, but get ready for the Mason jar chandelier that will make you fall in love with it! It’s all about giving something that you might not use a new life anymore, which is what they did here. It provides a rustic vibe to any place, but I think this one would look amazing on top of a kitchen table or any room that needs something to pop up. I love it when something as simple as this one can upgrade your decor style.

Sarah Dorsey for eHow

6. Modern Light Fixture

Who doesn’t appreciate a modern look? From millenniums to boomers, everyone should admit this DIY modern light fixture is quite appealing. With multiple bulbs, a bold gold, and clean lines, it serves it purpose double: one for practical light and the other for aesthetic appeal. With some metal posts and light bulbs (plus welding and wiring), you can have a unique chandelier like this one, too.

Kaleidoscope Living

5. DIY Pendent Chandelier

This Bentwood pendent chandelier from Kaleidoscope Living is a great addition to any home. A touch of rustic and a touch of modern, you’ll appreciate having a practical light fixture that doubles as a piece of artwork. We love the double bulb encompassed in the sphere. You might surprise yourself and complete this chandelier as a do-it-yourself project one weekend. On the other hand, don’t feel guilty just buying it already made. You will have to still install it, and can pat yourself on the back for that extra effort.

Hammers and High Heels

4. Wooden Spoon Chandelier

This one is a spoonful! Who would have thought that a wooden spoon chandelier was such an excellent idea as a light fixture in a kitchen? What makes this so unique? The chandelier has different sizes and shapes of spoons to complete it. No matter how you look at it, you’ll see other details you missed the first time. Also, having the bottom spoons cut so as not to let them hang too much was a great idea to make it more delicate. It’s simple but so effective.


3. “Lost Eyeglasses” Chandelier

This is every optometrist’s dream! If you ever lost a pair of shades, there is a chance that you might find it in this Lost Eyeglasses chandelier. If you look at it closely, you see that every pair is not glued or fixed in the chandelier structure. It makes me believe that it constantly gets updated with fresh new lost eyeglasses to make it even more impressive. It’s also an excellent idea for anyone with an extensive collection of shades to display them in an epic way for everyone to admire.

Pottery Barn

2. Recycled Glass Chandelier

This recycled glass chandelier is industrial, laid back, and great for the kitchen, living rooms, or a porch. It uses fair-trade materials with this cool frosted glass that gives it this rustic look. It’s always lovely when you see something that is not wholly perfect and neat looking. It complements the uniqueness of the lamp. Having a chandelier that also looks simplistic is excellent because it can go in any type of decoration without feeling too overwhelming. Because of the glass, I’m sure the reflections it’ll do when the light hits it will be cool and relaxing to stare at.

Pottery Barn

1. French Bottle Chandelier

We’ve seen a few bottle chandeliers, but this French bottle one is one of the coolest ones on the list just because unless you look at it closely, you would not know that those are bottles! The way the bottles are presented makes them more subtle and casual than the others. The bronze finish and chains bring the vintage vibes up a notch, so if the home decor is all about the old times, this one is a great addition. The cool thing is that it’s easy to change the bottles for a different look at any time.